The Things You Do For Family! Ch. 02

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Public Sex

Jen let herself into her apartment, glad she’d not bumped into any of the neighbours. Having looked at herself in the mirror, it was pretty obvious what she’d been up to — her nipples stood out boldly through her dress material, her hair was a mess, with a few bits of dried grass in it, her lipstick was smeared and as she breathed in there was a the unmistakeable scent of sex still clinging to her skin.

It was even a struggle taking the dress off unaided — it was sticking to the small of her back, where she had been sweating during her exertions, along with random spots on her side and chest where the brief wipe down Grant had provided had missed the odd spot of cum.

Dropping her dress on in the laundry basket, Jen again looked at herself in the mirror. There was still a flush of arousal over most of her body, but she felt something was missing.

Jen lay herself down on her bed and thought of the fun she’d just had. Yes, it had been a pleasant interlude and had scratched that sexual itch, but only so far. Despite the attention of two hot, virile young men, Jen hadn’t had an orgasm — it had all been over too quickly. Sure, she’d deliberately asked for no foreplay, but she still felt unfulfilled.

Alone on her bed, Jen’s hand ran down her smooth belly until it encountered the edge of her trimmed pubes. There was still a residue of sticky cum there, probably from Marc’s orgasm. Her fingers moved slightly further south, gently starting to stroke the slick, soft lips of her pussy, still tender form the fucking they had just received and slippery with the mixture of her juices and the guys’ cum.

As her arousal grew, Jen slipped first one, then two and eventually three fingers inside her vagina, thrusting in and out furiously, her fingers covered with cum and pussy juice up to her knuckles as she rubbed her clit with her other hand.

God it felt good, yet her mind wasn’t on the more recent encounter she’d had but with memories of Bob and her uncle and just how good they had made her feel. Whilst Grant and Marc had certainly been in better shape, they’d not made her feel so good.

After a couple more minutes of this Jen felt her orgasm start the slow journey from her toes towards her groin. Gathering pace and size, the wave swept through her, her skin getting goosebumps all over, her nipples turning rock hard as it hit.

THAT was what she was missing, but as she came down from her orgasm she suddenly began to worry about the forthcoming trip. At least her grandpa had always behaved himself — he’d never made a pass at either Jen or any of her friends, unlike Uncle Rick, who she had often caught trying to look down her top or up the skirts of her girl friends from school.

Yet Bob had forced the issue last time. Surely he’d accept her word for it that she and grandpa were an item — after all, she’d proved to be as good as her word on the first trip.

Still pondering the prospect of seeing Bob again, Jen drifted off into a relaxing sleep.


Ten days later Jen and her Grandpa met up at the airport. Jen’s designer luggage looked the part as she approached the executive/First Class check-in, even if Grandpa’s battered old Samsonite looked like it had seen better days. Still, Jen reflected, he’ll pass for an eccentric!

The two of them took their seats in the leather clad luxury of the upstairs of the 747, accepted a glass of champagne and settled down for the flight.

After a couple of hours adjusting to the constant service, both Jen and Grandpa were a little tipsy. Jen reckoned it was about the right time to broach the overall scheme she had devised.

“Grandpa, I need to explain how this is going to work.” Jen accepted another glass of Rioja, drew a deep breath and started to explain.

“We are going to stay with a really rich guy I met last time I was in Europe.” Jen omitted the details of how she met Bob — it somehow didn’t seem important and might well have changed the mood a bit, and not for the better.

“He likes to gamble, so I have bet that he won’t believe how old my latest partner is. So for the next week we are a couple as far as Bob is concerned. Ok?”

Jen’s grandfather looked concerned.

“Not in all ways, I trust! I can’t accept that!”

“No, but we have to give the impression that we are in a full relationship. Behind closed doors we’ll obviously be just the same as always.” Jen reassured him.

The rest of the flight was uneventful. Jen reclined her seat to the horizontal and slept for a few hours as the plane crossed the Atlantic.

Grandpa sat, lost deep in thought, thinking about the implications of his recent conversation. He glanced at the sleeping form next to him, then looked quickly away. Jen’s blouse had slipped, exposing the top of her bra and some of her right breast to his gaze.

