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Chapter 2

I woke up at just a few minutes after five, which is my normal waking time, and considering the time zone difference to where I”m from, is really rather shocking. However, between that, and the fact that I”d stayed out rather late the night before, at least by my reasoning, I”m still insanely tired, so, I said fuck it, and went back to sleep. When I woke up again, it is at least light out, because some is creeping in through the drapes, and when I looked at the clock, I see that it”s just a few minutes past seven, so, that”s good, at least I slept a little longer, and I do feel better for it. I mean, I am on vacation, you”re supposed to stay out late and sleep in, aren”t you.

I decided to grab a nice long hot shower, so, stripped off my damn near over saturated diaper, but I didn”t leak, so that”s perfect if you ask me, then went and had possibly the longest and hottest shower that I”ve ever had before, and I think I needed it, because I feel even better when I finally get out. I head back to my room and get myself diapered up nice and thick how I truly do deserve, and then got dressed.

Geoff had talked me into wearing diapers without shame the entire time we”re here, and it took me a long time to agree to it, but the entire day before, it was almost as if I finally got the one thing that I”ve truly needed my entire life. Yes, I”ve known I needed diapers my whole life really, I”ve wanted them most of that time, I”ve been a full blown diaper lover for well over half my life, but I”ve never allowed myself to wear them around others. But, yesterday did something to me, something I”m no longer sure I can deny, something I”m no longer sure I want to go without. It”s like opening Pandora”s Box, once opened, there”s no putting back what comes out. And I”m finally out. As I made this realization, the sigh that escaped me was shocking.

Once dressed and ready for the day, and after repacking my diaper bag, ensuring I have extra for just in case I not only need more, but in case I find another deserving gay baby boy to give some to, I crack open my door, and call out to Shelby, to see if he”s decent. He said he just finished getting dressed, so, I exited.

“Good morning.” We both said at the same time.

“Did you have a good sleep?” We both asked again at the same time.

We laughed.

“You first.” I said.

“I slept great, this bed”s amazingly comfortable compared to mine at home. I woke up just a few minutes to five, said to hell with that noise, and crashed “til just a few minutes after seven. Damn near leaked though, but I didn”t, and that”s truly all that counts. I had a nice long hot shower, then got dressed. You?”

“Actually, almost exactly the same, I woke a few minutes after five, said fuck it, and slept “til just a few minutes after seven myself. Then I had a nice long shower and got dressed and packed my diaper bag. By the way, pack extra diapers, not only in case you need more than you think you do, but just in case we happen to find any other deserving gay baby boys in our travels that need and want diapers, we should share the wealth whenever possible.”

“Great idea.” Shelby said, and then went and put another eight to ten diapers in, he didn”t count, just grabbed and stuffed.

I then went to Geoff”s door and knocked, he said enter, and when I did, I find him just putting his shirt on, and he looks as if he just finished a good long hot shower as well. I asked him the same questions, and he claimed that he”d done near on exactly what Shelby and I”d done, I told him so, and he too laughed. I also told him to pack extra diapers, and why, he grinned and did so right away as well.

Once we”re all ready to go, we head to the diner to get breakfast. It”s getting late enough that we could probably go to the medical supply store first, but we all need food, so, that”s where we go first. We had a really good breakfast, each of us taking a pot of tea for ourselves, as well a glass of lemon water. I was not the only one to ask to have the water topped up in both my water glass, but also my tea pot, and all three of us are going to need soggy baby bum changes before lunch I”m thinking, but like any of us care about that, in fact, we all think that”s a great thing.

When we arrived to the medical store, we grabbed two of their largest packs of diapers, one regular thick, one ultra thick, and then we grabbed three packs of doublers, when asked why, I said one pack will be split amongst us three, that we deserve some as well, and the other two grinned. I did grab a case of wipes, and the largest bottle of lotion, and largest jar of cream, so that we can give a starving artist what he truly deserves.

We stuffed our doublers into our packs, and then we each had a large bag to carry as well, and then Geoff led the way. When we arrived, we went up and knocked on his door, and the young man opened it up only a moment later.

“Good morning guys, how are you today?”

“Great, thanks, and you?” We all asked more or less exactly the same thing, at the same time.

“Great as well. Thanks. So, come on in, I”ll show you my studio where everything I still have is on display.”

“Thanks, but, before we do, we have a gift for you.” I said, and then all three of us passed over the bags in our hands.

“What”s this?” He said.

“Good quality thick thirsty tape on baby diapers, doublers, lotion, cream, and wipes.” Shelby said.

“Wow, thanks, you guys are the best.”

“You”re welcome.” We all said.

“And once you get used to wearing good quality baby diapers, I guarantee you, you”ll never go back.” I said.

“Again, thanks so much. I”ll put all this away later, so, for now, follow me.”

We were led to a pretty nice sized room with very good light. It is not a huge apartment, but it is easy to tell why he chose this one in particular. I would”ve chosen it for the same reasons. There are three pieces on easels that are in progress, and then all around the room are more than twenty others that are complete. They range in size from just a large portrait size, to a gigantic one that has to be every bit of a metre and a half wide by every bit of three quarters of a metre tall.

“Oh my.” I said, but the other two also stopped and stared in awe.

“How.” Geoff said.

“Stunning.” Shelby sighed.

“Um, thanks.” The young man said.

“You”re welcome.” We all say together.

“They”re just so beautiful. Why on Earth don”t you have these in an art gallery?” I asked.

“They”re not good enough.”

“You”re being overly critical of your work, I can appreciate that, but they”re good enough, of that I can promise you. How much are you asking for that huge mountain landscape?” I asked, pointing to the largest one, it”ll look absolutely perfect over the fireplace in my new house.

“I was hoping to get two thousand for it.”

“Um, I wouldn”t even pay that for a deposit.” I said, and he looked crushed.

“I”ll take a thousand though.”

“That”s not what I said, nor what I meant. I”d pay double that amount just as the deposit to hold that one, no, ten thousand, that”s my opening bid.”

“Yeah, right!” He scoffed.

“What, too low?” I grinned.

“Um, no, you”re serious, aren”t you?”

“Absolutely. Trust me, I”m a supreme tight ass when it comes to spending money, feed me a lump of coal, and in a week I”ll shit out a diamond for you. I despise spending any more money than I strictly have to, funny considering how much I can spend in my business, but, I do know quality, and I”ll happily pay top dollar for it when I”m presented with it, which, sadly, is rare. I only have two other art pieces that I appreciated not only the work itself, but also the care and attention to detail, the perfection, and I paid five thousand for each of them, but they”re about half the size. So, will ten thousand be okay?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Good. Now, I also see another one I like. Tell me about this one please?” I said, pointing to one, I cannot even describe it really, a faceless person, seeming to just melt away in misery.

“I was super sad when I painted it, someone had found out I wore diapers that day, that”s when I first started art school a few years ago, and she belittled me so much in front of her friends, it was one of the many days I again thought of ending it all. So, I went home, and I painted that. No one else has ever even looked at it before, granted, only a few have been inside my studio.”

“It spoke to me, it felt heart wrenching, it”s so sad and melancholy, you poured your entire heart and soul into this one. I”d love to buy it, but, I can”t, I think you need to keep this one as a reminder to yourself, that no matter how low you get, that it can always get better.”

“Honestly, that was one piece I didn”t really wanna sell anyway, for that very reason.”


Geoff pointed to one next, “Tell me about this one please?” It”s a carnival scene where all the people are painted fantastic colours.

“That came from a dream, it seemed so happy and vibrant, it took me only an hour to draw it out, and a month of on and off work to paint it. It reminds me of what they said acid trips were like.” He laughed.

“It”s super happy, and I love the colours in it. Would you take four thousand for it, that”s about the most I can spend, and at least three times more than I thought I would, but I just love it so much.”

“That”s too much.”

“Nonsense, like Lex, I pay for top notch quality, and I wouldn”t feel right offering you any less for something like this. Honestly, I”d go higher if I could.”

As Geoff and the young man are speaking, Shelby pulled me aside, and pointed to one. He whispered to me, “I really like this one, but I”m hoping you”d loan me the money to buy it, I”ll do all the house cleaning and yard work to pay off whatever I haveta pay to get it.”

