The World’s First Futa 11 – Futa’s Wild Presidency Chapter 4: Futa’s First Sensual Contest

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The World’s First Futa – Futa’s Wild Presidency

Chapter Four: Futa’s First Sensual Contest

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“For the next year or so, you had a good string of diplomatic success,” Adelia said as we neared the end of our interview on my life. As much fun as it was to talk about my life on my forty-eighth birthday, I was eager to finish this last segment. I needed a break.

But I still had to be positive and sexy, to let the world see me answer her questions without showing my fatigue. I had to be in control, presidential. “Yes, yes, the Dubai Accords were a smashing success, and I was so thrilled with how we handled the humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Though Russia continued resisting, I was bringing around the other nations.”

“Yes, you ‘seduced’ China with economic opportunities offered by your allies in Europe and South America, and Japan jumped in right from the beginning.”

“Yes, Japan was with me 100%. They always loved me. Plus, my futa-daughters I bred during my years living there were celebrities in their own right. A dozen of them had formed a J-Pop group that performed for my second inauguration,” I said. “But we’re not there yet, are we? I think I know what you want to talk about.”

“The Russian sphere, the remnants of the Eastern Bloc and those countries that, while independent from the Federation, still had economic and political ties back to Moscow,” Adelia said.

“Futas were gaining footholds almost everywhere else, but the Russians, particularly President Demyan Ignatov, didn’t want anything to do with us. But my daughters, Christina in particular, identified a weakness in their alliance. The most strident supporter of the Russian position was Vladislav Kokot.”

“The ‘President for Life’ of Slovenia,” Adelia said to the cameras and the studio audience. “He took advantage of the European Union’s collapse twenty years ago to install himself as all but a dictator in the Eastern European country.”

“Propped up by Moscow,” I added. “But if I could win him over, I would have the strongest Russian cheerleader on my side, kicking out the legs from beneath their alliance. Then I could deal with President Demyan Ignatov directly.”

“Smart,” Adelia said. “But I bet you didn’t expect that to happen when you came for your diplomatic visit.”

“That’s an understatement,” I said. “Back home, I was getting hammered by the remnants of the democratic and republican parties for ‘legitimizing’ a dictator by visiting Slovenia. But I had to do this. I had to win him over.

“I just didn’t expect the cost.”


August 13th, 2038

“A fucking contest?” I blurted out to President Vladislav Kokot as he lead me out of the presidential palace onto its back lawn where a horde of Eastern European women waited naked and eager. “You want to have a fucking contest? With me?”

“Indeed,” Vladislav said, a big grin on his thick lips. He was a tall man and fit, his chest deep and broadly muscled. His Italian suit couldn’t hide his strength. This was a man who cultivated fitness. He had a thick mustache on his face, his hair dark, not a hint of gray. “The one of us who cums in the most amount of women in three hours, wins.”

“But you’re a man,” I said. “And I’m… well, me! Surely you know how much stamina I have.” I may be pushing forty now, but my futa-daughters threw orgies all the time, bringing in as many virgin, nubile girls for us to fuck as we could handle. Though they’d inherited my genes, they hadn’t inherited my unlimited stamina. I could cum and cum and cum. “No offense, Mister President, but you cannot compete with me.”

“See, that is the arrogance that we despise about you futanari,” he said. “You think you are here to supplant men, but I am here to tell you that we can compete with you. We can have as much stamina as you. Can cum as much as you. Impregnate as many women as you.”

“You think I’m here to supplant you?” I asked.

“You futanari will supplant the entire human race in a few generations if you’re not stopped,” he said. “If barricades aren’t erected to keep you out of sovereign nations. I will not give up without a fight. I will prove that men are superior to you today.”

“How?” I asked, shaking my head as I gazed out at the horde of women. “You know that’s physically impossible. Men have to recover. You have a refractory period before you can even get an erection again, let alone ejaculate.”

“The same way men have always conquered nature,” he growled, his hand shoving into his pocket. “Through the use of our minds.” He pulled out a thick, blue pill, a string of numbers and letters stamped into the side. “This is how I will beat you.”

“What?” I asked. “Is that Viagra?”

“This is superior to that. To Cialis. To all the male enhancement drugs.” He shook it at me. “With this, I shall have the same sexual prowess as you. We shall be evenly matched.” His grin grew, his mustache bristling on his upper lip. “Then we shall see if you futanari deserve to supplant us, or if us men need to do our duty, step up, and out breed you to protect our species.”

“Are you saying if I win, you’ll sign the Dubai Accords?” I asked. I had plans for those accords. Step one was to get everyone cooperating in a way that the UN had always failed to achieve. It was too mired in its bureaucracy. The Accords would be something better, a true foundation for a democratic government modeled off the United States Constitution.

