Thirsty For Somali Girls

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Every man who has ever lived has a weakness. The man who disagrees is a bold faced liar. My name is Samuel Chambers and I was born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to a Haitian immigrant father and a white Canadian mother. I consider myself as Canadian as anyone. I got a story to share with you, ladies and gentlemen. I want to tell you about how I met my wife, Fairuza Osman-Chambers, the mother of my sons Jamal and Ali Chambers. It’s definitely one for the ages, that’s for damn sure.

Long before I met my future wife, had a life-changing experience, embraced Islam, completed my university studies and got married, life was very different. I was a very different person, that’s for sure. Although raised in the Catholic faith, I have a thing for ladies of the Muslim persuasion. Most specifically, the women of Somalia. I am simply addicted to them, man. I simply can’t help myself. I swear, as much as I love my dear Fairuza, if we weren’t in Canada, I’d get me a second or third wife. They’d have to be Somali, of course. Yeah, I’m THAT thirsty for them.

After a lackluster first year at the University of Montreal, I flunked out and my parents, Louis Dieudonne and Samantha Chambers, fed up with my bullshit, sent me to the no-fun-zone in an effort to save what’s left of my academic career. I am referring to the City of Ottawa, of course. The most boring place on the planet Earth. Seriously, there’s absolutely nothing to do in this town. My folks shipped me there and I enrolled at Carleton University to continue my business studies. I hated Ottawa even before I ever set foot in it, but something has come along to change my mind.

I am referring of course to Fairuza Osman, a gorgeous Somali chick who studies in the police foundations program at La Cite Collegiale, a local French school. The first time I laid eyes on the thick, curvy and sinfully sexy sister in the hijab and long skirt, I knew I wanted her. The problem is that hijab-wearing Somali girls tend to be devout Muslims and supposedly not the type to respond to the advances of flirtatious brothers like myself. Or are they? The way I see it, no matter how daunting a task, it never hurts to try.

That’s why I casually approached Fairuza, claimed to be interested in Islam, every Muslim’s favorite suspect, and struck up a conversation. When Fairuza asked me what sparked my interest in Islam, I made up a story about having previously held negative views of Muslims but after an old Muslim dude saved my life, I decided to investigate the fate. Smiling beatifically, Fairuza looked at me, her eyes glowing, and told me that it was the Will of the Most High that I come to her. That day, I walked away with the sister’s phone number…and a copy of the Koran. Am I good or what?

What can I say, ladies and gentlemen? I am a slick brother. Look, I know this might be a douchebag type of move but if you saw Fairuza’s mesmerizing ass sashaying from side to side as she walked through the Rideau Center that day, you wouldn’t blame me for trying to get with her. Even bursa escort bayan though Fairuza had on one of those long traditional robes that lots of Muslim women wear, I could tell that Little Miss Religious had one hell of an ass. And I wanted a piece of that action. If learning about her religion is the price I have to pay, then so be it. I wanted some of that thick Somali booty!

That’s how it began, ladies and gentlemen. Fairuza and I began talking on the phone regularly, at first only discussing religion and politics, such as the fact that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada’s dictator, hates immigrants from non-European nations, especially Muslims. I could relate to Fairuza’s frustration because my father came to Quebec as a young man from his hometown of Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, and the immigration authorities gave him a lot of hassle before he got his Canadian citizenship. I grew up hearing my father’s stories about the xenophobic attitude of Canadian immigration authorities.

The lovely Miss Fairuza was born in the City of Guriel, in the south-central Galgaduud region of Somalia. Her parents, Ahmed and Mona Osman moved to Ontario from Somalia in the fourth summer of her life. Even though Fairuza doesn’t remember anything of Somalia, the land of her ancestors is dear to her heart. Fairuza is something else, ladies and gentlemen. Sometimes her lovely round face would light up when she talked to me about her dreams for the Somali community. Enraptured, I listened attentively to every word coming out of her sweet, bow-shaped lips. What can I say? The lady from Somalia has that effect on me.

Originally, my game plan was to pretend to be interested in Islam, seduce Fairuza, smash that thick Somali booty of hers and then move onto my next conquest. Little did I know that fate, and the lady in question, had other plans for yours truly. Fairuza and I became friends and began hanging out. I took her to the Saint Laurent Mall, the Silver City movie theater, Kanata Lakes and other cool hangout spots in Ottawa. The first movie we watched was Black Dynamite. I thought Fairuza would be dull, boring and submissive since that’s the stereotype about conservatively attired Muslim ladies. The gal proved to be anything but!

I remember how shocked I was when, one day, as we walked out of the Shawarma King restaurant on Rideau street, Fairuza stunned the shit out of me by suggesting that we check out the adult video store nearby. What the fuck? Had lightning struck me then and there, folks, I don’t think I would have been more shocked. A hijab-wearing Muslim chick from Somalia took me by the hand and walked me to the nearby porno shop. Yes, you read right!

Once inside, Fairuza went directly to the BDSM section while I looked at some black porn. A video featuring African-American porn legend Lola Lane getting butt-fucked by a black porn stud caught my attention and I was looking at the DVD cover when Fairuza nudged me and showed me what she had in hand. My eyes went wide with surprise bursa bayan escort when I saw that the mischievous cutie from Somalia was holding a DVD titled BLACK MEN LIKE STRAPONS TOO. What the fuck? The cover featured two black women with strap-on dildos fucking the hell out of a bunch of black dudes. Brothers lining up to get their asses violated by them bossy black women’s toys. Wow.