“How much do you feel is fair for this one.”

“It feels so, almost intimate, like he painted my feelings, I don”t even know what it is, but then, abstract doesn”t always haveta make sense, but it just makes me feel peaceful. I”d offer at least five thousand for it.”

As soon as Geoff was finished, we called them over, and I urged Shelby to make the offer. And so, he did. As he was doing so, I spotted another piece I”d originally glazed over, but now that I”m taking a second look at at, it too speaks to me. As soon as Shelby was done, I pointed at the one I wanted, and asked him if he”d take two thousand for it, it”s a charcoal drawing, a little boy wearing nothing but a droopy diaper, looking up longingly at a balloon that”s gently floating away. The tears are just about to start, you can feel the anguish in the little guy. It made my heart break just a little, how he can impart so much feeling into a simple drawing, I have no idea.

“No, you can have it, you”re already spending too much.”

“Absolutely not, I”d never ask someone to give me something that clearly so much heart and soul went into. As I looked at it, I almost started crying for the little boy, his pain became my pain, I have no idea how you could do that with a simple charcoal drawing like that, but the amount of feelings it evokes is awe inspiring. Now, I”m also gonna be taking pictures of the rest of your works, I just so happen to know the curator of the Vancouver Art Gallery, not only did I design their new wing, but I designed his house, and he”s always on the lookout for exceptional quality, which I think you just ooze.”

“But, I”m just a useless piece of shit, gay baby boy. Only my uncles ever had anything nice to say to me at all, and they both always encouraged my art work.”

“That”s what we all are here though, and I”m finally starting to see just how special that makes us, we”re not the same as everyone else, Geoff”s been helping me for years to see that, and meeting Shelby and now you, has started to truly bring that home.”

“So, they”re not your dad and nephew then!”

“No.” I said, and then gave him the abridged version of our tale.

“Wow. That”s great guys.”

“Thanks.” We all said.

“Now, not only do we need your email address so that we can E-Transfer you the money we owe you, but I”m so keeping it so that we can keep in touch. Now, as you just found out, I”m Lex, and these are Geoff and Shelby, but as of yet, we still haven”t gotten your name, so, what”s your name Baby?” I asked.

“Believer it or not, but it”s Art.” He grinned. “Actually Arthur of course, but I”ve just always been called Art.”

“Now, that”s what you call irony at it”s finest.” Geoff giggled.

“No shit.” Shelby and I laughed as well.

“Yeah, my uncles used to laugh about that as well.”

He gave us his email address, and I pulled up my banking information as Geoff was doing so as well. Not gonna lie, transferring seventeen thousand dollars felt wrong, yet I”ve never spent that much on myself so willingly in all my life. Yes, I”m spending way more than that on my house, but, trust me, that”s been a near on battle of wills the entire time, and the sheer volume of times the cheap tight ass in me wanted to take control and do it the cheap way is astounding, but, thankfully better sense prevailed, and I spent the money that was needed to make it truly spectacular.

“There, that should keep you in excellent quality diapers for a while.” I said when I was done. “Please check your email to make sure you”ve received it.”

“Same.” Geoff said only a few seconds after me.

So, Art grabbed his phone, and checked, and gasped. Clearly he accepted it, and nodded. I”m guessing that he”s never seen twenty one thousand dollars suddenly appear in his account before.

“So, now, for transportation, I trust you have shipping tubes?” I asked, because as with almost all art, you buy only the piece itself, and they don”t come with a frame. As of this moment, almost all the pieces are just on their simple support frames, most of them are still just clamped in place.

“Yes. I bought a bunch not all that long ago, in hopes of actually selling a piece or two.”

“Good. Since you know what you”re doing, I think we”ll let you take the honours of preparing them for transportation. If you think it”s safe to do so, feel free to put both of mine and Shelby”s one in the same tube.”

“Okay, I don”t see any reason why that wouldn”t work.”

He started with my large scenery first, laid it on the table, he”d laid a large sheet of paper down first, and then carefully folded it so that it encompassed the painting, then put another sheet over top of that, and folded it under the same way, then he took Shelby”s next, since it”s the next largest, and he did the same thing to it, and then the same thing again my my other piece. He then very carefully rolled it all up, taped it up, and then slipped it into a tube that he cut down to the correct size, then put the caps on the ends, and taped them in place as well. He then repeated the same process with Geoff”s painting, but of course just being one, took him far less time.

“Thanks so much you guys, I think you paid way too much, but thanks.” He said as he passed over our paintings.

“You”re very welcome, but, if anything, we paid too little for them. Once they”re in the gallery, and people start seeing them, and when they go up for auction, because my friend does that for artists as well, I think you”ll find that they”re gonna sell extremely well.”

“I doubt it.”

“I know how you feel, trust me. I still see many of my creations as sub par, yet there”s at least one building here that”s mine, and I have buildings all over the world now, they come just for me, because I”m an architectural artist as well, so, I see true quality artwork when I look at your work. Now, we should get these back to the hotel, and then let you enjoy the rest of your day. By the way, as a final suggestion, spend at least one thousand of what you just got today on at least one diaper lover website, spend insane amounts on the the thickest, thirstiest, most babyish diapers you can find. I have a couple of them at home now, and they”re truly amazing. If you haven”t already got the toys a good gay baby boy needs, I suggest you earmark at least a few dollars to that as well.”

“Oh yeah.” He groaned.

“Good. Thanks so much once again, have a good day.” I said, and Geoff and Shelby reiterated that as well, and then we”re gone.

“Fuck, I spent a lot of money. I wasn”t gonna spend anywhere near that much, but I still kinda feel guilty for only paying as much as I did.” Geoff groaned.

“Yeah, same.” I laughed.

“I never thought I”d spend anything like that much money, but I hadta. You promise that you”re gonna gimme an hourly wage for the work I do, and take what I owe you from that, right?” Shelby said.

“Yes, you made me promise, and I will. I”ll give you a whole quarter an hour.”

“Gee, your generosity knows no bounds, does it.” Shelby giggled.

“Nope. I think minimum wage at home is just over fifteen an hour now, so, I”d say twenty is what I”d pay for all that. You”d only do maybe two to three hours a day, so, let”s say three hours, times seven, times four, times your twenty an hour, that comes to sixteen hundred and eighty dollars a month, of course I won”t deduct taxes, so that means you”d pay me back in damn near exactly three months. Once that”s paid back, if you wanted to continue doing that work, I”d still pay you to do so, and honestly, I”ve thought a million times about paying someone to do all that for me anyway, I”m always so busy with everything else I wanna do, that house and yard work are the last things I actually wanna do.”

“Wow, really, that”s a lot of money!”

“No, not really. I”m salary plus bonuses in my job, I average roughly three hundred thousand a year, so that puts me at roughly one forty five an hour if I worked a regular forty hour work week, which I don”t, I often work way less than that, but then there are weeks, and even months where I work considerably more than that too. Depends on what all I have on the go at the time. I”m trying to slow down, though, and only do one to two projects at a time, rather than the five to ten I was doing for the longest time. So, that tells you how important a good schooling is, make twenty an hour and do menial work, which there”s absolutely nothing wrong with that, if that”s all you want to do, or go to school, become very good at something, and make shit loads of money. With that being said, though, for all that extra money, your boss is gonna expect that you”d give him that much value as well. You get what you give in life. This year, and going forth, I”m probably gonna be about half that amount, maybe even less, but I am semi retiring, and with all my other incomes starting to roll in, I doubt I”ll haveta worry all that much.”

“Yikes. You really make that much money?”

“Yeah, That”s pretty much the going rate for many high level professions nowadays, but you haveta be incredibly smart and driven, both of which I feel you are anyway, and when it comes time for you to go to school to become whatever it is you wanna do, we”ll make sure that you get the best possible schooling, to become the best you can possibly be.”

“Thanks. No one”s ever done anything nice for me, and I still don”t feel I deserve it.” Shelby said softly.

“Know how you feel.” Both Geoff and I say together.

“So, Geoff, do you plan to invite Art to your room at some point during our week here, and rock his world?” I grinned to him.

“You have no idea how much I wish I could, but I shouldn”t. It wouldn”t be fair to him, and having a one night stand really doesn”t appeal to me either. As sad as it sounds, all he can be is a fantasy to me I”m afraid.”

