Thinking of You

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This is just a little gift I left in my baby’s lunchbox so he would have to think of me for the rest of his shift. Partly true and partly fiction, either way, it had the desired effect. You definitely wouldn’t want to do it very often or the novelty would wear off but it is sure fun to know that his work buddies will be wondering what that goofy grin is all about!


I’ve been thinking about you all day and you know what that does to me. A stray thought runs through my head and a little shiver goes dancing down my spine. My skin is hypersensitive. Every breath of cool air from the ceiling fans brushes across the back of my neck. I try to make sense of the mail I just brought in from the box but I can’t seem to put my thoughts in order. I want you so bad I can’t seem to concentrate. In the kitchen, I drop my keys on the table. I pour a little wine and check the answering machine. I wonder what you are doing right now.

My clothing feels like torture and I am restless. I left for work before you woke up today and you won’t be home for a couple of hours. I feel so constricted. My fingers find the buttons of my blouse and begin to work them free before canlı bahis I even make it halfway down the hall. The blouse whispers to the floor quickly followed by the skirt. I unclasp my bra and moan quietly when the air hits my almost painfully sensitive nipples. I am so wet for you already. My hand slips to the damp fabric between my legs and I shiver. I trace the contours of my most secret place, the thin cloth wet and clinging. It hides nothing and even accentuates the warm folds. I grasp the waistband of my panties and slip them off my thighs and onto the floor. The scent of my arousal rises around me inflaming my body further. I stand there in the bedroom wearing nothing but the simple black pumps I had worn to work, their high, thin heels changing the contours of my body, My calves bunch and tighten and my back arches sensually. I slip off the pumps and stroll naked through the hall toward the bathroom.

The water runs while I light candles. Steam curls around me like a secret lover and the only light comes from the tiny flames of candles crowded onto every available surface. I slide into the water, feeling the heat caress my already fevered skin. I slide the bahis siteleri soapy cloth over my skin breathing in the sweet, spicy scent. My skin is slick and warm. I slide my hands up to cup my breasts, fingers sliding over tingling peaks. A chilly breeze from the floor vent makes my nipples tighten almost painfully. By contrast, the warm water feels burning hot as I rinse the soap from my skin. I pinch and tease the hard tips of my breasts while I run my free hand down my body. I ache for you.

I imagine you touching me. My legs spread of their own accord and I caress the smooth skin there. My fingers slide between the lips of my pussy. I picture your hands on my body and slowly rub my clit. I slide my finger deep inside, moving slowly at first and then faster and faster. I am so hot and wet. My breath comes in quick pants and my body shudders. A trembling climax rushes through me. I need more.

I stand up to step out of the tub and dry my shivering body, the towel lingering over my tingling nipples. Using the suction cup on my vibrator, I fasten it to the cool tile floor. I pour lube into my hand and slide it up and down the shaft, making the whole length bahis şirketleri warm and slick. I slide my fingers over my pussy, slipping gently over my throbbing clit.

I turn on the vibrator and close my eyes, pretending it is you as I spread my legs and let just the tip touch me. I lower my wet pussy slowly, taking the shaft of the vibrator deeper and deeper until the little bumper buzzes over my clit. My hips jerk from the intensity of the sensation. I feel every vein and bump against the sensitive flesh of my tight pussy as I slide up and down. I move faster and faster, riding at a frantic pace. Suddenly, I press down hard, taking it as deep as I can. I twist my hips from side to side; torturing myself with pleasure so intense it is almost pain as vibrations buzz over my slippery clit. The sensations wash over me in waves, building and growing until I feel the orgasm crash through my body. My knees go weak and hot juices pour from my pussy as the muscles inside clench tightly over and over.

My breathing slows a little and I let the vibrator slip out so I can rest my back against the cool porcelain of the tub. You will be home soon and I can’t wait for you to get here. My passion burns like the coals of a fire just waiting to be stirred into a blaze. I think I’ll just meet you at the door naked. Hmm, I hope you don’t bring anybody home with you today. Oh well, that could work too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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