A world government that respected the sovereign powers its member states the way the Federal government I ran had to respect the individual states sovereign rights and powers. I would deliver world peace to my futa-daughters and their descendants.

I owed them that.

“I will sign if you win.”

“Agreed,” I said, my girl-cock already swelling hard. “If you win, I shall withdraw the pressure I’m putting on the Russian Federation and her allies. You can manufacture that pill and see if men can truly out-breed my daughters and me.”

He nodded his head. “This is how evolution works. Will mankind adapt to the changing pressure, or will the new mutation carry the day?”

“Mutation, huh?” I asked, staring down at my cock swelling in my skirt. “Some people thing I’m divine. That God crated me, or Allah. Others think I’m a devil, an anomaly, that aliens created me. I’ve heard some crackpots claim I was created in the lab by the Illuminati.”

He grinned at me. “No, no, evolution produced you. It can happen, you know, rapid change in a species. It is not supposed to happen in a large, global population, but in isolation.” He shrugged. “But scientists can be wrong, particularity when they only have a handful of bones to study. Today, we shall find out who is superior.”

“You are an interesting man,” I said, trying not to like him. He had seized control of his nation and used its military to suppress any dissent. People who questioned him had a way of ending up in prison, but…

I had to work with him. Political reality was a murky thing sometime.

“Select two of your staff to be judges, and I will select two of mine, one watching each of us that way we can rely on their count,” he said.

I nodded my head. “Christina and Lola,” I said. “You got it.”

“Sure, Mom,” my daughters said. Lola gave her wife a quick hug, they were married two months ago, and darted towards me. Christine pushed up her glasses and took a statelier walk to me.

The president popped the pill into his mouth and swallowed it without any water. I arched an eyebrow at that. It made my own throat tighten just thinking about mimicking that feat. Then, together, we descended to the women who were all quivering in delight.

They were young, of course, between eighteen and twenty-five, their bodies lovely. A garden of delights from flat-chested girls with little A cups to busty girls that had to be F or even G cups, their bountiful tits overflowing their hands. Most had dark hair, a range of brunettes to raven-blacks, their faces delicate, skin pale with that Eastern European roundness and high cheekbones. Some had shaved pussies, others trimmed or with landing strips, while some had fierce bushes.

“Aren’t they all just lovely?” he asked. “They were all eager for it, all wanting to be bred by you because us men haven’t shown them our true prowess.” He shook his head in disgust. “Feminism has utterly ruined two generations of men.”

I arched an eyebrow at that but didn’t comment. I would show him my prowess.

“Most young men are raised to care about their feelings. To be sensitive, delicate, dainty things who consume too much soy and have no testosterone. No wonder women are needing something virile in their lives. Humans are sexual beings, President Woodard. Everything we do is about sex at some level. We’re not aware of it, but it drives men to success and women to be beautiful.

“All for this.” He spread out his arms. “For fucking. For rutting. You are re-invigorating our race. That is why you evolved. But it is time for men to seize back their place and show the women of the world that they can give them what they crave deep in their DNA.”

I blinked my eyes. He ranted like a cheesy villain in a B movie.

He loosened his tie while the women moaned around us. They were all touching themselves, eager for me. I was surprised they weren’t mobbing me. That could happen with women who had never been around me. They managed to have a great deal of discipline as their hands rubbed at their hot cunts, juices dribbling down their thighs.

I stripped, too. As Vladislav barred his broad, hairy chest, I slipped out of my blouse, my round, plump tits on display. Still firm despite my age. I had a fit body, in great shape. They said forty’s the new twenty, and I wasn’t quite that old. I had almost a full year left before my big 4-0 birthday.

A moan rose from the crowd as my skirt came off, my girl-dick cradled in a pair of pink satin panties with a white frill running across it. I loved the cut of this pair. It fit me well. I smiled at the women, winking at them as they stared at me with lusty hunger, the sun shining on their pale flesh.

“Mmm, I can feel it working already,” groaned Vladislav, his dick thrusting hard before him. For a man, he was hung. I blinked at that. He was almost as hung as one of my daughters, but I still dwarfed him.

I thrust my panties down. My clit-dick popped out, the tip flicking a drop of precum before me. It spun through the air while the Slovenian women moaned. Their passion echoed escort numaraları around me as I wiggled out of my panties, my pussy on fire. My blonde bush was soaked with excitement.

“Mmm, now we mount our beds,” he said as a group of soldiers in a strange pattern of camouflage, green and browns with some dark reds mixed in. It wasn’t the digital print style of my own armed forces. They set down the king-sized beds, saluted their naked president, then retreated, no doubt envious of the dictator.

“These women are all willing to sleep with you?” I asked as I sat on my bed, the pair of us separated by about twenty feet.

“Oh, yes, they understood,” he said. “They are being paid for it, too.” He grinned. “More than a few were willing yesterday for the first test. You might not get to breed them. They might already be pregnant with my strong sons.”

