Thul Pa Ch. 04

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She slept for days afterwards. Sometimes, if I stood in the kitchen and listened intently, I could hear the gentle swishing of the fur as it flopped and wriggled about in her meditation room.

The second morning after she feasted on that helpless but ecstatic young man I went to see her. I tingled all over as I opened the carved wooden door to her chamber. The cascading fur was pristinely white and glistened in the dimly lit space, and I could make out her form lying prostrate on the low table in the centre of the room. The waves of curls would occasionally break and allow me to catch a glimpse of her thigh, her belly.

I stepped into the room and started to walk towards her – the fluffy locks felt thick and luxurious under my bare feet. Swirling masses of the fleece would mound up as I walked across the floor, puffing into heaps of extremely fine hairs four and five feet around, and then melt away into the fur from which they sprung. The closer I got to her the more these furry balloons would pop up.

When I was only a few feet from her the vast pelt condensed over top of her body and I soon found myself surrounded by a group of quivering puffballs making gentle lunging movements, nuzzling at my crotch, as they tried to push me away from her. I reached out and pressed my hands against the largest of the downy piles, looking for a way to break through. The fluffy sphere split into two parts, each encasing one of my arms, and was replaced by an even bigger patch of trembling fleece pushing against my thighs and torso.

I leaned into the glossy fur with all my weight and struggled to reach her. “I just want to see her,” I said. “Please let me through.”

With an incredible ease the cluster of puffballs scooped me up and put me down about fifteen feet away from where she lay. As I was lifted up my linen outfit was stripped away, and when I landed back on the floor my bare skin was covered in goose bumps as the air flowed cool about the room. The large furry globe slipped around my legs and as I took one last step in the direction of the table it exploded upwards and latched onto my hips.

The delicate hairs squirmed and danced up and down my legs, cuddling my balls, and swirled about my cock. “Why can’t I see her?,” I whispered to the fur. “Please …” The silken bundles were completely surrounding me, swelling up in a room already overflowing with her sumptuous mane. The curls parted from her face enough to show me her sleeping visage, her mouth slightly open.

It felt like the fur was pouring up my legs, racing across my penis like a torrent of fluff, and as I began to lose my balance in the churning puffy white sea I reached forward to steady myself only to be pulled to the floor and pounced on by the cluster of fuzzy bulges. The more I struggled to push myself off the floor the more I fell into the pool of fur that was collecting around me and deepening beneath me. Fist-sized fluffy clumps started gently tugging at my cock as it swung between my fur-swathed legs and soon I found myself humping the Bostancı Öğrenci Escort insistent shaggy mounds beneath me. The sensation was exquisite – the fine hairs were so soft and yet they offered a delicious resistance that squeezed and tickled my shaft continuously. It was like being enclosed in two-foot thick alpaca. I began to screw the heap of sumptuous fur below me with a ferociousness that surprised me while the masses of delicate, fluid hair swayed across my back.

It didn’t take long before I could feel the orgasm building behind my balls, and when the bushy white fluff started kneading my thighs and ass I rolled on my back, grabbed as much of the pelt as I could and yanked it up and down over my penis. I looked down at my crotch – my forearms were sheathed in the frizzy white mountain of fur that was building up around my waist. A mountain of fur that raised and lowered itself with every desperate move I made.

With each jerk I cried out; the orgasm was swelling up and I could feel the climax approaching. I masturbated faster and faster, watching my strokes through the sumptuousness of the fur, and just as I was about to cum my arms were wrenched away and the bulk of surging tresses gorged themselves on my cock. The cum spurted out of me, each load was sucked up by the fur before the twitch of my prostate had time to send another squirt into the unrelenting curls. The plump puffballs swarmed over top of me, shuddering around me as I squirmed with delight under their supple feathery density. I turned over on my stomach again and thrust my penis into the devouring thickness of the Thul pa. When it had drained me completely I gathered up immense armfuls of the fur and nuzzled my body into it with the waves of hair rocking me to sleep.


“Did you miss me?”

Her face was very close to mine, almost nose-to-nose. Slowly waking up I realized that we were both lying on her bench, naked, on a silk-covered cushion, our bodies draped with a light sheet.

“Yes,” I said, and after a moment to clear my head I asked what had happened. “Why were you cocooned?”

She ran her fingers through my hair. “It’s like hibernation. We needed time to process all of the energy from …” She paused and looked at me.

“From the feeding?,” I asked.

Her expression was somber. “Yes.” She was focusing on a spot by the door. Without moving her eyes she asked me if that bothered me.

“What, the feeding or the sleeping?”

“Don’t make fun,” she said. “This is serious.” She was looking at me. “I am being serious. I have to know how you feel.”

“Sorry. If you were to ask me if I think going around eating people alive is a sign of good character I would have to say no. But when I found you devouring that guy, to watch it happen as he thrashed about trying to break free and stay in the Thul pa at the same time was such a turn-on.”

She smiled a little. “We make sure they enjoy every part of the experience. The asphyxiation only enhances their final orgasm.” She leaned Bostancı Çıtır Escort into my shoulder and I rolled onto my back, her head resting on my chest,

“How often do you have to do that? How often does it need you to feed?”

