The Unusual Connection Pt. 01

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It wasn’t a strange relationship by any stretch of the imagination, but not one I dreamed of several years ago when it first started. My lifelong idea of how lap dancers plied their trade was that they went from customer to customer as quickly as they could in order to maximize the potential income for the evening. On occasion they would stay with a particular customer if they knew there was a likely chance that there were more dances in the near future (which meant guaranteed money), versus walking the floor or dancing on stage.

That idea changed years ago when I got to know first one dancer differently, than I got to know another the same way.. At first I just thought of it as another one night thing. Ashlyn was very attentive of me that night. She was a beautiful raven haired woman a few years younger than me, which put her in her late thirties or early forties, but still older than I would expect for a dancer.

On the evening that I meant Ashlyn I hadn’t really noticed her at first. It was early that night and the club was already full which, was something unusual for a Friday night. I had been into this club a few times before and had met a dancer or two whom if they were there I would most likely get a dance with. This attraction was really based much more on physical appearance than anything else.

Was there an ideal dancer’s physique that attracted me, no not really. I had always been attracted to blondes with nicely shaped breasts, but I had also found myself attracted to the girl next door type, a younger, petite, right portioned meaning that the curves were all in the right places, kind of woman. There was also the sensual ebony skinned lady that I would find attractive as my eyes scanned the stages and the floor for women I would enjoy meeting. So no there was really no particular feature that I looked for in a dancer.

In the general sense I would notice a woman first by their physical attractiveness to me, then I would watch them dance on stage. Almost invariably I would end up getting a dance with someone I saw as attractive and got to see dance on stage. Their stage presence allowed me to get a sense of how sensual they could be and of course how naughty. The satellite stages allowed me to introduce myself to these dancers without having to sit at a table on the floor which was less private. For a tip here and another there I could get a sense of whether that dancer was going to be one that I would ask to dance for me.

Well that whole concept changed when I met Ashlyn. As I mentioned before I hadn’t really noticed her, I was in my normal program mode eying the dancers on the main stage. I would follow them to the satellites if I was attracted to them.

I had not really seen anyone that was creating a unusual lust in me for lack of better word so I went up to the bar, kind of out of the way of the main floor crowd to sit and enjoy a beer. As I was scanning the floor area I noticed a dancer coming up the stairs with her eyes fixed on me. She almost instantly created that feeling inside me without even seeing her dance. She was petite, darker skinned, maybe 5′ 6. Her movements’ exuded sensuality, her clothes made her stand out in the crowd. A white lace bra and panties, with a sheer wrap around her waist that hung to the floor.

Her outfit added to that growing feeling inside me. She had a beautiful physique, her facial features were soft but defined. They were outlined by her long raven colored hair; her eyes dancing, conveying sensual emotion, and dark like a moonless night. Her body was exquisite, her breasts perfectly fit the curves of the rest of her body. Her waist blended into beautiful thin legs, with well-toned calves. This all heightened the sexual emotion I was feeling as she approached.

She was incredible and she was slowing making her way towards me. Our eyes focused on one another. It was as she was beckoning to me. It seemed like forever for her to cross those few feet across the length of the bar when it was only a matter of seconds before she was directly in front of me!

In a soft sensual tone Ashlyn asked, “Would you like some company?”

In reply all I could say was, “Yes”. Never one for witting openings or introductions I guess I didn’t expect more, but “Yes”, she deserved more! Maybe it was my excitement that made my mind go blank. I was just hoping the unemotional reply wouldn’t turn her off.

“Please take my seat,” I said to her as she reached out to shake my hand. “My name is Marc,” I said with a nervous tone.

“My mobil porno name is Ashlyn,” she replied, “It is nice to meet you, Marc.”

I was hoping that she would not recognize my eagerness or excitement as she same closer. Once a dancer knew you were interested they seemed to always just jump to the question of getting a dance. I wanted to get to know Ashlyn better so I didn’t want my voice or body language giving away the excitement I was feeling with her sitting next to me. I wanted to avoid that quick dance request so that I would able to enjoy that teasing, and flirting conversation that happens with the dancers I usually spend time with. Also there would be none of the buildup of sexual excitement before the dance.

My fears were quickly eased as she motioned for me to get the empty chair at the end of the bar. I got it and brought it over and set it down next to hers. Obviously it was not close enough as she nestled her chair up closer to mine.

She leaned forward so that our faces were very near one another’s and said, “I don’t think I have seen you here before Marc, do you come often?” As she asked I couldn’t help but notice the slit in the wrap opened up to reveal her beautiful cinnamon brown, toned legs.

They were smooth to the touch has I rested my hand on her thigh as I replied, “Mostly only on Friday nights and I don’t stay for long because I have a long drive home” Her leg was soft and skin unblemished “Forgive me for being forward Ashlyn,” I said as I rubbed her thigh, “but you have very soft, smooth skin and extremely beautiful legs.”

