The Vision

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She was the perfect vision of carnal innocence. There she stood naked, bathed in the white light of the window, leaning against the footboard of the bed. The entire morning had been a dream come true for Jack. Now exhausted, he tried to control his heavy breathing while he thought about the first time they had met.

“Excuse me. Excuse me, you’re Jack, Jack Munroe, aren’t you?” The question came from a small pert, brunette who accosted him as he tried to enter his office. There was urgency in her approach. “Excuse me, I’m Marie Burns. I’ve been assigned, by head office, to help with the FSA’s and I need to set up some appointments with you.”

Jack knew all about the FSA’s and he was not impressed. The Future Sales Assessment program was designed to keep sales growth and earnings on track. However, there was one problem. It worked well for the stores located in the big malls and in the thriving urban centers, but his store was located in the inner city. The FSA program would not and did not work for his store. He informed management that the program did not represent the buying patterns of his store’s clientele and that had not made him popular. Now it appeared that senior management had sent Marie Burns to ensure that the sales assessment program was implemented properly.

His working relationship with Marie was a pleasant surprise. They worked well together. Jointly they found ways to maintain the popular product lines, introduce the new items that their clientele could afford to buy, and continue to maintain the store’s high public profile. Jack’s store had in the past been involved in many community projects. With Marie’s help, the store participated in even more. She helped implement a reading program in a neighbourhood school. Sales in the children’s book section doubled. Together they organized a community CPR program that was run out of the school’s gymnasium. As a result, pharmaceutical sales increased. While management was not happy with the sales figures on the new upscale products, they could not argue with the enhanced image the store had in the community. The media coverage the store received further helped to increase traditional merchandise sales. Marie and Jack were making it work.

It began innocently enough with a piece of chocolate. Marie had brought a report to Jack’s office along with a chocolate bar. At the end of their discussion, Marie had broken off a piece and held it up to his lips. He had opened his mouth to accept the offering and for a fleeting instant, her fingers touched his tongue and gently caressed his lips. The contact was electrifying. Jack gazed into her brown eyes and received a broad, sly smile. After a brief second, Marie turned and was gone.

The flirtations continued and intensified over the next few weeks. With each touch by the water cooler, risqué comment by the photocopier, or knee contact under the conference table, Jack’s interest in the woman increased. Marie was in his thoughts almost constantly and she seemed to be enjoying the game as much as he was.

The task of finding accommodation for the FSA senior management review team had been assigned to Jack. He had sought Marie’s advice. The next day she had entered his office with the latest sales results and a list of possible hotels. As usual, there had been no place for a visitor to sit in the small office. Both guest chairs were overflowing with files.

Marie sat on the edge of his desk and placed the spreadsheets before him. She was casually dressed in jeans, a heavy cardigan, and a simple wide collared, 4-button blouse. As they spoke, she played with the top button. She leaned forward over the desk to point out some important information on the spreadsheet. With her pencil, she drew his attention to the most recent sales figures. As she did, Jack was greeted to a gaping view of her small pert breasts.

She said coyly. “Here are some items that perhaps you Porno 64

have not thought about before. Perhaps we could…”

Her voice disappeared. Jack knew he should be looking at the numbers on the paper, but all he could focus upon were Marie’s beautiful breasts. The gentle movements of her breasts as she breathed mesmerized him. He was brought back to reality by the sharp crack of her pencil against his forehead. “Are you listening to me?”

Jack blushed and looked up. “Well err..,” Her face was beaming. She was enjoying his embarrassment. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I was distracted by…well some other things that just came into my mind when you started talking about the sales figures…” Clearly perplexed, he spoke rapidly trying to cover his discomfort. “Look, it’s almost lunch. Can we grab a bite to eat at the Chinese place and talk about this?”

Twenty minutes later, they were sitting side by side in a corner booth at Wong’s again pouring over the sales spreadsheets. As they ate their lunches, the business-like mood gradually became punctuated with flirtatious innuendo. The conversation focus changed from sales to travel and fantasy vacations. While finishing his green tea, Jack broke his fortune cookie and pulled out the small piece of paper. He read out loud, “Business will lead to a successful partnership.” Then he added in jest “…in bed.” Marie’s face took on an expression of mock shock and surprise. “My mother always told me to add that,” he said laughing.

“Mmm…interesting lady your mother,” came the rhetorical comment as she leaned her head against his shoulder and proceeded to open her cookie. Marie read. “A new adventure awaits you,” followed by “…in bed.” They both laughed and she added, “It seems we may both be headed for successful joint ventures in bed.”

