Tied To Her Own Bed and Fucked_(0)

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He’d been watching her arrive home from work every day for two months. Her red sporty car would pull in her drive around 5:25pm and he’d see her stick her long high-heeled leg outside her vehicle before pushing her slender but curvy body out. Usually she was in a tight pencil skirt, with her long brunette hair flowing down, almost to the small of her back. Today it was pulled into a pony tail at the middle of her head. Perfect.

Tonight he would finally make her his.

He’d been in her room while she was at work…stashing the items for tonight under her bed.

Now as he looked out his own blinds across the street, he could see her hang up her keys through the kitchen window. She bounced around on one foot getting her heels off, then she was off, up the stairs to freshen up.

He grabbed his black beanie hat and put on his black leather gloves before stepping out his door. Keeping his head down he crossed the street towards her house and quietly crouched on her back porch. After checking the window, he slid open the door and locked the deadbolt behind him….Something she never bothered to do.

He could hear the shower running upstairs and immediately imagined her tight body under the stream.

Warm water running over her firm tits and dripping off those perfect nipples he was about to see for himself. When the water abruptly turned off, he hurried up the stairs and quickly slid under her bed after pushing his assortment of items out of the way. A corner of the duct tape stuck to his sleeve and he smiled secretly, anticipating what he would soon do with the tape.

He heard her footsteps on the hardwood floor then her bare feet appeared next, leading up to toned calfs. She hummed to herself while picking out something in her closet. It seemed to be a red dress, guess she was planning on going out tonight.

No such luck princess, he thought to himself.

The towel dropped to the floor around her ankles and he scooted himself forward to get a better look. She was holding the dress up to her naked body in the mirror but her backside was completely visible to him from his hiding spot. He saw her perfect ass sway back and forth as she decided on the dress. He wanted so bad to cup both cheeks in his hands before roughly spanking it.

She slid into the dress and re-did her pony tail. He watched her bend forward to apply some red lipstick then as she stepped back to admire herself, he knew it was now or never. He made a little noise so she would turn toward the bed and fall on her back as he grabbed her ankle. Her loud scream permeated the room as he scrambled on top of her, grabbing the duct tape as he went. She struggled hard as he pinned her wrists to the ground above her head with his one hand and used his knees to trap her legs. His member was already throbbing in his jeans but he needed to concentrate now. Her eyes were wide and frantic as she searched for a way to get him off of her. But there was no way she could see. He ripped a large piece of duct tape off and slapped it on those perfect lips. Now she could only make muffled noises, and he smiled.

He looked down at the top gaziantep escort reklamları of her cleavage that had spilled above the dress as he spoke.

Now princess, you are mine tonight and nothing you do or say will stop me so please save that energy of yours so we can put it to good use. he traced his free gloved hand down her cheek, then slapped it hard once. Her shout of pain was stifled by the tape.

I don’t want to hurt you again, so please, just do as I say. Understand?

Tears spilled over her lids and her body relaxed as defeat filled her features. He loved to dominate like this and break his victims before the fun began. All women are submissives and secretly love being dominated and taken like this. Most just never allow it.

In one fluid motion he got up off her and told her to stand up and light the candles by her bed. As she did he turned off the lights and closed the blinds. She was his for the night.

Her quiet sobs stopped as he ordered her to turn around and face him. He walked closer and smelled her sweet perfume, while kissing her neck. She stiffened but as she started enjoying it her body went limp.

Enough of the foreplay, he needed release. With one pluck, the ties of her halter dress came undone and the dress fell to her midsection. Her supple tits were on full display, her little nipples erect in the candlelight. When she went to cover her boobs he angrily pulled the dress the rest of the way down, while she doubled over trying to hide her naked body. He didn’t like her withholding the view from him. Get on the bed, he barked.

When she reluctantly obeyed, he reached under the bed and emerged with straps and bindings in his hands. She whimpered as he roughly grabbed her arms and crossed her wrists together above her head. He kneeled between her legs and pinned her thighs open with his knees. Now she was defenseless and ready to be used completely by him. She pulled against the straps until they dug into her skin trying without success to free her legs from his grasp. It was incredibly sexy watching her arch her back in an attempt at getting loose. Her tits bounced with every pull and he just waited while she grunted trying to break free. When she realized there was no escape she closed her eyes and turned her head to the side.

Oh no he thought, she is going to watch and enjoy this.

Open your eyes bitch! He barked as he whipped his gloved hand against her sensitive nipples.

Argh, she made muffled noises of protest but her eyes shot open.

I’m going to take the tape off and

Your going suck my dick until I say youre done. Got it?

For the first time that night she seemed eager and willing. What a nice little slut.

He ripped the duct tape off

Her mouth and started undoing his jeans. Her eyes got wide and she whispered a hushed oh, as his 9 inch cock sprung out from his boxers. Under the bed he grabbed another set of straps and bound her ankles to each bedpost. Her les were spread open as far as they would go.

Perfect for later.

He climbed on top of her gaziantep escort resimleri once again, this time kneeling right in front of her face. She felt the weight of His balls on her chest.

Lick the head slut.