“Pity,” I said. “I was hoping to populate your country with my horny daughters.”

He threw back his head and laughed. His chest rose and fell. It highlighted the long, pale scar running across his torso half-hidden amid his curly chest hairs. “I like you, President Woodward. Yes, yes, a pity you are a futanari. We could have been friends.”

I shook my head as I took my position, kneeling on the bed, my dick thrusting out before me. It was a shame this was a race. There wouldn’t be time for any good foreplay, just hot and heavy sex, thrusting my cock into fertile pussies.

A gun shot cracked through the air.

Soldiers grabbed two women, pushing one at me, the other at Vladislav. Both women shrieked in joy, rushing forward. The girl going for the president did look eager. Maybe she was just horny because of me. Guys loved my orgies for that reason. All the girls were wet for me, but when I was busy, they needed someone to fuck.

“President Futa!” my brown-haired beauty moaned. She had round breasts that bounced as she hopped onto the bed, her pussy shaved. “I’m Branka! So happy fuck you!”

“And I’m so happy to breed you, Branka,” I said and flashed her a grin.

She threw her arms around my neck and planted a hot and heavy kiss on me. Her tongue dove into my mouth. I shuddered, mine dancing with hers. It was incredible to feel her breasts rubbing on mine, her youthful body quivering while my cock rubbed against her belly, the tip throbbing.

“Yes, yes, yes!” grunted the girl on the president’s bed, her short, black hair bouncing as he pounded her from behind. Her large tits bounced and swayed.

“Better get fucking, President Woodward,” he grunted as his heavy balls smacked into his woman.

I broke the kiss with Branka. “Just trying to make it fair for you.”

He laughed as he thrust away, gripping the girl’s hips. Meaty thwacks echoed through the air,the girl’s butt-cheeks rippling. Her heavy tits swayed, her nipples almost brushing the top of the blanket while she moaned out in Slovenia.

“Mmm, yes, fuck my pussy!” moaned Branka to me. “It is juicy pussy! You see! Make you cum hard. Make baby in me!”

“Yes!” I moaned. “A futa-baby. Get down on your hands and knees so I can fuck you hard!”

“Ooh, yes!”

Branka spun around, her brown hair whipping behind her, the ends caressing the tips of my nipples. Pleasure tingled out of me. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. It was such a delicious thrill to experience, making my futa-dick throb. Then she fell down onto her hands and knees, presenting that pump rump at me, her shaved pussy peeking between her thighs.

She had a tight slit, her vulva flushed with her arousal. Her juices gleamed on her smooth flesh, inviting me to love her. I grabbed my dick, feeling all the women’s eyes watching me, that horde of masturbating, moaning, eager creatures. Some were even loving each other, plunging digits into their friends’, or maybe even strangers’, hot snatches.

“Fuck me, President Futa,” whimpered Branka. “Hurry, hurry. You don’t want to lose, do you?”

“He’s a man,” I said, ignoring the brawny Vladislav fucking his busty girl hard. “We can enjoy ourselves.”

“If you say so,” she muttered then gasped as I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy.

I might not get to enjoy any foreplay, but I didn’t have to pound her like a wild animal. I could make us both enjoy this so much. He might cum a few times, but his cock would flag. I had three hours of loving women ahead of me.

Branka moaned as I penetrated her. I slid my cock into her snatch. She whimpered, her hips shaking as her hot, pink flesh engulfed more and more of me. That silky delight slid around my shaft, embracing me in wet heat. I moaned, my throbbing tip drinking in the pleasure. My own cunt reveled in the heat flowing down my shaft, my juices flowing and soaking my bush.

“Damn,” I moaned as I bottomed out in her, savoring her delight.

“President Futa!” she moaned, her snatch clenching down around my cock. “That is so good.”

I smiled at her as she wiggled her hips, her plump ass jiggling. I popped my fingers into my mouth, sucking on them. I didn’t fuck her yet, just letting her get used to my dick being buried in her cunt. She whimpered, stirring her snatch around me. Then she rocked forward, sliding a few inches up my shaft before slamming back down me.

I moaned about my digits while her butt-cheeks rippled. She had such a cute ass. My cock throbbed in her. She threw a look over her shoulder, her round face twisted in passion. A bold nose twitched over her plump lips.

“Please, please, fuck me! Breed me!” She rocked again, her pussy caressing my dick.

I popped my fingers out of my mouth. “Mmm, I will. I will pump so much jizz into your snatch.” I pressed my fingers against her asshole, swirling it around. She whimpered, her snatch clenching on me. “I’ll give you such delight.

I thrust both my digits into her asshole.

“President Futa!”

Her bowels engulfed my fingers. I wiggled them in deep, feeling my own cock through the thin membranes of her flesh separating us. Now I drew back my cock, her asshole squeezing down on my digits. I stroked my own cock through her flesh, massaging my shaft before I rammed back into her.

