The Time Has Come…

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Your Man is arriving soon. The anticipation of this day has had your body and mind spinning for the past few days… Ever since that Packed was delivered yesterday. The Small box was covered in plain brown paper. As you open it up you realize it’s from your Man, cause of the cologne you smell. There is a Small note and a smaller box inside. The Note Reads:” Sweet lady of mine, our first night is gonna be so special. This is a Gift of love to you. Follow the Directions inside and you will never forget this day. Love Your King” Inside that smaller box was a few sex toys and another note…. Describing what your man wanted you to do with these things. Detailed instructions of what to pack for the night. He wants you to put these two egg shaped vibrators inside your pussy and this small thin anal plug in your ass. You were wondering what’s going on, but then thought to yourself that this might be fun….. you know you have that Slave/Dom side you always wanted to try.

He also purchased a nice White Laced Corset/Bra that fit you like a glove with a matching set of panties, laced sleeve pull-ons and a laced shawl throw over….. You tried them on and Wow… I Looked so sexy. My man is gonna be so pleased. The simple thought of Him seeing you in this begin the Juices flowing in your womanly places… It was during the Fall season so you knew you could get away with Just Wearing this and a nice pair of stocking and heels…. All under your Raincoat. Covers it all up. The next morning after breakfast you begin to think of what this day might entail. Pick him up at the airport around 5pm…. Drive to the Hotel and check-in. Unpack and leave for dinner about 6pm. All day long you keep looking at that box and wonder if you are gonna do as your man asks or disappoint him, and you don’t want to ever do that. Each hour on the hour you begin to play with the toys in that box….. knowing that you are gonna put them in your box. The Anal plug is the one thing you think you might not do….. but even that would upset you man or should that be you Master now? You think to yourself. Yes, My master. And Grin….

At around 3 PM you take your shower and pretty yourself up for your Master…. And Just the thought of having to do as you are told…. For some reason turns that kink side of your passions on. You put the Corset on and press your large breasts into position. Surprisingly comfortable, and a snug fit too. You put the white Stockings on and clamp them to the bottom garter of the corset and pull on the white laced sleeve pull-ons that go from the top of your hands to your elbows….

You take one more look at that box of toys and decide…. Hey, have fun. You Warm up the two egg shaped vibrators and slip them into your already excited pussy… poker oyna feels kind of weird but it gives you that full feeling like when your man is in you….. as you walk around…. It’s not so bad… Now the anal plug…. You put some lubricate on it and bend over and slide it in all the way…. Whoa… and you begin to stand up…. Feeling the Pressure of it on your ass and the eggs in your pussy… Your Mind begins to Imagine what else your Master has in mind…. Then you put the Panties on and now it’s a Complete package. You Glance at the time and Realize.. Oh Shit.. I’m gonna be late!

You Grab your bag of Stuff, your Raincoat and out the Door you go.. His plane is in about to land…. You Park and run in… saying… I Hope it’s late….! As you walk into the Terminal you realize you can’t go through the Metal Detectors…… Oh Shit…. As you pace about figuring what to do feeling these things and what they are doing to your emotions and Body… OMG… you are freaking out….. Suddenly! (BUZZZ)

YOU SCREAM! Everyone stops and looks at you…. There you are bent over holding onto a pillar, trying to catch your balance as an intense Blast of pleasure came ripping through your body… ‘Hey! Who Turned them ON!’ All Three of the Object Just Vibrated inside of you…. You are Still breathing very hard from that first shock…. As you finally regain your balance you begin to search for your Master, knowing he must be close-by. He is watching you, you know it. You begin to pace about the terminal desperately combing the area as you walk by the telephones ((BUZZZ)) and this one is a bit more Intense!. You Grab for something to hold you up….

A Man’s arm. A Strong Large man. Smiling as he turns a button off. He helps you stand upright. You get a Chance to look at his face. It’s Your Master! You leap into his Arms…. But he pulls you away…. Tells you That you were late and that he was gonna have to call a Taxi. You look down toward his feet and say you are sorry. Feeling the kink of Master/Slave begin to take control. He tells you to look up and show him Your Gift. You say in here? He says Show me! With an attitude this time. You undo your belt and spread it open for his approval. He Says you look very nice and thanks you for being a good girl. I’ll find out later if you obeyed me in all ways. As he Walked away you know that he will be so pleased….. Then you realize that his is walking out the doors. You show him where the Car is and drive to the Hotel. During the drive you are full of anticipation of today’s up and coming events. Your pussy is still screaming from those first two Depth Chargers that went off in your private places.