The bill was paid and they walked slowly back to the store. The flirtatious banter continued and the topic of playing hooky from work came up. “I’d like to spend a day sipping champagne, relaxing in a warm bath, and having someone massage my back and feet,” Marie jokingly intimated as they entered the store.

“We’ll have to see what we can do to make that happen,” Jack quipped. “How about next Wednesday? We both have…”

“I think you’re trying to challenge my good Catholic upbringing, Jack Munroe,” she gently scolded. Their eyes met and the gaze was held. Jack’s body tingled and for an instant, his world stopped. The moment was broken by the blare of the store’s PA system. Jack was being paged to some “emergency” near the water refill station. As he walked briskly towards the back of the store, he was already starting to plan for Wednesday. Those thoughts made everything else vanish into a white haze of anticipation

They had each agreed to use some of their banked days accumulated in lieu of overtime. Since the flu season had hit, their joint absences would not be noticed. Jack had made his absence even less coincidental by taking the Tuesday off also. Now it was early Wednesday morning and Jack stood in the parking lot of the Regina Hotel. It was a small, older carriage trade establishment that offered first-rate accommodations with views of the adjacent park and excellent dining facilities. Jack had reserved a room for the day. A thirty-second call to Marie’s home confirmed their surreptitious rendezvous. After he had checked in, another short phone call to her cell phone informed her of the room number.

Immediately upon reaching the room, Jack called room service and ordered champagne, orange juice, croissants, fruit, and coffee. Then he took the time to survey the room. Victorian armchairs bracketed a large dormer window with a view of the park. In the dormer alcove was a large claw foot style Jacuzzi bathtub. On an adjacent stand were towels and two luxurious terry robes. An elegant Queen-sized four-poster bed dominated the wall opposite the dormer. Konulu Porno An antique desk, entertainment armoire, and a small couch and coffee table completed the room’s furnishings. The room’s ensuite contained a large dressing area and a well-appointed bathroom. Jack was very pleased. The room was very romantic. There was a discrete knock at the door. Jack’s heart stopped.

Opening the door, he found the room service waiter. The food tray was placed on the coffee table and a generous tip was given. Jack left the door ajar. He nervously paced back and forth over the plush carpet. In anticipation of Marie’s arrival, Jack removed his jacket, tie and shoes, adjusted the drapes and lights, and turned on the radio to provide soft background music. Turning away from the entertainment centre, he saw a flash of light from the doorway. Marie stood before him. He rushed to her side. They kissed. The touch of her lips left him breathless. He took her coat and hung it up and then joined her on the couch.

They enjoyed the food, became giddy on the mimosas, and totally intoxicated with each other’s touch. His fingers traced down the outline of her cheek, chin, and neck to explore the form of her breasts. He fumbled with her blouse buttons. Marie smiled and helped him. She slipped out of the blouse, wrapped it around his shoulders and pulled him with her, as she moved towards the bathtub.

“I think you’re overdressed,” she hinted said as she turned on the bath taps and began to remove her clothes and placed them over one of the Victorian chairs. Now naked, she readjusted the taps and quickly climbed into the tub. There she sat with her knees drawn tightly against her chest, projecting an aura of innocence. Nevertheless, a mischievous grin and the words “I hope you like it hot, I do,” conveyed any entirely different meaning. Jack hurriedly undressed, but before entering the tub, he threw a string of packets, previously concealed in the pocket of his pants, onto the bedside table.

Jack gingerly seated himself in the hot water. Marie leaned back into the tub’s curve, placed her arms on the edges, and spread her legs over his thighs. She completely exposed herself to him. As the water continued to creep up her body, he massaged her shoulders, arms, and upper chest. When it reached her breasts, he plucked at her hardening nipples. “That’s enough water,” she giggled. While he turned off the taps, she slid down into the tub. The backs of her thighs now pressed against his hips. Jack glanced down through the shimmering water. Her pussy and clit were fully exposed to his view. A leering smile spread over his face. “Take a good look because its about to disappear,” she quipped as she pushed the Jacuzzi button. The bath water burst into a frenzy of bubbles.

