Three Friends

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When the knock on the door came I was still in the kitchen slicing up mushrooms and peppers for the spaghetti sauce I was preparing for that night’s dinner. Sara, my wife, came out of our bedroom to answer it humming some tune that I couldn’t recognize. She had been in a good mood all day anticipating our next door neighbor Abby coming over for dinner that evening.

“Luke,” my wife called out to me as she let Abby in our apartment, “break away from your sauce and open up a bottle of wine.”

I could hear the two women exchanging greetings and going straight to small talk as I searched for the corkscrew. Part of the conversation involved around Abby again apologizing for the kiss she and I shared at her Christmas party a few weeks back. My wife, of course, laughed it off. She thought it was both funny and in a way called for since it freed Abby from the unwanted attentions of one of her coworkers.

Up until a few weeks before Christmas Abby had been living with her boyfriend Mark for a couple of years. We all met up about the same time and since our ages were roughly equivalent became friends. That is until Mark left Abby for another woman. The breakup was messy and once the dust settled Abby found herself living alone in a city far from home.

During that time Sara began looking after Abby like a sister going as far to invite her over to our apartment every weekend when she didn’t take the long drive home to see her folks. Some guys might resent their wives taking such an interest in one of her friends but I didn’t mind. My wife Sara was an intoxicating blond beauty and Abby was the same except for having short raven black hair. Call me selfish and egotistical but having two women of such beauty in my home had provided me with a wealth of stupid fantasies.

With the sauce needing to simmer and the wine bottle open I poured three glasses and took them into our small living room. Sara and Abby were sitting on opposite ends of the couch discussing something about the coming weekend. Sara was dressed in a loose blouse and tight fitting yoga pants while Abby was in the business casual dress she had worn to work that day. Both were stunning and in their own way and I tried not to grin like a stupid teenager because of it.

“Here you go Abby,” I said offering her the first glass.

“Thanks,” she said while smiling shyly back at me. After giving my wife the next glass I took a seat on the bean bag that was the only other place to sit in the living room careful not to spill my wine.

“So Abby,” Sara begins to ask, “has that guy bothered you anymore at your office?”


With the news about Abby breaking up with her longtime boyfriend making the rounds at her work a guy by the name of Howard started asking her out. At first Abby just politely said no, telling him that it was way too soon think about dating again but he persisted. It was during one of the nights Abby had dinner with us that she opened saying that the guy wouldn’t leave her alone and with the office Christmas party approaching she knew Howard was going to cause a scene.

“Here’s what we’ll do,” Sara said, “this Howard has never seen Luke here so he’ll be your new boyfriend at the party.”

At first Abby refused saying that was way too much to ask of Sara and me. But my wife persisted and the night of the party I walked down to Abby’s apartment dressed in my best sports coat to escort her to the office shindig.

It was a typical boring affair with weak drinks and bad food but it allowed everyone a chance to relax. During the party Abby introduced me to Howard and far from being some dangerous stalker he actually look like a nice guy who only faults were poor social skills along with looking a little too nerdy. Unfortunately, Howard wasn’t convinced that I was Abby’s new boyfriend, and while I was talking with someone else across the room renewed his attempts to date Abby.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Abby said to me, “he’s starting to look desperate and its beginning to scare me.”

“Do you trust me?” I asked Abby.

“Why yes,” she answered slightly confused not understanding the question.

I grabbed her by the hand and we began to casually stroll around the conference room. Once I caught sight of Howard, we sat down and I began staring deeply into Abby’s eyes and stroking her hair.

“What are you doing?” she asked uncomfortably.

“I’ll solve the Howard problem if you only trust me for a few minutes.” I said in return before beginning to kiss her. At first Abby was both scared and stiff but within seconds understood what I was doing. Her kiss became deep and relaxed. I’m not going to lie, she was a good kisser and I savored the taste of her tongue. I could also tell she was enjoying mine.

When we broke apart I saw her face flush from a combination of embarrassment and pleasure. Others at the party had noticed as well, including Howard. The poor guy looked crushed and soon drifted off. I didn’t let the issue drop, we walked around for another hour clinging to bursa escort each other. The story I told Abby was that we had to make it look good for the others. She didn’t really put up much of a fight. Mark’s leaving had hurt her deeply and it was easy to tell she wanted companionship and the touch of another human being. I admit, I had my own selfish reasons and made sure we made out several more times.