You begin to Question your Master about Where to Eat and What he Wants to do and how was his Flight and did canlı poker oyna he have anything to eat?…. blah, blah, blah! He reaches into his Coat Pocket and puts the remote control in the Cellular phone Holder and switches it on Low. You begin to feel the slow low growl of the toys…. And it shuts you up…. He Tells you to move your back up against the Passengers door. Your left leg on the middle console and your Right is on the Dashboard. You Obey cause your realize that your talking is not what he wanted. Your pussy is going through convulsions as he turn the knob to Med. The Toys Jump in your pussy… playing with your insides and your Ass is beginning to send pleasure shots to your brain….. woooohooo, you think to yourself….. if this Keeps up I might Climax before we get to the Hotel….

Your man… reaches over to you with his right hand and offers his fingers for you to suck on… you gladly take them into your mouth….. he tells you to make them really wet. He moves them from your Mouth and slides them between your large and voluminous breasts, teasingly sliding them along the edge of your corset and nipples….. You Close your eyes and enjoy the ride…. Oh yes….. and then he stops. You are there. He opens the door and leaves…. You are still sitting there legs spread for him. You hurriedly get out of the car as you realize the your raincoat is still open. The Bellhop and Valet park the Car and carry the Luggage as they stare at your body… knowing that you are dressed in a sexy outfit. After in the room your man goes to Tip the Bellhop, he begins to lift your coat aside and off…. As you Stand there before the Bellhop to see, Master tells you to thank the boy for bringing up our bags….. as you seductively walk towards him with your Sexiest Strut, he bolts out the Door and down the hall….. You turn toward your Master with a look of “What did I do?” and the both of you start Busting out Laughing!

Ok, Ok, OK! Back to this game.

Your Man is still not convinced that you did everything he has asked of you. He walks you over to the stereo and puts on some classical CD, and turns you about in front of the Large Full-length Mirror along the bed. (WoooHooo) He Tells you to prove it. He wants to see Everything. He is still in his Brilliant Double Breasted Pinstriped suit. He is standing behind you looking into the mirror, you begin to assume the role of a seductive stripper and disrobe for your Master’s pleasure. You quickly discard your overcoat and begin to remove the long shawl and he Says… Slower, Much, much slower…. As you gracefully remove the shawl, over one shoulder then the next other one, you begin you feel his intense glare, feeling as if it was caressing your inner-soul.

Just knowing he is watching internet casino you turns you on. As you begin to remove the arm sleeves, he says leave’em on. Then commands that you Pull down your Panties and Show him your Hot Ass. You grab the band of your panties and pull them down to your feet, bending at your hip so to Give him a good look at His anal plug in you. He says for you to stay like that! As he comes closer commanding you to spread your legs and bend over further so he can see if you obeyed him(the plug)….. You obey, knowing and hoping that he will be pleased and remove it….. his hand gracefully slides along your soft ass cheeks and reaches for the plug and begins to twist it and pull on it… You reach out to the floor so you don’t fall…. he begins to Fuck you with it….. and Turns it up Full BLAST! You are breathing hard and about at the point of no return… when suddenly…….. He STOPS!

You wonder in disbelief what he will do next. He Commands that you must stand and face him…. He comes to you and stand very close to you…. making you take a step back… then another one.. then another one…(Bang) Your ass hits up against the corner of the Large Cherry Oak Desk. He Wants you up on there with your Legs spread WIDE! You Crawl up on it…. you love this part…. and Spread those sexy thighs apart…. Knowing that he’s gonna see One Totally Soaked, Hot, Sexy, Puffy, Pink Pussy! Just Flat out DRIPPING! He says WIDER!

Commanding it…. you show more… till it hurts pulling tightly against your inner thigh muscles… You can feel his breathing on your left inner thigh then on your right…. moving closer to the Prize…. you know you are gonna explode with First contact…. OMG… feel it… he’s moving closer! His mere Breath… blowing on your Clit will finish you off…. and the Fact that he is playing with the Controls…. High/Low…. back and forth… Over and Over again, ‘Oh Dear Lord!’ Blowing right at the spot above the anal plug… moving slowly up your lips to that Magic point of pleasure…. The Waves begin to Rise up from the deepest natural essence of your womanhood. Your whole body begins it task of receiving a mind blowing orgasmic experience. Legs are shaking and you begin moaning louder and louder with each breath. Them you hold Down a breath to push it over the top….

He Never stops blowing…. And at that very precipice of pleasure he Claps his lips over your engorged clit and sucks and nibbles on it…. He holds on Tight to the Desk and your Hips. You Thrash around like a Wild animal, Pulling and Pushing on him….. but your Body is not in control. Your Master is. All of what it You is on the Absolute edge of ecstasy…. Over and Over the Waves come Crashing about you.. sending you to New levels and higher heights then ever thought possible….. for the next 20 minutes you try to regain composure. He Tells you to Get Dressed. We have a long night ahead of us.

(See chapter Two)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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