Together Ssn 06 Ch. 10 – Old Haunt

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***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

Mia Milosevic, 19, is taking a ride with her mom’s husband, Owen Lightbody, in his van, enquiring, “Where are we going again?”

Owen simply requests, “Just wait, Ludmila.”

The young teen still can’t get used to being called by her birth name, even after all this time, but she expects it’s a term of endearment from Owen, being playful with her, knowing she hates it. She doesn’t quite know what to think of this man. He’s rich, persuasive, and clever, but he’s also very sweet in her experience. She suspects he loves her a great deal; that’s what it feels like, at least.

Mia does recognise the road they’re driving along, spotting in the distance the house that used to belong to her former college teacher, John John; a detached house situated near the roadside, with an extensive field behind. It’s a large and beautiful place, but with some ugly memories for the young teen. Imagine her shock, then, as Owen pulls onto the driveway of that very house. She asks, “Why are we here?”

Owen explains, “It’s nice, isn’t it? I recently acquired it, but am keeping it off the books for now. I want to show you something.”

The teen knows what it is that Owen wants to show her, but he isn’t aware she knows as he shows her around the very nice house, becoming more and more anxious the longer they are there, because she is waiting for what he thinks is a surprise. Following Owen to the basement, the teen watches as the heavy door is pushed open to unveil the leather walls and floors, and apparatus of a sex dungeon within. A place she is intimately familiar with.

Owen looks immensely pleased with himself as she says, “Surprise! What do you think? A little playground for us, Ludmila.”

Mia is very much not pleased with Owen, but, she’s willing to give him the benefit of doubt that he doesn’t know what this place means to her, replying, “I think toys are for children. Is that how you see me?”

Owen looks confused, asking with concern, “You look disappointed? I thought this would be fun.”

Mia stares Owen square in the eyes with scorn, saying, “You didn’t answer my question.”

Owen smirks, enjoying the teen’s mood, “Yeah, well, you don’t get to ask questions here,” walking up to her and pulling her hair hard, making her wince as he explains, “You see, I don’t like the freedom you have. I would much prefer to know where you are at all times. I can come here and enjoy you any time I want, however I please.”

Mia breathes through her pain, remarking, “You sound insane. It sounds like you’re going to lock me in here.”

Owen leans in close to the teen’s ear, whispering, “It sounds like that because that’s what’s going to happen, Ludmila.”

As she’s being dragged to manacled chains on the far wall, Mia protests, “You’re just as bad as they are. I’m not going to let you do this. Let me go. Stop playing with me. I know you’re fucking around… No… no… no-no-no-no-no-agh!”

Owen clasps her wrists in the manacles as she pulls on them defiantly as she stands before him, and he asks, “I’m as bad as who?”

Mia keeps quiet for a moment, deciding if she should tell him, choosing to divulge, “Dad… And, my teacher, whose house this is; John John.”

Owen laughs ecstatically in realisation, “Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooooh! That is good. You are right that the previous owner was John John on the deed. So, this is where it happened. Where you were raped. Where little Kisha might have been conceived.”

Mia feels even more distressed, softly pleading, “Let me go? Please? I don’t want to do this, please? Let me go?”

Owen feigns pity, “Aww, so adorable… No… I get to have you in any way I please. No arguments. Don’t you fucking dare beg. I don’t want to hear you whining. Things will be worse if you do. I won’t hesitate to butcher you. Your teacher had an exquisite collection of knives in his kitchen. I would love an excuse to try them out.”

Mia watches as her mom’s husband walks away from her, ever-so-slowly, dawdling to the door, pulling it shut, and locking it with thick, heavy chains, and a heavy iron padlock. Seemingly slower, she watches as he walks back, achingly slow, making the anticipation unbearable as her heart races fast. She snarls at him, desperate to break out of the chains and slap him so şahinbey escort hard.

Owen notices the teen’s expression, “Wow, you are hot when you are angry. It’s nice enough when you are playful, but I can’t wait to break you down, and then we’re going to have so much fun.”

