The Thing We Did Last Summer

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I was waiting for Marg to get ready for our much-awaited date with our good friends Nels and Judy. When she did appear I almost choked on my wine. My wife is an attractive woman and I have always enjoyed seeing her prepare for a night out. But this was not the regular Marg.

She was wearing a short pull-on dress made of the flimsiest material imaginable. She was not wearing a bra but apparently was wearing a thong. High heels accentuated the image of a woman out to impress and attract. Marg is heavier and not as firm as she once was, but she is all woman and it showed in this dress. I pulled her close and slipped my hand up the back of her bare legs under the dress. I held her cheeks in my hands with my finger-tips meeting in the crack in her butt.

I said, “Damn baby, we are going out in public tonight are we not?”

She smiled, “Relax tiger, wait until you see Judy. We went shopping together today and helped each other prepare for our night?”

If things clicked as we all hoped they would this night, we would be enjoying the erotic delights of a partner not our own by sun-up next morning. We were excited and it became apparent later that our close friends had felt the same way.

We had met Nels and Judy several years prior during our annual winter vacation in Maui. They rented at the same time and in the same condo resort as we did each year. We gradually became close and intimate friends.

Our relationship began with occasional evenings out for dinner. We all enjoyed fine dining along with wine and dancing to soft romantic music. We visited each other’s condos for a drink or lunch or dinner. We enjoyed drives around the magical island, or went for snorkel cruises or golfed together.

A level of intimacy evolved between Judy and I and Marg and Nels. The hand touches lingered a little longer than necessary, bodies pressed a second when the other two were not looking, lips parted for short hello and goodbye kisses, my eyes wandered to her tits or hers to my crotch area, all indicating a desire for more.

When we danced her breast moved easily under my arm and my hands lingered and caressed just above her butt. I would press her close enough that she could feel my hard cock on her thigh or belly. She would move until her mound rubbed on it. We did not speak of these exchanges with each other or with our partners for some time.

It was obvious that my wife and Nels were developing a similar interest in each other. The kisses and touches were no longer restricted to those few moments alone. Our hello and goodbye kisses became more intimate each time we met or parted.

We began exchanging suggestive comments concerning trading partners for a night; but we always kept it light. The fires were lit and it was obvious to all of us that making it with the other’s mate filled our minds on a regular basis.

One late night and after a night out dining and dancing with Nels and Judy, I asked Marg if Nels had ever indicated that he wanted to make out with her. She whispered in my ear “Tonight when Nels and I were dancing he told me that he wanted to fuck me.”

I groaned as I sunk my cock deep into her and she clutched me tight and drove her writhing hips at me.

It was a jolt to hear it spoken, but on the other hand the only difference between Nels and I was that while I had the same objective with Judy I had not put it into words. I planned to change that situation and a few nights later and in the presence of my wife and Nels said to Judy, “You look great Judy, I would love to fuck you.”

The uneasy silence only lasted a few minutes and was followed by a little nervous laughter and then relaxation. I think that the elephant left the room for good.

We became more open about our thoughts. When we were out together, people who did not know us at all could not have identified which of us were husband and wife. I had always been able to sense a woman’s thoughts while dancing and reacted when it seemed positive. When Judy and I danced it was as close to fucking as dancing could be.

One evening in our condo, Nels and Marg were sitting very close on the sofa. Soft music flooded the room and they were oblivious to Judy and I. I followed Judy into the kitchenette; separated from the living room by a counter top. I moved Judy’s back against the counter top and pressed my body up close to hers and we kissed. I could see Nels and Marg over her shoulder.

Judy was wearing shorts and blouse. I slipped my hands up along her sides until the heels of my hands were rubbing the swell of her tits.

In a low voice she said, “Jim, be careful, they might see us.”

I said, “They could if they wanted but they are not looking at us.” With that, I slipped my hand between us and down to her pussy, pushing my fingers between her legs. Her tongue slid into my mouth in response. I unbuttoned her shorts and my fingers worked their way down inside her panties until I could feel her mound and bush. Judy’s lips parted wide and our tongues entangled ankara escort for our first real hot kiss.

