They Both Catch a Flight

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“Hurry up and wait,” Arturo told himself as he carried his bag through airport security. His four-hour flight to Miami wasn’t boarding for two more hours, and he hoped he could catch a nap. He had never been able to sleep on a plane.

As he moved toward his waiting area, he caught a long-haired hippy type looking at him. She had a streak of bright red in her auburn hair, and he couldn’t help staring at it. He met her piercing green eyes and saw she was laughing at him. He grinned and shrugged. She stepped onto the people mover, and he moved quickly to get closer behind her.

Her long, silky green skirt twirled a little as she moved, and beneath the tunic she wore atop it, he could see her nipples and realized the jostling breasts meant she was without bra.

He wondered if she wore panties or had gone without them too. He felt his cock move in response to the path his thoughts were taking. When he came up closer behind her, he smelled her perfume, a spicy scent, maybe Obsession, but deeper, darker. He’d been fond of a former girlfriend’s deep spicy scent, and this woman wore similar. He could also smell a hot body scent, and her turbulent waves of hair smelled like coconut. He felt like he had stepped into a cloud of magical smells. He moved as close as he could without touching her back.

As he inhaled deeply, they reached the end of the moving walkway, and being distracted, he stumbled.

She reached out with her arm and steadied him, and an electric jolt shot through his body and into his cock, which by now pulsated a little with excitement, despite the circumstances.

He looked up to catch her laughing eyes and big smile. Her nose was slightly too thin, he thought, her mouth too wide, her eyes just slightly crossed, but he found her deliciously attractive. His friends would laugh at him. His usual taste went to busty, pencil-thin blondes with bubble butts, manicured nails, and aggressive makeup. As far as he could tell, lipstick and a little mascara were all the makeup this woman wore, and her breasts, although extremely enticing on close look, were nothing close to the size he favored.

“What’s the appeal?” he asked himself, and then she spoke.

“Are you okay now?” Her voice was lilting, almost musical, soft and yet loud enough that he heard her clearly over the hubbub around them.

He realized he’d been standing still, staring at her, and the crowd of people behind were angrily parting to go by them.

“I’d be better if you agreed to have a drink with me,” he said.

That smile again. “One,” she said, “and I’d be grateful. I’m a little fearful of airplanes.”

He took her arm and guided her to a dark, expensive-looking bar he’d seen as they passed by. He asked for a booth, and the waiter nodded and seated them in a far corner, overlooking a loading area.

She ordered a Russian mule, he a Scotch and water.

Up close now, his attraction only increased. He shifted his cock and balls a little under the table, and he saw her eyelids drooping a little, as if she were also turned on. He decided to make a move, see where it got him. He picked up his drink and moved across the booth to sit next to her. “You mind?”

In answer, she patted the seat next to her, and he slid in. Her hand didn’t move. It was right next to his butt, and she rubbed his butt a little through his tight jeans. His cock got rock hard, so hard it was uncomfortable, and he feared he’d have to excuse himself to find a restroom to handle that problem if he didn’t calm down. Then her hand touched his zipper and he gasped. Unable to control himself, he reached across her in the booth and pulled her face into his, kissing her longingly, digging his hands into her hair.

And she responded, her free arm reaching up under his shirt, gently scratching his back. He hungrily licked her lips, but she pushed him back with her hand. “Finish your drink,” she whispered, “then let’s go for a walk.”

He gulped the scotch, but she leisurely sipped her drink, coyly touching him with one hand, his own hand behind her neck, playing with her hair, tickling her ears, rubbing her neck.

Finally, hours later, he felt, she was done, and she turned to look at him. “I don’t normally do this, but I find myself tremendously attracted to you.”

He could barely speak, his cock was throbbing so hard. “As I am to you.” He reached over and pulled her face to his again and gave her a deep, thrusting kiss, then let go. His voice was throaty in his ears as he said, “Let’s go somewhere.”

They slid out of the booth, his butt so sensitive, he felt every inch of the leather seat as he slid across. He held his hand to her to help her out.

As she rose from the booth, her silky skirt swirled across his bare arm, and his cock once more responded by throbbing.

He led her out into the busy walkway, and then looked around for a private space.

“Over there,” she pointed. “Looks like that flight left.”

