The Valentine’s Commandments

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I open the door and step inside.

My work bag drops to the ground, and my fingers start loosening my tie.

Like usual.

Then I notice the envelope on the ground right in front of me. One of those thick brown ones, like what I use at work.

With a strange, purple string wrapped around it.

Not usual at all.

I pick it up and pull slowly on the delicately tied knot. It releases, and I pull out a piece of paper.

I read the title printed in big bold letters at the top.


I recognize the writing – It’s hers.

Underneath the title lies one sentence. Followed by ten lines, numbered 1 – 10.

My eyes scan the sentence.

“Read these OUT LOUD, to make sure you understand and follow them PERFECTLY.”

I do as I’m told.

“1. Don’t take any clothing off, not even your tie. You will need it.”

My imagination starts churning.

“2. There are two shots of tequila on the counter, next to a small box. Take the shots now, then put the box, unopened, into your pants pocket.”

I look up at the counter. There they are. One filled shot glass, and a palm-sized box next to it.

I pick the box up and eye it momentarily. Plain, with no distinctive words or packaging on it. It drops into the pocket of my slacks, and I take the tequila to my mouth.

I feel its warmth all the way down my throat and return to the paper in my hand.

“3. Tie the purple string from this envelope around the neck of your tie. Don’t ask questions. Just do it.”

I hold the string up to the light. What is this strange color and material? Some kind of nylon? It slides easily through my tie loop as I pull it taut. The length of it hangs down to the middle of my chest.

“4. Come to the bedroom door. Read all following commandments now, BEFORE you enter.”

I make my way around the corner. The bedroom stands before me. There is a faint sound making its way through the wood. I can just make it out.

It’s her. She’s moaning in pleasure, deep and heavy. My cock starts to stiffen in my pants.

I want to see what’s going on in there. But I have commandments to finish reading first.

“5. Knock 5 times slowly. Close your eyes and enter. When the door is closed behind you, open your eyes.”

I do as bursa escort bayan I’ve been ordered and read the rest of the commandments. Hearing them out loud is turning me on even more. I wonder if she can hear me through her cries of pleasure.

“6. Absolutely NO TALKING. You will stay quiet, no matter what. And you will not turn on the light. You won’t be needing it.”

“7. Place your tie EXACTLY where it goes, when you come from work.”

Exactly where it goes? Does she mean…

“8. When I tell you, remove the item from the box in your pocket. You will know what to do with it.”

“9. You will finish hard inside of me. Your cum is mine to take, and I want all of it to keep tonight. Every drop.”

My cock reacts to the line before my brain even does. It jumps uncontrollably.

“10. Read commandments 6 -10 again, so you remember them. This paper will be useless once you enter the room.”

I’m equal parts confused, aroused, and eager to see what awaits on the other side of this door.

I take one more look at the paper. No talking, no light. Put my tie where it goes in the evening. The box in my pocket is on hand. And whatever happens on the other side of this door, my cum belongs to her…

My knuckles meet the wood. Five, slow, knocks.

The moaning stops. I close my eyes. Turn the knob, and step inside.

My fingers are my guide on the doorknob through the total blackness.

I hear and feel the door shut. Then open my eyes.

The blackness remains. It takes my eyes a moment to adjust to what they’re seeing.

The pitch blackness fills the room, save for what lies just a few yards in front of me…

A glow.

A bright, fluorescent purple color. I focus on it, and realize what it is.

Rope. Glowing rope, seemingly floating amidst the blackness.

I look down to my tie. The rope hanging from it is glowing as well. My eyes start to adjust, and I begin to make out what I’m seeing more clearly.

Two ankles with rope wrapped around them, a single taut line of rope connecting them. The ankles sway as they float freely and drift together from the rope’s tension. It gives just enough glow to make out the ass cheeks that float between those ankles.

The cheeks sit right at the edge of the bed. And above gorukle escort the cheeks, another bundle of rope. Wrapped around two wrists, bound together on her back.

