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I’m eighteen. So is my boyfriend Todd. I don my best bikini and walk across our yard to the river for a swim. And there is Todd. This is 2019, before anybody ever heard of corona virus. At least nobody I know, so I can sit down next to him and swim in the river with him and all the regular stuff.

I don’t really love Todd. The boy I really want is Eric. And I feel sort of sad. Todd’s a nice boy, nice looking, polite, athletic. We never much do anything sexual even though he wants to but I don’t feel it. Too bad. Now we’re going off to college, he in New Haven, I in Cambridge and we won’t see each other. He wants to fuck me before we leave for the fall.

Being done swimming we walk. He deliberately takes us past the area where we used to do Billy Jack. Not Todd and I, but me and other girls with other guys. My friend Kristie who runs The Wenches group we founded still does it with the Harrington brothers whose family owns the estate we are walking on. Billy Jack is a movie but to us it means screwing. With the girl staked out naked on the ground. In the movie Delores Taylor is out in the country riding her horse. She stops to sunbathe in the nude and is taken by two bad guys and staked out like a starfish naked on the ground and fucked against her will.

“Louetta, do you know about Billy Jack?” Todd asks.

“Yes, did you do it?” I ask innocently enough.

“Of course,” he says, lying. “Did you?”

“No, of course not!” I lie.

“You have to try it.” Actually I would like to try it with Eric. “Oh, look!” Under a tree he sees the box where Kristie still keeps the stuff you need to do it. “I bet the stuff they use is still here!” He takes me by the hand and rushes over to the box.

“Let’s open it!” he tells me and he does. And there it is. The spikes. The big hammer to pound them into the ground, the ropes, lubricant because Kristie takes it in the bum regularly from the Harrington boys.

“Amazing!” he says. “If we put the spikes in the ground will you let me tie you down?” I look at him doubtfully. A chance for him to do what I won’t let him do without ropes. But I love being tied up by boys.

“OK,” I say, a little unsure if this is a good idea.

“OK! Now we need to know where to put them. Lie on the ground with your arms and legs spread and I’ll place the spikes where we need them.”

So I lie down on the flat grass, burnt from the sun and spread myself like a starfish. The sexual aspect of just lying like that is not lost on me. Nor the idea that a boy is about to tie me down in nothing but my tiny bikini, which turns me on. Nor the idea that with any luck I’d soon be buck naked and this delicious boy was want desperately to insert himself in me.

“Here?” I ask. He positions porno izle the first one near my right wrist.

“A little further back. I like about two feet of rope between the wrists and ankles and the stakes.” He starts pounding the first one in.

“Oh boy, this is terrific!” he says enthusiastically. He’s got the first one in and is moving toward the second.

“I love having a girl tied down, nothing turns me on more!”

“You mean like sexually?” I ask, knowing full well what he means.

“Yes! Doesn’t it you?”

“Yes, it does, now that you mention it.” You bet it does.

“Doesn’t the thought of me tying you down get you excited?”

“Actually it does.” I already am. I can feel the wetness in my girlhood and my nipples are so hard he can see them through my top. “I’m getting wet down there, are you getting a woody?” I can see he’s as stiff as Joe Biden giving a speech.

“No kidding! Just thinking about you lying there in that bikini gets me hard and here you are. Let’s not put it to waste!” I don’t respond. I’m horny but not for him. He’s got the second stake in and is moving down to my feet. He takes a second to unhook the tie that goes in back of my neck and holds up the top of my bra cups so that when I stretch up my arms to have him tie my wrists my breasts will come out of the cups half the way down so he can see my nipples and most of my tits.

“Don’t, Todd. I don’t want to lose my top!”

“You won’t.”

“Spread your legs a little further out there, I want your legs spread wide as they can be.”

“Todd, please!” I can feel my breath come a little quicker and feel my chest moving up and down more. I just lie there wishing he’d get his stakes set. Now he’s over to the other leg.

“Further out.” He pushes my legs far apart. I can feel my outer lips getting more slippery from the wetness. It’s like making out with a guy and as he feels you up and your knickers get wetter and they stay wet and I wonder if he can see.

“I can see you’re wet between the legs. There a stain on your bottoms.” Well, yes, there is!”. Now he’s finished planting the stakes. Now he’s going to tie me and I want that badly. I slightly just kind of drift off into a world of bliss, eyes closed, shivering softly inside as I just get wetter and wetter. He gets some rope.

“I’m going to tie you now, Louetta.”

“OK, if you want to.”

“Yes, I DO. Tight. I don’t want you to be able to get out without me untying you.”

“OK.” He takes a length of rope. The ropes are stretchy fiber so they can be tied real tight. He sits down up by my right wrist.

“OK, here we go.” He loops the rope around my wrist.

“I’m going to stretch your arm and get it nice and tight.” He’s strong so amatör porno he does get it tight. He pulls the rope up to the stake.

