Thoughts Of You Ch. 03

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Anissa Jolie

It’s been one of those days, so long so drawn out and insane. I make my way home driving through traffic. The radio begins playing something catchy. It reminds me of you, something you would tell me about. I laugh a little and continue my way through the city streets. Soon I’m down my street, pulling into the drive. I grab some things out of the car. My camera, planner and those memory sticks.

I had taken a few photos today. Started out as just a quick portrait setting for a client and then I decided to take a few of myself. You know I have such amazing taste in lingerie, I’m not bragging just stating a simple fact. You have told me so many times. In any case I took a few shots and I want to take some time and look at them. So the sticks go to the computer and I walk to the cabinet and have a glass of wine. I take a sip, letting out a sigh and begin letting my hair down.

I take off my boots, the zipper loud in the quiet house. The pants I have on are just a little tight and restricting and since I’m a little worn out I undo them and take them off, laying them on a chair by the couch. I’m left in a long-sleeved shirt that covers my ass, but not by much. The soft little pale pink lace tanga pokes out every so often. I grab the small little blue blanket and get comfy in the chair with my wine.

The first stick is one of photo’s of the client. A family, cute and sweet and I store them on my PC to edit later. Then I pop in the next, yes some of me. This set has me in some purple silk. It’s draped over my body and I’m lying on a white cushion. Legs up just so, almost begging for you to slip in between them.

I begin to do some editing, knowing I like to share my photos. I add a little more softness to the güvenilir bahis photo, getting it perfect. Then I move on to the next set of photos. This is one is in some white stockings, panties, and cut off t-shirt. It’s cute and fun, there I am near a vacuum, looking as though I’ve done my house cleaning in nothing but that. I finish going through them and find some photos I thought had been lost. That makes the day better.

I decide to save the rest for morning; I’m a little run down and need a warm shower. Normally a bath would be just in order but I’m sleepy and want to crawl into bed. I let the water heat and test it with my fingers. It is perfection. I take off my shirt, letting it fall to the floor. I undo the pale pink demi cup bra, my breasts happy to be free from the constraints. My hands run over my stomach, moving to cup my breasts. They fill my little hands perfectly, not overflowing, just right. I roll my nipples in my fingers, taking in a deep breath.

I let out that breath and let my hands move over my tummy. I love the feel of my hands touching my body, running over the smoothness of my skin. It sends chills and shivers over me. My hands reach my panties, which are slightly wet with need and wanting. I let my fingertips move along the edge, slowly. My eyes drifted closed, I imagine you watching. You love to watch, I know. I like knowing that, knowing that want to see my hands and fingers teasing my own body for you.

Slowly those fingers slip inside that waist band. They move slowly down, father farther between my legs to that wet warmth. I can hear you, your heated breath, harsh and whispering to me. “Touch my pussy; you know it’s mine, so touch it for me baby.” I let my long finger slip and türkçe bahis part my sweet soft folds and move along that wet flesh. It’s so warm and hot, so needy. One finger slips inside, a gasp slipping past my lips. It’s one those sweet moans that you love to hear fall past my lips.

“Taste yourself for me.”

It’s barely audible. I know its only part of my imagination but I don’t want to question it, just listen to it. I let that finger move from my warm and bring it to my lips. Slowly my tongue slips out and takes a little lick, and then I bring it to my mouth and suck it deep inside. I savor the sweet flavor, all my own. I suck on my finger, wanting to taste every drop of my sticky, sweet cream.

I let out a sigh and remember my shower and that I’m a little chilled, which has nothing to do with my lack of clothes but more my desire. My hands remove those oh so cute panties and move them down my legs. I step from them and into the warmth of the falling water. I turn my back to the spray and let it fall over my long hair. I just stand there, letting in move across my body, which is still burning with need.

My hands take the soap and a soft washcloth and begin to wash my body. I move so slow, teasing my skin along the way. Each movement etched into my mind, each pass of my hand making my body burn brighter. I turn and rinse myself and the cloth, then wipe over those sensitive areas, cleaning them. I gasp and know I need to find release.

The cloth slips from my finger, landing on my toes as I lean against the shower wall. One hand moving to cup a breast, tease the nipple there. I roll it between my fingers, tormenting it as I pinch it ever so slightly. The other hand moves between my legs, one of which güvenilir bahis siteleri is up on the side of the white tub. My pussy, your pussy, is so wet, so warm and waiting to be touched. My fingers move, slipping past that little pleasure nub.

“Show me baby; show me how you like it.”

You voice is there in my head but in my mind your watching; you are looking into the bath and watching my fingers move inside my slit. My palm, rubbing up against my clit and at the contact I gasp. I do it again, each time my fingers, two of them, play me so perfectly. They move so deep, rubbing and curling, knowing right where that sweet secret spot is. I hit it when they thrust inside deep, then toying with my clit on the outstroke. The pleasure is so intense and I’m so close, so near, right on edge.

“You want to lover; I know you want to cum. Cum just for me.”

There your sexy voice is again, so deep and in my head that I can hear you when your not here. I move them again because you’re right, I want to cum. Then it hits, it hits hard and fast. It’s deep and I can feel the walls of cunt closing over my slick fingers. I rub, I grind, prolonging that bliss, that sweet euphoria. My chest is rising, falling. I try for deep breaths but they are shallow, gasping for much needed air. I slowly stop, letting my fingers slip from my sensitive slit and bring them to my lips. I know you want me to taste them. I see your eyes watching, looking, as I suck them in and clean them. I’m exhausted now as I turn the water off.

I slip from the shower and dry off, comb my hair and look in the mirror. My color is high, lips full and flushed. You can easily tell my body had just found happiness. I walk to my room, debate quickly about what to wear before deciding on nothing. I tuck myself in, pulling the covers around me and my eyes drift close so quickly. Just before I fall into that deep slumber I can hear you.

“Such a good girl, so beautiful when you cum…”

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