The World Is Different Now Ch. 02

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Vanna and I talked every day for the next couple of weeks. I really liked her. She was so excited and frightened the morning she could take the pregnancy test. Her mom was with her again. She waited for me to get off work and the three of us had dinner scheduled at her apartment. Everyone promised to have a good time whatever the results. I so hoped I would not have to see disappointment in her eyes.

Her mom and I both went with her to the bathroom to watch her pee on the little indicator. I took the plastic tube from her, so I would be the first to know. I don’t think she breathed for the two minutes.

“You are pregnant Vanna.”

She fell into my arms and her mother wrapped her arms around both of us while Vanna cried.

Marge and I sat down and shared a bottle of champagne while Vanna called her sisters. The practiced official story was: she had gone through artificial insemination, was now in debt, she was going to move in with her mother and sisters in the suburbs and everyone was helping financially. I had things I wanted to discuss. I wanted to help also and be a real father. I would not get a chance to talk tonight; Marge had her own agenda.

“Tom, we all have noticed how you hide and live like a hermit. If you came to live with us in the secure gated community for medical personnel, you would be safer and have more freedom. We could give you the identity of my dead nephew, he was marginally affected.”

“Why Marge? Why would you do that? Why do you want a kept man?”

“I am not after a sex slave. Your life would be your own. Of course, I am hoping you will father children with my other daughters and maybe me. All your choice. We will not black mail you. We would never disclose your genetic secret to anyone unless you said it was all right. Maybe it’s by default, but you are part of my family now.”

My mind was spinning. I remember the stories my mother used to tell me from the Old Testament. Women had to have a husband to survive. Men would sometimes take responsibility for the wives and families of deceased brothers. Sometimes a man’s wife would plead with him to take her widowed sisters, even her mother, as wives so they would not become beggars. Relatively poor men wound up with many wives that way. In a convoluted way this would happen to me, if I did as Marge asked. It was tempting. They were all beautiful, sexy and desirable.

“How could you afford what you are proposing?”

“It will not be easy but the reward of healthy children will be worth any sacrifice. My husband left insurance and the house is paid for. My income and what the girls earn while they live here will be enough for us to eat and live well enough. I think I can get most all of our medical free or discounted.”

I had a lot to mull over. I had to decide how much to risk with Marge. There was something about her. Sure she was smart, educated and powerful at her work. But she seemed almost apologetic, deferring to me when we talked.

“Let’s party tonight. Give me a few days and I’ll ask Vanna to get in touch with you. We need at least one more meeting on this. If we do this, I have some items to discuss with you also.”

In a week, I had decided. I did not want to recap tires and hide all my life. I could have a magnificent life; if only, I could be safe. I called Vanna.

“Vanna, please call your mom and have her come to dinner at your place, tomorrow. Ask her to bring your older sister, Addie.”

“Are you going to take mom up on her offer?”

“Let’s talk tomorrow night.”

All the women were anxious to know my decision. “Marge, I would like to try what you have proposed. However, I want to contribute bursa sınırsız escort a little to our well being. We all have to trust one another. Addie, I need your help. I’ll need you to take a few days off several times over the next few months. Your business background and demeanor are perfect for you to represent me on something. Will you do that for me.”

“I’ll have to know what it is. It can’t be illegal or anything that would cost me my job.”

“No, nothing like that. When my family was all killed, I inherited the family farm. It has been leased for years. All transactions go through coded and numbered accounts. I want you to be my representative in selling and closing on the property. If I go back, everyone knows about me and that I own the farm. I would never make it out. But you, with my Power of Attorney, could act for me and we could have the funds flow directly into established accounts.”

Vanna asked, “How much is the farm worth.”

“Enough to make things easier, my nosy little-mother-to-be.”

She realized her question was out of bounds for now and started to apologize. Her face was flushed.

“It’s all right Vanna. That is a logical question. I’ll disclose more when the time comes. How about it, Addie? You have to promise to keep every element confidential until I tell you otherwise. Do we have a deal?”

“Sure, I have plenty of vacation time coming. Sounds like fun.”

