The Wedding Reception

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Being invited to my sister’s wedding in Scotland was a chore until my girlfriend and I met the groom’s best mates at the reception.


My home city isn’t overly provincial and locals would say it is almost cosmopolitan but when I ended up at business school in London I realised just what cosmopolitan meant. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland but with around half a million residents, it was a small village compared to London. I studied hard and worked hard but I also played hard.

Accommodation costs are hell but now that I have an actual job I am at least earning and though the salary has a lot of growing to do yet, it offers me a standard of living. I met Abi while still at university and she was on a marketing course at another college. We got on well and saw each other in a casual relationship over my last two years of study. She was from London so staying at home with family. She spent her leisure hours at my place. Sex was good, not frenetic or wild but good.

Abi was a slim five feet four inch, naturally blonde haired, 23 year old with a mind of her own. I was now a 25 year old six feet tall medium built, fair haired Scot with genetic freckles which gave away the fact that my pubic hair was more red than brown. I would like to tell you I had an enormous cock but sadly it could muster six and a half inches on a good day. Thankfully it had some girth and a nice decorative foreskin, which is commonplace in the North (the foreskin not the girth).

In the years before meeting Abi I had been a bit of an adventurer. My flat was shared then with four guys. One was Indian, one was gay white male, one was a rough and ready builder and the last one would do whatever came his way after some happy tobacco. Our nights out were something else and as well as frequently shagging girls in front of each other, four of us had had a bit of an orgy with two girls, and I have even been blown by the gay guy on one particularly frustrating night when I had been without sex for far too long. Of course once he had done it, he kept at me until I fucked the arse off him another night to keep him happy. I was unusually satisfied and guilt free afterwards which surprised me and delighted him. He didn’t tell a soul, thank goodness.

I have to tell you honestly that the casual attitude to sex was very arousing for me and I frequently feigned sleep when one of my flatmates was shagging hell out of a girl on the sofa so I could watch. I even watched the gay guy getting fucked by two rather manly workmen one night when he accidentally left his bedroom door open and I looked into the lit room from a dark hallway, stroking my cock as I watched.

These experiences had left a horny, voyeuristic and kinky man who was getting vanilla sex once a week and using the porn sites for his varietal sex fix.

Abi and I were friends. I’m not sure we were an item as such even though she spent most weekends at my place. I had heard she had been “a bit of a girl” in her late teens and she had confessed that she had had sex with quite a few guys so I knew she wasn’t an English Rose, and in fact, her dark skin from previous generations in the Indian sub Continent would ensure she couldn’t look like one either.

I would go out during the week in an attempt to pick up and had the odd success. I had even been picked up by an older guy one night when my horn was too much and the opportunities limited. He attempted to fuck me and I actually wanted him to, for some reason but his long cock only managed a few inches of penetration before I gave in. He let me fuck him. I quite enjoyed arse fucking as it felt snugger somehow so I had no trouble filling the condom inside him.

So that was me, Sam Galbraith, a Jock in London with a dirty mind and not enough opportunity.

It was a Thursday night when Mum phoned.

“Your sister’s getting married!”

“Oh that’s nice. Is it to lanky Tom?” I asked.

“Don’t be so facetious,” retorted Mum, “You know very well her and Tom have been engaged for almost two years!”

Sarah was three years older than me and the assumption was I would be following her example soon.

“When is the wedding?” I ventured.

“It’s in June and you need to be there. You can bring that girl you go on about,” she replied.

“Abi, Mum. Short for Abigail and yes I will, if she can make it.”

The venue was a Country House Hotel just on the Edinburgh city outskirts and the dress code was traditional Scottish. That meant men in kilts, in bloody June!! Not exactly Summer attire flouncing around in heavy woollen skirts, the breeze blowing up your nether regions. I decided there and then to make a long weekend of it and I booked a double room at the hotel for Abi and I.

Thankfully she could come and the four months shot by until it was almost time to head North. We took the train, first class, and the almost five hundred miles past in just under five hours. I popped in to see Mum with Abi before heading out on the Friday night to the hotel.