I was shocked, but also weirdly turned on. I guess Fairuza could tell, for she smiled wickedly and told me that she liked pegging brothers. When I asked her what pegging is, Fairuza laughed and then explained it to me. Shit. Women are full of surprises, man. I thought Fairuza Osman was religious and conservative and downright allergic to sex since she wears a long skirt and hijab and carries the Koran under her arm everywhere she goes. I guess I was wrong. This gal is a freak. Totally up my alley! Fairuza invited me to her place for tea and once we got there, we didn’t do a lot of talking or religious studying. Oh, no. We got down and dirty, ladies and gentlemen.

Fairuza sat me down on her bed, and then kissed me passionately. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her full and deep. Looking into her mesmerizing golden brown eyes, I slowly undressed her, then worshipped her curvaceous loveliness. I kissed her lips, her throat and then sucked on both her breasts while massaging them gently. Then I spread her shapely thighs and inhaled her womanly scent. No two women smell or taste alike, ladies and gentlemen.

I can’t tell you how excited I was, finally up close and personal with a gorgeous Somali sister who told me to lick her pussy. Grinning, I winked at Fairuza and did as I was told, licking her sweet pussy like there was no tomorrow. Fairuza rubbed the back of my head and moaned as I went to work on her. I loved the sounds she made, seriously. Sometimes Fairuza moans deeply and other times she giggles softly. I never know what to expect with her. Good stuff all the way, though. I stuck my tongue into her cunt, teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue and fingering her.

Moments later, Fairuza shrieked in orgasmic delight, and I beheld a rare, wondrous spectacle. The sight of an orgasmic woman. Afterwards, Fairuza looked at me with moist eyes, smiled and thanked me for a wonderful experience. I smiled and shrugged, for the lady hadn’t felt anything yet. Later, as I put my eight inches of thick, hard dick in her, I showed Fairuza what I was working with. I pumped my dick into her pussy and the lovely lady squealed in delight and wrapped her arms and legs around my body, begging me for more. I took good care of her, and by the time I was done with her, I had her screaming my name in English, French and the guttural Somali language. Am I good or what?

Typically, after banging the hell out of a female, I like to skedaddle, you know? If the pussy is really good, I might call her a week later for a booty call. This time was different. I lay in bed with Fairuza’s arms bursa merkez escort around me, and I looked into her eyes. I felt happy, man. I even kissed her forehead and then fell asleep in her arms. I never let myself fall asleep in a female’s arms, man. I don’t trust them like that. Yet, Fairuza was different. At the time, my feelings confused and scared me. That’s love for you, I guess.

Fairuza and I became inseparable after that, and we embarked on a relationship. The lovely lady introduced me to her friends, and I even met her preacher, Mr. Abu something or other, the Imam of a local mosque. Wherever we went, Fairuza proudly held my hand. The gal liked to show me off. I went along with it, for the sheer hell of it. I didn’t know that Fairuza had big plans for me. I was willing to give a relationship with her a try. I just wasn’t sure about certain things. That’s normal, right?

Sex with Fairuza was da bomb, as they say. The hijab-wearing Somali cutie turned out to be far more experienced in sexual matters than I would have thought. Not was I not her first lover but Fairuza dabbled into BDSM, something too freaky for a seasoned bed-hopper like myself. Fairuza introduced me to the pleasures of female domination. Does that surprise you? It sure as hell surprised me. Muslim women are supposed to be dull and submissive. That’s what stereotypes would have us believe. And yet, this bossy Muslim cutie was teaching me a thing or two by dominating me in the bedroom.

I remember how nervous I was the first time Fairuza tied me up and then bent me over and fucked me with her strap-on dildo. Yeah, I was scared shitless. Then my sexy lady began fingering and even licking my ass ( no worries, I showered before ) while stroking my dick. Man, I loved the feel of Fairuza’s fingers and tongue up my ass. After prepping me up, Fairuza put me on all fours, lubricated my ass with lotion and then pressed her dildo against my ass. Holding me by the hips, Fairuza thrust into me.

I groaned sharply as Fairuza’s strap-on penetrated my ass, and then the sexy lady began pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow. I moaned and cried and screamed as Fairuza’s dildo invaded my ass. Smacking my ass, Fairuza told me to stop screaming like a bitch and gleefully rammed my ass with the dildo. I felt violated, dominated and vanquished. While fucking me, Fairuza berated the hell out of me and called me names I won’t print here. And I loved it. The more Fairuza fucked me with the dildo, the harder my dick got. In the end, I came louder and more spectacularly than ever before. Talk about intense!

Afterwards, Fairuza lay next to me, kissed me and told me that she loved me. I smiled at her, pulled her close and told her I loved her too. I had never said those words to someone outside my immediate family before. That’s when I realized that Fairuza was the woman for me. I embraced Islam, introduced her to my parents, met her family and amazingly, although we are quite different, we all got along okay. I studied business at Carleton University and graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree. I am studying in the Sprott MBA program now and work for the Canadian Revenue Agency. Fairuza is working for the Ontario Ministry of Corrections. We live in Orleans with our two sons. Life is sweet, and I thank Allah for His myriad blessings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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