“Usually every three months.” Her hand was playing with the tuft of hair just above my belly button. “Although there’s nothing stopping us from doing it more often if you would like us to.”

My face turned red and my penis sprang up at her words.

She lifted the sheet off the two of us and exposed my swelling cock. “Would you like to watch us?,” she asked as she ran her index finger up and down my shaft. “You could hide in my closet and watch it happen as often as you like.”

Her voice was spellbinding. “Yes,” I whispered. “Could I please see it again?” Her fingers were dancing up and down my penis, and when she clutched my balls I gasped.

“Whatever you desire, my sweet.” Her bare hand clutched my cock, pulling on it softly, squeezing it.

“First, I have a favour to ask,” she said. “I have a present but no one to give it to.” Her hand quickened it’s pace and she started to lick my neck. From behind me I could hear the familiar swish of her Thul pa.

“I like presents. I’ll take it.” The palm of her hand was getting slippery with my pre-cum, and when she stopped jerking me off and sat up I shuddered a bit.

She straddled my legs, nuzzling her sex against mine, and brought up a box from the floor. As she lifted the box she smiled. “You already have one of these,” she said opening the lid. “I need to find a good home for this and was wondering if you knew of anyone who might want it.” She placed the tiny carton on my belly. Peering inside the box I saw an amulet almost exactly like mine.

“Is that what I think it is?” “Yes,” she said. She picked the amulet out of its container and gazed at it. The fur was pure black, and was wider than mine by half. “My Thul pa yields the elements for a new talisman every once in a while. Do you know anyone who might like it?” Her eyes were fixed on me, her gaze subtly forceful.

My heart was pounding in my chest. I knew what she was asking. Giving this to someone would mean both pleasure and sacrifice, but the pleasure to be reaped from this was unimaginable.

“I can’t keep it here. If you were to have two of these you would end up like my plaything from the other night.” She had moved the mouth of her vagina over the head of my penis and was working it in the moist folds of her sex.

“I think I know someone who … would appreciate it.” With every twist and angling of her hips she took my cock just a little farther inside of her.

The rustling of fur was all around us and I could feel it brushing up against my feet as it grew larger and larger.

“You should include a note when you send this. Tell your friend that it is a Tibetan dream catcher and that he should keep it by his bed.” She put the charm back in the box and replaced the lid. “Within in time he will bond with Bostancı Elit Escort it just as you did with yours.” Several strands of fleece reached up and took the box from her.

She tipped her belly forward and my penis moved lithely up into her, the walls of her sex constricted around my shaft. Her pelvis pressed into mine, rocking back and forth to take in all of my cock. I reached up and molded my hands around her breasts. Her skin was cool and smooth and when I gently squeezed her erect nipples between the crux of my index and middle finger she raised her arms and ran her hands through her hair.

The Thul pa was wrapped tightly around my calves and I could see white curls inching towards her as she moved up and down on my penis. She tilted her head back, stretching her arms out in a slow and sinuous gesture. In an instant the fur was on her with only her head and pubic hair exposed, a plush white cross of undulating pelts.

“We’re so glad we found you,” she said. “I’m so glad I found you.” She had leaned forward and placed her hand around my abdomen. She was fucking me faster, thrusting deeply. “Have you begun to love me, my sweet?,” she asked. “Will you love me for as long as you stay with me?”

“Yes … oh god, yes.” The pelt swarmed out from her hands and was underneath me, cradling me. She sat up again but even as she grabbed her ankles the tresses of fluffy white fur continued to pour from the ends of her sleeves. My hands fell to the bench and the awaiting supple locks and I ran my fingers through the plush hairs. The rhythm of her pelvis quickened.

“Touch me,” she moaned. “Feel me …”

I looked up at her to see her staring back at me with wild eyes. She had the same look when she consumed that wriggling cum fest a few days ago.

“I … I can’t. It won’t let me go,” I moaned.

The turned her head slightly and the fur released my hands. She slowed her fucking somewhat.

Without looking at me she whispered. “Touch me.”

I lifted my arms from the fluffy mound beneath me. As my hands got closer to her torso the Thul pa puffed into a mass of frizzy hairs, the same beautiful heap of fur I jerked off with as she hibernated. I didn’t have to touch it to know how incredibly soft it was. Its depth was immeasurable.

“Come and find me,” she said playfully.

As she said this two chubby mounds of the alpaca-like hair formed where her breasts would be. I needed no further invitations. My hands began to massage the piles of exquisite fur, burying my fingers in the endless pile. The fluff expanded to envelop my wrists, then my arms, stroking me as I groped through the swells of delicate fuzz. She began moving faster over me, her sex warm and wet as it glided up and down my shaft.

Ringlets of fur were licking at my balls. “I need to cum,” I cried. “Please let me cum …”

She seemed to spill forward – the fur flowed around me as she lay on top of me. I gripped the back of her neck with my left hand and found her bare ass with my right and held her firmly. I plunged myself quickly, roughly into her, heaving her body up and down my cock. Her screams were muffled by the white curls around my neck.

My hands fumbled over the gathering of fur that surrounded her. So thick and soft, my fingers shuddered. Pounding, pounding … . My last stroke. I was cumming.

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