The Ultimate Compliment

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A few weeks ago a received an email titled “Thank you” from someone named Niharika. Not knowing anyone with that name I thought it was the usual spam that my email filter wasn’t able to catch. But rather than deleting it I decided the check it out since it did not have the tell-tale attachment symbol. It turned out the email was not spam and had the following content.

“Hi there,

You don’t know me but I wanted to write an email of thanks to you for writing an extremely erotic story that I enjoyed immensely. You story had the element of realism that is not very common. I hope you continue to write and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Take care, Niharika.

P.S. I am a woman from India (in case you were wondering).”

Obviously intrigued by the email I wrote back a short reply.

“Hi Niharika,

Thank you for your email and compliment. It’s always a pleasure to receive encouraging feedback. I am very happy that you enjoyed it and I hope as a piece of erotic literature, it had the desired effect on you.

I chat on yahoo on occasions and it would be nice if we could chat sometimes.

Take care and thanks again.”

I received an email back the following day.

“It was very nice to see your email. I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a quick response. I would be happy to chat with you sometime. Hopefully we can catch each other. Oh yea, it had the desired effect!

Take care, bye.”

Needles to say, this email brought a big smile to my face. A woman was actually aroused by my writing and was open enough to take the time to email me about it. Talk about an ego boost. This is one special woman, and I was now really looking forward to chatting with her. The only problem was the timing. I’m in USA and she’s in India. That’s a major time difference. I figured that the best time to catch her would be a weekend.

The following Saturday afternoon I logged on with an anticipation that I rarely feel. It was almost like the butterflies of a first date. I know it sounds silly, this was not a date! But something about this woman intrigued me, and I didn’t even know who she was. When I logged on to my yahoo messenger, there was an invitation from her to add her to my contact list. This was a good sign. I immediately added her to my list and waited.

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long. Soon I got a pop-up that said she is on-line. I wanted to give her a moment to get settled but she sent me a pop-up first.

“Hi! It’s nice to see you here.” Niharika said.

“Yea, you too. I was hoping to catch on this weekend.” I wrote back.

“Yea me too!”

“Hey thanks for writing that email. It was very encouraging to read such feedback. Its emails like yours that make the effort of writing my experiences on paper worth while.” I said.

“Really? I usually don’t email or give feedback, but your experience of “Was I wrong?” was so real, I felt compelled. It was as if you were pouring yourself out.” Niharika wrote.

“Well it was real. I wrote it down as best as I could remember it and it was truly one of the most erotic experiences of my life.” I said back. “I’m glad it enjoyed it.”

“Oh I did” she said. “So will you tell me about you?”

“Well sure.” I said. “As you read in my story, I’m 28 male of Indian origins and settled in the USA. I’m a professional white collar guy and definitely NOT a virgin!”

“LOL…Yea I got that.” She said.

“So how about you, anything you want to share about yourself with me?” I pursued.

“Hmmm, I’m 24, female, Indian and a virgin.” She said after a thought.

“Very good.” I said. “Nothing wrong with that.”

“I know. So what else do you want to know?”

“Well you have a general idea about me from my experience. My family is here in the US, they’re professionals for the most part, and live in a nearby state. I enjoy music, movies, working out (weights and martial arts). So you can tell me about you along these lines” I offered.

“Ok I can do that. I work in the It industry and am also doing my MBA right now. My family is a mix of both professionals and businessmen, so I have a very strong work ethic. I enjoy the company of good people that I feel I can learn something from them. I love reading and of course movies and music.” She replied.

“In case you are wondering and I’m sure you must be.” Niharika added. “I’m saving my virginity for the right man, who I hope will either be my husband or will become my husband the first time I give myself to him.”

“That’s very noble of you.”I said and meant it. “From what you have told me, I’m sure you have a lot to aspire to in your personal and professional career. Good luck with that!”

“Thanks, şişli escort and I have no complaints.” she said.

“So you chat often?” I asked.

“Usually on weekend nights.” She said.