My crotch smacked into her. My breast heaved. I moaned as the pleasure rippled through me. I savored it, the shouting around us, the women moaning, cheering us on. I would win this contest. I would show Vladislav that my cock was superior than his drug-enhanced dick and—

“Prekleto!” he bellowed, the unmistakable sound of a man grunting through his orgasm.

I groaned as the girl shuddered and slid off his cock. His cum dribbled out of her a moment later. His dick gleamed in the sunlight, coated in her juices. The girl stumbled off the bed while a soldier brought him a new one.

He was still hard.

“1-0, Slovenia!” a man boomed.

My hips slowed their thrusts as his cock stayed hard. I mean, I knew that was supposed to happen. That was what Viagra did. But Viagra didn’t allow a man to cum more than normal. It just kept his dick from going soft.

Not a big deal.

I plunged into Branka’s pussy again, thrusting faster, harder while a young woman with small titties sauntered to the bed, a big smile on her face. She threw herself on it, spreading her legs wide, her body quivering.

“Fuck me, President Kokot! Fuck me hard!” the girl squealed in English.

“Kurba!” growled the president before he fell on the slender thing and rammed his cock into her hard.

He fucked her with a furious passion, pounding her. I jammed my fingers in and out of Branka’s asshole in response. I plundered her pussy with my futa-dick. She moaned about me, both her hole squeezing down on my thrusting cock and digits.

Pleasure flowed down my shaft, bleeding into my pussy. My breasts heaved as I fucked the girl. She whimpered and moaned, her pussy growing hotter, juicier around me. Her brown hair swayed about her shoulders.

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned Branka. “So good! You have good cock! Mighty cock!”

“And you have such a tight pussy and asshole!” I groaned, pumping in and out of her holes faster.

My dick drank in the silky friction of her pussy. I drove myself to my orgasm. My ovaries drank in the heat flooding into my cunt. My cum churned in side me, approaching a boil. I brought myself closer and closer to erupting into Branka and breeding her.

That ache built. That wonderful, amazing moment of spurting jizz. I pounded her hard now. She moaned, her pussy convulsing around my cock. She cried out in rapture, her juices gushing out of her as she came hard.

“Cum in me, President Futa!” she moaned. “Tie him! Let us win.”

“Yes!” I panted, slamming into her cumming snatch. I just needed a few more strokes.

“Prekleto!” roared the president.

My head shot over. My eyes bulged as the girl bucked beneath him, moaning and gasping in orgasmic bliss while his face was contorted, frozen in that moment of ejaculatory ecstasy. He was cumming in her!

In a moment, he was ripping her cock out of her. She moaned, her body rolling out of the way. I caught a glimpse of her black bush matted with pearly jizz before she stumbled off the bed, looking flushed and happy.

“2-0, Slovenia,” the voice announced.

The pressure suddenly hit me. He was already two women up on me. That urge to cum had suddenly evaporated in my ovaries and at the tip of my futa-cock. Despite Branka’s pussy convulsing about my clit-dick, I was suddenly nowhere near my orgasm.

What if he beat me? What if he showed the world that his cock, fueled by the Super Viagra, was superior to mine? What would that mean? My plan would only work if I could get Russia to sign the Accords. They were the last great nation resisting.

I needed to focus. To concentrate on this convulsing pussy wrapped about my futa-dick. I thrust forward, burying into Branka’s snatch. The brunette, Slovenia beauty rocked back into me, moaning and gasping.

“Cum in me, President Futa!” she begged, her pussy’s spasming slowing. “Please, please, I just need it.”

“I’m getting there,” I muttered, struggling to feel that ache building and building at the tip of my futa-dick.

I was in hot pussy. I should be able to do this. Why couldn’t I do this? I had never had problem with my futa-cock before. Everyone was looking at me. All these girls were chanting and moaning, masturbating themselves or fingering each other. They all wanted my futa-cum. I had to give it to them. I had to beat this disgusting, misogynist man beside me.

“Ooh, President Kokot!” gasped a girl with round breasts escort pornoları and pierced nipples. “Ram big cock in me! I cum so hard!”

“Yes!” he groaned, slamming into her. “I’ll fill your pussy with so much jizz.”

I had to ignore him. Just concentrate on Branka’s sweet snatch. On how amazing she felt around my futa-dick. I thrust hard, my tits bouncing, my blonde hair swaying about my shoulders. My dick pumped in and out of her juicy snatch. Her silky flesh caressed me.

Branka felt good around me.

So tight and fertile. She needed me to breed her. I had to pump my cum in her and fill her to the brim with so much spunk. Nothing else truly mattered but that. I just had to ram into her. Make her cum on my futa-dick again.

