The Teacher’s Own Discipline

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Gail Bennett sat down behind her desk in the history classroom at Davis Academy. Miss Bennett, now in her mid-30s, had been teaching at Davis for almost a decade now, and realized, only slightly to her chagrin, that she was getting to be one of the more veteran faculty members.

She was generally well-liked by the students, made her subject interesting, and seemed to relate well to them, neither patronizing the pupils nor assuming a status superiority. Gail dressed smartly but not excessively severely. She did favor shirtwaists but would mix a severe flannel skirt with a paisley blouse and a bright stickpin. Her lovely legs were most noticed in the sheer hose she wore, with standard executive pumps, usually burgundy.

Laid out in front of her were seven conduct cards left by the pupils when they entered the classroom, as the school rules required. When a pupil was given one of these cards, it was because the student had behaved badly enough to have received a failing report card grade in Conduct for the marking period. Designed to produce improved behavior, the card had to be presented each period to each teacher for a week and the pupil was freed from carrying it after a week of good behavior marks on the card.

Miss Bennett had been amused in part the previous week when she heard that one of the younger teachers, Anne Smithers, had become so angry at a class out of control that she had failed the whole class in Conduct. Gail chuckled, because although Davis had a tradition of backing up teachers to the hilt, the school administration would not be all that thrilled at the ultimate reaction parents would have to their little darlings getting big red marks of 50 on their report cards.

She ended the class and reminded the seven seniors to whom Miss Smithers had issued the Conduct cards to stay behind and stand in front of her desk. “The rest of you should be grateful that you were not in Miss Smithers’ class last week,” Miss Bennett said with her inimitable flourish. She was amused by Anne Smithers’ allowing her temper to take control and made a note to make sure she made use of that in dealing with Anne at some point.

When the others had gone on, Gail gave her flaming red hair a flip and stared out at the five girls and two boys waiting for her to mark their cards for the period. Gail was known as a friendly teacher but one not to be crossed; as a result, she had few discipline problems in her classes.

She intoned the names of the pupils rather formally: “All right, we have Deborah James, Robin Townes, Andrea Jackson, Kathy Wilson, and Margaret Powers, as well as you two gentlemen, Dennis Graham and Charles Renfrew.” All of the students took in deep breaths as they waited for whatever was to come.

“This is your first day in my class with these cards,” she began. “You may not be aware of all the school rules but it is up to each teacher as to how she wishes to deal with this situation. Since you are all 18, I choose to use what we call ‘bottom reports’ which means that each of you will step up to the desk over here”—she motioned to the left side next to her chair—”and then you will lift your skirt or lower your trousers and bend over so that your bottom is directly before me.”

The girls gasped, and clearly were learning that their punishment was going to assume new dimensions with this display of their pantied pulchritude. The boys grinned, mostly because their own disrobing was outweighed by the chance to see the girls’ panties and perhaps more. “Deborah, we will begin with you,” Miss Bennett went on, extending her finger to the first girl on the list and motioning for her to move to the side of the desk.

Deborah James seemed in a trance. She was wearing a stylish grey skirt and as she moved next to Miss Bennett’s chair, she flipped the skirt up to reveal pale blue hicut panties as she bent over. “Stay like that, Deborah,” came the dread order from Gail Bennett.

“The purpose of bottom report,” Miss Bennett said rather sternly, “is for the instructor to be presented with the bottom of a pupil who is on report—as all of you istanbul escort are—so that, depending on your behavior in class today, I will decide when I see your bottom as to what grade I shall give you and if I feel you have misbehaved and thus will receive a failing grade, I as the instructor have the option of punishing you here and now.”

And as if she had staged this little presentation, which she really hadn’t, being an experienced teacher and thus always able to rise to the occasion, Gail withdrew her trusty ruler from her middle desk drawer and displayed it to the now somewhat frightened seven pupils, especially Deborah James, whose blue panties remained on display.

“Deborah, you receive a pass,” Miss Bennett announced. “You may rise and let your skirt down and return to your previous location over there.” She ceremoniously entered a mark of 85 on Deborah’s card for the period. “Robin and Andrea, both of you, get over here and lift those skirts for me now,” she proceeded without missing a beat.

The next two girls, both blondes, shamefacedly walked over to the spot Gail pointed to and at about the same time, raised their schoolgirl plaid skirts above their waists, disclosing, respectively, Robin’s plain white cotton panties and Andrea’s maroon thong. Gail began writing on the cards, giving Robin an 85 and,…”Andrea, I’m sorry that I did see you talking out of turn while I was speaking, so you get a 50. Now, get across my lap.”