“I am so hard Judy; my cock is ready to explode. Let me push your panties down and slide my cock in along your slit.”

“Oh no, no, they are too close for that now. Just rub it on me.”

“Put your hand in my shorts and feel my cock.”

Our mouths were locked together as she unbuttoned the waist-band enough to slide her hand inside my shorts and boxers. Her hot hand grasped the shaft. The feel of a woman’s hand around my cock is one of the most beautiful feelings, and this feeling was even more intense given the woman and where we were standing.

My fingers caressed the length of her slit and her hand slowly stroked my cock. She traced her finger around the ridge of my knob. I glanced over her shoulder to catch Marg looking in our direction with blank hooded eyes as if she could not focus. Nels was bent over her and had one tit out of her bra as he licked and sucked at the nipple. She was rubbing his cock through his shorts.

I admit to trying to get alone to fuck Judy without the knowledge of our mates. She was more focused than I and determined that it would only happen when all four were a part of it. She was turned on by my desire for her and was always gentle and kind when refusing me, but she let me know that it was not a “go”. We were alone on one occasion in their condo and she jerked me off in the bathroom sink. We watched in the mirror as I erupted.

Her eyes were wild with excitement but when it was over she smiled at me, kissed me and said, “You will get it all one day soon.”

Marg kept me informed of her progress with Nels. It did not surprise me that he had also tried to fuck her when alone. But she also acknowledged that while she thought of little else but giving it up to him, she wanted it to happen together with me.

Each year the pressure mounted. Each winter we could hardly wait to get to Maui and meet them. One night after a little too much to drink we stripped and fucked our wives in our bedroom on separate beds. It was so fucking hot! I recall rolling off Marg and looking over just as Nels was pulling his cock out of Judy and wishing that it were I.

It was on that trip that we agreed that we had to swap partners if for no other reason than peace of mind. We also agreed we would not do it in Maui and decided to meet that summer on neutral ground. This would be the final checkpoint, a separation to cool off to be followed by meeting for the express purpose of fucking each other’s partners.

Before parting that winter we talked about how we would do it. One of the issues was whether we would do it all together or go to separate rooms. The ladies were all for orgy style in one room, while Nels and I were split on it. Really, I was ready either way but Nels wanted separate rooms. We settled the problem by agreeing to connecting rooms at the hotel that summer and to let happen whatever might happen.

And now the day had arrived. We had met each other earlier and were obviously still determined to live our fantasy. We knocked on the door between our rooms and walked in to see Nels and Judy smiling and waiting for us. Judy was as spectacular as was Marg in a similar short thin pull-on dress with hem just below her ass. The high heels assured that they would pass for mature hookers, exactly the image they wanted to exude.

But for this evening they looked perfect. Judy slid into my arms and we kissed and fondled while our partners did likewise. I had wondered if I would worry too much about how much pleasure Marg might have with Nels, but really, I was having too much fun myself.

We paired off with Judy on my arm as we left the room. She snuggled up against me with a breast rubbing my upper arm and her hips touching mine. We had selected this particular hotel because it had one of the better dining rooms in the city, and we wanted to start the date off with class. Our rooms would be close at hand if we decided to suddenly put the full plan into effect.

We were greeted by the Maitre d’ and directed to a secluded table looking out over the water. Judy and I sat on a love seat facing our mates and my eyes dropped immediately to her lap where the short skirt just barely covered her pussy. I resisted pushing it a little higher. Judy moved one soft warm hand to rest on the inside of my knee while her tit rubbed my upper arm. My cock stiffened and ached in anticipation of her touch.

Marg and Nels had moved very close with Nels arm up over her shoulders. They were facing each other and Marg’s tit was pressed against his chest. She kissed him just under the ear. The air was electric with erotic intentions.

We pulled back as the waiter approached and ordered a bottle of red wine, deferring the meal until later. We hoped the wine might relax us and we wanted to dance to a trio playing soft slow music. We toasted ourselves and to the pleasure the night might bring to us.

Judy’s body ankara escort bayan flowed into mine on the floor, her breast under my arm, her hips tight to mine and her mouth in my neck. She had an erotic musky scent to her hair and body, enough to make me cringe with desire. She said, “Can feel it already. I have been dreaming about this night since we last met.” She arched her back forward to find my hard cock and rubbed her mound against it.