She needed to explode on my cock. It would be incredible. She would milk me and I would spill into her. I shoved my hand around her waist. I slid down her shaved pubic mound and found her clit. I massaged her little bud.

“President Futa!” she gasped, her snatch squeezing around me, so hot and silky. “Please, please, cum in me. Breed me. Plant futa-baby in me!”

“I will!” I moaned. “Just a little more.” That ache built and built. I could do this.

“You nasty Kurba!” growled the president. “You cumming already.”

“I prime pussy, President Kokot!” the round-breasted girl moaned. “Yes, yes, flood me with your cum.”

“Almost there!” growled the president.

I grit my teeth. I pumped so hard, that pressure building. Just a few more strokes and I would erupt in her. I was hitting that wonderful point of no return. My hips hammered Branka’s pussy while my fingers danced along her clit, stimulating her, making her gasp and moan.

My strokes were hard, my crotch slapping into the girl’s rump. Her butt-cheeks jiggled. My tits smacked together as they heaved. My entire body felt flushed. My pussy juices flooded down my thighs I was so wet. So eager to—

“Prekleto!” grunted Vladislav as he came in the girl again.

“Yes!” she squealed.

“Fuck!” I snarled. I squeezed my eyes shut as everyone cheered and shouted around me.

“3-0, Slovenia,” the damned announcer proclaimed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I snarled.

“What’s the matter?” Vladislav taunted as he stretched out on his back, his dick hard, thrusting wet from his crotch. His black pubic hair was matted with pussy cream. A busty girl, in her mid-twenties, darted forward, her hands holding her tits against her chest to keep them from bouncing. “Having issues?”

“No!” I snarled, thrusting into Branka’s pussy, my finger dancing on her clit.

I could do this. I could cum in her.

“President Futa!” Branka squealed, her pussy writhing about my dick. I shuddered, feeling that wonderful delight of a hot, fertile pussy sucking at my ovaries. She whimpered in need. “Breed me!”

My body responded. Finally. I buried into her and gasped at the delight exploding in me. I finally came. “Take it, slut! Take my cum!”

My body shuddered. An angry explosion of rapture burst out of my cunt while my futa-dick unloaded blast after blast of my girl-jizz into Branka’s nubile depths. Her pussy milked me as my ovaries unloaded into her.

“3-1, Slovenia!”

I had never had such a hard time cumming in a girl. Nearly twenty-one years as a futa, and that had never happened to me. I was always potent. I always came. Today couldn’t be any different. I had to cum and cum and cum because I was already two behind. And that busty girl was riding Vladislav fast and hard.

I had to win this!

“Yes, yes you will cum so hard in me,” she cooed as he fondled her big tits. “You will flood me, Mr. President. Give me so much of your jizz.”

“Yes, then I will breed all the other women here. I will give you what the famed futa can’t.”

I grit my teeth. I had to do something to catch up. I needed to get my mojo back. An idea struck me when Branka crawled off my dick, her pussy slipping off my shaft with a wet plop. Immediately, my pearly jizz leaked out of her.

I needed a distraction.

“Don’t go,” I groaned, grabbing Branka’s arm. “I need you to help me out.”

“Yes!” she moaned.

I rolled onto my back as my second girl arrived, a petite think with flowing, black hair, her breasts small handfuls. She had a landing strip of dark fur leading right to her tight, girlish slit. Her vulva was puffy, her juices glistening as they dribbled down her thighs. She was barely legal and eager to be bred.

“My turn!” she moaned, hopping onto the bed and crawling towards me, her dark eyes bright. “I’m Lidija, President Futa.”

“Ride me,” I moaned. “And Branka, sit on my face. Let me eat that creampie.”

“Naughty futa!” moaned Branka.

As Lidija straddled my waist, Branka straddled my head. She lowered her pussy to my waiting lips. Before she reached it, my cum bubbled out of her pussy. It landed on my mouth. I groaned at the flavor of my own salty cum seasoned by her sweet juices. Then her hot, shaved snatch was pressed against my face at the same moment that Lidija rubbed the tip of my dick up and down her pump vulva.

She impaled her cunt down my shaft.

I moaned into Branka’s pussy, her legs pressing on the side of my face, on my ears, as I feasted on her. The world grew muffled, letting me concentrate on eating her snatch. I stared at her plump rump, my tongue digging through her snatch and gathering the futa-jizz out of her delicious hole.

My futa-dick ached and throbbed in Lidija’s tight pussy. She didn’t have a hymen, but I swear she was still a virgin with how tight that sheath was. Her silky cunt clung to my dick as she rode me, working that pussy up and down my cock.

“Ooh, yes, yes, ride the president’s cock,” Branka moaned, grinding her twat on my face, her juices spilling down my chin. “She give such good pleasure.”

“Yes!” Lidija moaned, her snatch squeezing around my dick. Proving things could get so much tighter for me.

