Theater Visit

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Well it starts off with me going to a “theater” with a friend…a XXX theater. When we arrive there are 4 or 5 other guys in there, but no other women or couples. Most are watching the movie and most were stroking their cocks.

My friend, Mark, starts kissing me and slides his hand inside my top. Mark cups my breasts and starts pinching my nipples. I pull my bra and top down for his better access, completely revealing my breasts. I reach over and unzip his pants, and pull his stiffening cock out and start stroking it. After a few minutes of this kissing and playing we are both extremely horny.

Mark pulls my dress up and discovers that I have no panties on. Mark smiles as he slides his hand up my thigh towards my exposed pussy. He teases me with his fingers as he leans over and sucks on one of my nipples. Slowly slides a finger inside me and I moan loudly.

I see that our actions have caught the attention of one of çukurambar escort the viewers. I motion him to come over. As he walks up I see his pants are unzipped, and his cock is straining against his underwear. I reach over and release his cock as he sits down next to me. I stroke his cock and then rub his balls slowly. Mark smiles at us and moves to kneel in front of me. He lifts my legs over his shoulders, and licks and kisses his way up my thigh to my pussy.

Our new friend is moaning softly and moving his hips in rhythm to my stroking. I lean over and tell him, “I want you to cum on my tits.”

Mark tongue finally flicks my clit, and I gasp and moan again. I see that another viewer a couple rows away, is watching us and stroking his cock. I motion him to come over and join us. He quickly walks over to my side, all the while stroking his cock. I tell him I want him to cum on my tits demetevler escort and he nods his head. I reach over and cup his balls and start rolling them around with my hand.

Mark is now seriously eating my pussy, while I am stroking viewer 1 and playing with viewer 2. I hear someone behind me and lean my head back to see another viewer standing behind me stroking his cock also. I tell him to come closer and as he does, I stick my tongue out and lick the head of his cock.

I can feel my orgasm building and let Mark know I am about to cum. Viewer 1 says he is about to cum also. He stands up and takes over the stroking of his cock, and soon shoots his load of cum all over my tits.

Mark loves seeing men cum on me, and he moans and moves up between my legs. Mark knows I am close to cumming, and he slides his cock into me hard and fast.

I continue licking viewer 3, as he is dikimevi escort also stroking his cock. When I notice that viewer 1 has been replaced by another viewer I had not seen yet. I tell him to feel free to cum on my tits, and I start playing with his balls. Viewer 2 says this is better than any movie, and spits his cum all over my tits.

Mark starts pounding my pussy and I start cumming. He continues to fuck me causing shock waves and mini orgasms. As my orgasm rocks through my body, viewer number 3 shoots his load over my shoulder and onto my neck and tits.

Mark pulls out of my pussy, and rubs my clit with the head of his cock, as he strokes himself. I lean over and take viewer number 4 in my mouth. I suck on the head of his cock as he continues stroking. Mark groans and cums against my clit and all over my pussy, just as viewer 4 starts cumming. I pull back and let him cum on my face and tits.

I smile at all of my participants, and another viewer that was standing in the row in front of us, that had stroked himself off too. I tell them Thanks for everything and smile…as I put my cum covered tits back into my bra…pull down my dress and wipe my face with a bandana Mark gives me. Then Mark and I stand and leave the theater.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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