Driving back to the apartments after the party Abby was feeling extremely guilty since Sara was her best friend. She was also rather upset with me, figuring I had pressed the issue too much. I tried to explain that Sara had suffered through her own Howard and would understand.

“Tell you what Abby, just to clear your conscious lets both tell Sara, that way you’ll know there is nothing to be bothered about.”

We did and not only did Sara laugh about the whole incident she told Abby my plan was probably the only way a guy like Howard would have gotten the message. A couple of cups of coffee later she goes home to her apartment while Sara drags me to our bedroom.


“No, Howard hasn’t bothered me again,” Abby says while sipping her wine, “in fact a couple of my female coworkers have asked me how Luke is in bed.”

This sends the women into a fit of giggles and I then decided to take my leave and finish up our dinner. Abby presence in our apartment over the months had become routine when everything was ready we all took our seats at the kitchen table and tore into the spaghetti like ravenous wolves. All told, two bottles of wine were emptied during the meal and another was opened as the ladies went back into the living room to relax as I cleaned up everything.

The apartment Sara and I share is small allowing anyone in the kitchen to overhear any normal conversation. So after a few minutes when the two women started talking in hushed voices I figured they had started on a topic I didn’t really need to hear. However, after I finished with the dishes I walked into the living room and plopped back down on the bean bag not really caring if I disturbed their private conversation.

Abby and Sara were again on opposite ends of the couch with their feet resting on the coffee table. It became immediately evident to me that I had in fact interrupted something. Sara had this feral smile on her face like a cat about to eat a canary while Abby’s smile seemed one more of embarrassment.

“Okay, I said, “what did I do wrong now?

“Nothing honey,” Sara said leaning over to put her wine glass on the coffee table. “We were just talking and Abby let it slip…”

“I was just saying,” Abby interrupted appearing clearly drunk and uncomfortable, “that the last time I had any physical contact with another human being was with you at the Christmas party and that I’m dying to feel someone touch me.”

It was a provocative statement coming from Abby. Since Sara and I had come to know her and Mark, she was the one who was the most reluctant of our little group to share personal information. The only reason she was doing this now was the wine and Sara encouraging her.

“Abby honey,” Sara says still smiling like a cat, “since you and Luke told me what happened I’ve had this strange curiosity about how you two looked making out. Call it bizarre but I can’t shake the image of my best friend and husband kissing. I couldn’t get you and him to show me so I could get it out of my mind?”

Abby leans back on the couch and laughs slightly, “That would be wrong so many way but frankly I want someone to touch me so bad I’m actually considering it.”

“Don’t hold back on my account sweetie,” Sara says standing up, “you’ve had some bad breaks. I still want to see what you two look like together. I’m going to the bedroom for a little while, consider my offer open until I get back, if nothing happens we’ll all forget anything was even mentioned.” Sara then looks over at me and winks, then walks down our short hall to the bedroom.

I slowly get up from the bean bag and take a seat in the middle of the couch. “This is crazy,” Abby says to me after she empties her wine glass.

“Yeah,” I admit, “but I’ve wanted another chance to kiss you since that night.” With that I take her glass and set it on the coffee table

Abby just smiles and says,” If I wasn’t so drunk I would get up and leave. It’s almost as if this has all been planned.”

I lean in close to Abby and she doesn’t pull back. “I can’t say whether or not any of this was planned,” I tell her, “but I’m sure interested in the proposal.” I close the distance between us and begin to kiss her deeply. She responds immediately and our lips and tongues dance.

None of this would be even remotely possible if Sara and I hadn’t been so close to Mark and Abby when they were together. We had moved into our neighboring apartments about the same time and started hanging out soon after. Which quickly moved on to double dates, day trips out of town, and finally a few wilderness camping excursions where circumstances often bursa ucuz escort made it impossible to be modest. In fact I had already seen Abby naked a few times with the most graphic being the morning Sara and I went on a hike and came across the two having sex in a clearing. Mark and Abby saw us and went back to what they were doing the second Sara and left.