My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure flowed through me. Her hips wiggled from side to side, stirring her snatch around my girl-dick. I moaned. The pleasure was incredible. It was such a treat to experience.

I licked more and more of my futa-cum out of Branka’s sweet snatch, my tongue digging deep into her as I enjoyed Lidija’s tight snatch sliding up and down my dick. My futa-cock ached. My pussy clenched. The pleasure built and swirled around my ovaries, a new load of cum ready to erupt out of them and spill into the girl’s depths.

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned Branka. “Breed her, too! Like you bred me, President Futa!”

“I want your baby so desperately much!” whimpered Lidija. “Yes, yes, your futa-daughter. Put it in my belly!”

“Yes!” I moaned into Branka’s pussy.

The world became just these two girls. I just had to please them. Love them. Make them cum, then I’d erupt into Lidija’s silky snatch. The pressure built at the tip of my cock. When she slid up me, she sucked at my ovaries. It felt incredible. It had me dizzy with delight. I moaned into Branka’s snatch, coming close and closer to erupting.

“4-1, Slovenia,” the announcer shouted, barely audible over the rush of blood in my ears.

I didn’t care. I was Becky Woodward, the worlds first futa. I would cum in this girl’s snatch while making Branka explode for a third time. I sucked on the girl’s clit, making Branka squeal as she shuddered atop me, my pussy aching in Lidija’s pussy.

Lidija moaned louder and louder. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter as she worked it up and down my shaft. She slammed down me, leaning forward, shifting how her pussy caressed my dick. She rose up me, squeezing hard.

The pressure was incredible. My toes curled. I moaned about Branka’s clit.

Then Lidija’s pussy went wild about my futa-dick. Her hot flesh convulsed. I whimpered, the heat slamming through me. She was cumming on me. Her snatch was writhing about my futa-cock. The pleasure was incredible.

I nipped Branka’s clit with my teeth.

“President Futa!” both girls moaned.

Hot juices squirted into my mouth. A sweet flood. Lidija’s pussy massaged my cock as she kept riding me, eager for my cum firing in her depths. I had to deliver. I had to give her what she needed. My ovaries clenched.

I exploded.

The rapture fired out of my clit-dick. It slammed into my mind as I gulped down Branka’s sweet cream mixed with traces of my salty spunk. My futa-jizz fired into another Slovenian girl’s fertile pussy, breeding her, giving her such a wondrous treat.

“4-2, Slovenia,” the announcer cried out.

I was gaining.

“President Futa!” Branka moaned, falling off of me.

Sounds crashed back into my ears. People were cheering, moaning, gasping. I could do this. I had fucked my political opponents on a national debate. I cuckolded the British prime minister then overcame the drug killing her sex drive. I made the queens of Saudi Arabia into my whores while their king cheered me on.

I could out-fuck Vladislav!

“Who’s next?” I cried out as Lidija pulled herself off my cock, my cum spilling down her thighs.

“Me!” a sultry voice purred. A willowy beauty with big tits and curving his purred. She had a bob of short, black hair about her round, angelic face. “I’m Avgusta.”

“On your hands and knees,” I panted. “I am going to fuck your ass so hard!”

“Yes, President Futa.”

To my delight, Avgusta nuzzled into Lidija’s pussy, licking out my cum as she wiggled her hips at me. Her ass was curvy and sexy, her bush soaked with her juices. I didn’t have to breed the women. I just had to cum in them.

On the other bed, Vladislav fucked his fifth woman hard, his body drenched in sweat. I grinned. I could do this.

I rammed my girl-dick into Avgusta’s asshole. She squealed as I sodomized her with my pussy-soaked dick. Her bowels wrapped about my cock, squeezing down on them as I buried to the hilt in her in a single plunge. My crotch smacked her bubbly ass, sending ripples across her butt-cheeks.

“You’re my anal slut!” I hissed as I pumped my cock hard into her asshole. I was on fire. “Say it!”

“I’m your anal slut, President Futa!” howled Avgusta. Her bowels squeezed around my cock, that velvety grip a delightful change from being in pussy.

Something different to inspire me.

I pounded her hard and fast. I reamed into her bowels over and over again. I pumped hard, my tits heaving. They slapped together as my world was this tight, hot sheath. Her asshole clenched and relaxed as she moaned into Lidija’s snatch.

“Yes, escort portalı yes, cum in her,” the petite girl moaned, squirming on the bed. “She loves it. She’s your anal slut.”

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Your anal slut, President Futa!” Avgusta moaned. “Cum in my asshole! Fill me with your jizz!”

It was so incredible to hear. It inspired me. My futa-dick throbbed and ached. My pussy drank in the pleasure. That velvety delight burned around my cock. I licked my lips, soaked in Branka’s sweet pussy juices, and reamed Avgusta’s ass as hard as I could.