Having checked no-one else was around he adjusted his seat and looked again. Even in the dim cabin lighting, he could see the edge of Jen’s areola, her nipple just encased by the lacy edge of her bra. He felt gaziantep escort kız a stirring in his groin as he looked down. Jen had always been his favourite granddaughter, if he was honest because she looked the best as she grew up. He’d often stolen little glances at her as she’d blossomed into womanhood, but would never have behaved inappropriately.

He wished his daughter had believed him when she’d come home early one evening when he was still trusted with baby-sitting to find him with a pair of Jen’s panties in his hands. He’d genuinely been loading the washer and had found a pair of panties on the floor as he returned from taking the washing into the cellar. Despite his protests, the relationship with his daughter had never recovered and he was rarely allowed to visit.

Now, looking at her sleeping figure, he realised just what a beauty she had grown into. Just how lucky had the young guys she’d dated been? He thought.

Jen stirred in her sleep, breaking his reverie. He adjusted his own seat and tried to sleep, eventually dozing off about three hours out from Paris.


As the two passed from customs a smartly dressed gentleman with a board reading “Hollins” stepped forward to escort them to a waiting Mercedes. Bob had laid on transfers to the TGV train that would take them south to the Riviera.

Skilfully negotiating the Paris traffic they arrived at the station, where once again they were escorted towards the executive suite. Jen was reminded of her last trip and accustomed herself to the luxury quickly, but Grandpa was a little overawed by the whole thing.

Their driver handed Jen an envelope, which contained the tickets for their train journey to the south. Waving goodbye, Jen and her partner followed the porter to the train and took their seats, first class, of course!

Jen tried to settle as the train sped ever southwards. She was sure she could pull this off — Bob knew she’d slept with Uncle Rick — Christ, he’d watched them at it and even joined in, so surely he’d trust her word that grandpa was her new partner.

She turned the grey haired figure next to her, “Gramps, I have to call you something else for the next week — Bob has already joked that this isn’t a holiday for my grandfather, so I need to know what to call you… What did Grandma call you?”

“Well, she rarely called me by name. After a while you use endearments only. As you know, I’m Albert, but Bert would be fine… although it will seem a bit strange!”

“It’ll be fine, gramp… I mean Bert!” Jen’s eyes twinkled with amusement. I must remember this, she said to herself. One slip and not only would she not win the bet, but Gramps would lose his house and, worst of all, she’d have to be a sex slave for Bob for a week…

The two of them sat quietly for the bulk of the journey, admiring the countryside as it flew past the window, gradually changing colour from the lush green of the north to the brown, dry colours of the parched south.


Arriving at their destination, the couple were again greeted by a uniformed chauffeur — this time driving an Audi A8. The brief blast of sunshine and dry heat hit them before they sank into the cream leather interior and air conditioning of its interior.

Bert settled into his seat and looked around. This was ok, he thought, at least it was a break from the drudgery of home and the constant worry about keeping the roof over his head.

The car swept up a gravel driveway to a beautiful villa with palm trees lining the drive, a beautiful green lawn and brightly coloured flowers in perfectly tended beds framing the entrance. The electric gates swung closed silently behind the car as they drew up at the foot of the marble the steps leading up to the front door.

A uniformed man stepped out of the shade of the porch and opened Jen’s door before escorting the new arrivals into the house.

Indoors, they were greeted by the cool, marble floored simplicity of a high ceilinged hallway with a sweeping staircase up to the landing above. They were also greeted by Bob, who stepped forward from one of the doorways off to the side of the hall. Dressed smartly and elegantly, he kissed Jen on both cheeks in the French tradition before shaking Bert’s hand and greeting them both.

“I had a little luck on a couple of investments, so moved to this place from the last one you visited, Jen, dear. What do you think?” he asked as his guests took in the opulent surroundings in which they found themselves.

“It’s pretty impressive! Bert and I are really grateful for you putting us up for a week. It’s very kind of you.” Jen replied.

Bob waved away her thanks with a gesture, “You must be tired after your journey, join me for a drink. Your cases will be upstairs in a moment. I’ve given you the guest suite, which I hope will be to your liking.”

The two of them followed their host into a beautifully furnished drawing room where they sipped ice cold gin and tonics whilst admiring escort kız gaziantep the view from the open French doors over the terraced garden to the beach and harbour beyond.

