The Visitor

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I hear a knock at my door, I walk over and open it, and its you. You push me back inside and up against the wall , and lean in real close and hard against me. I can feel your cock tight against your jeans pushing against me, hard for me. You lift my arms and pin my hands together against the wall and kiss me hard and deep, sucking on my tongue, making me hot and wet for you.

My nipples tighten to the point of pain, and I push my tits to your chest, feeling your lips on my neck as you start to suck and nip me there. With one hand still holding my arms up, you use the other hand to rip open the buttons on my top, and bury your face in my cleavage, licking me. Suddenly you pull me away from the wall, sliding your hands up the back of my top and unhook my bra, I hear you whisper ‘hell yeah’, as my bra falls forward and exposes my lush, round, tight tits for you. Leaning forward, you flick a nipple with your tongue, making it harder still. You take it in your mouth and suck, running your hands up and down my sides, over my hips and then to my pussy, rubbing me through my Jeans.

I’m so hot for you now, I thrust out with my hips, needing contact. As you continue to use your mouth on my tits, sex izle you unbutton my jeans and slide them down over my hips. Seeing my black lace panties you look at me and wink. Now you begin to tease me by rubbing me through my panties, knowing I need your hands on me. I pull your top over your head, and slide my hands to the waistband of your jeans, I unbutton and free you. Oh fuck you are so big and so hard for me, I want to just fuck you right then and there. You grab my panties with both hands and literally tear them off of me, then slide your hands round and under my thighs, and lift me. I wrap my legs around you, and you push me flush against the wall again, kissing and nipping at me. We are both so hot and ready now, you just ram your hard cock right into me up to the hilt knocking the breath out of me.

I gasp! Your cock is so huge, it fills me so tightly. You whisper raggedly into my ear, ‘fuck! your pussy is so fucking tight and hot’, and you fuck me harder against the wall. As you feel my body start to tremble all over, you put your hand between us and rub my clit, feeling my pussy grip your cock harder as I whimper and cum, dripping juices down your cock and over your balls. alt yazılı porno I slump into your arms, and you carry me through to the bedroom, lay me on the bed, and point to your still swollen cock and tell me to suck you off. I lick my lips and crawl over to the edge of the bed taking you in my hands, but you stop me, pull open the bedside drawer and pull out cuffs, you cuff my hands behind my back, look at me and say, ‘Now suck me off my little slut!’. I tease you with my tongue and lips, desperately trying to claw some power back, knowing you have never been sucked this good before. You run your hands through my long dark hair and pull my head closer, forcing your whole cock in, watching me gag, panic in my eyes, saliva dribbling out, then you pull out and back in, fucking my face, watching my lips around your cock and my eyes looking up at you. Your grip in my hair tightens and I know you are near, you hold me close with my lips against your body as your cock pumps cum down my throat gasping ‘Jesus’ as you feel me swallow over your cock head. You unlock the cuffs then you lay back on the bed and pull me close, as we nap.

After a while you open your eyes, altyazılı sex izle and run your eyes over my naked body, and you are hard again. Reaching again into the bedside drawer you pull out my Rabbit, turn it on and start to tease my pussy. I stretch, enjoying the sensation, and you start to concentrate on my clit with the vibrating head. You slide 2 fingers into me knowing I’m wet and wanting. Then you push the vibe in, and fuck me with it getting harder and harder, driving me wild, bucking on the bed. You use one hand to fuck me and with the other you squeeze and caress on my tits, one at a time, pinching my nipples and revelling in the noises I make.

You lean down and start to lick and suck my clit as you continue to slide the vibrator in and out, slower now. I whimper as you suck harder on my hard clit, and gently use your teeth to tease me. Then, when I am close to cumming you pull the vibe out and thrust your cock in, filling me again and making me whimper. You start to ram into me hard and fast, pounding me over and over, fucking me like it was your last moment on Earth. You are relentless, slamming into me until I shake and start to go tense, squeezing at your cock as I cum with a shudder and an involuntary moan, it all feels so good that it pushes you over and you start to fill my pussy up with your cum as I am milking your cock, biting my shoulder as you do. We again collapse into a wet sweaty tangle on the bed, hazy smiles on our faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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