I fucked her with no reservations. I held nothing back. My dick plunged into her anal sheath hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. I wanted her gasping, moaning. I wanted her whimpering out in ecstatic need.

She feasted on Lidija. She devoured her as I buried to the hilt in her asshole again and again. I smacked her rump, leaving a bright handprint before I buried into her again. She moaned, her back arching.

“President Futa!” she howled. “Oh, yes, President Futa, I’m going to cum!”

“Of course you are!” I hissed. “You’re my naughty anal slut!”

“I am!” she moaned.

That wonderful moment hit her. I buried into her as she cried out. Her bowels writhed around my dick, massaging the sensitive end of my cock. My clit-dick’s crown drank in that velvety delight. Her flesh sucked at me, making my ovaries twist.

She kept licking Lidija as she cried out in rapture. She came just from my dick plunging into her asshole. That was how good I was at fucking a woman. My pussy clenched. My ovaries grew hotter and hotter.

“Fucking, yes!” I howled as I buried into her asshole. “Take my futa-cum, anal-slut!”

My jizz erupted.

“You’re cumming in me!” Avgusta howled.

Her bowels milked my cock. Pleasure slammed into my mind. A euphoric wave that had the world spinning around me. My futa-cock throbbed and pulsed. My pussy convulsed. I pumped her asshole full of my jizz.

I buzzed on rapture. I threw my arm up in success. I was gaining on Vladislav. He glanced over me as he fucked his girl, his face flushed, his mustache quivering on his upper lip. I grinned at him as I ripped my cock out of Avgusta’s asshole.

“4-3, Slovenia!”

Elizabeta was next. She hopped onto the bed, spread her thighs, and showed off her juicy pussy. “Ram your dirty dick in me, President Futa!”

“You wicked slut!” I moaned and buried my cock into her snatch.

I buffed my dick clean in her tight pussy. I pumped away, ramming into her as Elizabeta’s tits bounced and jiggled. She had big, soft mounds. I squeezed them, loved them as I rammed into her pussy.

She cleaned my dick with enthusiasm. She polished my shaft with that juicy snatch as my orgasm built and built in me. It swelled so fast. I was on a roll. I was unstoppable. I would flood her snatch and breed my third Slovenia woman. I would pump her naughty cunt so full of my jizz.

“5-3, Slovenia!” the man announced.

A panting Vladislav rolled onto his back, his cock thrusting up still hard. His hairy chest heaved as his next girl, a slender brunette with round tits, mounted him. She impaled her cock on him as he groaned.

I grinned at him and buried to the hilt in my girl. I erupted. Her pussy convulsed about me, milking me up while I rode the high of another amazing orgasm. I buzzed in rapture as her spasming delight finished buffing my dick clean.

“5-4, Slovenia!”

“I’m catching up,” I purred.

“Tristo kosmatih medvedov!” he growled.

My next girl, Damijana, was a petite thing, short and with puffy breasts, a thick, black bush between her thighs. I pounced on her, pressing my tits against her small, budding mounds. I kissed her hard on the mouth and fucked her hard.

She quivered beneath me while Vladislav’s bedsprings rasped and he grunted like a wheezing pig. I loved it, reveled in the tight pussy wrapped around me. In no time, Damijana’s snatch was convulsing around my cock, milking me.

I reached heaven again.

“5-5, tied,” the announcer said, some of his enthusiasm gone.

Maja rode me hard, her round titties bouncing. She worked that heavenly pussy up and down my cock, a naughty grin on her face. Her brown hair bounced in a pair of pigtails around her while dimples shone in her freckled cheeks.

“Finally!” growled Vladislav.

“6-5, Slovenia!” the announcer said, gaining his excitement.

“Mmm, cumming, what a great idea!” I moaned and then erupted into Maja’s snatch. Her pussy went wild about me.

“Yes, yes, yes, you breed me!” howled Maja as the pleasure spurting out of my futa-cock slammed into my mind.

“6-6, tied,” the announcer said, still sounding hopeful.

I was feeling tired. I couldn’t believe it, but I had been fucking hard. My heart pounded, my breath heavy. But I could keep it up. Vladislav looked even more exhausted then I did. That kept me going. His endurance was pharmaceutical. I was all natural.

He couldn’t defeat me.

Our seventh girls arrived at almost the same time. Mine was a girl with bleached-blonde hair and a round face brimming with excitement. Slava was eager to be fucked. While Vladislav remained on his back, letting his busty girl ride him, I was interested in other delights.

I fucked Slava hard up the ass. I sodomized her while holding onto a fistful of her hair. She moaned and gasped and exploded on my dick. Her asshole writhed about my cock, sucking at my ovaries.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled, staring at Vladislav as he rubbed his hands across his sweaty face, his girl bouncing on his dick, whimpering as she rubbed his chest. “Take my cum, Slava!”

“President Futa!” screamed my seventh girl. My jizz exploded into her asshole.