Mia does feel more angry than scared right now, adrenaline pumping, making her arms burn as they long to break free, with her heart racing so fast. She growls, “Why are you doing this?”

Owen shrugs his shoulders, answering, “Why not? This is an incredible place. It deserves to be used to it’s fullest.” He steps right up to Mia, rubbing his hands all over her clothes, feeling the blood thumping beneath the skin, and her breathing against his cheek in quick bursts. He pulls from his rear pocket a pair of scissors, snipping away at the shirt, and her bra, removing them with ease. Then taking off her jeans, panties, and socks.

Mia’s clothes are collected in a bundle, and whilst Owen is crouched down to do so, the teen takes the opportunity to kick him hard in the belly, toppling him over onto the floor. She sees his face change from joyous and playful, to seething and sinister, standing defiant against him, saying, “I’m not going to make it easy for you.”

Owen picks himself up, storms over to the young teen, and slaps her so hard across the face that she loses balance, stumbling, stretching her arms as her legs give way. He grabs her throat in his hand, choking her with a tightening grip, making her cough, with tears swelling in her eyes as her face turns red.

Mia regrets defying him, struggling to breathe, with her head feeling so heavy and dizzy, focus slipping. Mercifully, Owen releases her throat, walking away as the teen spits and sputters, gasping to refill her lungs. Her feet try to find her balance, wanting to get her to stand more comfortably, but struggling to with her arms bound.

Owen returns with a whip, telling the teen, “I’ve always wanted to use one of these.”

Mia braces as best she can as he puts his full weight into the first swing, slashing hard across her chest, making it sting so hard she can’t feel her heart beating. Her lungs stop stiff, unable to let out or take in any air, gasping like a fish out of water. She’s faced the whip before, but more sensual and playful she realises compared to the brutality now.

Owen lashes the teen again, just as harsh, scraping the skin away down her boobs and her belly, drawing blood from them. He taunts, “That looks painful, Ludmila,” striking again, and again, and again.

Mia’s thighs can no longer support her, dropping to hang from her wrists, feet slipping form under her, straining her chest even more at the same time, making it hurt so much more. She feels the whip crash across her crotch, leaving her pussy painful, bleeding and burning as the sensitive flesh is peeled away.

Owen is having so much fun, lashing between the teen’s legs, and down her legs too, enjoying how each strike strips the skin, delighting at how the blood glistens on the exposed surface.

Mia feels so heavy and numb from her predicament, that she flops her head back, allowing her body to fall as it will, praying for relief. Suddenly, she notices her wrists are released from the manacles, allowing her to fall to the floor, writhing around and stretching everything to such relief as the heaviness begins to lift.

Owen presses his boot onto the teen’s belly, watching how the skin tightens as it flattens, teasing, “That is so satisfying, Ludmila.” He puts all of his weight into the belly, stepping over her to the other side, making her struggle to find her breath, clutching her belly as he dismounts, clearly in agony.

Mia wishes nothing more than to get up and beat Owen senseless for the pain she feels right now, but the pain is preventing her from moving, too much to endure. She hears a belt unfastening, being pulled from the loops of trousers, moments later, looking up to see him coming into her view, pulling her head up by her hair as he slips under her neck, the leather of a belt. She feels him pull the ends together, and press his palm down where the straps meet, making her sputter from her mouth.

Now naked himself, Owen, laying on top of the teen, rocks his cock against her pussy whilst choking her with the belt, staring into her eyes as they şahinbey escort bayan search helplessly beneath him, making him feel so excited. Finding his way inside, he parts the bleeding flesh, pumping himself into her, aided by the pull around her neck.

Desperately trying to keep herself awake, Mia feels her focus slipping, eyes rolling up. Closing her eyes, she feels the belt loosen, and a hand slap her cheek lightly, repeatedly, coaxing her to open her eyes, immediately feeling the hand grip her jaw tightly.

