Ticket to Nowhere

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A boy was sitting in front of me, oblivious to my presence as he listened to his iPod. His hair was straight and silky golden blonde that sparkled in the sun. He had a defined jaw line and a cute nose, and luscious lips. Lips that reminded me of Alex’s, and how they felt on my neck, my breasts, my clit… I bit my lip to stop my moan from escaping. I wondered if Alex was having as much trouble as I was. I looked back down at the boy in front of me, and he had apparently taken notice of me. His big blue eyes swept over my form as a smile spread across his face revealing pretty white teeth… He would be fun to play with. I introduced myself and began operation “flirt to kill boredom and stop thinking about sex”. He told me his name but I couldn’t remember it. He wasn’t all that interesting, just a pretty face. I thought of Alex and missed him terribly. He was smart and much more sexy. Ignoring whatever “Abercrombie” was droning on about, I pulled out my phone to text Alex.

I got off the bus with a new number I’d never call. He was way too boring. I stared at my blank phone, waiting for the light to flash red, but nothing happened. I went to go buy my bus ticket to nowhere and then to line up – again. Perfect. I’d be alone for my apparent 2-hour and some odd minute long bus ride. I had booked a hotel room for myself, so at least I wouldn’t be doing it twice in the same night. Thinking about my hotel room depressed me more. Alex and I would have so much fun together in that room… I thought about him surprising me there, pushing me against the wall as he made out with me, both of us fumbling with the room key. We would get inside the room, he would rip off my clothes and push me down on the bed. He would suck on one nipple hungrily, massaging the other one roughly before switching. Then he would kiss down my stomach, all the way to my clit… And he would tease me with his warm, wet tongue… A shiver raced through my body at the thought.

I looked around at my deserted platform. Great. I’d be the only person on the bus too. I boarded the bus and went all the way to the back, planning on sleeping escort bayan or something. I made myself comfortable as the driver closed the doors. Just as we were about to pull away, I heard banging on the door and the driver opened them.

Some guy clambered onto the bus, his silhouette appearing to be heaving. Man, he sure was in a rush to get to nowhere. I wished I had missed the bus. After he paid his fare, mystery man started walking down the aisle, ignoring every empty seat as he headed… Straight for the back seat! Hadn’t he ever heard of privacy? I was going to give him a piece of my mind but my thoughts were interrupted before I could organize them.

“Hey, Sexy,” a very familiar husky voice drawled. I stared at him with disbelief. Alex?

He smirked at me, seemingly very pleased with himself. He looked around the empty bus stating, “well, we seem to have this bus to ourselves. That should be interesting Renee, don’t you agree?” Images raced through my brain.

“Of course,” I smiled up at him, grabbing one of his hands and pulling him right down beside me. Okay. So maybe this bus ride wouldn’t be so terrible after all.

I attacked his lips with kisses, pushing my tongue into his mouth so he could suck on it. His hands were running frantically over my body, squeezing my boobs and ass underneath the material of my clothing. A very small part of me wondered why and how he was here, but I quickly forgot. Talking was overrated – I moaned instead.

Alex pulled me onto his lap, my legs straddling him. I caught my breath as he trailed kisses down my neck, igniting a fire deep with my body. I leaned my head back, moaning from all the attention he was giving me. After indulging, I pushed myself off of him, falling to my knees in between his legs. It was my turn to smirk as I looked up at him, and then buried my face in his crotch. I kissed along the outline of his hard cock, running my hands over it afterwards. Using my free hand, I undid his belt buckle and zipper. Still unsatisfied, I pulled his jeans, complete with boxers, down off of him exposing his rock hard cock to my hungry görükle escort eyes. I placed small kisses up and down the length of it. I felt him shudder with delight and felt his cock pulse in my grip. I tightened my grip slightly, moving my encircled fingers up and down the length of him, satisfied when a moan left his lips.

“I’m so happy you’re here Alex,” I said emphatically as I teased the underside of the head of his cock. He nodded his head yes and tried to force it into my mouth, thrusting his hips upwards as he restrained my head with his hands. I guess he was happy to be here too. I smiled up at him as I slipped his entire cock inside of my mouth, sliding the warm wetness of it up slowly before sliding back down again. I was bringing him close…

Summoning up some strength from who-knows-where, Alex pulled himself out of my mouth and laid me down on the back seats of the bus. Thank god for the darkness. We were really taking a few risks here.

He made out with me briefly, his hands sliding up my bare legs under my skirt until they reached my underwear. He moved them aside and slipped one finger inside of me, silencing my moan with a kiss.

“You want more, don’t you baby?” He asked and I nodded frantically, saying “please”. He smiled and moved his head between my legs. I gasped as I felt his tongue assault my clit while his finger moved in and out of my slippery wetness.

After a bit of this, I couldn’t stand to not have him inside of me. Every fiber of my being was craving to feel his cock buried in my insides as deep as it would go.

“Alex,” I breathed. “I w-want, oh yes, more. P..lease. I just want you t-to be inside me!” When he didn’t respond, I grabbed his hair and pulled his face up to look at me. “Fuck me, now!” I whispered sternly. He smiled beautifully, seemingly satisfied.

“As you wish.” He crawled over my prone figure, positioning the head of his cock at my entrance, thrusting lightly to tease me. I grabbed his ass and shoved him inside me; I didn’t want to play games. I moaned and mumbled his name at the same time as he bursa elit escort did.

“Why do you feel so damn good?” He panted and as he thrust inside me, deeper and deeper, grinding his hips against my pelvis. I was too caught up to form a coherent response. I grabbed his head and made out with him as he continued to fuck me. I slowed him down and slipped him out of me, pushing him up to a sitting position. I straddled him again, facing him as I slid down onto him; there was no resistance at all. I used the headrests of the seats as handles and as something to bite other than his neck – which I decided to do just then. As I moved my hips up and down, and gyrated them with him inside me, my tongue traced a similar pattern down his neck. He seemed just as gone as I was.

“Ren…ee…! I’m going to-to cum if you keep this up,” Alex warned me, his head leaning back in bliss. I admired the contours of his neck and his shapely jaw line… He was so fucking hot.

“So, cum for me baby. Cum all over my insides, mark me as your own territory.” He groaned and grabbed my waist, responding by increasing the tempo of his thrusts. He was obviously tempted by my offer.

“Not until you do,” he insisted. That was fine. I was so close anyways. I felt his cock sliding in and out of me; I even felt it pulsing inside me. My walls tightened more around it in response. I felt myself riding the edge of my orgasm, on the brink of cumming. I ground my hips into his elevated pelvis, and felt everything in me explode as I hissed his name, burying my face in his neck to muffle it a bit. He kept thrusting as I came; I guess he was close too. A few seconds later his hands were all over my body, his lips claiming my own, gripping me as each wave of his orgasm hit him. I felt splash after splash of hot liquid fill my insides as his cock pulsed and quivered inside me.

I lay my head down on his shoulder as we both sat there, catching our breaths, enjoying our release. I thought about my awaiting hotel room and got excited again. The bus came to a stop and the lights flickered on as the driver announced our stop. I jumped off of him, readjusting myself as he quickly pulled up his pants. We grabbed our bags and ran up the aisle. I guess he was excited about our room too.

I sighed, inhaling the crisp country air as we stepped off the bus. Welcome to nowhere, population – Alex, my hotel room and me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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