“Yeah, I thought that might be your stance.” I said to him, but wondering how he”d feel about me inviting Art to come live with us once my new house is finished. escort kocaeli I”ll happily build Art his very own artists studio, maybe off the back of the pool house, and since they haven”t finished it yet, I might just haveta quickly design something and send it to my builder. It”s not like I need to worry about getting permits changed, I”m so far out of town, that we didn”t even have to pull permits anyway.

As soon as we make it back to the hotel, we go and put our paintings into our rooms, and then had back out. As we were walking out of the hotel, and to the bus stop, we talked it over and decided on where to go first. We decided on the zoo, so, found out what bus to take, and hopped on when it arrived, and went there.

We had a really good day at the zoo, had lunch and soggy baby bum changes when that time came, and left at shortly after four. From there we headed to the art gallery, since we won”t have as much time now. By the time we got there, though, it was time for dinner and another soggy baby bum change, since we”d had lots to drink, and we”re all getting good and soggy again anyway. We ate first, and then changed, and then headed to the art gallery for the evening. At least we were to bed earlier than the night before, but not by a lot. In fact, Art was just walking in to start his shift when we came in, and when I asked if he”d done what I suggested, he smiled brightly, said hell yea, claimed to have spent damn near two thousand dollars on all sorts of amazing things, and that as sick as that should make him, he simply cannot wait until it all arrives.

The next day we hit the aquarium and then the park, and because we”d all been daring, and went with two doublers in our diapers all day, we only had to change once before making it back to our hotel. The next day we went to the falls, and did the boat tour, then checked out everything around that area, since there are a lot of shops and places around to check out, including a couple small museums. Again we were triple diapered the whole day, and going forth on our vacation, we all were, at all times, and while I”m sure a few people noticed, so far, no one has said anything, and I”m starting to care even less. We”ve all bought more and more souvenirs and nice things, and Shelby made me promise to charge him for it all as well, he”s even keeping all those receipts so that he can keep track of it, and I will, I get that, I understand where he”s coming from, he may be a baby for life, but he wants to be his own man. He no longer has a family to provide for him, so he has to do so on his own, I respect that, and will do so for him. The next day we spent at the science centre until almost four again, and then headed to a couple of the other small tourist attractions in that area. The next day was the museum, and we spent the entire day, from open to close there, and they”re open twelve hours, but it”s so huge and so very worth it.

It was finally the day at the museum that we met another gay baby boy, and he was only a little older than Shelby. He”d clearly seen that Shelby is diapered, and I saw him look, saw the recognition in his eyes, saw the pure hunger there as well, and when he finally worked up the courage to ask Shelby about it, Shelby happily and proudly admitted that yes, he is a happy gay baby boy, that he both needs and loves his baby diapers. When Shelby asked him if he gets to wear diapers, he sadly claimed no, that he”s pretty sure his dad would freak out with a capital F if he ever finds out his son”s a gay baby freak. Shelby handed him a bag filled with diapers, and a card with his email address on it, and told him to email him, because we live in Vancouver, so, sadly not close by. The boy laughed and said he”s on vacation with his dad, though he”s pretty sure it”s not a vacation so much as a business trip that his dad gets to claim to someone else, otherwise he”d never get to go anywhere, and claims that he actually lives in Kelowna, so only a few hours away from us, which is a little ironic as well. When I asked him where his dad is, then, he said he”s in the business meeting, with the museum, hence his getting in to see it for free. I also wrote down his email address, and told him that I”ll email him as well.

And, with the museum now done, we”re also done with all the sightseeing that we can do, because tomorrow is Sunday, the day we all have to head back home. Geoff”s flight leaves at nine am, but me and Shelby depart at four pm, so, Geoff said he”d leave us in the morning, and will have to be gone by five in order to make it in time.

We had a good time, but it”s going to be hard to say goodbye. I”d already told Geoff that we”ll make sure all his things are shipped to him, we”re going to do that tomorrow before we leave. Shelby and I want to hit a few more places before we have to check out at eleven, and head to the airport ourselves.

All three of us got up at five, because I wanted to say goodbye to Geoff, and with tears in our eyes, we said our final goodbyes, Shelby and I both hugged him, and then, he was gone.

“Well Handsome, it”s just you and I now. We should go see about getting shipping boxes from the front desk, and at least get started on packing some of this stuff up before breakfast.”


We headed down to the front desk, and Art is still on, so, we chatted for a few minutes before getting what we need, and then headed back up to our room. Of course, we both hugged Art before doing so, because we won”t see him again now until he decides to move in with us. I”m reasonably certain that when I make the offer, that he won”t be able to refuse.

We packed up all of Geoff”s things first, attaching all the shipping labels with his address on them, since Art had printed them for us, and got his things prepared. Then we started on our things, but we”re not sealing the boxes yet, just in case we need to adjust anything after adding our last few purchases in a while. By the time we were done that, it”s finally time for breakfast, and so, we head to the diner down the street that was our favourite, and had a really good breakfast. Then we hit a few more shops, and a market, before heading back to our hotel to pack the last few things that we”d wanted to get. Once all that”s packed and ready for the courier, we”d put the last of our diapers in as packing material, and so that we get to enjoy them later, next we packed our carry on luggage, checking to ensure that we have everything, and are forgetting nothing.

“Well Baby Boy, I guess it”s time to head home. You excited?”

“Not sure yet. I”m super nervous about the flight, but super excited to get to live somewhere where I”m not a disease ridden rodent.”

“Ditto.” I smiled warmly to the stunningly beautiful young man who”s now going to be living with me.

“So, has your lawyer emailed you back yet?”

“Not a clue, I turned off all notifications when I landed, and haven”t even looked at my phone once since we paid Art for our paintings, that was a promise I made to myself, absolutely no work, and since I do so much work via my phone, I knew I couldn”t have it distracting me all the time, or I wouldn”t enjoy myself. I damn near left it behind, but thought better of that. Turns out that was a good decision. Once we”re in the air, I”ll pay the atrocious rates to use their Wi-Fi, and get at least some work done so to catch up. I”ll find out then, and let you know.”

“Oh, that”s good then.” He laughed.

We got to the front desk with everything, and I put our packages where I was told to put them for the courier to pick up, and then I went and signed off on the last of the paperwork for the hotel, checked the final total on everything, and happily signed it. This vacation, my first ever, cost me more than I could even fathom, and it”s been the single most worth it thing that I”ve ever done in my life. I got to finally meet a friend who”s helped me more than I can say, I met a stunning boy who I know desperately wants to be boyfriends as much as I do, and I met two other gay baby boys that I”m absolutely certain will jump at the chance to come live with us once our house is finished. In fact, by the time all is said and done, I think this vacation will cost me damn near what my first house cost me, and worth every penny of it too.

I did keep in contact with the boy that we”d met, but as it turns out, he ended up finding a boyfriend only a year older than him, shortly after getting home from the trip we met on in fact, and when his dad found out, he freaked out, and so said baby boy moved out, and now lives with his baby boyfriend and his two baby daddies, so, that”s great for him. I”m happy for him.

Once done at the hotel, we hopped on the bus heading to the airport, talking happily as we went, and when we arrived, we headed to our gate, went through security, and then have just over forty minutes to wait. I decided that since we have time, and the internet is still free, I may as well at least start checking things. The very first thing I do, when I open up, is check to see how many messages I have. Seventy three text messages, and fourteen emails. Not bad, apparently most people took it to heart that I was going away and wasn”t going to be in contact, because that”s what I get in an average day most of the time I swear. The first thing I do is check emails, and looked for one from my lawyer, and his was the last email sent, just the day before.

“Good news Baby, the lawyer has everything done and taken care of already.” I said quietly to Shelby.

“What, already, how?”