Some guests were staying at the hotel including Tom, who introduced me çayyolu escort to his best man, a six feet tall, broad, twenty-nine year old black guy called Calvin with an amazing physique and very white teeth. He was noticeably taken by Abi and complimented everything there was to compliment. He had a mate named Leo with him, who was mixed race, short, slightly beefy and a bit rough around the edges. He looked about my age.. His eyes seemed to strip Abi too and she was absolutely loving it!! There was something rather animalistic about Leo and his eyes has a mischievous twinkle.

“So we’re going to see you two in kilts tomorrow,” I smirked.

“Yup,” said Calvin, “We’re gonna follow the true Scottish traditional and fit in with the locals.”

His twinkling smile was infectious and though there was obviously no reason whatsoever for a black guy and a dark-skinned rugby-type not to wear kilts, the thought made me smile. For a fleeting moment I thought of two large cocks hanging down between two legs with nothing but kilt fabric to cover them and my cock started to stir. I quickly moved on to another subject and the moment passed.

Tom, his parents, the best man and friend were having dinner in the hotel that night and Abi and I were invited to join them, which we agreed to do. While changing in the room prior to going down, Abi was acting unusually fruity. She was frisky, squeezing my cock in the shower, kissing me and just generally being clingy. We didn’t have time for sex but I pointed out we would have time after dinner so she started to get ready.

“So black men in kilts,” she suddenly said.

“I don’t see why not,” I replied.

“I wonder if it’s true about black guys, and if so, how they would keep themselves under control while wearing a kilt with nothing under it,” she said.

“Funny Abi, I thought that too,” I said.

“I’ve only had one black guy and he was quite good in the sack and though nicely blessed, didn’t shape up to the porn star image in the equipment department,” she volunteered. “Have you ever seen a black guy’s cock?”

“Nope, not even at the gym. Only in the movies too.”

“I’ve often wondered…,” she said then drifted off, suddenly commenting on how late it was.

I tried to prompt her to continue but she was already putting on her shoes and hurrying me along. My cock was filling out again at the thought of Abi being a slut. I suppose that as we had been having quite missionary position sex for the last year, anything that made her more of a sex object turned me on and I had an idea of bringing the guys up in a fantasy story later when we got to bed in an effort to stimulate our sex life.

The dinner was enjoyable and the conversation easy, helped enormously by a selection of matching wines. Tom’s mum and dad didn’t come through to the lounge for coffee, saying they would have an early night and leaving Tom, the two guys and us to have coffee and brandies. We stayed awake another half hour before we all decided to head for bed. Tom was in the main building (in a room suitable for a bride and groom) and we were in another wing as were the guys.

On the way along the corridor Calvin again made comments on Abi’s beauty and how she was wasted on a “white man.” It was said tongue in cheek and not intended to be offensive. Leo chipped in saying how much black guys loved natural blondes. At the door to their twin room, they shook my hand and both, in turn, kissed Abi on the cheek, though Calvin ventured round to her lips, looking at me and winking as he did it. He was trying it on with my girl in front of me!

I might have been slightly annoyed but unfortunately my cock wasn’t!

Back in the room the pair of us fumbled, kissed and talked. Abi sucked my cock and commented on my hardness, even while drunk.

“It’s got nothing to do with Calvin and Leo coming on to me, has it?” she asked.

“Well it is slightly erotic having two healthy specimens trying to pick up my girl in front of me.”

“You’re ok, I wouldn’t humiliate you by letting them go any further,” she said.

She hesitated and then added, “Unless it didn’t bother you.”

I came instantly all over her face.

“Oh fuck I’m so sorry,” I said. “The booze has made me a little sensitive.”

As she wiped her face on the towel she said, “Just the booze? I have a feeling you quite like the whole cuckolding thing.”

My little smile gave me away I think but I said nothing as I wasn’t really sure myself. Abi had no idea I had ever had any sexual contact with another guy.

The next day came and the ceremony went like clockwork. As both the wedding and reception happened in the hotel guests mingled much more than the old idea of church, then photographs then shipping 70 guests across the city to a hotel, more photographs and then a meal before another 60 or so evening guests descended on the wedding as the sun set. This way we all had a great day and had a great meal before the evening group arrived.