I murmured in her ear, “I want to do so much tonight, I don’t think I can eat, my cock is aching for your pussy. It is all I can think about.”

Back at the table we ordered our meal and relaxed with our surrogate partners. We were not concerned about our mates it was all about increasing the levels of desire between us. I pushed the hem of Judy’s skirt up to expose her pussy which was barely covered by the thong. She closed her eyes and pressed her head against mine and moaned, “Touch it, please, touch it.”

We were not visible from other tables so the only risk was the return of our waiter. My hot palm slipped up her inner thigh. The edge of my hand burned in anticipation of it rubbing against her slit. I caressed her cunt lips through the wet thong.

The ladies settled back and adjusted their hems as the waiter returned with our first course. I looked across at Marg, her face was all flushed and her eyes heavy with arousal. She smiled softly but I could tell that her mind was on Nels and the night ahead.

Judy and Marg excused themselves and left for the ladies room, leaving Nels and I at the table with our hard-ons. We chatted about sports a bit, totally ignoring the fact that we were on our way to fucking each other’s wife. It seemed so damn bizarre not to talk about it.

When the ladies returned Judy touched my hand and whispered, “Here take this, I have no where to put it.” I looked down to see her thong on the seat between us.

“God baby, what are you trying to do to me? I will be thinking about your bare pussy instead of the food.”

I heard Marg giggle from across the table as Nels struggled with the same problem as I. I balled the thong up in my hand and raised it to rub on my face before putting it in my pocket. “I’m keeping this as a reminder Judy.”

The memory of the rest of that dinner is a kaleidoscope of images. Our minds were totally on fucking and how we managed to get through the dinner remains a mystery to me. We dared not dance again as we might have been arrested for indecency. When we arose to leave, the ladies giggled about walking out without panties. The thought that other guests would think they were hookers about to get laid thrilled them.

We stopped outside our rooms for a moment and kissed our wives before entering separate doors. We could hear Nels and Marg enter and close their door through the open connecting door. But then, it was all about the two of us.

I was remarkably calm now. The pulsing need of all of these preliminaries faded somewhat with the realization that I was about to fuck Judy. Still standing we came together with a full tongue-twisting kiss, her body pasted against mine like paint. I slid my hand up under the back of her dress and clamped on to her ass cheeks, spreading and massaging them as I pulled her against my throbbing cock.

We stepped back from each other and I turned Judy to face a full-length mirror. I started to lift her dress up over her shoulders but she murmured “It goes down.”

I pulled the straps off of her shoulders and peeled it down over tits and ass and down to the floor. God she looked so desirable standing there naked in high heels. Her tits were smaller than Marg’s but no less gorgeous. She had trimmed her black bush into a tiny triangle pointing to the top of her slit. Standing behind her I cupped her tits in my hand and kissed her shoulders and neck and up behind her ear. Her eyes closed as she pressed back against my rock hard cock, rubbing her ass on it.

She turned and looking into my eyes proceeded to unbutton my shirt, then my belts buckle and pants, dropping them to the floor. I was almost hypnotized as I watched her in the mirror, bending and turning to undress me. She rubbed my cock before sliding her hand inside my shorts and standing to kiss me with lips open and tongue wandering inside and out of my lips. We tugged my shorts down and then our naked bodies clamped together once more in a frantic kiss.

I lifted her up until her tits were at my mouth and kissed licked and sucked her nipples like a starving man. I had planned to lick her pussy also but the need to fuck her suddenly took my mind and I carried her to the bed. As she worked her way to the pillow on her back I realized that she was still wearing her heels. Kneeling between her legs I pulled them off, my eyes fastened on her slit which spread open as I worked. She was clean shaven below the little triangle, her lips swollen already, moist and slippery looking.

Kneeling, I lay my cock along the slit the knob reaching escort ankara just above her bush, and moved it back and forth feeling the wet lips rubbing the bottom of my cock.

She whispered, “Now, I want it now.” She reached down and pushed the knob downwards until it was rubbing in her cunt and then raised her hips. The knob popped inside.