Andrea was surprised at the all-seeing Miss Bennett but knew enough not to argue. Resignedly, she bent across the teacher’s grey-skirted lap, grimacing to herself that she had worn the tiny maroon thong that left precious little of her buttocks or even between her legs to any onlooker’s imagination.

Miss Bennett allowed a slight smile to escape her lips and then she let Andrea’s quaking bottom cheeks have a solid shot from her trusty ruler. Andrea stifled a scream, and Gail thought to herself that she was being far too strict with this girl, who was taking this whole embarrassing scene quite well.

“Andrea, on second thought,” the sure-of-herself teacher declared, “you may get up and pull your skirt down. Because you didn’t bother me by arguing and took your stroke well, I’m changing your grade to a pass, an 80,” she told the now-smiling blonde, as she carefully changed her handwritten grade from 50 to 80.

“Kathy and Margaret, you’re next, get over here,” Gail intoned, and two frightened girls came forward. “Oh Miss Bennett,” they said as a pair, “we’ve been so upset since Miss Smithers did that to us….”

“Save your complaints,” Miss Bennett responded. She watched as first Kathy and then Margaret bent away and lifted her skirt. Kathy had glowing full pink panties and Margaret’s were candy-striped, which brought a titter from the two boys.

“You’d better stifle that,” Gail warned them, “because if you tease her about her underwear, I might have you wearing it for the rest of the week.” The two stopped grinning in mid-grin.

“All right,” Miss Bennett declared, “Kathy and Margaret you both pass, pull down those skirts and go back to where you were.” The two girls hurriedly readjusted their clothes and walked back in front of the desk area.

Now Dennis and Charles came forward. Both without missing a beat undid their belts and unbuttoned their trousers and let them drop, exposing Dennis’ white Y-fronts and Charles’ tiny blue “fashion” underpants, as brief in design as anything Victoria’s Secret might offer the female customer. Gail figured his girl friend had bought him the blue undies.

“Hmm, Charley, that looks like it came from wherever Andrea’s thong was sold,” Miss Bennett commented as the boy’s face, bent over as it was, turned crimson. “I should spank you just for wearing those things.” She quickly marked their cards with a pass and waved all seven students off—”You may all go and let’s make sure you keep on behaving yourselves so Miss Smithers doesn’t put you on report again.” The pupils quietly filed out, clutching the cards on their way to their next class.


Gail escort bayan sat back and decided to take a break since she didn’t have another class to teach for an hour. This conduct card business did not make her feel good, because she thought the whole idea was very much aimed at making the pupils feel totally subservient. She enjoyed challenging her best students, not demeaning them. She did realize a certain frisson of excitement in her nether regions, however, during the crucial time when she viewed the pantied backsides and decided whether to give each pupil a passing grade.

It was so easy for her. All the pupils knew she brooked no nonsense so no one ever acted up in her class. Gail herself had not given any student a failing grade in Conduct for a long time. She hadn’t needed to do that.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on her classroom door and a distraught-looking Anne Smithers entered. The young teacher was tastefully and conservatively dressed in a modest dark suit, with a crisp white blouse and obligatory brooch.

“Gail,” Anne Smithers began, with a worried look on her face, “I think I overdid it this time. I see you just marked some of my conduct cards. I’m getting phone calls from parents and the principal gave me a look that seemed to ask me why I got into this. I suppose I thought I was entitled to get some respect from my class.”

Gail smiled and patted Anne on the shoulder. “Anne, sweetie,” she answered, “you should know that you have much more power for so long as you threaten to use it, but these days, it’s become hard to be so severe. This is one of the few schools that would not make you change those marks but don’t expect the rest of the faculty to be happy with you. They often have encountered behavior that would justify failing grades in Conduct but it just isn’t practical to fail the whole room.”

“Is there anything I can do to make this right?” Anne pleaded. “You know as well as I do that the grades can’t be changed now.”

“Yes, that would set a very poor example,” Gail agreed.

“What can I do?” Anne went on. “I’ve already seen so many rotten looks in the teacher’s lounge.”

Gail grinned. “You won’t like this but I can think of something that will appease them.”

“You’d better tell me, even if I won’t like it.”

“I can send a note around, advising everyone to come to the teachers’ lounge at 4 today. And my dear, I will make it clear that they will be seeing you disciplined…by yours truly,” Gail added, with only a tiny smile.

“Gail, you can’t mean that! Disciplined? You mean…spanked in front of all of them?” Anne slowly realized what was to occur.

“That’s it exactly, Anne,” Gail replied. “The teachers will feel a whole lot happier if they see your little rear get all nice and rosy.”

“Oh no, Gail, you don’t mean on the bare? Even having those men see me get it on my panties…” Anne said in a whiny tone.