Once the full 140 guests were underway and we were all very merry having started drinking cebeci escort with the late afternoon meal Abi and I were sitting chatting to my sister, Sarah and Tom. She looked radiant and even lanky Tom had a certain attractiveness in his Highland garb. Leo and Calvin turned up just as the bride and groom moved on and both sat across the table from me, and alongside Abi. As the chatted I was clearly aware that I could just see up Calvin’s kilt. I moved my position slightly and caught the top third of his cock hanging between his legs. Though soft, it looked big, very big. I was trying really hard to get a better view when I caught Leo’s eyes watching me, looking over to Calvin and then smiling.

I blushed!

He had that wicked twinkle again and looking briefly down, he opened his legs quite decisively and gently pulled the edge of his kilt slightly upwards making the view of his cock very easy to see. It looked equally thick and heavy and I could also see his balls hanging below.

“I always think these things get a bit boring later don’t you,” said Leo.

It took me a minute to focus on the fact he was talking to me.

“Um, eh, oh yes!, I mumbled.

“I always get a bit bored once everyone is up and dancing. Horny too.”

He looked over at Calvin and I saw him looking back and forth at us as he chatted to Abi. He smiled and I also noticed Abi’s cheeks were flushed.

“You’re naughty,” she was saying to Calvin.

“What is it?” I asked.

Calvin was asking what if I knew what three into one was?

I looked puzzled until I saw the pair of them smirking, Calvin’s white teeth dazzling in the light.

The two guys were chatting to each other so I slipped across to Abi to ask if she was all right. She said she was.

“I think they are angling for a four way with you in our room,” I said. Leo and Calvin were flashing their rather large cocks while sitting opposite me.”

“How big?” she asked.

“Very big,” I replied.

She formed an “O” with her mouth and then said, “What do you think about it? After all you’ll be the gooseberry.”

“I love gooseberries,” I said.

“Let’s see where this leads then,” she said.

My cock was rock hard, embarrassingly so! Leo looked across, saw the raised fabric at the front of my kilt and smiled a massive smile.

“Affects you the same way then?”

I was a bit lost then realised he was continuing his previous conversation with me about evenings being boring at weddings.

“I’ve got a couple of chilled bottles of champagne snaffled in the fridge in our room if everyone fancies sneaking away from the part goers,” I said.

“You’re on,” said Abi. “It was meant for us tomorrow but I can’t think of a better use for it.”

We split and headed upstairs, meeting in the hall and heading for our rather grand room. I had pushed the boat out and was glad I had as the room had a massive modern queen size bed and colossal wet room plus a stand alone bathtub.

The guys were quite chilled and we were all a bit merry as we stumbled into the room. I was a little more than just merry though as an air of suggestion hung around everything and my cock was already semi-hard thinking about what might be about to happen. Of course everything would hinge on Abi and if she didn’t want it to proceed it wouldn’t. The guys sat side by side on the sofa, Abi on a chair and I opened the champagne. I perched on a chair opposite the guys and two dark cocks were immediately visible between their legs. They saw me looking and, quite independently, opened wider as though to say “Is this what you want to see fucking your girl?”

Strangely I wasn’t that excited about a foursome as such, I wanted to be forced to watch what happened rather than participate as a full fledged member of the gang bang. What I really wanted to do, I suppose was fuck her after she had been fucked ruthlessly. My cock was now at full mast and obviously visible to the guys as I was sitting on the arm of the chair and slightly higher. The kilt is quite unforgiving when your cock is at full length.

Abi said she wanted to pop to the toilet and freshen up. When she had gone, the guys looked at me.

“You want us to screw your girl then?” said Calvin.

I gently nodded.

“You want to watch us fuck her senseless?”

My cheeks went a little red as I nodded again, feeling like an embarrassed schoolboy.

“Come over here,” said Calvin.

I stood up and walked over just as both guys stood up to face me. Calvin looked me in the eye, close up and took my hand by the wrist and pushing it under his kilt. He forced my fingers open under his kilt and made me grip his massive thick cock. Taking his lead Leo did the same and I had both cocks in my hand. There was no doubt Calvin’s was massively long but the girth of Leo’s was alarming too and for a brief moment I wondered what it would be like trying to take either of them up my arse.

“She’s going to feel these inside her wet, juicy cunt soon. How do you feel about that?

I mumbled.

“Louder,” he said, çubuk escort “how do you feel about that?”

“I’d love to see it,” I whispered quietly.

“You’re going to see it and you’re going to lick it to get it ready. Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

He put his hand roughly up my kilt and gripped my rock hard, uncut dick.