Over the next three months, behind the scenes, I played puppet master and directed Marge and three of her four daughters. Vanna had all the early tests. She was carrying a perfect boy. I had her go to her mom’s house and never return home. Her youngest sister, Alice, became our moving director. For her first task she had to rent a truck and we loaded all Vanna’s possessions, vacating her apartment. For her second task, she started arranging the same for me, a month away. Addie had listed my farm and we immediately had two interested parties — the current lessee and a corporate farm co-op. Marge hung on my words, often staring at me. She would look down when I caught her. When I stood very close to her, she seemed to be small and fragile. Yet she was neither.

In the guise of a weekend painter, Marge got me into her secure community for the first time. I had to wear a locator, be escorted inside the door of her home and promise not to go outside without calling for an escort. Marge and I actually did work hard all day Saturday, moving furniture, making one of the bedrooms available for me, cleaning closets and sorting things out to give to Goodwill. The garage was hot, we were wet with sweat when I came upon a box of risqué female clothing and toys. I called her over. “Do the clothes fit you?”

She looked surprised. “I didn’t know all that was still around.”

Marge stood nervously near me as I rifled through the box. There were lots of toys, restraints and outfits in the box. With an oversized dildo, a small nine-thonged whip, a butt plug and a set of clamps in my hands I asked, “All yours?”

She nodded.

“To be used on you?”

She nodded again.

“I would like that. Do you take orders well?”


“Are you noisy when you cum?”


“I am very oral. How about you?”


“Do you have a gag reflex?”


“What position do you like the most often?”




She was breathing irregularly and showing no sign of resisting me or my questions. “Would you have sex with me today, if I asked?”


“Why? For the girls sake and their future or because you want to?”

“Because I want bursa üniversiteli escort to.”

“Put this box in your bedroom. We will need these things later.”

The box was large and heavy but I did not offer to help. “When you come back, have a skirt on, no panties, no shoes and meet me in the kitchen.” I was in the kitchen holding two glasses of iced tea, when she came in.

“You have me half hard wanting you. Can you take care of the other half?”

Marge knelt in front of me, slowly undid my pants while maintaining contact with my growing cock through the material. She slid my pants and boxers down and off. She massaged my cock between her hands and rubbed my pre-cum on her cheeks. Before she took me into her hot, wet mouth, she said, “It has been so very long.”

Her husband had trained her well before he was killed. She had me rock hard and throbbing in seconds with little more than teasing, licking and kissing. The entire time she worked on me, she had fingers rubbing her clit.

I pushed out a kitchen chair with my foot, sat down and said, “Straddle me, push my cock deep into your cunt, drink tea with me and learn to fuck me.”

She was slow and sensuous. We had not kissed but she was rubbing the head of my cock up and down her cleanly shaven slit. A long moan escaped her lips when her opening resisted, stretched and then head of my dick penetrated her. She made little bouncing moves to open her long unused but needy pussy. I felt drops of her juice trickle down my shaft. Her eyes were closed. She had half of me in her now. I was thicker there. She struggled but was determined. When she had all of me, she raised her feet off the floor and wiggled, opening her ass cheeks to get the last inch of me into her that this position would allow. Then she was still. Her cunt muscles milked me, making me fight for control. I needed distraction.

I gave her a glass, put mine on the table, stripped away her blouse and bra. I retrieved my sweating glass and rubbed its cold wet sides over her hard hot nipples. Water beaded and ran down between her breasts, into her belly button, down over her clit, between her lips and onto my cock. Her body tensed.

“Not yet, Marge. We are just teasing now. I want to taste you, feel you, get you close and keep you on the edge. You must not cum, unless I tell you to. Do you understand?”

Her body was trembling trying to hold off. She answered in a groaning, pain-filled whisper, “I understand.”

We both struggled to drink half our tea. I sat the glasses on the floor, stood with her still impaled on my cock and lay her back onto the table. When I sat down again, she was hot, gaping and salted with sweat. I went straight for her nest; I had to taste her. I wanted to see her cum, feel my power over her but for now I had to torture her.

