Through the Bathroom Window

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Like so many mornings, I woke up this morning with a hard-on. Most mornings, I just get up and let it go down on its own. But today, I decided to keep this one around for a while. I grabbed my laptop and fired up some porn, surfing videos and photos of girls fucking, sucking and getting covered in cum.

I’ve recently become a big fan of the cumshot. I love the sight of a woman’s breasts and chest speckled with cum. Preferably my own, but it had been a while since anyone had been close enough to be on the receiving end of my own eruptions.

I decided to walk around the apartment a little. Eventually, I found myself in my bathroom and decided to finish off there standing over the toilet. Partly to avoid making a mess, but also because I enjoy cumming standing up and watching the ropes of my cum shoot out in front of me. I like to imagine a pair of tits or a nice juicy ass for it to land on.

Standing in front of the toilet, looking straight ahead, I saw that my bathroom window was open, allowing the wind from illegal bahis the breezeway to blow in on me. From where I stood, I could see the row of bathroom windows of the apartments across from me, but those windows were all closed. The glazed glass would keep anyone over there from seeing out, so I decided to leave my own window open and enjoy the breeze.

I lubed up my right hand and my cock and I closed my eyes. I pulled up one of my favorite mental copies of a picture from the web. An image of a woman lying on her back, her chest and stomach covered in cum. She had medium-sized breasts, a small handfull, with dark puffy nipples and areolae the size of quarters.

With my eyes closed, I started stroking myself. I like to take full length strokes from the base up to the head until the head is in the middle of my palm, before sliding back down again.

The sensations were coming along nicely now, and I knew I was getting close. Still stroking, I opened my eyes and looked out the window again. At first I didn’t illegal bahis siteleri notice anything different. Suddenly I realized that the window across the way on my level was now open. As my eyes focused, I also noticed my neighbor standing in her window looking across the breezeway at me, her mouth open in shock.

I stopped stroking when I saw her there. The windows were high enough that I figured she could only see me from about the shoulders up. I wondered if she knew what I was up to. Her facial expression suggested she did. With more than a little embarrassment, I was about to turn and leave until I saw a wry grin spread across her face.

I decided to stay, and slowly resumed my activity. When my arm started moving again, she nodded slowly and smiled wider. I could only see her from the shoulders up, but what I saw was beautiful. Long black hair framing a narrow, cherubic face with bright green eyes that seemed to glow. I couldn’t see any straps on her shoulders. Was she topless? Her hair was wet, so canlı bahis siteleri maybe she just got out of the shower. Was she standing there naked in front of an open window? It seemed like a crazy idea until I realized I was doing the same thing.

It looked like her right shoulder was now moving rhythmically up and down. I wondered how long she’d been standing there before I’d seen her. How much of my activity had she seen? Could she tell I was getting off? Was she really getting off, too?

I decided to go for broke, and increased my pace. I could feel my orgasm building. Stroking the full length of my slippery cock with my right hand, and squeezing and stroking the base of my cock and balls with my left. I knew my face was giving away my pleasure. Unable to hold back any longer, I grunted loudly as I came. As I came back down, I saw my neighbor’s shoulders hunch forward, and her face twist up. It looked like she was in her own state of ecstasy. I heard her whimper a brief, high pitched “ahhh, oohh.”

After a few more shakes of her shoulders, she stood up straight, smiled and waved. She reached up to close her window, and for the first time her naked breasts came into view. Just like the ones in that picture. I wonder if it really was her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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