“She’s going to feel real cock tonight,” he said squeezing my cock and running his thumb around the head, spreading my pre-cum which was pouring our the top. “Let’s go and help her get ready,” he said and headed for the bathroom.

Abi was in the large shower washing herself when all of us entered the room.

“You took your time,” she said.

They didn’t waste any time is stripping and she soon had two dark-skinned bodies washing her down in the shower. I stripped more slowly watching them kiss her, Calvin in front and Leo behind, grinding his cock against her arse. Calvin’s fingers were inside here washing, stroking and rinsing. Leo was at the rear, soapy fingers invading her arse. She was already whispering encouragement. As they looked like finishing their shower, I stepped in under the pretext that their hadn’t been enough room for four and I would wash quickly and join them. Abi was to engrossed to bother and I rather enjoyed not being needed.

The disappeared from the bathroom and I took my time, my mind guessing what they would be doing to her through in the room. The excitement and anticipation were driving me wild and I could hear the grunts and gasps of sex filtering through. I dried myself and wandered through. Abi was on the bed and Leo was between her legs licking her cunt. Calvin knelt at her head, his big cock snaking from her forehead to her chin as she attempted to lick it. Whatever Leo was doing he was doing well as little catlike sounds were emanating from Abi. I wandered over to the side of the bed, stroking my painfully hard cock and stood. Calvin put his hand out and gripped it. He seemed to have no qualms about handling a man’s organs. He gently wanked me and then slid his hand between my legs, a finger easing the entrance to my arsehole. He just played around and made no attempt to go any further but I found it highly erotic.

Leo stopped and clambered up the bed to sit astride Abi and put his cock in her mouth. Calvin replaced him between her legs and I offered my cock to Abi. She gripped me and was obviously surprised that it was like a rod of iron. My cock tend to fluctuate when having sex from a semi to hard and back so it rarely absolutely brick hard. She had a cock in each hands and alternated her sucking and licking between Leo and I.

She would gasp, draw in air and whimper as Calvin’s ministrations between her legs was obviously having a major impact. He would bring her to a high and then stop just as her gasps sounded as though she was heading for climax. This guy was an artist!

Abi looked so vulnerable lying there, her slim body stretched out on the bed, legs open, her cute and firm breasts sitting firmly above her chest while Leo massaged them. I had never been so turned on and I was doing nothing but watching. Calvin moved up to lie alongside her on the bed, his large cock looking as though it was a separate limb, hanging between his legs. He place his large lips over hers and kissed her. Leo was licking her nipples and Abi was whimpering like a puppy in pain though I was well aware these sounds were not of pain.

I knelt on the bed, keeping out of their way, and kissed her body, sliding down the bed to lick her between the legs, sampling Calvin’s saliva mixed with her own ample juices. His large cock lay draped over her inner thigh and my cheek brushed against it, a trace of liquid trickling down to my lips. I looked at the cock, his foreskin a blue/black colour, sliding slightly back to exposed the glans beneath. His slit had a little bubble of pre-cum at the tip. On an impulse, I licked it off and heard a moan of pleasure from Calvin as my tongue found it’s way around the head of his cock. Calvin wasn’t one for delicacy as his hand gripped the back of my head and he forced me on to his cock.

“Suck it you bitch,” he commanded.

What was I to do? I put my mouth, with some effort over his cock head and felt the hot skin enter and slide down my throat. The salty taste of his juices mixed with my saliva and turned me on in a way I could never have imagined. I had only sucked a cock once before but this time it was so much more enjoyable.

A wave of excitement rushed through my head as though I had been taking poppers, and I grabbed him firmly and started sucking him like a hungry animal who had just been offered food. I slid back the skin, sucked the head, licked around it all while gripping his heave black balls in my other hand.

“Fuck that’s good,” exclaimed Calvin. “You really know how to suck!”

This drove me on and I was now kneeling over him sucking as though my life depended on it. He was still fondling and kissing Abi but Leo had moved around behind me and had parted my buttocks to spit between them and start to finger my arse. At this stage there was no way he was going to get his short, fat cock in me so I just relaxed and enjoyed being the slut I felt I was. Leo was rubbing the head of his cock up and down on my hole, occasionally the head would slightly part my sphincter but there was no way it was going in. I told him so.

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