Now Mark is long gone and I’m on my couch making out with Abby. She holds nothing back and as we continue to kiss I instinctively begin to reach up the skirt of her dress. When I reach the outside area of her panties and begin to stroke her inner thighs she lets out a low moan.

“Not fair” she whispers, “Sara said she wanted to see us kissing, you’re out of bounds.”

“My wife is not here right now.” I answer back fingering my way around her panties to her clit. Abby moans again this time louder and pulls back from me and dreamily looks into my eyes as my fingers explore her womanhood. She is becoming increasingly wet around her pussy and I can feel my own lust begin to burn heavily.

“I want you Luke,” she says while lightly kissing me on the lips. The smell of the wine on her breath is intoxicating.

I reach up under her skirt and grab her panties, and with a quick pull they come down around her thighs and Abby begins to maneuver on the couch so I can remove them. She has completely forgotten about Sara and I feel her entire body shudder with anticipation. When Abby’s panties are just above her knees she stands up and they casually fall to the floor. At the same time, I stand up and remove my own clothes and toss them to the side. Abby is standing in front of me, her face flushed with pure desire. I turn her around and unzip the back of her dress. As the dress falls, I unhook her bra and turn her back towards me. For a moment the look of uncertainty returns to her face and I begin to kiss her again. Her hand finds my erect cock and she gingerly strokes it in a way that drives me wild.

With a sudden and unexpected insight I remove the cushions from the couch to make more room and a few seconds later I have Abby laying on it with her legs spread and me hovering over her. I slowly traced the lips of her pussy with the tip of my dick. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” I say to her. Abby is silent, seemly in some sort of spell and just continues to play with my cock. I carefully lean down using my arms to keep my full weight off her while she places the tip of my dick on her pussy. If there was any fear or uncertainty left in her mind it was deeply buried.

I slowly begin to enter Abby immediately feeling how warm and wet her pussy has become. She moans softly as I begin to make long and slow strokes in and out of her. She pulls me on top of her and we start kissing again as I increase the rhythm of my thrusts. The smell of sex and sweat permeates everything surrounding us and we are little better than animals. Using just my hips I am slamming Abby with everything I have until her moans turn to screams. She cums suddenly and massively with her pussy throbbing so hard I lose my load. As the lust recedes Abby looks at me with the expression of a lost little girl.

“What’s wrong Abby?” I ask looking down at her while gently caressing her face.

“This was so wrong,” she says reflexively becoming aware of nakedness. “Things got so out of control I lost my mind. Where is Sara anyway? She’s been gone far too long.”

We both sit up and I grab a small blanket that was draped over one of the arms of the couch and place it over Abby’s body. She is stunned not really knowing whether to run or stay.

“Everything is fine,” I whisper pulling her close and begin to kiss her again. Abby resists a little but her unmet physical needs come roaring back and she again becomes responsive.

“What have you done to me Luke?” She asks as we break away for air. “I’ve never felt like this before.”

We begin to kiss again, slow and deep. Abby eventually moves and straddle me using one of her hands to guide my cock back into her. She is on fire and almost cums again but relaxes and just lays her head on my chest enjoying the sensation.

Time becomes meaningless and we just stay in that position until we both feel someone joining us on the couch. Abby looks up in shock to see Sara looking at us wearing only a loose fitting silk robe.

“It’s okay sweetie,” she says to Abby moving closer to us both, “this is exactly what I wanted.”

Abby is scared and confused. She jumps off me and grabs the blanket I had draped over her. She looks around the living room for her clothes while trying to cover up with the blanket. “What is going on Sara?” she asks. “This is getting too weird it’s best I leave.”

Sara jumps up fixing her eyes on Abby with what I could only call a cobra-like stare. Abby is transfixed and drops the her dress she had picked up just a second before. Even the blanket Abby was so desperate to use to cover her body now hangs loose ready to fall to the floor. bursa elit escort Sara slowly moves toward Abby until they are less than an inch apart and places her hands on her face.

“There’s nothing weird going on Abby darling, just three friends having a good time together.” Sara says then leans in and begins to kiss Abby. “What goes on between us tonight has no bearing on the outside world.” Sara continues after pulling away for a moment.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Abby whispers. “I love you guys but I’m so confused.”