He absolutely could not believe what he was doing as he moved into the alcove with her. Yes, it was deserted, but was escort in plain site of anyone passing by. And then he laughed. “What are you going to do, fuck her?” he asked himself. And another thought, “Yeah, yeah I was hoping to.”

“Why are you laughing,” she said. “Well, I know, this is funny and weird and a little crazy.”

“I’m laughing because this is so out of character for me. I always plan everything, down to the smallest detail. I am never spontaneous, and this is about as spontaneous as you can get.”

“It’s not something I’ve ever done, but you’re such a sexy man, and I’m about to get on a plane to a new life, and well, why not? What is it the young folks say, YOLO.”

They sat next to each other on the hard airport waiting room seats, and then began the most intense heavy petting session he’d had since he was seventeen. He made the first move, encircling her with his arm, nuzzling her neck. His face buried into her hair, he licked and nibbled her neck, her earlobe, her chin, as his other hand worked its way under her tunic to her back, gently stroking her.

She rolled her head, moaning softly, and moved her own hands under his shirt to stroke him and gently scratch him. Her hands felt hot to the touch, and his skin tingled with excitement as her nails ran down his spine.

Then his tongue found her mouth, kissing first tenderly, then more passionately, alternately thrusting and sucking and licking. Then he moved back to her neck and licked and nibbled, dipping down into her loose tunic, kissing his way as far down as he could without pulling off her shirt. He stroked her hair, nibbled her ear lobes, licked her face, touched her breasts under her tunic.

And she responded by returning every kiss, by nuzzling his neck, chewing his earlobes, putting her tongue inside his ear, biting his lips.

Under his shirt she stroked, gently scratched, and massaged him. Her fingernailss ran softly up and down his spine, causing him to shiver with delight.

And then, without warning, she was unzipping his pants and pulling his cock free, stroking and squeezing him, just twenty feet from the public walking by. Her hand tickled, teased, squeezed, and pleasured him as his rock-hard cock answered to her touches. His arm supported him against the seat behind her as he gasped with pleasure when she cupped his balls in her hand and gently squeezed, then tickled them. Again and again, she stroked his shaft, then tickled his balls, and he was throbbing with the sensations. She stopped just short of him coming and stroked his chest, as he tried to regain composure.

Then she began again, this time gently rubbing her thumb on the tip of his cock, catching the precum and rubbing it on his cock. Her hands went up and down his shaft, gently stroking, pulling, squeezing.

He sat stone still while she stroked his cock, but he rested his chin on the top of her head, his hands on her shoulders, as his cock throbbed and pulsated and danced in her hands as if it had a life of its own.

He was shaking with desire, and he could smell a familiar female scent drifting up from her. The scent made him light-headed with passion.

He decided to answer his own question of a half hour ago. He lifted her skirt, and moved his hand up her thigh. She moaned as he caressed first one, then the other silky thigh, gently stroking and scratching. His fingers crept up higher until he felt her curly bush, free of panties and wet from her own desires. He worked a finger into her vagina, dipping in and out until his finger was dripping wet, and then he found her clit.

She cried aloud, her tiny mewling cries getting louder with each of his movements.

He tickled her clit, teased it, while twirling his fingers inside her hot wet pussy. He withdrew his hand and licked his fingers, his eyes locked on hers, and she rolled her head back in pleasure.

He wiggled his finger, then inserted it again, looking for her G-spot. And there it was. Her head was thrown back, her back arched, her pelvis thrusted to him as his fingers worked their magic. She gasped in little panting sounds, and every gasp made his stomach tingle.

His cock bobbed and throbbed in her red-hot hands.

He remembered where they were, and looked to see if they’d attracted any unwanted attention. Nobody was looking their way. He leaned over and whispered. “There’s nobody behind that flight reservation desk. Are you up for going further?”

She gasped and grunted. His finger was still inside her, massaging her clit, pressing her G-spot, and she tried to speak, but could only mumble, “mmm uh, uh, mmm hmmm.”

“I’m going to take that as a yes,” he said.

He carefully stood, keeping his bobbing cock from public view as he pulled her up and pushed her ahead of him to the reception desk. After a quick look around, they scurried behind and fell to the floor, sitting closely.