And I exploded into the lead.

“6-7, America,” the announcer said, his voice lacking any energy.

I cleaned my dick off in Zvezdana’s pussy. I plundered over and over into the girl as I fucked her from behind. She was pinned on her stomach, groaning and gasping as her juicy snatch buffed my dick clean of Slava’s asshole.

“Come on, Valentina,” moaned Vladislav. “Make me cum!”

“I try!” she moaned, working her pussy up and down him. “My legs grow tired.”

“You can do it!” he growled. “You make me cum, and you get an extra million tolars!”

I grinned as I unloaded into Zvezdana’s cunt. I pumped her full of my jizz, breeding her with all my spunk. It felt incredible. I savored it. The pleasure flowed through me. It reinvigorated me, holding back that lethargy.

“6-8, America,” the dejected announcer grunted.

I had Rozalija ride my dick next. She worked her tight pussy up and down my cock while her round breasts bounced before me. The entire time I stared at Valentina gasping and moaning, trying to coax Vladislav to cum in her pussy.

“Just unleash your cum into my juicy snatch,” Valentina moaned. “Breed me.”

“Trying!” he grunted.

“You breed me, President Futa!” Rozalija gasped as she slammed down my dick.

“Oh, yes!” I moaned.

Rozalija came like a firecracker. Her pussy convulsed around my futa-cock. That wonderful pleasure surged through me. My eyes widened. I thrust up into her, my ovaries unloading my ninth load of cum of the contest, spilling so deep into her.

“6-9, America…”

“Tristo kosmatih medvedov!” snarled Vladislav. “Make me cum!”

“Trying!” the girl muttered.

“Mmm, maybe this will help,” I moaned, feeling so wild. I ignored the tenth girl brought out to me and rolled off my bed.

My legs felt rubbery as I rushed over to Vladislav. He glared at me as I mounted the bed. I thrust my pussy-soaked cock right at Valentina’s mouth. The busty woman stared at my dick. Her tongue flicked across her lips.

Then she engulfed my futa-dick. I moaned as she sucked on my girl-cock. She cleaned off Rozalija tart pussy with such hunger. Valentina grasped my hips, her fingernails biting into my flesh as she sucked with all her passion.

“You can’t do this,” Vladislav moaned.

“I’m just taking a break,” I said, winking at him. “All this fucking is exhausting.”

The look of utter defeat on Vladislav face was such an inspiring sight.

My futa-cock spurted. My ovaries responded to Valentina’s hunger. I pumped her mouth full of my futa-jizz. She moaned, sucking on it, gulping it down. Her big tits swayed as she squirmed atop the dictator.

A wave of euphoria swept through me. I threw back my head as I stole his woman. I gave her what she craved. I pumped her mouth full of my futa-cum. I was now three orgasms ahead of Vladislav. I didn’t care if this one didn’t even count.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“You won,” Vladislav groaned, panting. “I can’t… My dick hurts. I am done. Get off me Valentina. My balls are drained.”

I smiled, ripping my futa-dick out of Valentina’s mouth. My cum had spilled over her chin, glistening in the sunlight. The busty girl slid off of his cock. It was limp, the tip looking swollen, almost raw.

“Futanari…” he panted. “You are superior to men.”

“You’ll sign the Accords,” I groaned, so dizzy from all that fucking. I wanted to pass out.

“Yes,” he said. “Slovenia stands with you.”

“Now you breed me, President Futa,” moaned Valentina, the girl grabbing my aching cock. I was still hard. “I need baby! You put baby in me, yes?”

“Yes,” I panted and fell on her. My day wasn’t over with. So many women here to breed, to get a foothold for my futa-daughters in the Russian Bloc.

Sometimes, being president meant work, work, work.

Of course, it was pleasurable work. Valentina was tight and hot and juicy about my futa-dick.


April 17th, 2047

“What an amazing contest,” Adelia said. “It’s so great to hear your perspective on it. I know the world was rooting for you, but…”

“You were getting worried?” I asked her, shifting on the loveseat before the live studio audience. I patted her knee, my pale hand contrasting with the rich, caramel hue of her skin. “So was I. That pill was something else, but it didn’t let him out-fuck me. He realized that I was superior.”

“What did you do afterward?”

“I slept for ten hours,” I said. “I felt like I need more. It was intense. I was so focused and, well, I wasn’t nineteen any longer. I didn’t quite have as much stamina as I used to.”

“The Russians weren’t happy, were they?”

“Nope,” I said. “They were having political upheavals, and along I came kicking out one of their supports right before I made my first state visit to Moscow.” I leaned forward. “But I wasn’t prepared for what I found in the Kremlin.”

“I imagine that was quite the shock,” Adelia said. “It’s amazing how fast things can change.”

I nodded my head, eager to talk about the next event in my presidency.

To be continued…

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