Bob turned to them and spoke “Well, at least part of your story is true, Jen. You are here with an older man — even older than Rick. But I still cannot believe you are really a couple — you could be grandfather and granddaughter for all I know!”

Bert turned pale at this, but Bob’s eyes were firmly fixed on Jen’s face. She barely batted an eyelid as she turned to look at her grandfather, who had more or less recovered his poise.

“I’m rather insulted that you think I’d have a relationship with my own grandfather!” Jen retorted.”What kind of dodgy tart do you think I am?”

Bert for his part also chipped in “And that I’d sleep with my granddaughter — that’s sick!”

Bob laughed easily “For 25 grand, people will do some pretty extreme things! With your years of life experience you should know that, old timer!”

Jen defended Bert instinctively “You lay off him, he may be old but he’s mine — you need to treat him with respect!”

So saying she stood closer to her grandfather, putting a protective arm around him and holding him close. Bert in turn put his arm around her waist, pulling her even closer to him.

Bob tapped his teeth thoughtfully with the arm of his shades as he looked at the two of them: he solidly built but past his prime, she slender, young, beautiful. There was little in common, certainly not enough for anyone to see any family resemblance.

“We shall see, we shall see.”

A clock gently chimed from the mantelpiece. Bob glanced at the time.

“Dinner will be served at 7 for 7.30. So if you’d like to get yourselves ready….Your room is the first door on the left as you reach the top of the stairs. Please make yourselves at home…”

Bert and Jen placed their glasses on the coffee table and left, arm in arm, watched thoughtfully by Bob who turned to look again at the garden and the turquoise sea beyond.


Upstairs, Jen and Bert entered the suite allocated to them. The entrance hall was equipped with a beautiful wardrobe, in which their coats had already been hung. Ahead was a door, ajar, leading to the lounge. Again stunningly furnished, there were sofas, chairs and a low coffee table, plus a huge LCD flat screen TV on the far wall.

Another wooden door led off the lounge into the master bedroom. A huge king size bed dominated the room, although the room was large enough to carry it off. Two additional doors led from the room. Through one Jen glimpsed the shiny tiling of a bathroom — the other led onto a second, smaller bedroom.

The luggage from the car had already been brought to the room and Jen noticed that much of it had already been emptied and put away. She pushed open the bathroom door to see her toiletries, and those of her partner, neatly put away on the glass shelves over the his’n’hers hand basins.

It seemed strange seeing her underwear in a drawer, too. Who was it that had taken the selection of thongs and G-strings from her bag and put them away? Had they been taking notes for Bob? Who knew.

Bert looked a little confused when he found his case empty.

“Where the hell’s my clothes?” he asked grumpily.

Jen smiled at him.”I told you this was a high class trip, Gr, Bert! One of Bob’s staff will have put it all away for you.”

Bert huffed away to look in his chest of drawers and wardrobe, before choosing a smart but worn 2 piece suit and a linen shirt. He looked ok for an old guy, Jen thought.

As all her clothes were in the room, Jen decided that for now at least, she would live the pretence. “Erm, Bert, would you give me a minute to get changed — I need to chose what to wear for dinner.”

Her grandfather paused for a moment “Sure honey. You go ahead. I’ll watch some TV.”


He left the room, pulling the door almost closed behind him. Jen was busy deciding on her outfit, and if his experience of women over the years was anything to go on, it would take a while.

Bert settled down on the sofa and found the remote for the TV. Eventually mastering the controls, he idly flicked through the channels. Naturally the majority were in French, some showing badly dubbed content with ridiculous lip synch, and nothing much caught his attention. In the background he heard the sound of running water from the bathroom.

There was golf on one of the Euro sport channels, which held his interest for a few minutes, but he carried on scrolling upwards, until he stopped short. On the screen was a pair of fabulous breasts — large, firm and very definitely naked! As if that weren’t enough, an enormous cock was being rubbed against them. On the huge screen it was like being in a porn cinema — everything on the screen was not only in exquisite detail but two or three times life size!

Bert’s cock stirred in his pants and he shifted escort gaziantep kızlar uncomfortably on the sofa. He glanced up at the door to the bedroom, worried how Jen would react to his evident enjoyment of the porn showing on the screen.