Beneath the swirling water, Marie’s hands found Jack’s penis. The manipulations of her fingers and the pulsing of the water soon made him rigid. “Ohhhh… that feels good. Don’t stop,” he pleaded. Encouraged by her stroking, his thumbs began to rub her mound just above her clit. Both of them enjoyed the pleasure provided by the mutual masturbation. Jack’s thumb now rubbed over the hood of Marie’s clit in synchronous rhythm to the beat of her hand on his cock. The sound of Marie’s gasps and moans rose over the hum of the Jacuzzi. She arched her back and her body shook. Jack groaned. Their bodies quivered simultaneously. Their intense organism lingered, and then gradually subsided. They slumped together in the tub letting the swirling waters slowly revive them.

Marie was the first to move. She turned off the Jacuzzi and pulled herself up to a standing position. She straddled him and was about to step out of the tub. However, Jack grasped the edge of the tub with both hands, pulled himself into a half upright position, and buried his face in her pussy. His tongue found her clit. “You bastard, I’m going to Porno İndir fall!” she yelled. His right hand grabbed her buttocks and forced her knees against his chest. Her hands clawed at the back of his head. Jacks tongue wagged back and forth across her engorged clit. “Oh Jesus! Oh my God, Jack!” Marie exclaimed as she ground herself into his face. He stopped his lapping, blew gently over her hood, and then sucked it hard. She writhed, gasped, and shuddered. His fingers found her anus. They rubbed against the puckered opening. His index fingertip gained entrance as Marie’s guttural scream filled the room and her wetness gushed over Jack’s tongue.

They helped dry each other. It felt good when she rubbed the soft terry towel over his chest. Marie sat on the edge of the towel stand and allowed him to dry her legs and feet. When he dried her inner thighs, the backs of his hands intentionally brushed slowly against her pubic hair. “Ohhh…Oh my God!” she cried. She drew him to her. Her hands traced along his chest found his flaccid penis. “He needs help. I know CPR, maybe I can resuscitate him,” she said with a laugh and led Jack to the bed.

As if in a dream, Jack lay on the bed. Marie knelt beside him. She tilted his head back. Her fingers pressed against his cheeks and chin. They kissed. Their tongues intertwined. She softly sucked at his lips and earlobes, and her fingers rubbed his chest and cock. He in turn, nuzzled her neck and traced a path with his tongue over her collarbone, down her sternum to her breasts. He sucked long and hard at each nipple. Marie gasped as he drew first one areole then the other, deep into his mouth. She shuddered as his fingers traced lazy patterns over her stomach and then explored her mound. In erotic reverie, Jack enjoyed the feel of her soft, thick, pubic hair. Marie repositioned herself. She vigorously rubbed his chest. Encouraged, Jack’s fingers found her upper thighs and labia and then tenderly explored her dampness. She opened to his searching. A wet tightness surrounded Jack’s fingers as he worked them in and out. At this instant, Marie’s hands seemed to be all over him. She could feel him beginning to respond as she rubbed his chest, stroked his cock, and cupped his balls.

Jack was being swallowed up by the moment. He was in heaven. Within her tightness, Jack curled his fingers. He began to rub the thickness at the front of her vagina and felt her muscles contract. Marie could feel the anxiety and tension building in her abdomen. It flowed upward and consumed her entire body. She was now racked with a new urgency. She let go of his cock, pulled away from his hand, and screamed “Oh no…Oh no you bastard…No not yet!” as she rocked forward against his chest.

He felt her tears of joy splash against his cheeks as once again she covered his face with kisses. Jack’s mind was whitewashed in the satisfaction of a dream come true. His whole body began to twitch with erotic bliss. Jack saw Marie’s wanton gaze leave his face and focus on his rigid cock. “I am not going to let him go just like that!” Then like a fantasy scene from a porno movie, she straddled him, slipping his stiffness into her warmth. Her tightness clung to him. Marie rode him hard and fast. Her hands pounded on his chest and her mouth smothered his with erotic kisses. Her movements above him became a frenzied blur as she yelled, “Come on you son of a bitch! Come on! Cum, damn you!” His body convulsed, colors flashed through his mind, and he joyfully followed her command.

Breathing was difficult, almost painful. His chest hurt. Jack slowly opened his eyes. There at the end of the bed, silhouetted against the harsh, white light was Marie. She rushed to his side. “Oh Jack…You’re all right! You’re all right…Oh thank God!” Her words invaded his fuzzy consciousness. They did not make sense. He tried to talk but she silenced him by placing her fingers against his lips. “Don’t talk, just rest. You fell in the store. You stopped breathing…and…and I had to give you CPR…I’ve called your wife and I’ll stay here with you here, in the hospital, until she comes.” Jack just closed his eyes, sighed deeply, and let the whiteness envelope him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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