“It must quite late there.” I said looking at my clock and calculating the time difference.

“Yea, its past midnight. Everyone’s asleep so that’s why I’m online. This is my own free time.” She said .

Niharika was coming out to be a very nice friendly woman and what was more important is that she didn’t have any airs around her. She was genuinely interested in chatting and didn’t have any attitudes about it. I figured since she seems open enough perhaps we can chat about the topic that actually started us chatting together.

“So you really enjoyed my “Was I wrong” experience huh?” I asked.

“Oh yea. You have a gift of writing.” She said.

“What did you like about it?” I continued.

“I told you, you made it seem real. You made it feel real in a way that it was very easy to relate to it. I actually became part of the experience not just as a reader but as a participant.” She replied.

“Oh really? I had no idea. That’s quiet a compliment. So how much did you enjoy it?” I pressed.

“You know, it had the desired effect.” She said.

“How?” I pressed on.

There was silence for a moment. Then…

“I fingered myself and came!” she said and added a blushing emoticon.

I felt my dick twitch as reading that.

“Really?” I asked to confirm.

“Yes, and it was a very good one.” she replied.

Now it was my turn to be silent as I was thinking of the next course of action. This woman came after reading my sexperience and I was starting to get aroused thinking about it.

“You there?” she asked.

“Yea sorry, I was just imagining you enjoying my story.” I said at last.

“Stop it, now you’re making me blush.” She said adding the appropriate emoticons.

My mind was racing fast and my heart starting pounding with thoughts and ideas rushing into my head. I had an idea but it had to be approached very delicately.

“Look you have no idea how happy you have made me feel by being so honest with me. I can only imagine how you enjoyed yourself. Someone masturbating to your experience is a great compliment. But I was wondering if I could ask a favor.” I wrote.

“Sure.” She wrote back

“Well, would I offend you if I asked you to tell me how you masturbated while reading my story? I don’t mean just a one liner. Just like you were able to relate to my story I’d like to imagine you enjoying my experience. If you want you can re-read the experience.”

There was silence. I waited.

“I’m not a writer” she said finally.

“You don’t need you to be, just take your time and write what you did as you read” I offered.

Again, there was silence.

“Ok” she said “I’ll try my best. But you may have to help me guide me from time to time. Give me a moment, I’ll be back”

“It will be a pleasure” I wrote back getting very excited.

A few moments later Niharika chimmed back in.

“Ok I’m ready. I wanted to make sure everyone was asleep. I’ve locked my room door and the lights are off. Hopefully no disturbance.”

“Ok I’m ready. Take your time, and just go with what comes to you.” I said

“When I started reading your story the first time it became apparent to me is that it seemed very honest and genuine. There were no exaggerations, nothing seemed fake. You and everyone else in the story seemed like actual living breathing people. You wrote it as if you are telling your experience to someone in person. I felt I was a fly on the wall watching your experience.” Nikarika began.

“That just got me more interested. The more I read, the more I was drawn into it. Your relationship with your cousin was real, or caring and concern. It’s what every family shares. I could relate. So it actually made me comfortable. Like tonight, it was late so I took my laptop onto my bed and sat with the laptop on my lap. I always sleep in a T-shirt and pajama bottoms.”

“Do you wear underwear to bed?” I interrupted.

“No bra only panties.” She replied. “As I continued to read your story and came to the point when you started massaging Sonia’s back and the sensuality started to arouse me. I slid down on my bed and rested the laptop on my stomach and thighs. During the second night when Sonia got topless, I actually did the same here. I was reliving your story through Sonia’s eyes.”

I couldn’t believe it. This woman was so sensual and she could feel the emotion that Sonia and I were feeling at that time. What’s more, she was an excellent narrator!

“I was so into your escort mecidiyeköy experience that when you rubbed the sides of Sonia’s breasts even I took a gasp of breath. As you continued the massage I started to rub my breasts slowly with my finger tips. I remember my nipples responded immediately hardening to my touch.” She said

“You must have very sensitive nipples.” I asked

“I do. Every time I wear a silk or lace bra, I pretty much spend the whole day with stiff nipples. Gets very embarrassing at times.” She smiled.

