Thinking of You

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To Steve with lust, thank you for being my muse and my inspiration and the reason for the occasional writers block. What would I do without you?


I’m laying across my bed and thinking of you. My hand slips down my red silk and lace thong. I’m thinking of how you’re probably doing the same thing I am, as I slip my eager fingers between my warm, wet fold. I easily find my clit and send waves of pleasure up and down my spine.

I think of the way you make me feel when you wrap your arms around me from behind and suck on my neck. It sends shivers up and down my spine when you do that. I move my hand back and forth a little faster. I think of the way you held your hands over my belly so I could feel your heat and get hotter. I moan and wish that you were in my bed with me.

I roll over and wish I could call you. I know you have to be up in a few hours and it’s not right that I call you just because I want sex. Since I met you, I’ve become a nymphomaniac. I can’t Bayan Escort get enough of you. Even just hearing your voice gets me hot. The thought of you stroking yourself to the thoughts of me makes me hotter.

I reach over into the drawer of my nightstand and take out my vibrator. I lick it and wish it was you. I love your warm, hard cock in my mouth. I liked to suck dick before I met you, but there’s something about sucking you off that drives me crazy. I think of your moaning as I go down on you and smile.

I turn on the toy and place it on my nipple. The vibrations rock through my breast and make me wetter. I run the tip down my belly and find my wet spot. A few strokes over my clit and I’m moaning your name. I move it back and forth a little faster and feel the first blasts of pleasure explode in my pussy. The closer I get to orgasm, the more synonymous your name and God’s become. I scream both names as I cum hard. I feel my release drip down the crack of my ass. I put the vibe to my lips and lick off my cum.

I slide the pulsing vibe between my thighs again and slide it in my dripping wet pussy. I wish for a moment it was you. You fill me better than my toy. I slide the toy in and out, faster and faster with each stroke. I tighten my box around the toy just the way you like it when we make love. The friction feels divine as I think of you slamming your rock hard cock into me. As good as this feels, I still feel the need to have you between my legs and slamming into me. I love how deep you can get inside me. You hit all the right spots. I love it when you spank me and tell me how bad I am.

I think of what I want to do to you the next time we make love as I continue to slide my toy in and out. I want you from behind. I want to see how deep you can get inside me. I want to watch us make love in the mirror at the foot of the bed.

I want you to smack my ass and call me your little fuck bitch. I want you to treat me like the bad girl I am. I want to be your submissive little fuck bitch, sucking you off at your command.

I get closer to cumming again as I think of you filming me going down on you. I want to be your personal porn star. I laugh as I think of how you wanted me to give blowjobs as a fundraiser for your firehouse. Silly rabbit. I only turn tricks for you. You’ve spoiled me for other guys. Even my toy and the shower massage aren’t hitting the spot anymore since I met you.

I speed up the motions between my legs and I feel rockets going off in my pussy. My thighs shake violently as I cum again. I ride the roller coaster of orgasm until I fall asleep finally.

I wake up a couple hours later to the phone ringing. I look at the time and figure it’s you calling since no one else would call me at that ungodly hour. It seems you want to go to work with a smile on your face, so I pull on a pair of shorts and a pair of sneakers. I grab my keys and my wallet and head over to your place. Just enough time for a quickie before you start your day and brag to the guys at work the amazing sex you had for breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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