“He says he went and paid your parents a visit, he arrived with a police officer friend of his, who then told them that they”re being charged with child abuse and abandonment, that both charges come with five year jail terms for each offence. The lawyer told them, though, that you”re in good care now, that you wish to terminate all care with them, and wish to live with me. He told them that they”ll get to escape jail if two conditions are met, that they sign you over to me uncontested, and give you at least half their assets, as is your right. He goes on to say that the only thing they squawked at at all was the money, but, it”s like he told them, you”re getting half their assets no matter what, it”s simply up to them as to whether they go to court or not, at which time you demand all assets, and jail time, which they cannot escape. So, he says he”s set up an account for you, where a little better than two hundred thousand dollars has already been deposited, and he has all your things from your bedroom, including the money you managed to save, but he clearly told your parents nothing of that. He”s also put that into your account. We”re to go see him at our earliest convenience to sign all the papers.”

“Holy shit, really?”

“Sounds like it. I knew he was good, but I never imagined that.”

“Well, sounds like I can pay you back far sooner than we thought, but I”d still liketa do all the work for you please, that way I”m earning my keep as well. What do you charge your tenants for room and board?”

“I charge them five hundred a month, but I know where you”re going with that, and I”m not gonna charge you.”

“Yes, you are. I may be a baby, but I”m my own man now too, so, I”m paying my way, period.” He said, crossing his arms in defiance and everything.

I could only laugh.

“Fine, be like that.” I smiled to him, he truly is a spectacular young man.


“You”re welcome. Now, I have a little bit to do before we board, and if I”m fast, I might be able to get almost all of it done before I haveta pay the plane fees, so, let me get to work, and then we can talk more on the plane.”

“Okay, have fun.”

I started going through everything, and since I”m already in my email program, I take care of those first, and four of them were junk, so, that sped things up. The rest were just questions about projects I”m working on and answers that I need to know to other things I”m working on, so, I answered them all, and that only took ten minutes. Finally I go through all my texts, and while there”s lots there, there were only twelve actual threads, I just had to read through each one, and answer their questions. This only took twenty minutes. Wow, maybe I should let them pile up more often, it took way less time to do it that way.

Barely five minutes after I finished, our flight was called, and we were told to board. Thankfully Shelby and I did get seats side by side, and I offered Shelby the window seat, but he refused, saying that he”d had one on the way here, but couldn”t even look out, but, I couldn”t either. I took the window seat to save him the discomfort. The flight was good, if not a little bumpy while going over the Rockies, but that”s okay, we landed in Vancouver on time, which is rare at best. We went through security again, and went and found my car.

As we drove, we talked more and more, just like we had the entire flight, and I think I”ve now talked more with Shelby than I ever have anyone else combined, other than for work, of course, where I often have to talk far more than I”d normally care to. When we pulled up to my house, well, ours now, it was still standing, so, I guess that”s a good sign. We went in after grabbing our bags, and no one was home. Figures it smells, no one ever fucking cleans up, and that pisses me off. There are dirty dishes in the sink, and even though the dishwasher is full, it”s dirty too, they”re just too fucking lazy. So, Shelby and I take care of cleaning everything after I show him to what will be his bedroom, and then I head to mine, where I know that we both now need seriously soggy baby bum changes, and once again, I triple diapered, and it feels good to do so, even though I never would”ve before, I now am happily.

Once the house was cleaned, I told Shelby that we now need to go shopping, and we”re also going out for dinner, since it”s well past that time, and we need it. We went to my favourite restaurant, and Shelby really enjoyed it as well, and we had more than either of us should have. In fact, my one meal was enough for both of us, yet we both happily ate all that we were given.

Finally we head to the grocery store I like, and we stocked up on all the things that we want and need. I”ll order our diapers tonight when we get in and settled.

As soon as we got home, we brought in and put away the groceries, then I grab my notebook computer, and at the dining room table, I log into the diaper site I like best, and Shelby and I proceed to spend a few hundred dollars, each, but Shelby said that he”s paying me back for what I”m buying him. I then emailed Geoff and told him that we”re home safe and sound, and he emailed back just a few minutes later saying that he is as well, so that”s really good. He thanked me profusely once again for the amazing trip, saying that he hopes that we can do so again next year. I said same, but knowing that the plans will hopefully change that.

Next I emailed my boss and told him I”m back, and that I”ll try and make it to the office some time this week, but probably tomorrow, to see him and go over anything he needs of me. Next I emailed Art and told him we”re home as well. Next I found the email address for the curator of the art gallery, and sent him an email with just one picture of Art”s work, asking him what he thinks of it. I then opened up the CAD program and pulled up the plans for my house, worked for just a few minutes to add an extension off the back of the pool house, I added the notes saying to add heating and cooling, and lots of really good lights, half of which need to be directional. And finally, I emailed those changes to my builder, and asked him if he would be able to add this minor addition still, and if so, to let me know what it”ll cost to do so.

“Well, now that that”s all done, let”s go kick back, relax, and watch a movie. I”m getting super tired, but I wanna try holding off on going to bed “til my normal time, to try and get back into my normal routine.” I said.

“Sounds good to me, and same.” Shelby said.

We debated on the movie for only a couple minutes, and once decided, I put it in, turned on the system, and we watched. This too is one room my room mates are simply not allowed in, I can”t trust them to use and care for all this equipment properly, because maybe six months after moving in, and having two separate things wrecked by people who just don”t give a fuck, I put a lock on this door as well, because I have some nice equipment, and a lot of movies. This is also where my games systems are, and of course where I play them. At about three quarters of the way through the movie, I heard Shelby snoring, so, I looked over, and sure enough, he”s sound asleep. He”s so beautiful, but sleeping, he”s angelic.

I finished watching the movie, trying to force myself to stay awake, and as soon as it”s done, I have to wake Shelby, because unfortunately, he”s just a little too big for me to be carrying him to bed, not to mention, stairs and narrow halls. However, waking him up proved to be nearly impossible, and so, I just pulled him into a more comfortable sleeping position, wrapped a nice cozy blanket over him, and left him to a good sleep. I then headed to my room, stripped down to my nice soggy diaper, hoping that it”ll last through the night, and dropped into bed, and passed out what felt like instantly.

Well, I leaked, oh well, my diaper is gloriously full, warm, and squishy, all the things a good diaper should be. Honestly, it”s probably as good a time as any to wash my bedding anyway, so, after stripping and going and having a shower, then getting myself nice and thickly diapered again, this time doubled, and knowing that I”m absolutely going out in public, this time around many others that I know, and I feel good about it. Next I stripped the bed and took it all to the laundry room. As soon as I have that going, I head to my media room to see if Shelby”s awake yet, and to see if he leaked as well. The answers were no and yes. Oh well, the wet spot isn”t that big, besides who cares, this couch only has to last me another month or so, and really, I”ve wet it more than a few times myself already anyway, so, no biggie at all. As soon as I shook Shelby”s shoulder, his eyes popped open.

“Good morning there Sunshine, I hope you had a good sleep?” I smiled brightly to him, because as soon as he focused on me, he smiled extra bright.

“I had a great sleep, actually. Why am I on the couch?”

“You passed out, probably half way through the movie, and when I tried to wake you up, you made a sound like an angry bear, and I just didn”t have the heart to try and wake you up, so, I left you. Now, you needta get up, we both leaked, though you leaked less than half as much as I did. I”ve already showered and double diapered, and you needta go do the same, I”ll get the couch cleaned up at least a little.”

“Shit, sorry about that.” He said, looking down.

“Nothing to be sorry about, it happens, even to me, like I said, I did so last night too.”

“Yeah, but you probably have a mattress protector on your bed, so can”t ruin the bed, I peed on the couch, and there”s no protector on it.”

“I do, but, honestly, I”m usually diapered while watching movies, so, this couch has been leaked on more than a few times before, and really, don”t care, it only hasta last another month or so anyway. We”re not taking any of this furniture at all, in fact, that”s supposed to be one of my chores this week, to go and find all the furniture I want, so that it”ll be ready in time.”

“Oh, okay, you promise you”re not mad, right?”

“Of course I do Baby, I”d never get mad about that sorta thing especially, because no matter how much you do it, I guarantee you, I”ve likely done it a dozen times more. Now, go get a nice hot shower and get cleaned and ready for a day out.”

“Thanks, you”re the best.”

“Thanks, but I think you”re fucking awesome.” I grinned brightly to him, and he smiled beautifully.


