The Weekend

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I have been waiting for this weekend for three weeks, that was the last time I saw him. You see, I have a long distance relationship going on. Almost 500 miles separate the two of us. But that has not put a damper on our sex lives, in fact I think it has improved it.

Anyway back to the weekend. The idea was for us to meet about half way. We end up in the town right on the border of our two states. The room my boyfriend rented had a King bed, and a spa tub.

I got into this little town about 8 his time, but I had worked that day before heading on my 300-mile journey. I was tired, but I didn’t stay that way for long. My boyfriend greeted me on the steps with a great big hug and kiss. I had made it. As soon as we got up to the room, we were back in each other’s arms. When we finally broke apart, he told me he had wine to drink in the tub. Also he had bought some bubble bath. Suddenly I wasn’t tired any more.

We soaked in the bursa escort tub for quit awhile, running soapy hands over each other’s bodies. At that moment I was in heaven, and the good stuff hadn’t even started yet. We got out of the tub very reluctantly and dried each other off. Then we proceeded to the bed.

We started touching and kissing again; slowly exploring each other’s bodies with hands and tongues. It felt so good to be with him again. Pretty soon we were making slow love to each other. Soon I cuddled next to him and fell asleep. I slept very well that night.

The next day we drove about 100 miles to a lake to for something to do. We browsed the gift shops and had lunch at a little brewery there. After lunch we took the shuttle boat over to the little casino. As it happens they were having boat races that day. My boyfriend for very happy to sit at the bar and watch the races while I gambled his money away.

Later bursa escort bayan that afternoon we headed back to the motel to change clothes and go out to dinner. We found this nice little steak house. The atmosphere was very romantic. Soft music and candle light. We quietly ate our dinner talking about the tub back at the room. How much fun we were going to have in the tub. Needles to say my mind was not on food.

Finally we got back to the room and back into the tub. First we got each other all nice and soapy and slippery. Then I kneeled over him and impaled my self on him. The bubble bath had made moving around in the tub very easy. A lot of slipping and sliding. After that position I turned around with my butt in your face. He stuck his tongue out and started licking my ass and playing with my hole. He got me really squirming there. I then lowered my pussy back on to his cock. bursa merkez escort In the position I was in he could lay back but still fuck me from behind.

After that little episode we decided to take a break and have our wine. We each lay back against the tub and sipped wine. As we laid back and enjoyed looking at each other’s bodies, his hand began to wander. He slowly started to play with my pussy. Sticking in one finger and pulling it out and then two. I was really enjoying it. I kept begging for more, I wanted more fingers inside of me, fucking me. As I had mentioned several times our bodies were very slick from the oil and bubble bath. Before either of us realized it, he had his whole had in my pussy. God it felt good. This was my first experience with fisting. It was one of my fantasies, but never found anyone to do it with.

When we got out of the tub we went back to the bed and proceeded to have the most wild sex we have ever had. While we were playing around, we talked about some other things that we would like to try. Some involved just the two of us with toys or with other couples. I think that this is going to be lots of fun exploring these new things with him. Hopefully I will have other stories to share.

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