“That must be quite a sight!” I remarked. “Please go on.”

“Ok. I started to gently press ,y hard nipples with my fingers. Both my nipples were puffing up and I could feel my self getting wet” Niharika continued

“Oh wow” I responded.

“I was disappointed that you stopped that night then but I could understand. Just reading about it was giving me butterflies in my stomach and the arousal between my legs was getting intense, so I could just imagine what you and Sonia actually must be going through.”

“We were terrified yet very excited” I added “I should tell you that you telling me of your arousal is actually arousing me now.”

“Really? Well re-reading your story is having the same effect on me.” She said making my cock twitch in my shorts again.

I was actually getting aroused chatting with Nikarika. Since I was dressed only in a t shirt and shorts, I pulled my shorts down and freed my cock from its restraints. My cock sprang up a little and started to bob up and down and I could feel the initial secretions of pre-cum started to come out from the tip. Not wanting to break Niharika’s narration, I did not share that with her at that time.

“So when I got to the part of the third night, I already had hard nipples and a wet vagina. As you continued to massage Sonia, my hands were following yours on my body. I was imagining what was happening to Sonia was actually happening to me. Just the thoughts were very exciting and I was getting more and more wet. I ever crossed my legs like Sonia did and started to press my thighs together.” She wrote.

Then there was silence for a moment. I panicked. Did she leave?

“Sorry I was getting comfortable” she added. “Getting a bit hot in this room” she winked.

“I agree.”

“I could feel the wetness soak my panties and my nipples were very hard. I started to squeeze my breasts and nipples with my hands as you continued to pleasure Sonia with yours. When you took her nipples into your mouth, I just squeezed by breasts even harder, experiencing her joy vicariously. I want to add that right now my breasts are just as hard and my nipples are getting harder with every word!”

“In that case you should know that my shorts have been pulled down and my cock as started getting hard and wet” I wrote back hastily.

“Ohhh, I want to share that” she winked back.

“I like the sound of that” I said “Please go on.”

“At this point, my arousal and urgency was like Sonia’s. As you lowered yourself on her and took off her bottoms, I did the same and could feel my panties stick to my wet vagina. I had read many stories before but never had I been this aroused. The eroticism that I was feeling was amazing. I’m even wet now.” She said.

“Every time you teased Sonia, I felt the urgency build in me. I wanted you to touch her more that Sonia did, because I too was being teased at the same time. The room was getting hotter and I could feel my self starting to sweat. I wanted to be touched and I wanted to cum so bad.” She added.

I could feel that she was now typing fast and could sense her arousal.

“Take off your pajamas and panties, and then continue” I said. I had never imagined that she would be this honest and open with me. I started to stroke myself slowly, now completely lost in her narration.

“Ok” she said immediately. “Done!”

“I sat naked with my legs spread slowly rubbing my fingers over my wet vagina as you ravished Sonia’s pussy with your tongue. Everytime Sonia moaned, I did too. As you flicked your tongue on her clit, I gently rubbed my finger on mine in the same motion that your described. I could feel myself get even more wet and could feel the slow build up on my climax.”

“Touch your self now as u type” I told her.

“Yes, yes” she responded. She was as horny as was I. “I’m wet now. I can feel my juices on my finger.”

I started to rub my pre-cum all over my cock. I was getting very hot and wanted to cum, but held on.

Nikharika continued. “As Sonia pushed her vagina into your leg I pushed my clit into my finger with pressure. I could feel it start to throb. When you were both naked, I could only imagine what the electricity escort gecelik in the room must have been. When Sonia came the first time, I pinched my clit hard to the point of pain. I could feel waves of pain/pleasure go through me. I didn’t want to cum then so I controlled. But I could feel a steady flow on juices now.”