As soon as Shelby was on his way, I went and grabbed a towel and used it to dry off the wet spot as best I could, and when it was as good as it needs to be, I headed to the kitchen to get breakfast for the two of us going. I”ve also made us each a full pot of izmit yabancı escort tea, I”d found during our vacation that Shelby loves tea almost as much as I do, though he”d never had it before, so I”m making some for him too. Just as I”m finishing up our breakfast, in walks Shelby in all his stunning beauty, his hair still damp, but styled nicely, and dressed, which of course I cannot help but to envision him in just his sexy baby diapers.

“So, who cuts your hair for you anyway?”

“I do it myself. My mother used to do it, but she”d just hack it off when it got too long, and when I was eight, I told her no, let me, and so, I took the scissors, and did it myself, and even though I wasn”t as good at it then, it was still at least three times better than what she would”ve done.”

“Nice, you do a really good job at it then. Well, I have tea and breakfast ready, so, come eat.”

“Oh, good, I”m starving.” He said, and we sat down and started. As we ate, we talked as we have been doing as of late. “So, you said you”re double diapered. The way you made it sound, you never leave the house in diapers.”

“That”s right, before this vacation, and finding all that I did, I never woulda done so. It seems to have broken down a few barriers, and I just can”t go without any more. I no longer care. Geoff had gotten me to go out a few times, and I”d done so more and more in the past year, so I was getting there. I also have gone around the house while diapered, even with my room mates home, covered of course, and it”s been getting easier and easier. Now, however, I do plan to go to the office, while diapered, and talk to my boss, and while I”m kinda nervous, I really no longer care.”

“That”s great. Glad I could help.” He smiles brightly once again.

“Yes, between you, and all the work Geoff has done on me these past few years, as well as going out and about all of last week while heavily diapered, and no one harassing me for it, has certainly helped more than I can say.”

“That”s good. So, what all do we haveta do today then?”

“I haveta go into the office, but you can come with me, and I”ll introduce my new son to my boss, but, let”s just keep it as you”re my nephew that I”ve adopted, easier that way than explaining how we truly met. Then we haveta go to the lawyers office and get all your stuff taken care of. Since we”re out, we may as well also see about the furniture for our new house, since I hate going out too much, we may as well just get everything done at once. We”ll get lunch out as well at some point, and then, depending on what all you actually have for clothes, we”re probably gonna haveta go and buy you some. We also needta stop at the medical store at some point and get us each more of our regular diapers, since we”ve ordered lots of both our very good ones.”

“Okay, sounds riveting.” He giggled.

“I”m sure it”ll be a barrel of laughs all day.” I said dryly.

As soon as we finished breakfast and got it cleaned up, we headed out. I took us to my office first to meet my boss and see how everything went while I was away.

“Good morning Ted, how are you today?”

“Great Lex, and you?” He asked, eyeing Shelby.

“Great as well, thanks. So, as you can see, I have someone here with me. One of the reasons for the vacation, other than I did needta get away, was to go and rescue my nephew here from my utterly useless brother, and so, now, I have a son, who knew. So, Ted, meet Shelby, Shelby, this is my boss Ted.”

“It”s really good to meet you Shelby, congratulations.”

“It”s really good to meet you as well Sir.”

“Not Sir, please, just Ted, I get too much of the Sir bullshit every day, and it irritates me.”

“I”ll try and remember Ted, but my dad was kinda really strict about that sorta thing, a useless kid always calls a man Sir.”

“Oh. I”ll endeavour to remember that and gently remind you then. I”m not like that, but then, I was raised about the same as you by the sounds of it.”

“It”s okay, thanks.”

“So, Ted, anything to report while I was away?”

“No, everyone who needed help was happy to wait while you had a much needed, and first ever vacation. I tried to tell everyone to not even email or text you, and just sent messages to your business inbox, letting you know who needs to be called and for what. We took care of any of the easy things, but, a couple of your clients will simply work with no one else, and as such, said that they”d happily and rather wait for you.”

“I wish they”d stop doing that.” I said.

“Yes, well, you give people exactly what they want and/or dream of, you make their every vision come alive like no one else possibly can. Then, on top of that, they”ve all had shit go sideways because someone didn”t write down a note the proper way. Fortunately you usually catch those, because it doesn”t make sense to you. I get that, hell, even when you were designing my house for me, I only came directly to you.”

“You had Lex design your house, but aren”t you an architect too?” Shelby asked in awe.

“Yes, I”m an architect, I can design nearly anything you ask of me, but I specialize in more commercial aspects, such as bridges and dams and such. Lex can easily do those as well, but that”s not his specialty, he does stunning architecture, he”s a structural artist, and that”s what I wanted. I gave him my ideas, and told him I didn”t wanna see anything “til the entire place was complete, and stunning doesn”t even come close to describing what he did for me.”

“Wow, can”t wait to see our new house then. He wouldn”t even let me see the plans yesterday when he sent in a change request.”

“If my place is stunning, then his, I”m certain, will be truly spectacular. I saw the plans, and it should be every bit of that. What”d you change Lex?”

“Just added a small sun room addition to the back of the pool house as an artists studio for a new friend who I”m gonna ask to come live with us. In fact, check out his work.” I said, and then pulled up on my phone all the photos, and he looked through them all.

“Wow, he does beautiful work. He”s in Toronto then, that”s where you were?”

“He sure does, and yes. Shelby and I bought three pieces off of him, spent more than I ever thought I would on artwork, but I just couldn”t pass them up.”

“Wow, gimme his email address please, there”s one there that I wanna bid on.”

“He”s very down on himself, so, if you low ball him, he”ll take it, because he still doesn”t think he”s as good as he truly is. It”s quite sad, but, I get that, because he and I, and even Shelby, grew up in much the same ways. Don”t do that to him please.”

“No, never, even just from the pictures, I can tell that almost anything I care to buy should set me back at least five thousand dollars. I”ll give him a very fair offer to get the one I saw.”

“Which one?”

“The ocean portrait.”

“It”s big, I took a mountain portrait from him, and it was just a little larger than that one, and I paid ten thousand for it.”

“Perfect, it”ll look spectacular above my fireplace. You designed me that beautiful fire place, and I still haven”t found an art piece to put over it, because nothing felt right, but that one does. I”ll offer him ten for it as well then, that seems fair, and about right.”

“Yes, I think that”s the perfect fit for there as well, and the price is about right too I feel.”

“Excellent. This day just got better. I”ve been searching for a beautiful painting to finish that room, now I have.”

“That”s great. So, anything else to report before I head to my office to try and catch up?”

“There”s only one thing, an old friend of mine wants you to design his house for him, the same way you did mine. I”ve put all the parameters and his ideas into a folder, with some of the pictures of what he likes. He”s included a full topographical map, and where he”d like the house placed, he”s got something like thirty pages of information. Then, he says he wants you to take full control, just like you did on my place, and that he doesn”t wanna see a thing about it “til the day he moves in.”

“Oh, goody, I love those ones most of all.” I said happily.

“I know, hence the reason I allowed you to do so on mine, and he wants you to do so as well, because of how well mine turned out.”

“Awesome. I trust he”ll only accept Bill to build it, and Zane to decorate it?”

“You bet. He said he wants the absolute best, so, I said we”d give it to him. I”ve already warned both that his project will be coming up very soon, and that he”s to be high priority. He fully expects to spend something like ten to fifteen million on this, but I”m covering everything personally, and then he”ll pay me back when it”s done, he said use whatever we need, to make it the best possible place he can imagine. Oh, and it”s ocean front too, on a cliff, so, make sure it”s well anchored.”

“You know I always do anyway. Fuck, I remember the first time I met Bill, and he saw my designs, and when he asked why I have a house so anchored in place, and so reinforced, I said I don”t design twenty year houses, I design thousand year houses, and that I expect him to build to the same standards, and that my projects are to never be done cheaply, if there”s a good, better, best option, he”s to find at least two steps higher than best. He thought I was joking, but found out very quickly I was not. We butted heads a lot at first, but now he truly is the only one I”ll actually trust, hence he”s doing my place, even though it”s an hour and a half drive each way, but, as I understand it, most of the guys are just living in their travel trailers there during the week, which makes the most sense.”