The paper falls to the ground. Some force draws me closer to the bed. Maybe it’s my cock. It knows exactly what it’s looking at.

As I approach, I hear a buzzing sound. Followed by her moaning.

I move even closer. I have to know more.

She is face down on the bed, her perfect ass up and facing me. I can just make out the folds of her pussy lips in the glow. And the vibrating toy that’s pressed against them.

She grinds into it, moaning louder now than before.

I pull my throbbing piece from my pants, and set it down on the crevice between her cheeks. They cup my cock perfectly.

I can barely see her ass shake as she wiggles it against me. But I can feel it.

Then I remember – my tie. And it clicks.

I slide it off from around my neck. Loosen it. Then put it around hers.

Exactly where it belongs when I get home from work.

I pull it tight against her skin. The neck of the tie and its glowing string grips in my hand. She pulls away from me, tightening the tension between neck and hand.

My cock is swallowed by her pussy, already soaking and eager to be filled. A loud whimper from the top of the tie fills the room. The vibration from her toy feels amazing against my balls as they slap against her.

I can feel the inside of her convulse and tighten around every inch of me.

The pitch black. The glow of the rope. The knowledge that she is bound here before me.

It’s all got me so hard that I can literally feel every large and minuscule sensation at once. Both inside of her and outside of her. The way she tightens around my glans as it hits deep inside her. The way her ass cheeks slap against my thighs. The way the tie string bounces taut in the darkness as I hold it tight.

My entire body is buzzing.

Then, she yells something.

It’s barely audible through the tightness around her neck. But I understand the words.

The box in my pocket.

I transfer the tie end and its rope from my hand to hers. She grips it between her fingers, maintaining the tension, as I pull the box out and fumble its top off.

I bursa merkez escort bayan can’t see what sits in my fingers, but my sense of touch is heightened, and it’s obvious.

A silicone ring. Small, but just stretchy enough to make it around my cock and grip tight to its base.

I look down to her ass, still sliding back onto me. I reluctantly pull away, just long enough to wet the ring with her juices, stretch it over my glans, and place it snug at the bottom.

My manhood stiffens almost immediately. I’m so engorged I feel like I could burst.

As my head presses back in between her lips, the sensitivity is almost overwhelming.

The vibrator continues to work its magic. I can feel it even more now. I’ve never been pressed so tightly inside of her before.

The toy and the cock ring are a more powerful combination than I can handle. I can feel the last commandment being fulfilled in short order.

“You will finish hard inside of me. Your cum is mine to take, and I want all of it to keep tonight. Every drop.”

Her moans have turned to screams and my silence has turned to panting as we fuck each other madly. She rams her hips back into me like she’s trying to knock me backwards. I pull the tie towards me and give her the choke that makes her cum harder than anything else.

Then I feel it. That point of no return. Commandment #9. It’s time.

She squeezes me even harder as my yells escape me involuntarily.

It’s like my whole body is a conduit, pouring out energy in an explosion so intense that whatever vision I have in this dark room goes blurry.

Every part of my being simplifies to one, inescapable purpose.

I release everything, powerful contractions pulsing through my entire frame and into hers. The toy’s vibrations pale in comparison.

The pumping from inside of me pushes against the taut cock ring around me, making me cum even harder.

My hands grip her hips and squeeze her asscheeks, as I unload and ecstasy overcomes every fiber of my existence.

Her moans bounce off the walls as we both feel my cum filling her up. I’ve never finished this powerfully in my life.

It’s the senses heightened from the darkness. It’s my fingertips running along the aura glow of rope. It’s the strangeness of all this.

It’s the way she commanded I give her every drop and claimed it as hers.

And it is indeed hers now. But knowing her, the commandments were just the beginning.

Soon, she will want more. And I give it all to her gladly. Whatever she demands of me.

Let the Valentine’s Day festivities begin.

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