“Thank you Marc and no you aren’t being forward” she replied with a smile.

“I love compliments and it means that all that working out I do pays off,” she added. The conversation was now off and rolling, this is what I had hoped for.

We talked about several different subjects, things that in the past never really came up with other dancers. Ashlyn told me about her life outside of the club. She came from a town located in the mountains and lived on a piece of land with a fair sized country style home that fit well in the hilly locale she lived in. She was a divorced mother of one, a preteen, which I found hard to believe because I didn’t think she was that old. Her daughter was the center of her life and everything she did was to make sure that she had all she needed.

She was well enough off that she didn’t have to dance, but the money was very good and she enjoyed meeting new people so she continued to do it. She enjoyed horses and other animals having several on her property. Riding was a release for her. It helped relieve the everyday stress that could build up. Only her most trusted friends knew that she danced here in Greenville; It was far enough away from her home that she didn’t have to worry about running across people she would know from there, here in the club.

Intermingled between her comments she would ask me questions about the same subjects. “Where do you live Marc?” she asked.

“I live about an hour from Greenville,” I answered and followed with, “I am a divorced father of two time consuming boys!”

I further explained to her my profession and that I had been in SC for about 15 years having moved from NY with my ex. “What do you do to relax?” she asked coyly.

I said, “Well for one, I come to the club.” “I also enjoy travel, the ocean, especially around Charleston, I loved being in Charleston,” I added. I told her about my enjoyment of early American history which was one of the reasons why port cities like Charleston, New Orleans, Newport and Boston had an especial appeal to me. I found that old world atmosphere intoxicating and romantic

The more we talked the more easily the conversation flowed. The flirting had begun from the time she leaned forward to tell me her name and crossed those sensuous thighs. It ratcheted up as the conversation progressed. She had a beautiful smile and often displayed it, leaning forward on her hands as her elbows rested on the table.

She would make excuses to touch me. For instance comparing the size of her hands to mine or commenting on the texture of the material my shirt was made of. She would occasionally throw some sexual innuendo into the conversation such as “the dancing isn’t what is hard”. She was definitely a woman whose was comfortable with herself and her image.

She could manipulate the conversation to increase the excitement which was continuing to build. She had definitely done this more than once alman porno and I knew that she had snared me in the sensuous trap in which she was the bait.

The sensual excitement had grown considerably when she finally brought up the subject. It was like a teenager laying the ground work to ask a parent if they can go on a trip or have money for something they needed. She had worked it perfectly. “Would you like a dance Marc?” she said with a soft seductive tone in her voice. Leaning towards me putting her hand on the inside of my thigh, she told me, “It would be something you will not forget, my dear.”

I didn’t want to appear anxious, so tried to play it cool by hemming and hawing a bit. She asked. “Are you waiting for someone?” “If so I understand and that’s ok,” she said. When she said that, giving me the option out of the dance, I knew I wanted to be on that couch with her, she was unlike the majority of the women in here who wouldn’t have added that last statement. It made it feel more personal to me!

As her hand ran along the inside of my leg waiting for my answer, she just looked at me, those eyes piercing and erotic. In those eyes it seemed like I could tell she knew what the answer was because she had done this to so many times before. Like a fisherman she had perfectly set the hook!

She knew, I knew and therefore without anything more said, she took me by the hand and we walked down the stairs on our way to the couch room. My excitement was boiling up inside me. Since she had never danced for me before I couldn’t have known what it was going to be like, but it was almost like I knew exactly what is was going to be like, hence the excitement I was feeling.

As we walked through the entrance to the couch room, she turned looking for the right place for the dance. It seemed like she knew exactly where she wanted the dance to happen because it was the perfect place, a place where the moment would be unforgettable.

It took just a moment for her to make up her mind and we were soon headed toward the back of the room farthest away from the entrance. There was as much privacy as could be had in that room back there away from the door.

When we reached the couch she said, “Sit down here and just relax Sweetie.” “Are you ready to be turned for an experience you won’t forget?” she added. It was in such a seductive voice it just turned up the heat in my body another notch. It caused something else to rise up as well as I had to shift a bit to make it more comfortable before I sat down.

Having made myself more comfortable I sat down on the couch, and then I slid down just a bit further so that my hips were at the front of the couch. Ashlyn stood in front of me with her side to me showing of a wonderful profile of her luscious body. She slowly began to turn her back to me as she peered back over her shoulder, with her head tilted forward toward her chest. Her eyes created more seduction as she slowly moved them from my sight.

My mind was wild with anticipation, this beautiful woman was only a couple feet from me, slowly turning in my direction again as her hands move down along her sides and then back up again over her breasts as she was again in full view to me. She swayed slightly as her hands caress her breasts, gently pushing them together so that her cleavage was even deeper than her bra alone created. I was not a great judge of breast size, but I guessed that hers were around a 34B which fit her body well.