First I licked at her wetness. She raised her legs and held them open for me. I licked, kissed deep and pushed my tongue into her. I sucked pulling little tasty streams from her. How far would she go? I licked lower. She had been clean this morning. Now she was sweaty and musty. She said a loud, “OH, YES” when I licked her asshole and trailed up to her clit. Several times I did this and each time she urged me on with, “Yes.”

Her legs were shaking when I leaned back and pulled her feet into my lap. She rolled and pinched her own nipples, as I molded her feet around my cock and thrust up and down between them. My pre-cum flowed coating her toes and slicking her arch. She gasped again when I brought her right foot to my lips, sucked each toe and licked her arch. She pulled harder bursa anal yapan escort at her nipples. When I started on her left foot she moved a hand to her clit.

“No, Marge. I did not tell you that you can cum.”

With reluctance and a great sound of complaint, she returned her hand to her breast.

“Be careful. You might come that way. Hold you legs again for me.”

Again she spread herself wide for me. I wet my fingers in her juices and slipped two into her to press her g-spot. Her stomach muscles tightened. She was fighting not to cum. I stroked at her sponginess and licked at her clit. I could see my fingers distort her lovely smooth belly. She was moaning constantly now.

I pulled my wet fingers from her cunt and pushed them at her resisting sphincter. Slow and steady, they slipped in and Marge howled. Her finger nails dug into the skin on her breasts, almost drawing blood. She struggled hard and whimpered trying not to cum.

I could not take any more. I lifted her from the table and moved her just far enough to be on the carpeted floor instead of the cold kitchen tile. She was lying alone, spread wide, flowing, moaning, her body was begging for release. Her eyes were pleading, watching my every move. I knelt between her out-stretched legs and pushed my cock into her as slowly as I could, making sure every millimeter raked across her clit. Her stomach was tight, she was not breathing and her legs were tense. She did not want to disobey me and slip over the edge.

I trust in and pulled almost out of her a dozen times. “Do you want to cum now?”

Her mouth opened and moved but no sound came out. Her eyes were rolled back. Her upper body arched off the carpet. Only the back of her head touched.

Harder I slammed into her. Her face was contorted in real pain. She could not take any more. Again I pulled almost all the way out of her. Her cunt was nursing the head of my cock. I readied for a mighty thrust. When my hips started forward, I ordered her, “Cum for me Marge. Come for me now.”

My ears rung with her scream. Her body curled up against mine. I drove it back down and assaulted her. She screamed again as her second climax began. When I felt her body wetting us and the carpet, I lost all control. “Take me. Take me now, Marge. I’m cuming into you. I going to fill your cunt.”

I growled like the most primitive caveman. I twisted my fingers into her lovely hair and pulled. I heard her head hit the floor and our bodies slap together over and over. Two pulses of my semen surged into her and she went totally still under me. I wasn’t finished yet. A few more thrusts into her lifeless body and I too collapsed; almost unconscious, breathing hard but yet unable to get oxygen into my lungs.

We were asleep tangled on the wet carpet for most of an hour when I came back. I squirmed aroundand started kissing my angel awake. The kisses were soft, loving, not passionate. I nibbled at her eyes. She blinked and smiled weakly at me.

“Am I still alive and on Earth?”

“Yes, my lovely, you are. You almost killed me. You and your body are so wonderful, that would have been all right with me.”

“It would not be all right with me. I have never been so satisfied. I cannot loose you, now that I’ve found you.”

“You didn’t tell me you are submissive. That is perfect. You cannot loose me. I never allowed myself to even hope that I would find someone like you.”

“I think Lil, my daughter that you have not met, would be like me, if she had the chance.”

“I’m interested in you. Let’s get cleaned up and you tell me how you see our future. I’m having trouble imagining five women and me living under the same roof. So many issues are unclear and frightening: privacy, jealousy, secrecy, future relationships.”

“Please, not yet. Lay with me a little longer.”

No sooner had she said that, we heard a key in the front door and we both scrambled toward Marge’s master bedroom suite, grabbing most of our clothes on the way.

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