Owen feels a hot wetness around his legs, noticing the teen pissing everywhere. He glances a look at the pooling gold spraying around his cock, assuring the teen, “It’s okay, Ludmila. Everything here is wipe-down,” clawing at her boobs with both hands, digging his nails in deep.

Mia gasps hard for breath, taking in as much air as she can, and as she exhales, she feels herself gushing more gold to spurt forth from her crotch, hot as it washes her thighs. She is so ashamed to be so dirty with Owen, but she can’t control herself, wishing she would stop herself from streaming.

Owen bathes in the gold with laughter as he plumbs the teen’s depths, plunging her pussy with his cock drenched in her piss, letting her know, “I’m cumming, Ludmila,” leaking himself inside of her.

Mia feels Owen’s sperm filling her, and she gasps wide-eyed in horror, reminded of her father, and how he felt the first time they did it. She sees him so clearly looming over her, squeaking, “Dad?”

Owen looks bemused, “I’m not your dad, Ludmila.”

Paralysed by fear and indecision, Mia lays as still as she is able, staring fixedly at the man’s face, realising that her mind was playing tricks as Owen’s voice seeps into her mind. Still, she is shaken by the image she conjured to rationalise the hurt she feels. She offers, “I will be good for you. I will do anything you tell me to. I swear to you. I’ll even let you hurt me like that if it pleases you. I want to be the one who pleases you. I want to make you happy with me.”

Owen smiles so widely, asking, “Do you really mean that?”

Mia pledges, “I do mean it. I swear. I promise to be so good for you. I won’t tell a word about this to anyone.”

Owen grimaces, holding his hand to the teens throat, “You’d better not, because if you do. Life won’t be worth living. Do you understand?”

Mia nods emphatically, “I understand.”

Owen stares into the teen’s wide eyes, seeing how scared she is, telling her, “I believe you, Ludmila. Believe me too.”

Mia feels his grip loosen, and his weight lift from her body, and she sobs and moans, stretching out her arms and legs where she lays. She cradles her boobs, feeling the scabs forming hard on the soft skin, tender and tingly to the touch. She reaches for her pussy, feeling the moist flesh burn where it was whipped, but yearn for the return of Owen’s cock. Her fingers rub, gingerly, shaking her unsteady hand to find support from the stinging slit.

Owen rests his foot on the teen’s hand, between her legs, demanding, “Don’t do that, Ludmila. Plenty more for me to play with here, now that you are more receptive to me.”

Mia rolls over onto her front to get herself up, and feels Owen’s boot sole stamp on her arse cheeks. She collapses onto her arms, making her feel so sore, moaning, “What do you want from me?”

Owen grabs the teen’s hair, holding it in a fist above her neck, dragging her across the floor, ordering, “Come over here, Ludmila.” Showing her to a beam of PVC standing from the floor like a thin bench, he rests the teen’s neck on the plastic covering, telling her to, “Stay there, Ludmila.”

Soon, Owen returns to Mia, sitting as he left her with her neck across the beam, feeling her hands pulled into position, and wrapped with lengths of rope to tie them at the wrist to the beam. Her neck too is tied, forcing the teen to stare at the floor, feeling the hang of her belly, and the pressure on her knees build to be unbearable.

Moments slip by, and Mia’s knees slip, trying to find some measure of comfort, and her body is met by the cold steel of something rolling up her back, and back down, and back up, and back down, and up and down her arms from her elbows to her wrists. She strains her eyes to the side to see running across the back of her hand a pinwheel; it’s trailing escort bayan şahinbey touch feels tingly to the teen, and sensual.

Moments more slip by, and Owen’s hand clasps between Mia’s arse cheeks, moaning as his fingers rub firmly on her pussy lips, but before she can enjoy their touch, she feels the tips graze her arse hole, forcing inside. She squeals and gasps at the dryness of the fingers like sandpaper in her hole, sliding as deep as they will go, stretching the cavity sorely.