“It’s tight enough, Todd.” It is and he ties it off. I can feel my breath come quicker and my chest begin to move even more and my top is down far enough to show my nipples. He comes down and gives me a feel.

“Stop, Todd.” My tits are half bare.

“Wow, look at your nipples!” I can feel them. After he feels me I’m so horny I can scream. And then he starts putting rope around my other wrist and this time he gets it tighter and he pulls the rope back to the stake.

“It’s too tight, Todd! It hurts.” But I like the pain. He ties it off and I’m halfway helpless in fact he could pull my bottoms off and do me now and there would be nothing I could do about it. I can feel this little ache up inside and I think maybe I’m ready to cum on my own but I think he might make me let him into me. I pull on the ropes and figure I can’t get out and they are tight enough so I know they are going to hurt and the hurting feels good.

“Your top is just about all the way down!”

“I know, I know.” He starts to give me a real feel now and starts sucking on my nipples and just feeling me all over. “Stop, Todd. Don’t.”

“It’s OK for me to touch you. Don’t you want me to see your breasts. Don’t you want me to touch them?” Now I can’t lie.

“Yes, I do. I’m sorry I never let you see them before this. Just don’t force me to do anything more!” I look up at him and peels the bra cups down to show whatever he couldn’t see before.

“I’m going to untie it in the back,” and he does and now I just lean my head back and I start to cum on my own.

“Oh my God. Oh my God!” And then he moves over from the side and his upper body is half on top of me, his face turned towards me and he has both hands on my boobies for the first time and I think now I may have made a mistake letting him tie me and I won’t be able to stop him and he kind of squeezes my tits one hand on each and massages them and then leans over and kisses them, one by one, and then starts biting lightly on my nipples and it’s just too wonderful by half and I feel this sudden ache inside me that tells me I have to get off.

“I’m going to take my shorts off.”

“No, Todd, don’t, please.” But he does and he has this really good hardon and a really sizeable dick and I think maybe I can get away with blowing him and I tell him to move up my chest so I can get his dick into my mouth and he has to sit up to do that and hold my head up so I can get it in my mouth and I struggle to lick it and suck it and just pull on it and his foreskin is all the way back and I’m afraid he’s going to cum in my mouth and anal porno not in me and mostly now I care about is the deep delicious pressure inside me and the warmth in my body and the wetness of my cunt and I can smell myself, the smell of sex and my legs are spread wide and willing.

“OK, OK I’m going to fuck you,” and he gets off me and down below but I still have my bottoms on and he pulls them down over my ass.

“No, Eric, don’t.”

And then my bottoms are off and he’s on top of me.

“No, Eric!” And I can feel him going in and then the weight of his body is on me and he’s thrusting away inside of me and finally after all these years Todd is fucking me and it’s all he wants and now he pulls my thighs up so my knees are way out to side and I was never Billy Jacked this way because they always tied my feet and its just wonderful and then what happened made it all worthwhile and I could feel him cumming inside of me and he kept pumping away and my body just soared out of control and my breasts and my hips heaved violently and I could feel the blood pounding in my veins as this like firestorm consumed my body until finally minutes later I was exhausted just gasping for breath and so was he lying there on top of me. We lay there for a while.

“You called me Eric. Twice.”

“Oh my God! Did I?”

“Yes, twice. You told Eric not to do it. Are you glad I did it?” I didn’t know what to say. I really hadn’t wanted to fuck him but I needed it and I enjoyed it.

“Todd, do you want to do me in the bum?” It was something even if I didn’t want to make love to him regular way.

“No,” he said.

“But I feel I owe you that.”

“No. But I’d like to tie your ankles.” We hadn’t finished the tying job after all.

“OK.” And he did, first one and then the other. Tight. Really tight. Tight enough so he knew he was hurting me. Then he got up and retrieved the two halves of my bathing suit and put them in the back pocket of his shorts, still on the ground.

“What are you thinking, Todd?”

“I’m not wasting this opportunity, I’m going to fuck you at least three more times. Till it gets dark.”

“Are you going to keep me tied up?”


“Do you want me to give you a proper blow job.”

“No. I just want to fuck you while you’re tied down like that.”

And he did. And I enjoyed it even if I wished he was Eric. And I think he knew I did because he left me tied there. A couple hours later I got free. And only then realized he had taken my bikini with him where he had put it in the pocket of his shorts. I walked home naked and got in the bulkhead and walked up to the second floor. To my shock my Dad was just coming out of the bathroom.

“Sweetie, you’re completely naked!”

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” I snuck my left hand down to cover my bunnyhole. My other hand was too small to cover my tits so I didn’t try. “I sleep nude, it’s a new thing.”

“Ok, Sweetie. Oh by the way, your bedroom is down the other end of the hall.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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