“I know, the first time I met him after he met you, he asked me if you”re for real, and I laughed and said as real as can be. You were still pretty new then, and even I wasn”t too sure of you, but your designs were second to none, so, I told him to just do it, and see what happens. Glad to say we”ve never looked back. Bill, however, went from being practically a no name building company, to one of the biggest and best in the country, and he truly does owe it all to you, because you coached him so much on what must be done to make it perfect. He charges a lot for it, though, but rightfully so.”

“Good. Well, let me go get to work, then we haveta go see my lawyer. Well, not mine, I really don”t need one, but I think you remember Jeremy, I did his house for him a couple years ago. He”s the one helping Shelby and I.”

“Good. Oh, since you”re gonna be there, tell him to call me when he gets a few minutes please, I was gonna call him anyway, since I”ve actually transferred all my legal services to him, my old lawyer was useless, and Jeremy”s great.”

“Oh, didn”t know you knew him that well. Will do, at least I”ll try and remember to, and if I forget, hopefully Shelby will remember.”

“Will do.” Shelby said.

“Thanks. You guys have a good day. By the way Lex, I”m glad to see that you”re finally more comfortable with who and what you are.” He said, pointedly looking at my crotch.

“Um, thanks. How long had you known?”

“This past year, you”ve really started to come out of your shell, you still never allowed us to see the real you, this is my first time seeing it on you, but, the old friend you”re gonna be designing for, he was one of my first boyfriends, and he”s a full on diaper lover as well. It wasn”t my thing, so, we kinda fell apart a little, but we”re still best of friends.”

“Oh. Didn”t even know you were gay!”

“I”ve never hid it, you just simply never looked, and you never stuck around long enough to see me with others. Yes, I know your social issues, and have long suspected that you”re autistic, but, like I said, this last year, almost two now, you”ve really started to open up, and that”s great. Everyone here really likes you, and yes, we all know you”re gay too, no one will hurt you if you open up to them, I promise. Even with what you”re wearing, it”s not a big deal. Granted, the only reason I can tell, is because I know the signs, and of course, your pants weren”t truly bought around hiding them, so, you probably should get new ones, unless you want everyone to know.”

“Oh. A lot”s changed this past week, and the past couple years as well really, I”m almost to the point of not even caring any more. I”m finally happy, and it feels good to be wearing diapers all day, every day like I”ve dreamed since I was just a little kid.” I said serenely, it feels good to be so open about it, and having him be able to see it, and know it, isn”t scaring me like it would”ve before.

“Good, I”m glad. Have a good day, but come see me before you leave.”

“Thanks, will do.”

As soon as we make it to my office, Shelby whistles in admiration. “Wow, nice office.”


“So, you really had no idea that Ted was gay, I saw it instantly?”

“I”ve kinda always suspected it, but no, not really. The problem is, I don”t like being around people, and I rarely ever actually look at them when I”m forced to be so, so, I just never really noticed. Ted”s one of the few people I do get along with, and I do respect him, and so, while I suspected, I was too afraid to ask in case I insulted him.”

“Oh, I kinda get that too. I”m the same way, after all.”

“So, anyway, I should probably get some work done, as you can see, I have a few work stations in here, so, while I”m working on my main work computer, you can use one of the other four design computers that I have.”

“Okay, but why so many computers?”

“I use the one at my main desk for the bulk of my actual paperwork and whatnot, though, no, I rarely use actual paper any more. The other four, well, I liketa have one for each project that I have on the go, so that I can quickly and easily switch between them, and not take up too much space or power on any one system, because I quite often leave them open. Oh, and by the way, all my systems are hooked up in such a way that they all back up to each other something like ten times a day, so that should one crash, it doesn”t take sometimes up to months of information with it.”

“Cool. I guess you must have much the same type of setup at home too then huh?”

“Exactly, actually. Because I don”t always work here, more often than not I”m at home, it”s important that I have pretty near exactly the same thing in both places.”

“Nice. Well, go ahead and get to work then, don”t let me stop you.”

“Thanks, and for pretty obvious reasons, don”t delete anything, and actually, don”t shut it down either. I never shut my systems off, so that I can maintain the seamless and continuous backups. I really only shut down the entire system once or twice a month for any reason.”

“Will do, and no worries.”

I got to work, I checked my internal messages first, and while there are lots, nothing is terribly difficult or time consuming. Really, just lots of notes, and messages to call a few people. Once I went through all that and took down all the notes and applied them where they need to go, I went about calling the five people that requested callbacks. Same thing, nothing was terribly important, and really, everything could have been written down easily enough, but that”s okay too, I actually do understand why people will only deal with certain people, no matter the reasoning, since, I”m kinda like that myself after all. I took down all their notes and applied them to their files for their designs, then sent those files to the correct places, so that I can keep track of everything, not that I won”t remember anyway, for some stupid reason I remember virtually everything I see. All told, it only took me maybe an hour and a half to be finished.

I haven”t looked at Ted”s friends stuff yet, but it”s all in a large folder on my desk, so, I”ll take it home with me and look it over there, and probably do most of it there. I do want to finish up the last couple details on two projects that are nearly ready for final proof, before I start his project, since I really don”t like having more than just a couple things on the go at any time any more.

“Okay Handsome, I”m done and ready to go, so, let”s go see Ted before we head out, and then go to the lawyers office.”

“Okay. Just let me delete all files and shut down.” He grinned brightly to me.

“Ha ha, very funny. Come on you.”

“Thanks.” He giggled cutely.

We headed to Ted”s office to say goodbye, and he said that he has nothing else for me, and to have a good rest of our day, and we said likewise. From there, we headed to the lawyers office, and while he was busy on a phone call, his receptionist told us that he has all the paperwork for us to go over while we wait, and that once he”s finished on the phone, he”ll call us in to get the final signatures and whatnot. So, Shelby and I sat down and read everything over together to make sure it”s all agreeable to the both of us, since I feel it”s really rather important for this to be more Shelby”s call than mine, ultimately it”s his life, I just have to do the final signatures. We”re both happy with everything though, and about five minutes after we finished, we were called in.

He went over all the details with us, had us sign everything where we”re supposed to, and he signed and notarized everything as well. Finally he gave us a few boxes, and a large envelope, telling us that the boxes have everything that was in Shelby”s bedroom, while the envelope has all of Shelby”s ID, money, and his new bank card. Shelby blushed when he said that that was everything from his bedroom, and the lawyer grinned and said he had the same problem growing up, and it”s not a big deal, which made Shelby feel better. We thanked him, and when I told him to send me the bill, Shelby refused and said to send the bill to him, but he told us both that this one”s on the house, so, no worries.

“You know what, since we”re so close to the Art Centre, why don”t we head there and see my friend there, and ask him what he thought about Art”s things.”

“Okay. If he doesn”t ask to have it all instantly, I”ll be shocked.” Shelby said.


It”s only a three or so minute drive, and when I asked to see my friend, he was called, and we only had to wait a minute for him to arrive from where he was.

“Good morning Lex, it”s good to see you. I got your email, how can I meet the artist of that painting you sent me the picture of.”

“Good to see you as well Gerald. The artist lives in Toronto, I met him while on vacation there, and bought a couple pieces off him. I thought you”d love to see his work, he”s spectacular.”

“I”d happily fly there, I want him, bad. Even just in a photo taken from a phone, tells me just how amazing he is.”

“Yeah, but to talk to him, he doesn”t think he”s that good.”

“Ah, another like you huh.” He laughed.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” I sighed, because we all know it”s true.

“Do you happen to have more pictures?”

“Yes, I took pics of all his paintings, even one that he”s not selling, but, I warn you, it”ll make you cry just to look at it, it was from a very low point in his life, and tugs right at your feelings like nothing else could. I”d like to see that one on prominent display somewhere, but with a very clear note saying that it”s simply not for sale. The rest of his pieces, and he has I think it was twenty two pieces after I bought a couple, my new son here bought one, and a friend bought another, and then Ted”s buying one as well, will be for sale, but, may I suggest you display them for a few months, but inform people that they”ll be on auction and when. I want him to be a millionaire by the time you”re done with him, and if we get them in front of the right people, for long enough, I think we could probably do it too. Granted, nearly fifty thousand a piece might be a little steep, but a few of them are certainly close to that.”

“Let me see “em then, quit flapping izmit eve gelen escort your jaws, which, by the way, might just be the most I”ve ever heard you talk.” He laughed.