They continued their intimate exploration, her helping him pull his pants down so that she could fall on his cock and balls, sucking, stroking, licking. He grunted with bursa eve gelen escort pleasure and pushed her head down. She bobbed and licked, taking first his cock, then his balls into her mouth, swirling him around in her hot mouth. He began to thrust at her, lifting himself into her waiting mouth, grabbing her hair to manipulate her onto his throbbing cock.

She threw herself into the work enthusiastically, her long waves of hair falling around her face as she licked up his stomach and back down. Her fingers stroked and tickled him.

As she sucked his cock, her head bobbed back and forth, and her hand caressed and tickled his balls, and then, she drove a finger gently but firmly into his ass.

He screeched quietly, and clutched her hair, pulling and pushing her like a machine onto his cock as she pleasured his balls and ass. His mind was blank with pleasure. Had they been discovered, he would have been unable to speak or move. He felt paralyzed except for that cock, which was by now moving independently from his brain.

Finally, he needed more. He lifted her off of him, and pushed her to the floor. He dove into her velvety crotch, returning her favor, his cock thick and red, but his eager mouth needing her juices like a thirsty man needs water. He buried his nose in her curly auburn pubic hair, and made grunting noises as he pushed his tongue as far inside her as he could get, licking her, pulling back to lick and suck her clit, pushing in again, his fingers opening her like a velvet purse. He stopped and licked his fingers, then down into her pussy they returned to pull her open for his tongue to press as deeply as possible.

She gasped and wiggled in pleasure, grabbing his hair, his shirt, moaning and growling. Her hips thrashed from side to side, but he held her still with his other hand on her stomach as he burrowed into her thick pelt.

He gave no mercy as his tongue thrashed her, lashed her, his head bobbing like hers had a few minutes before, the scent and taste of her like honey to his tongue. He used his fingers to hold her open as he dove in as far as he could, and then his fingers tickled her clit as he fucked her with his tongue. In and out he went.

She squirted and he lapped it up.

He returned to his duties, licking, sucking, and she squirted again. “Give it up, give it to me,” he growled at her. “More, more, come big for me.”

She was thrusting with her hips, jerking his hair, her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open, her face contorted in pleasure. “Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. And then, “I’m cumming.”

Her juices flowed, gushed into his waiting mouth, dribbling down his chin. He wiped himself with his hand, then put his fingers back into her, gently flicking her clit.

She groaned, and pulled at him, squirting almost immediately.

He dipped his fingers into her mouth, fucking her mouth with his fingers, prying her mouth open. His tongue followed, dipping deep into her mouth. Then he abruptly pulled out. He used his soaking wet fingers to lubricate his cock, turned her over onto her knees, and worked his throbbing cock into her dripping pussy. She squealed, and he thought it might be too loud, but he didn’t care. He held her hips as she tried to crawl away, her passion driving her like an animal. He dipped the tip in and worked it in and out while she wiggled back and forth. Then he went deep, as deep as he could and held it.

She whimpered, but on her knees with her hair held tightly in his hand, she couldn’t move. She tried to twist around to grab his cock and force him to fuck her, but he wouldn’t relent.

Finally, he pulled himself back out slowly and dipped his fingers into her again. She was once more dripping wet. He put his fingers in her mouth. “Taste yourself,” he said.

She willingly complied, licking his fingers, sucking them. And then she begged, “Take me, please, I need it.”

“I can’t understand you, your mouth seems to be full,” he whispered. “What are you asking?”

Her ass wiggled back to him, and he withdrew his hand from her mouth, still holding her hair in his other hand.

Then he slide his finger into her ass just a little. Her hole was hot and tight around him, grabbing his finger and pulling it in. He slid it out and then back in again as she whimpered and moaned.

He started to fuck her ass with one finger, then two, as she twisted and growled. When three fingers fit easily inside her ass, he pushed his cock into her cunt again, going in just a few inches, then when the walls of her pussy grabbed him tightly, he thrust hard again pushing as far and hard as he could.

She was thrashing with pleasure, and he looked down. Her asshole was dancing a little, opening and closing around his fingers. He wiggled his fingers, twirled them around, and she cried out a little, but he subdued her with his cock, gently fucking her, leaning into her, back and forth. He slid his fingers in and out of her ass and she groaned, and tried again to crawl away again, but his cock impaled görükle escort her. He thrust his fingers in and out, alternating with his cock grinding into her. She spilled her juices over his hot thick cock, and he thrust harder and faster.