As beautiful as she was it was hard for me to take my eyes off that beautiful chest, which she must have noticed because she slowly moved to toward my spread legs. As she reached my knees, she leaned forward with those beautiful breasts still cupped in her hands giving me a full view of that cleavage up close. She rolled her shoulders forward and back seductively accentuating those breasts as her hands slid down off them towards her hips and slowly backed away from the couch.

I was mesmerized now by her movements and that sexy body in front of me. Her movements were fluid and sensual. She used her hands to show off all those flowing curves as she turned slightly to give me that side profile view again. As her hands came down to her waist she untied the wrap and threw it on the couch.

“Do you like what you see Marc?” she said with a sexy grin.

“I don’t just like it Ashlyn, I love it! You are drop dead gorgeous my Dear,” I replied slowly.

“I am glad you do because it will get better as the dance goes alexis texas porno along,” she assured me.

Now with the wrap off the smooth transition of her waist to her well defined bottom was at full view! It felt like my eyes were going to come out of their sockets. I didn’t think the view could get better than the view of her cleavage, but I was wrong by a long shot! She was wearing a thong and of course it revealed her entire derriere which was exquisite. That lovely ass tied her silky smooth legs to her sensual torso, and completed the process of my getting extremely hard.

I squirmed slightly to try and relieve the pressure in my pants and Ashlyn once again picked up on this and brought herself over to the couch. She slowly straddled my waist placing her waist directly on mine and slowly grinding against me. “Hmmm, it seems like you are a little uncomfortable there Marc and now I feel why!” she said seductively.

Her motion sent shivers through my body I was beginning to get flushed! I had in the past had several different women give me dances. They were of various sizes, shapes, ethnicities and personalities, but Ashlyn was creating such sensual tinglings through my body like I had never felt before.

“Yes, you have gotten me a bit uncomfortable and in a sense comfortable all at the same time Ashlyn!” I told her. “Just please don’t stop what you are doing because it feels so good,” I said with a slight moan.

As she pressed her herself into my hardon, she arched her back bringing her hands up along her waist over her tummy up to her breasts again her fingers finding her hardened nipples through the bra. Her long hair fell behind her back as she bent her head back and arched her back even more.

“I think it is time to get rid of this,” she said softly again looking at me with her head tilted toward her chest.

As her hands moved around her back to undo the clasp of the bra, I said, “It is past time for that you little seductress. I have wanted to see them since you walked up to me in the bar!” I watched as she slowly unclasped the bra bringing my hands up to catch it as she undid it. I gently squeezed those soft, natural breasts as she moaned in response.

“Taking a bit of control are we Marc?” she said with a sexy grin.

“Well I wouldn’t say control Sweetie, but I have so much wanted to feel these that I couldn’t take it anymore, I do hope you don’t mind?” I replied. Her response was to squeeze my hands so that the squeezed her breasts even more!

“No I am okay with your soft, firm hands on me,” she said with a devilish grin.

As her hands came off mine, mine came off her breasts along with that white laced bra that I set on the couch. She then took and rolled her hard nipples between her fingers and slowly began to grind on my cock some more. She leaned into me, her head thrown back her breasts coming straight toward my face.

I was aching now as her breasts were within inches of my face. She then rolled her shoulders forward bringing her face back into view and her breasts directly into my face. She brought her hands up and around my head pulling my face into her cleavage allowing me to inhale that intoxicating vanilla scent she was wearing.

Now all of my senses were engaged, she smelled so good, she felt good, she looked good, her voice sensual, the only thing missing was a taste! That was quickly rectified as she slid her body down removing her cleavage from my face and replacing it with her face, sliding a cheek along my cheek. Her mouth continued around to my neck as she kissed it softly, her warm lips raising my temperature even higher!

As she moved up to my ear and blew lightly into it, moaning as she did, I kissed her shoulder lightly at first (I wasn’t sure how she would react) than a bit harder and several times as she didn’t move away. We were both entirely engaged now.

Her body moving on me creating so much sexual tension, I hadn’t felt this way since the last time I was actually with a woman sexually. We had appeared to make a connection like no other dancer I had been with! Ashlyn was someone I knew I would want to have dance for me again and again.

This is the point in time that the “unusual” connection began. It was a connection I felt to Ashlyn that I hadn’t felt with any other dancer. There was a feeling or sense that she was something special, someone who could read me, and understand, not only me in a general sense, but she understood me sexually as well. She was creating a ground swell in my body of sexual energy that I hadn’t felt unless I was with someone I had a unique bond with. Usually in order for me to feel this way I needed to be involved with a woman for some time. She was able to create it in the matter of tens of minutes, how was that so!?

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