I leaned down over her with my hands on each side of her head. Our eyes locked as I pressed my cock into her slowly. A few short strokes as I went deeper, feeling her adjust to me and then suddenly I was fully in her, my balls between her legs.

We pumped a few times until we felt a rhythm and then I lay down on her covering her fully with her knees clamping my thighs and we began to fuck in earnest.

“Oh fuck this is good, so good, the feel of your pussy around me, the feel of your tits crushed to my chest, I have needed this for years.”

“Don’t talk, just fuck me, keep going until you come, I want to feel you cream me, deep, deeper, fuck me, my pussy feels so squishy”

I do not even remember if we shouted or cried out, it is all lost in the pure pleasure and release of finally fucking after years of fantasy. After a few minutes I rolled off of her and we lay on our backs side by side. Her hand found mine and we allowed our breathing to resume normally. We became aware of the sounds from our mates in the next room.

“Ah fuck Marg, what a beautiful cunt to fuck, give it to me, give it to me.”

Judy said, “Nels is almost there, he sort of loses things just before he comes.”

Then some little squeals from Marg and I said, “There goes Marg, it sounds like they both made it.”

We laughed together, rolled to face each other and I said, “Let’s have a shower together. I have some other matters to bring up with you and we can start discussing them in the shower.”

Judy pressed her body against mine and said, “Let’s do it.”

I have always enjoyed a shower with a woman that is as interested in I as I in her. And Judy was no exception. She faced away from me as I soaped and caressed her. I felt her tits and crotch, down her legs and up her back and back to her tits. She reached around with soapy hands and found my cock, clasping it in two hands.

I turned her to face me and began to work my way down her body, kissing and licking my way between her tits, then sucking each nipple, down her belly to her bush. I knelt in front of her and lifted and spread one leg. The warm water cascaded over me as I forced my tongue in along her slit and sucked and licked.

She lifted me up and whispered “My turn.” Kneeling she slipped her lips over my raging hard cock. She bobbed her head back and forth, and I felt the cum-column working its way up from my knees. I lifted her and said, “Lets dry off and get back in bed, I need some pussy.”

We dried each other quickly, with now a little desperation starting to show in the both of us. We had missed a lot of the foreplay our first time around and our time in the shower had brought us back to a feverish state.

We were surprised when we returned to the main room. Nels was on his back and Marg was riding him on the sofa, her large tits flailing away as she raised and lowered herself on his rock hard cock.

We stood transfixed momentarily until I whispered “Want some of that Judy?”

“Yes-s-s-s-s-s,” she moaned.

I climbed on the bed and rolled to my back, my cock sticking straight up. Judy straddled me on her knees and allowed me to feel her pussy first, rubbing my fingers along each side of the slit, fondling her lips by rubbing them together, then sliding two fingers easily up her cunt and finger fucking her. She lifted up and moved over my cock and with a sigh settled right down on me until my cock was all the way in her and her cheeks resting on my thighs.

Marg and Nels had slowed their action when we arrived in the room. Marg was sitting almost straight up, her hands holding her tits, rubbing the nipples together. She had lifted up off Nels a bit and he was holding her hips and fucking her with little fast short jabs. Marg’s eyes were closed and gave no indication that she knew we were on the bed.

After a few moments of slow fucking, both couples began to go at it more diligently. First Marg and then Judy bent down over Nels and I, with their tits on our chests and began to fuck us as we held still and let them take charge. Marg and Nels started getting off first, but Judy and I, aroused by the sounds followed soon afterwards. It was silent except for the heavy breathing of both couples.

Judy kept moving her butt up and down, milking the last signs of hardness from my cock. I murmured, “Damn that feels good Judy.”

Judy said, “Yes, love to lick your cock clean.”

It all seemed so seamless from the time of our first meeting several years ago until then. Getting to know each other as a couple, enjoying the life on the island together to its fullest, a growing awareness that affection grew to desire between the opposite partners, and finally finding a way to live those desires out.

The above encounter happened this summer. We go back to Maui in March of next year. Will the magic be gone after living out all the dreams and fantasies? Or will we find a need to redo or relive it all.

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