Then he stopped. He just held his cock there, pulling out a little, teasing her ass with his fingers while she whimpered in her need. With his other hand, he pulled her head back as far as possible and bit her earlobe. She gave a quiet shriek, then he pulled her head back again and kissed her.

Once more she squirted onto his cock.

He worked his fingers in and out, in and out of her ass, while his cock held her still, his other hand deep in her hair, pulling her head back. Then he slammed her again with his cock, going all out, thrusting, hard, then faster, harder, her ass quivering with his every thrust. He rode her hard, his fingers still in her ass, his cock in her pussy, feeling her cum again and again.

Finally he pulled out and put the tip of his cock against her asshole.

“No, she begged, I’ve never done that.”

He was too hot to stop. His fingers widened her hole, and he pressed his cock into her, just the tip, then a couple inches. He intended to go very slowly, very slowly, make her beg for it.

She groaned and grunted while he held her by the hips and began to press, his body covering hers, his knees around hers, moving up closer and keeping the pressure on that sweet asshole.

Finally, her ass opened up to him and he forced himself in all the way, up to the hilt, his balls slapping against her.

She squealed like an animal, grunted, then pushed herself back into him, working her ass back and forth against him.

He began a slow fucking, her gurgling in her passion, giving herself to him completely, her pussy dripping onto the carpeted floor.

In and out, slowly, slowly, but deeply, splitting her in two with his cock, as far as he could push himself. His thick long cock filled her ass. Then he thrust harder, going in even deeper. He sat back a little, positioned himself, then began fucking her in earnest, going faster, deeper with each thrust, balls slapping in rhythm against her. He released her hips with his right hand and again dug deep into her hair, jerking her head back, ramming into her ass, his own ass quivering. Then he reached his hand to her breasts, and pinched her nipples hard beneath her tunic. Hearing her gasp, he twirled the nipple in his fingers, pulled at it, used it as a rein as he crammed himself into her, back and forth, back and forth, keeping himself from cumming as long as he could. Every time he paused, she would whimper and wiggle against him.

He stroked his balls, holding his cock in her ass, keeping her on her knees and in place. Then the pleasure overcame him and he lunged back into her, slamming her ass, his balls once again slapping her rhythmically, his hands slapping her ass cheeks gently.

He could hold back no more, and with one last mighty lunge, came in buckets into her ass, the cum oozing out around his cock as he backed out.

He realized he was still holding her poor nipple as he collapsed beside her. He rolled her over, gazing at her face, her eyes almost rolling up in her head, her mouth hanging open. He lifted her tunic and licked that sore nipple, using his other hand to caress her other breast. She moaned, and he began licking further down, up and down her supple stomach, coming back to her nipples, pulling them into his mouth, then pushing his tongue into her waiting mouth.

And then he knelt between her legs to taste her pussy once more. As his tongue brushed her clit, swollen now with pleasure, she squirted and he caught it, lapping from her to get every drop.

She was spent, lying on the soiled carpet, and he turned her over to inspect her ass. His cum dripped from her asshole, and unbelievably, he began to harden again as he forced his finger into her ass once more. She gave out a low moan, and he smiled, working his fingers into her, twisting them around, her ass now open to him like a flower. He pushed and twisted, her moans accompanying each movement. His cock was awakening once more.

Wondering at himself, but lost in passion too far to stop, he again put the tip of his cock against her asshole, his fingers widening the hole, his cum still dripping out. He pulled her once more to her knees, surrounded her body with his own, and when he felt his cock become rock hard, he pushed it back into her waiting hole. This time there was far less resistance, and he dug his hands around to grab at her swinging tits, pinching whenever his fingers found purchase on her skin. He thrust again and again, and once more, felt the cum working its way through him and shooting into her waiting ass.

He fell from her, his cock limp and totally spent. He caressed her face, stroking her closed eyelids, and then wanted to give one more kiss to that incredible pussy. He rolled around until his face was buried in her pussy hair, inhaling her scent, feeling his cock stir but unable to stiffen, he was so spent. He opened her pussy and saw she was soaked in her own juices. He quickly lapped them up, cleaning every drop, while she groaned and moaned in pleasure. One last time, he told himself, and he dove into her, the sweet honey of her squirt dancing over his tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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