Owen pulls out the fingers, seeing brown flecks clinging to them, leaning around to the teen’s front, feeding the fingers into her mouth, telling her to, “Clean it off, Ludmila.”

Mia tastes the faeces on her tongue as it scrapes the fingers, making her moan defiantly. The fingers linger for a long time, forcing the teen to taste her waste.

Owen teases the teen, “You are a dirty girl, Ludmila. Someone of your age should know better. I’m not going to clean you up like I’m your daddy. I’m not your daddy.” Untying the ropes holding the teen down, he orders, “Sit in front of me and say you’re sorry.”

Mia does as she is told, sitting nicely on her knees in front of Owen, but before she can even try to apologise, he steps up to her, slotting his cock inside her mouth, making her moan, “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm, psss-mmmm.”

Owen taunts, “I can’t hear you, Ludmila.”

Drooling as she tries to open her mouth enough to verbalise what she is told to say, Mia moans more, “Mmmm, mmmmmph, mm-ssssrrrrr, mmm-ssssssrrrrrrr, mmmm.”

Owen asks, “What’s that, Ludmila? I can’t quite hear you.”

Mia moans louder, vibrating her throat intensely as she says, “Mmmm, sorrrrry, mmmmm, ssorrrrrrry.”

Owen pulls out of the teen’s mouth, leaving her gasping as he asks, “Are you trying to tell me you’re sorry? That sounded pretty pathetic. It didn’t even sound vaguely human.”

Mia sputters a thick glob of saliva from her mouth as she says, “I’m sorry. I am. I’m sorry. Are you happy with me?”

Owen answers, “Am I happy with you? I think you need more time to adjust to being here. I will say though, I am hard, and wanting to finish. If you can cum before I’m done, I’ll let you go home to your daughter. If not, you will stay here to think about your position here, and if you are worth my time.”

Mia eagerly sits up, grasping at Owen, moaning, “I will do it. I’m all yours. I won’t disappoint you.”

Owen throws the teen back, watching as she tumbles to the floor, following her. He slips between the teen’s legs, finding his way back into her pussy, looking into the teen’s eyes of that loving gaze staring back, as if entranced by him.

Mia’s mind wanders, trying to focus her feelings on the sensations billowing from her crotch, swirling in her belly, relaxing back onto her arms as she reaches deep within her for an orgasm. Eager to return to her daughter, and her mother’s arms who will make it all feel so much better. Longing for her touch, almost feeling her fingers find her form, fluttering and unfolding as the pressure builds and builds, almost there…

Owen pulls out of the teen’s pussy, spattering her belly with his creamy spunk. He notices the teen reaching for her pussy, grabbing her wrists, saying, “No! I finished; so do you. You didn’t finish… Shame,” pulling her by the wrists, body trailing as the teen is dragged across the room to the manacles, wrists clasped in them to hold her.

Arousal annoyingly subsiding, Mia feels such desperation and longing, asking, “This is a joke, right? You’re going to let me out soon so I can go home to Kisha?”

Owen smirks at the teen with a little laugh, answering, “I will let you out of these chains in the morning, when I bring you breakfast. Going home depends on you having an orgasm. I thought you would do it. You’re normally gushing for me in no time. I guess there was a lot of pressure today. Maybe tomorrow, Ludmila.”

Mia watches as Owen walks away, laughing a little, “That’s funny. I’ll be right here when you get back… I promise… I’m not going anywhere.” She watches as the chains on the door are removed, and he exits, looking back as the door is pulled closed. She calls out, “Very funny. You can let me out now… Owen?,” feeling the moments drag on as her heart rate increases, shouting, “Owen!? Let me go!”

Aching and alone, time drags by for Mia, awaiting the return of Owen to take her home to her daughter after playing with her. This must be a joke. As time becomes indistinct, the teen gets the sense that this isn’t a joke, numb in her arms as she hangs limp in the manacles from her wrists, wishing she can free them to hold her daughter in her arms. He made a promise, and so did she. Owen is a man of his word. This is what I deserve.

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