Sara doesn’t say anything but leans in to kiss Abby again and this time she responds. I walk over to the two and remove the blanket from Abby’s shoulders letting it fall to the floor. I stand behind Abby placing my hands on her hips and letting my erect cock slide in between her upper thighs.

Sara stops kissing Abby long enough to look at me. “You’ve had your fun big boy,” she says smiling, “it’s my turn now.”

We both guide Abby back over to the couch. She sits down in the middle while Sara gently spreads Abby legs then kneels down and begins licking and sucking her clit while I sit down beside her and stroke her hair. “You taste so good babe,” Sara quickly looks up at me as some of my cum drips off her lips.

Abby’s breathing increases and she lets out a long moan of pleasure. She turns her head towards me and I lean in to kiss her while massaging one of her tits. Both of her nipples are erect and I lean down to suck on the one to nearest to me. Abby gasps and then lets out a scream as Sara starts finger fucking her rapidly increasing speed as I gently bite down on the nipple I had in my mouth. I can tell she is about to reach orgasm again and I thoroughly enjoy the feel of her body beginning to tense up.

“Don’t stop…don’t stop,” Abby softly pleads and then the orgasm that I felt building inside her explodes. Abby’s body goes into a series of spasms that continue even after Sara climbs up on the couch to sit on the other side of her.

“Rest baby,” Sara says while running her fingers up and down Abby’s body. “The night is young and Luke and I are going to do incredible things to you.” Abby is breathless and just looks at both of us and nods her head.

“It’s my turn,” I say after a few minutes. I scoop Abby up in my arms and carry her to the bedroom and gently lay her down in the middle of the bed. I lay down beside Abby and start kissing her neck as she uses one of her hands to play with my dick.

“I want to suck your cock,” she says with an alluring smile. “On one of the weekends where we rented the beach house I came back in once to grab something and saw Sara sucking your dick in you all’s bedroom. I thought it was sexiest thing I had ever seen. All that raw animal passion.”

“This night is suppose to be about you sweetie,” I say, “but if its what you want.”

We reposition and I am now laying on the bed as Abby slides down and takes my cock into her mouth. I look over to my right and see Sara on the other side of the bed undoing the sash of her robe. She shrugs it off and climbs into bed as well watching Abby’s mouth slide up and down my shaft.

“You like having two women to play with?” my beautiful wife asks as she moves closer to me. I don’t need to answer, Abby is quite good at what she is doing. I can feel the alternating sensation of her lips and tongue as she slides my dick in and out of her mouth.

“Come here babe,” I say, “let me eat you out while Abby does her thing.” Sara grabs hold of the headboard and straddles my face and lowers her pussy down to my mouth where I start sucking on her clit. After just a few seconds my face is covered from my wife’s wetness, something that drives me so wild I have to break the three of us apart.

For a moment all three of us pause and look at each other while catching out breath. “This was some sort of setup?” Abby asks with a coy look on her face.

“Yeah baby,” Sara says, “are you mad?”

“No,” Abby admits, “but I’ve never done anything like this. I was raised so proper and Mark was never this adventurous.”

“We’re not done yet,” I say and by some unspoken agreement Sara lays down on the bed while Abby moves up between her legs and starts licking her pussy. I position myself behind Abby and gently raise her ass just enough to slide my dick into her pussy. She lightly moans as I begin slowly thrusting in and out of her.

I look at my wife and she is enraptured by the sensations Abby is creating with the use of her tongue and lips on my her pussy. Abby had no idea how much of a setup this night actually was, Sara has been bisexual since college and one of our agreements when we married was that we would have to search out women who we could share in bed that would also satisfy my wife’s secret needs. Never in a million years would either Sara and I have believed Abby would fall into that category.

Time slips by and my wife is writhing in pleasure from what Abby is doing to her pussy. While Abby in turn occasionally lifts her head to moan over my increasingly hard thrusts. All three of us are approaching orgasm and it is Sara who comes first with her screams signaling the climax. Abby’s orgasm is next and the convulsions of her pussy sends me over the edge. I shoot up into her so hard I am gasping for breath.

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