“He”s a good kid, and he deserves so much for his wonderful talent. As for talking, well, I”ve grown up a little in the past week, I now have a son, though he was my nephew, and one of the reasons for the vacation was to rescue him. So, yeah. Here you go.” I said, passing him my phone after opening it up to the photos I took.

He took nearly twenty minutes to go through all the pictures, and I was right, he almost cried when he came to the one, and said it”s beautifully powerful and sad.

“Okay, that didn”t help me any, now I want him here ten minutes ago. What do you think it”d take to have him move here?”

“Well, as it just so happens, in a month or so, my new house should be done, and I”m building him an artists studio, because I wanted him to come live here as well. We”re a lot alike, and we became friends while we were there. I was gonna pay to have him come here, even though I have my doubts he”d accept that.”

“Then I”ll make it easy on you. I”ll make him an offer he can”t refuse. I”ll pay to get him and all his stuff here, give him the studio here to live in “til he finds suitable lodging, which of course will be with you, and give him a small wage as a retainer for the rights to sell his paintings here. He can go get a part time job somewhere if he wants so that he makes extra money, because I can”t give him lots, and the rest will be up to you.”

“He”d be insane not to take it.”

“Yes, he would. Clearly my counterpart in Toronto hasn”t heard of this young man yet, or he would”ve made the same offer, and he”s gonna be so pissed when he finds out the young man came from there, and I scooped him up.” Gerald grinned brightly.

“No shit.” I laughed, so did Shelby.

“So, you have his name, phone number, and email address for me I trust?”

“Sure do, I”ll send it to you in a text, well, as soon as you pass me back my phone that is.”

“Oh, right, I suppose that”d be the polite thing to do, wouldn”t it.” He laughed, and passed it back.

I found the information and texted it to Gerald right away, and as soon he received it, we said our goodbyes, and headed out.

“Well, I think it”s getting close enough to lunch time now Baby, but, I think I”m also getting close to soggy baby bum change time, how about you?” I said once we were in the car.

“Lunch sounds good, and soggy baby bum change time sounds better.” He said happily.

“The restaurant I wanna go to has single person bathrooms, so, when we get there, you can go first, and I”ll go second if you”d like.”

“Sure, unless you”re gonna leak soon, because I”m not that close yet.”

“Nope, I”m good for a bit anyway, so, you go ahead first.”


Once we arrived and were seated, we looked at the menu and decided what we want. As soon as we placed our orders, Shelby hopped up to head to the bathroom to get changed. He was back only a few minutes later, saying he”s all fresh now. So, I excused myself next, and went to the same bathroom. I know I shouldn”t have done so, but I just couldn”t help myself. I found Shelby”s gloriously wet and warm baby diaper, I opened it up, and pressed my face into it and sniffed of him deeply. He smells delicious. I even sucked as much of the warm pissy goodness out as I could, and he tastes even better. I”ve done this to my own diapers for a very long time, so this is nothing new, but clearly this is the first time getting to enjoy someone else”s, and it was far better than I dreamed.

Well, that made me insanely hard, and taping myself up into my fresh baby diaper afterwards was really rather difficult, so I ended up having to leave myself pointed up, not that it”s a huge deal, my diapers still rise up higher than my erection does, so, even if somehow I manage to pee before I go down, it shouldn”t come out the top. I washed my hands and face, and then headed back to the table.

“I”d ask why your face is wet as well, but considering the blush you also have, I”m gonna guess you enjoyed something that you think you weren”t supposed to enjoy. I enjoy doing so as well, and in fact, be right back, I suddenly haveta go back to the bathroom.” And before I could say anything further, Shelby was gone.

He was back a few minutes later again, his face now damp after washing it off as well.

“Wow, you”re amazing.” He said happily to me.

“Thanks, so are you, but we really shouldn”t have done that.”

“I know, but we both want it so much. I wondered if that was the reason you offered me first go, so, when I saw that you”d washed your face, when I knew there”d be no need to otherwise, I had my answer. Truth be told, had you gone first, I was gonna do the same anyway.”

“What we want, though, there”s no escaping if we”re found out.” I whispered so that only he can hear.

“I know, so, we haveta be especially careful, especially when out in public, so no more of that, okay, well, at least “til we move.”

“Agreed. Damn, what I meant to say was never again.” I grinned.


Our meal was delivered a few minutes later, and we happily ate. We”d ordered water and tea, our water was drank well before we received our food, and we enjoyed our tea slowly as we ate.

Since the medical supply store I like is only a couple blocks away, we head there next so that we can both get our regular diapers, and we both go in happily to buy them. Shelby had grabbed all the cash from the envelope, and he paid for his things, even though I said I would, but he soundly ignored me. Next was to a clothing store that I know is good, because they”re where I go most often for myself. Shelby said he does not need much, but that some of his clothes had been getting pretty small on him, so only wants to get a couple sets, and we do so, which he paid for again.

Next we went to the grocery store, where we grabbed the few things from there that we need and want. I rarely keep a lot of food in the house, not only do I have room mates that don”t understand the concept of mine is mine, not theirs to take as they please, but I prefer to eat as local and as fresh as is possible, as often as is possible, so, I usually go get what few things I need every couple to a few days. I know that this is going to change once I move, since going to the store won”t be just a two minute drive, but I”ll adjust.

Our last stop before heading home is to the furniture store, this is where I”d told the interior designer to come, he simply wants my ideas as to what I like, and he”ll take care of the rest, I mean, that is what I”m paying him a fuck tonne of money to do, and he”ll take care of pretty much all the small stuff for me. Normally, I”d just tell him to take care of it all, but there are a few things that I really want this time, but he gets to pick all the colours, since I”m not good with that. When we arrive, we head in and I take lots of notes and pictures, telling the sales person that we”re just getting the ideas for the interior designer, so that he can do his work. When I said his name, the sales person smiled and said he knows Zane well, that he”s been in to buy lots of amazing things, so, I said I”m the reason for that, because the houses I design get only the very best.

“You”re Lex, Zane”s told me all about you!”

“Yes, I”m surprised you”d even know, let alone remember my name.”

“Trust me, Zane talks about you virtually every time he comes in, says what phenomenal house or building he”s working in now that you designed. I think you and your clients have put my kids through university alone.”

“Glad to hear that.” I laughed.

“When he comes in to buy all your things, I”ll make sure and ask if it”s for your place, then, because you Sir are getting a good discount.”

“Oh, thanks, but that”s not necessary. I pay for quality, and I insist that all my designs are filled only with high quality, hence always sending Zane here.”

“Nonsense. May I see the design of your house, I”ve seen some amazing ones, but if you”ve done one for yourself, I”m certain you”ve outdone yourself.”

“I only have a few pictures on my phone, but if you have a secure email address, I can send you the link to it, so that you can look at it.”

“Absolutely.” He said, and then gave it to me. I entered it right away and emailed the link, because I do have the full plans saved in my phone.

“Wicked, thanks. I”ll let you two continue to look around, be sure and call if you have any questions.”

We continued to look around, and check out all that we might like.

“Wow, they have some shockingly expensive stuff here.” Shelby said shortly after the sales person had left us.

“Yeah, everything here”s the highest quality hard wood furniture that you can get. Way better than I could make at that, too, then again, I don”t have the time to make all this.”

“You haven”t shown me your shop yet, but I can”t wait to go out and work in there with you.”

“When we get home then.”


Before leaving, we found the sales person and told him that we”d found pretty much everything we needed. Before we could escape, though, he commented on the house, saying it”s the finest he”s ever seen.

Finally, though, we did escape, and headed home, where we need to offload everything and get it all put away. For fuck sake, though, there”s dirty dishes in the sink again, and the counters are a disaster. I went and knocked on all the doors, to see who”s home and who made the mess. I have two males and a female living with me right now, and one of the males was the only one home. When I asked him if he”d made the mess, he said sorry, he meant to come clean it up. I of course told him that that”s unacceptable, that I don”t appreciate my house being left a mess, especially like it was when I got home from vacation and rescuing my nephew, since Shelby is standing there with me, and the guy must have been wondering who he is and what he”s doing here. He said he”s sorry, but that he”d hardly been home the previous week, and hadn”t used the kitchen at all, so that one wasn”t on him. I warned him that as per the lease agreement, cleanliness is a must, and that if I find that sort of mess again, that he”d be kicked out. Granted, all my room mates know I”m moving in a month or so anyway, so they all know they have to find new places to live, since I”m gonna sell the place.