She did and he rubbed the swollen head of his dick around her chin and cheeks, slowly up to her lipsticked mouth and roughly shoved his cock all the way in.

She gagged on his hard member as he forced it in again, working up a rhythm. Her big eyes pleaded with him to stop but it just turned him on more. He grunted as his big balls slapped her chin with each thrust.

He loved the feeling of her warm mouth around his dick but he wanted to take that tight pussy of hers.

A string of saliva stretched from the tip of his cock to her soft lips before breaking off as he climbed off her chest.

“No, please don’t!-“

She started to protest as he straddled her bound legs.

His gloved hand shot up to her open mouth and he slid two fingers inside.

“Shhhh, I’ll be gentle.” He said with a wicked smile.

He reached under the bed to grab the blindfold and covered her eyes, much to her dismay.

The brunette let out a little whimper.

She knew could do nothing to stop what was coming.

He took a moment to admire her long legs tied with black leather straps to the bed frame, her naked body breathing heavily in anticipation.

From this angle he could see her perky D cups moving up and down with every breath and her pussy spread open waiting for him. He slowly traced his fingers around her shaved mound, not quite touching her clit. She inhaled sharply with every move his expert fingers made on her skin. Her legs quivered as he leaned forward to lightly lick her slit from bottom to top. He took off one glove and all at once rammed his two long fingers in her sex as the girl screamed out in surprise. His hand didn’t let up as he fucked her little pussy getting it wet with her own juices. The intruder abruptly stopped and started pumping his cock with his palm, watching this helpless girl bound to her own bed, knowing he was about to fuck her however he pleased.

His cock throbbed in his hand and he knew he couldn’t wait any longer. He was on his knees on top of her as he slapped her clit with the head of his wet cock a few times before finally plunging inside.

Her back arched as she tried to squirm away but it only added to his pleasure as she writhed that body around on his dick. He loved the feeling of her tight pussy walls gripping his cock as she struggled to take it all in. He started moving his hips, fucking her fast and rough. Her pussy clenched his cock with evey thrust and he knew he couldn’t last much longer. He leaned forward so he was completely on top of her, He buried his pulsing member all the way to the hilt and came hard inside her trembling body.

He slid his softening cock out of her, knowing he would be ready to go again in a minute.

“Let me go now…. please!”

She practically pleaded with him.

“Oh I’m not done with you yet, love.”

His deep voice gaziantep escort sitesi sent shivers down her naked spine.

He didn’t give her any time to recover as he quickly undid her ankle straps and flipped her over with her arms still outstretched and tied in front of her.

Seeing her back arched with her sexy ass up in the air had his dick hard again almost immediately.

She yelled out as he slapped her ass cheek twice, hard.

He reached under the bed and grabbed a ball gag, fastening it around the back of her head. Now he was ready to take that tight, young, ass of hers. Taking off his glove, he spit on her little asshole and started rubbing his thick thumb around it. Plunging his finger in a few times, he could tell his cock would fill up that ass completely. Her cries were muffled by the ball gag but he could make out her words, “No…NO!”

He started stroking his rock hard member and put the head right up to the entrance. Her hips jerked wildly trying to get him away from her ass. But he had no plans to stop. Grabbing her hips and scooting her toward him, so she was completely stretched out, ass up for him, he pushed inside her, finally feeling her give up and let him in. His cock slid in and out, getting deeper with each thrust until he couldn’t go any further. All the while, her screams were getting more intense as he rammed his dick in as hard as he could, feeling the ring of her ass stretching with every move.

He pulled her hair and jerked her head back so she could see how sexy his cock looked buried in between her ass cheeks. He could feel his orgasm building but he wanted to make this last longer. He pulled out of her and flipped her over once again so she was on her back with arms and ankles tied out wide. He put a pillow under the small of her back so she was arching. He opened her nightstand drawer and found her vibrator…bingo. She looked at him wide-eyed shaking her head. She didn’t want to cum to this stranger who was taking advantage of her. But he knew how turned on she was even if she wouldn’t admit it. It was sexy to have a big man overtaking her, making her feel wanted, and soon she would cum for him more than once.

He knelt between her legs and turned on the toy, he started plunging the wand in her pussy and used her own pussy juice to moisten her clit. She was letting out deep moans as he circled her clit and finally let the toy press against it. She started bucking her hips up and around, trying to get away from the intense vibrations, but he kept it on her clit with his strong hands and with a final high pitched moan, he felt her pussy contracting beneath his palm and she came hard over and over. By the time he turned off the toy, she was breathless and silent, staring up at the ceiling.

The intruder put his hard cock back to her ass and rammed his full 9 inches in, in one fluid movement and kept up the pace until he could feel the pressure in his balls. He quickly pulled out and stroked his cock twice with his hand and she felt his warm jizz spraying all over her pussy and stomach, even up to one of her heaving breasts. He finally felt the orgasm subside and slouched back onto the bed staring up, as she was. He would clean her off and leave her tied there with the ball gag in, after texting one of her guy friends from her phone. Maybe they would find her here and use her too. He smiled to himself, knowing he could come over anytime. After all, she was only across the street.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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