“Anne, by the time I’m finished, you’ll be showing them everything, so don’t get all hot and bothered,” Gail said, with a great air of assurance as she watched the younger teacher slowly nod her head in agreement.


Gail prepared a short perfectly-drafted note:


Please join me in the Teachers’ Lounge at 4 P.M. today to observe while I take appropriate steps to resolve the unfortunate situation in which Miss Anne Smithers has found herself.

G. Bennett

Gail took advantage of her lunch break to slip out to her car and find the perfect sleeveless white blouse that would match up with her grey-flannel skirt.

At 4:00 P.M. that day, Anne walked hesitantly into the Teachers’ Lounge and saw an unusually large group assembled on the couches. There must have been 15 women and 10 male teachers present, and even the Principal himself was sitting in the back of the room. She turned around and saw Gail, dressed more severely now in her white sleeveless blouse and grey flannel skirt, sitting in an armless chair in the middle of the room.

“Anne, you can come stand here in front of me,” Ataşehir escort Gail said calmly to the clearly frightened young teacher.

Anne Smithers walked to where Gail Bennett sat. “Do you have anything to say to the group?” Gail asked, rather formally.

“Only that I’m sorry for having behaved impetuously and caused this difficult situation for the faculty and the school,” Anne responded.

“Are you prepared to accept discipline so that you will exercise more carefully the great discretion that teachers here are afforded?” Gail continued.

“Yes, Miss Bennett,” Anne replied in a small voice.

“Then lift your skirt, Miss Smithers, and stand before me right here,” Gail said, more imperiously, pointing to a spot next to her chair.

Anne slowly lifted her tweed skirt and disclosed the pink hicut panties she was wearing beneath her skirt. Gail slipped her fingers into the waistband of the pretty panties as the teachers watched intently and Anne cringed. The older teacher slowly slid the panties down Anne’s well-shaped legs until they rested at her ankles and she stood at Gail’s side, her prominent mons, hairy triangled, on display to all onlookers.

Gail motioned to Anne with her finger to get across the older teacher’s skirted lap. Anne assumed the ignominious position and with no warning, felt Miss Bennett begin to spank her quick sharply. She let out a few sighs, moans and finally, cries as the spanking proceeded. Gail alternated between the two white cheeks until both became rosy and then eventually, crimson. By now, Anne was sobbing.

Gail stopped spanking and unbeknownst to Anne, looked over to the Principal for a signal.

Once she received it, she said, “Anne, you have now been spanked for causing the situation you have at the school. It is traditional when faculty members are disciplined for the punishment to conclude with the cane,” Gail stated without emotion.

“Oh no, not that, after that horrid spanking,” Anne wailed.

“Miss Smithers, I suggest you go ahead and take what’s coming to you,” the Principal said dryly from the rear of the room in a clear tone. “After that, we will all put this behind us. I intend to call in the conduct cards.”

Gail pointed to the desk next to her chair and motioned to Anne to bend across it. Now the young teacher’s crimson bottom cheeks were on display to the room again and through her spread legs, her auburn pubes were clearly visible.

Miss Bennett stood and was handed a medium-length cane by the Principal. She took a step forward, lay the cane across Anne’s bottom and then drew it back. With a practiced air, she flicked the cane with her wrist and administered the first stroke to Anne’s sore bottom.

It took a moment or two but Anne let out a screeching cry. “Good thing the pupils have left for the day,” Gail commented, as she drew the cane back and gave Anne another stroke, this time a bit lower on the bottom.

Gail proceeded to deliver four more strokes, one on the crease between thigh and bottom, and a last, cruel one diagonally across the stripes she had just created on the bottom. After the six, she said to Anne, “You will now receive one last stroke. This is to ensure that this need never occur again.”

With that, she drew the cane back so that it could be flicked into the anal crack, stinging Anne’s little anal rosebud and the tip just managing to touch Anne’s most sensitive parts between her legs, causing an extended howl from the young teacher.

“You may now stand up, Miss Smithers, and retrieve your underpants,” Gail intoned. “On behalf of the faculty, I am pleased to commend you on submitting to this discipline and I speak for all of us in saying that you accepted it in the finest manner. The Principal has indicated that the conduct cards will be returned and I understand he is sending a letter to the parents saying that the grades may be adjusted if the affected pupils behave for the next marking period.”

Anne sheepishly reached down and pulled up her little pink panties so that they covered some of her flaming bottom. She realized that her face was about as red as her bottom, if not so roundly striped.

“Thank you, Miss Bennett, for disciplining me, and thank you, everyone, for allowing me to rectify this situation, which, I assure you, shall not happen again,” Anne said in a clear tone.

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