We went and put everything away, and then I took Shelby out to the shop to show him around.

“I like your shop.”

“Thanks. It”s nowhere near as large as I wanted to make it, but it was the largest that the city would let me do, because of the zoning in this area. I could”ve applied for a variance, but that woulda cost lots of money, and I”d have to pray that the neighbours all allowed it, and then the city after them, and if even if just one of them doesn”t agree, I”m out all that money, because they certainly don”t give it back, so, I just went as large as they”d allow me without jumping through all their stupid hoops. I can”t wait “til the new house is done, the new shop, which is the entire basement of the house, is roughly eight times this size. This shop”s just over fifty five square metres, or six hundred square feet, depending on what you”re used to, but my new shop is roughly four hundred and sixty square meters, or pretty damn close to five thousand square feet.”

“Wow, now that”ll be amazing.”

“For sure. At least here I was able to go nice high ceilings, which allowed me to put in the mezzanine storage areas, so to effectively increase my space, without increasing my footprint, but we”re gonna have almost another full metre and a half in height in the new shop too, and the mezzanine in there is about four to five times the size, for even more space, and also has stairs, so that I don”t haveta use a ladder to access it.”

“Wow, awesome. So, what kindsa things do you do, and what do you do with everything you make?”

“I do lotsa wood turning, keepsake boxes, jewellery boxes, and dozens of other small items that are easily shipped all over the world. I advertise on a few sites, and have my own website as well, but, half the money goes to charity, the other half basically pays for the materials. Granted, once we get the new place up and running, one of the things I already have on order is a full sized bandsaw mill for cutting all my own wood, and I also have a really awesome vacuum kiln for drying it all on order too, so it heats it, but while under a vacuum, which is far faster and easier on the wood, so that I can get pretty near free wood. Our new property had to have something like fifty trees removed, and while most were hemlock and fir, there were lots of maple, birch, and alder in there, so they were set aside for me to use, the rest will be cut up for firewood. On my website, I”m also gonna be asking people for their hardwood trees for charity, because I”m hoping to donate ninety percent of the money instead, even though the kiln and the mill cost almost as much together as an average house does, I don”t care about that.”

“Awesome. Can”t wait. We”re gonna need a tractor or two then.”

“Also already on order, well, just one.” I said happily.

“Great, and we”re definitely gonna needta invest in a truck, and get a damn good trailer for it for hauling all that wood.”

“Again, already on order. The trailer”s already ready for pickup, but the truck might be here in time for moving day, but only just might. The mill is also already in, just waiting for the kiln, since they”re made to order, but it”s supposed to be ready for pickup next week some time, but I need the truck, trailer, and tractor in order to get it all, since it”s too far for them to deliver, but they”re okay holding everything “til I”m ready for it. And since I hadta make the garage so large, and while it”s a five car for width, I could easily park ten in there because of the depth I made it, that”s where the mill, kiln, and tractor will also be stored, and I”m doing a massive lumber storage area in there as well, so, by the time all is said and done, we might be able to park the car and the truck in there, because I wanna keep the car for standard daily driving, since I already have it, and it”ll be less than half the cost for fuel just for going to town for groceries and whatnot. We also already have a large open walled pole barn structure for storing all the logs, and it”s all already stored in there and seasoning. That was one of the first things I had them do once the land was cleared, it”s actually pretty impressive, it is the size of an average barn, and honestly, would take no time to put walls on and make an actual barn from, but that”s not what that one”s for.”

“Wow, that”s awesome. You said the shop is the basement of the house, how are you gonna get tools and supplies up and down then?”

“The entrance to the shop”s in the garage, and there”s a set of stairs going down, but also a very large open walled freight elevator that”ll get pretty near anything we need up and down. It”s a fully hydraulic system, the ram goes two metres in the ground beneath it, and it”s capable of lifting up to as much as twenty metric tonnes.”

“Why so small, not even my mother could use it.” He said perfectly straight faced.

“Ah, not exactly a small lady, was she.”

“Small and lady are the last words that anyone in their right mind would use to describe her. She was fat, disgusting, and more trollish than lady like. I”m pretty sure she was like six hundred pounds, so that”d be, what, two hundred and seventy kilos or thereabouts. See, you”re not the only one who can convert imperial and metric quickly.” He grinned to me.

“Yikes, that”s horrible. Glad you can do the conversion though, most can”t, but, being in Canada, we”re caught between both, since the rest of the world uses metric, and the States use imperial, and while we”re supposed to be fully metric, still too much is imperial. It”s funny, I haveta use both in my work, depending on where my design is going. Now, as for the elevator, honestly, I didn”t intend to go that large, I didn”t even need one half the size in reality, but, for some reason, that one was cheaper than the ten tonne one.”

“Weird, but more than likely it”s because they just make way more of the larger version than the smaller one, and for most industrial purposes, which I”m sure that”s what it”s intended for, they just want the biggest they can get.”

“More than likely true, and good logic as well.”

“Thanks. So, what else should I know about our new shop, it sounds fucking amazing?”

“I sure hope it will be. I think that”s really it, mostly, other than I already have all new tools on order for it, since I cheaped out on most of this, and there”s nothing cheap allowed in my new house or shop. I”ve spent more than a hundred thousand dollars on tools for the new shop, and while most of the small hand tools are coming, since many of them are good, none of the rest of this is. All the new tools are already in a storage container at the new house already though, I paid to have them deliver it all, and store it in the container there, cost a lot, but way faster and easier, and since I just bought the container, we”ll also have it for dry storage as well.”

“Wow, if this is cheap, I can”t wait to see the new shop then. I mean, your table saw and band saw look old, but they”re good ones, same with your jointer and your planer, they don”t look all that much newer, but they”re about what my school had.”

“Lots of my equipment was old school equipment, and they don”t get cheap stuff as a general rule, but they also don”t get super high end either. I bought a lot of it at auction. But it is old, and it”s not in great condition any more, and I felt that I”ve worked more than hard enough and deserve to finally get myself the best I could fucking get, and so, I did. The entire house, it”s cost more than I should say, can say actually, since I”ve just kinda stopped keeping track, it was making me too sick, but I”ve worked really hard for it, so I felt I deserved it. Most people did forty hour work weeks, many times I averaged eighty, because I just worked from home anyway most of the time, whenever I wasn”t doing anything, I was busy designing things for other people. I did more years doing that than even my boss knew of, though he often asked how I could do so much, so fast, I never told him. I was getting tired, though, and while I still absolutely wanna continue working, I do wanna dedicate more time to wood working now, and do less actual work. I plan to do only one to two days per week of actual work, the rest of the time I hope to spend in my shop.”

“Nice, and I”ll be right beside you as often as I can.”

“What about school, though?”

“Haven”t decided yet. I kinda always wanted to be an architect as well, I love drawing buildings too, but, at the same time, I”ve always wanted to do wood working almost solely. Even if I just worked in your shop, donating everything for the rest of my life, not making any money doing so, I”d be perfectly content doing that.”

“Yeah, same for me now, actually, but I do so enjoy architecture, so, I”ll continue on in that. When it”s time for school, if you wanna go and become an architect, I”ll make sure you do then, and we can work side by side.”

“Thanks, I think I”d like that, actually.”

So, for the rest of the day, totally forgetting to go in and have dinner, we stayed in the shop and played to our hearts content. It was when Shelby happened to look over at me and could see that I”d started to leak, when he said it”s probably time to go get soggy baby bum changes, and why, so, I looked to him, and can see that so has he, and it looks sexy. We also realized what time it is, and that”s when we realized just how hungry we really are, we both laughed, but we”d had a lot of fun, and Shelby is really already very good, and can only get better.

We head inside to our bedrooms, where we both get our soggy baby bums changed, having to change our pants as well, thankfully none of my room mates were out to see us coming inside in clearly wet pants, but, you now, I”m damn near beyond caring anyway. We then made and ate dinner, and enjoyed it a great deal.

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