“When you finally entered her, I slowly pushed my finger in and felt the same resistance that you felt in Sonia. As you thrust into her deeper, I moved my finger in and out making me hotter and bringing me closer to the edge.” She wrote faster.

“Oh yea, I could feel my head spinning as I was about to cum.” I wrote.

“I timed my self so that as you both came I did too and it was one of the best orgasms I had had. I told you I’m a virgin, but your experience made me feel the most sexual I have felt as a woman! I loved every minute of your experience and I want to thank you for writing it.”

“It was a pleasure” I said. “One that had now doubled because of your narration.”

“I hope you liked it” she said.

“Liked it? I loved it. You were so open and honest, I have a raging hard on right now” I said hastily. “I’m naked, horny and rubbing myself, and my cock is extremely hot, hard and wet.”

“I’ve started fingering myself. I am so hot that I’m already getting close and my juices getting on my fingers.” She replied back.

“Take your wet finger in your mouth.” I told her. “Taste your juices for me.”

“I’ve never done that.” Niharika said.

“Will your please do it now?” I asked.

“Ok, for you” she said. I could tell that the hormones were in control now.

“It’s different. It’s salty with a bit of sourness” she a moment later.

“Just the way I like it.” I said.

“Tell me what you look like. How are you positioned now, everything.”

“I’m 5’6, 32-28-32, fair, with shoulder length hair. Breasts are average size, with 1 inch nipples. Very dark. Tummy is mostly flat with a slight bulge below the navel. I shave my hair so right now I have just a little bit of growth. My vagina is darker than my skin, so the wetness makes the contrast of the outer and inner lips very apparent. I used a mirror to see once.” She said in detail.

“I’m laying on my bed with my legs open. My laptop is on my stomach and I’m rubbing my vagina with one hand and typing with the other. I can feel my juices now dripping down my butt over my asshole.”

“Oh so sexy” I said, and I could imagine her in my mind. She looked like an angel spread open for me inviting me with her womanhood. In my mind there was nothing separating us, and I wanted to pleasure this woman and give her everything she so desires.

“I want to lick your vagina and feel those juices on my tongue. I want to rub my tongue up and down your inviting lips and suck on your clit. I want you to feel like a woman so you enjoy every sensation I am giving you.” I said.

“Oh yeas, I want you to do that. Make me feel like the woman I want to feel like.” She wrote back. I’m so wet now, I’m rubbing my clit with two fingers and moving my finger up and down my slit. I am almost there. Please go on, don’t stop.”

I started to stroke my cock faster and I continued.

“I’m placing my hard cock on your opening, and rubbing my shaft on your so sensitive clit. I can see your juices getting on my cock. I can see your pussy wanting it, asking for it, begging for it.”

“Yeas, I want it, please give it to me” she pleaded.

I am now pushing my cock into you deep into your woman hood. Feel it going in. Feel it opening you up and feel it make you a woman!” I encouraged

“Oh yeas. Give it to me, I can feel it go in. Oh yeas so good. I’m close now…yea now.” she wrote. “I’m pushing my finger in my pussy for you.”

This was getting crazy. I started to pump my cock even faster and could feel my balls tighten to the impending climax.

“Yea now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She chimed!

“Me too.” That’s all I could managed before I could see globs of cum erupt from my dick and land all over me.

There was silence at both ends for a while till we composed ourselves. Then the screen chimed.

“Wow! That’s another first for me. I have never cybered before.”

“Really?” I asked. “You were very good. A natural and I’m not just saying that.”

“Thanks, I came so hard the laptop fell off me. I could feel my vagina contract around my finger. It was incredible” Niharika said. “And I even licked my fingers. You have made me very naughty tonight.”

“Well thank you for being so open and honest in your narration. That’s what made it so good. I’m glad you enjoyed my experience and am really glad that you enjoyed OUR experience right now.” I wrote.

“It was truly a pleasure ready your work, chatting with your and enjoying with you. Thanks your for everything and hope we can keep in touch.” She concluded.

“Count on it,” I said and signed off with a smile on screen and off.


Feedback and comments are always welcome.

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