From his position on the sofa, the gap between the door and doorframe just allowed a view into the room, but particularly from that angle, he could see the reflection of most of the room in one of the full length mirrors in the bedroom.

On the screen the hard cock was now being vigorously sucked and rubbed by the actress. Fortunately the audio levels were low, so the groaning and panting could hardly be heard beyond the sofa. Bert’s head flipped from the image on screen to the temptation of the mirror across the room. A flash of movement caught his eye and he realised he could see Jen as she tried on various pairs of shoes. She was facing away from the mirror, so Bert’s view was of her pert buttocks and the tiny white string of her thong vanishing between them.

Bert moved to make himself more comfortable, flicking the “home” and “off” buttons on the remote before he did so. If Jen or anyone else came in, he wanted to be able to switch the TV on in a moment, and not back to the porn channels, either! This took but a second, and he returned his concentration to the view of the room next door.

Jen was now stood, apparently completely naked, with her back still to the mirror, her youthful skin glowing with health as she stood with her weight on one leg as she tried to decide what to wear.

Bert’s cock was now getting as hard as he could remember it being in years. Christ, she looked sexy as he watched her. To his delight, Jen turned first on way then the other as she held up a dress against her body. As she turned, Bert caught a brief glimpse of her breasts, nipples erect from her recent shower. He groaned, wishing there were some way he could either get himself off in just a couple of minutes or, more likely, maybe grab an occasional look at his sexy granddaughter during the few days ahead.

He suddenly realised that he was just sitting, his hand rubbing his growing erection, gazing lustfully through the door of the bedroom. Jen was no longer in sight, so with a guilty start he spun round and fired up the TV again. On screen was a badly dubbed version of Water World — Christ , it was lame in American, but even less good when dubbed into French!

Not a moment too soon, as within seconds the door swung open and Jen stood there, dressed in an elegant midnight blue dress. She twirled briefly and curtsied towards him. She looked radiant, tiny diamond drop ear rings and a simple elegant pendant sparkling in the summer sunlight that streamed through the window.

Bert would have stood, but didn’t want Jen to notice the bulge in his trousers. Instead he bowed in a seated position and lightly applauded her.”Bravo, my dear. You look beautiful”

“Well thank you. You look good, too — although we might have to go shopping later this week to update your wardrobe!”

Bert looked a little sheepish, but the sight of his granddaughter looking so good soon over ruled his embarrassment.

“Shall we go down for dinner, then?” he asked, standing now and offering Jen his arm.


The two made their way sedately to the top of the stairs, then promenaded down to the hallway below, where a beautifully presented waitress awaited with a tray of glistening champagne glasses. They each took one and entered through another doorway to the elegant dining room beyond.

Bob turned from the window and looked the pair up and down. Bert was more or less dismissed with a look; his attention was almost exclusively reserved for Jen.

“Wow, you do look beautiful, Jen. I’d forgotten just how good you look” Bob again kissed her on both cheeks, murmuring as he did so”with your clothes on!”

Jen blushed and made her way back to Bert, who still looked a little overawed by the whole situation. She held onto his arm and looked up at him, trying to help his confidence with her whole dependent manner.

Bob looked on, still unsure of how much of this show he believed. At a gesture the waitress made her rounds, topping up the frosted champagne glasses held by his guests. It would be interesting to see if anyone’s guard slipped after a few more drinks, he thought.

Conversation flowed back and forth comfortably as they took their places for the meal. The first course, a terrine of pork and duck, was delightfully light and tasty, and Bob’s choice of red wine complemented it perfectly.

“So Jen, how did you and Bert end up together?” Bob enquired.

“Bert used to baby sit me when I was a kid. Mum always kept in touch, and once you and Rick had shown me just how good life can be with a more mature partner, I realised I’d always fancied him, just not realised it.”At least some of that was true, Jen reflected.

“Bert, you must have thought all your Christmases had come at once! How the hell do you first broach the idea of being an item to a girl over 50 years younger than you?”

Bert looked uncomfortable and swallowed a couple of times before answering. “Well, it was kinda difficult, but once Jen made it clear that she really did want to get to know me better, I invited her out for a meal one night. Jen told her mother that she would be going to see a movie with a friend but snuck out to see me.”

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