Tonsiltown Tattletale Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Chapter 1: PreCum

Rex and Tabitha waited patiently in their comfy, wide, leather seats as the last travelers boarded the big airplane and filed past into economy, managing luggage, duty-free items and kids. There were over-stuffed bags to be heaved up into the overhead bins, then everybody got settled and the cabin crew passed though, snapping the bins closed.

The forward cabin was only half-full, with nobody occupying the centre block of seats. Rex and Tabitha had a seat near the back of this cabin, in front of the divider and archway leading back to the economy section.

While the bins were open, Rex had helped himself to a couple of blankets and extra pillows. Rex usually took the window seat when he flew, so Tabitha sat next to him by the aisle, separated by the divider between their seats. Now he and Tabitha disposed themselves in comfort, sharing the blankets over their laps. The stewardess, moving down the aisle, glancing to the left and right, inspected their seatbelts and offered magazines and newspapers, which they declined. Rex and Tabitha shared a smile, looking forward to their adventure.

Rex’s work would see him spend a few days in Hollywood. It was a great opportunity for Tabitha to explore the area while he was busy with his work. Her holiday spirit was rubbing off on Rex. She lifted the divider between their seats and snuggled up to him as far as her seatbelt allowed, waiting patiently, her blonde hair on his shoulder, her big, round tits on his forearm. He didn’t mind, not at all. Her coy smile and the wicked look in her exotic blue eyes told Rex that her devious mind was planning something for his enjoyment – and hers.

In due course, the plane left the gate and taxied out to the end of the runway. There it paused, the last flight out headed west that day. Tabitha leaned over Rex to watch out the small window. It was dusk, the sky was turning orange and the multi-coloured lights of the airfield twinkled all around them. Then, the engines wound up to a roar and a whine, the brakes were released and the lights started to move past the window, faster and faster, until the nose lifted. Almost immediately, porno sharp sounds from beneath the passenger cabin reverberated, then the roar abated and the ride grew very smooth. The ground rushed away, down and behind. The plane tilted effortlessly once, righted, and hurtled forward into the orange sunset. Rex and Tabitha settled back to enjoy the ride.

The supper wasn’t plentiful, but it was tasty. Afterward, the cabin crew retreated to the galley, dimmed the lights and started the movie. Rex started to watch it, but was distracted by the sensation of tickling in his crotch. He looked down at the blanket.

What could that be? Well, to tell the truth, Rex knew exactly what it was. Tabitha’s sneaky fingers were, once again, lighting his fuse. In the end, the rocket would go off, usually in her hot, wet mouth. But, it was never the same twice. He had a feeling that this evening was to be quite unique!

As Tabitha’s fingers danced, she whispered in his ear that she loved to suck his cock. Then, she gently licked his earlobe and kissed and sucked his neck. As his cock grew down his leg, he replied that he would like that very much indeed.

Soon, as her gentle fingers caressed and stroked its length, his hardening tool was becoming uncomfortable in his trousers. He hitched his ass up from the seat to ease the pressure.

She whispered, “Take it out”.

He looked at her, questioningly. She grinned slyly, showing white teeth. Her pink tongue emerged and, slowly, made a circuit of her soft lips. Her exhibitionist streak was revealing itself. Rex was in trouble now, or was it heaven?

Reaching under the blanket with both hands, he lowered his zipper and freed his cock from its entanglement. He pushed the blanket away a bit. His cock stood up in his lap, the mushroom head questing, awaiting the devoted attentions of its best friend, Tabitha’s tongue.

Her caressing fingers snaked around the shaft, squeezing and massaging gently. A tear sprang up from the slit in the head and balanced there, jiggling and shining in the soft cabin light. Rex and Tabitha exchanged looks. She hated precum to go to waste.

Rex raised anime porno his head, looking around the cabin. There was no sign that anybody was paying attention to their activities. Then, he looked back to Tabitha, raising his eyebrows. With a last grin, her head descended toward his cock.

The shocking wet heat of her mouth enveloped the mushroom head. His hips jerked up and he grunted, trying to stifle the louder groan that was trying to escape. Tabitha moaned as the clear drop broke over her tongue. Rex felt her tongue wiping slowly over his cock head in her mouth, then digging into the slit as her fingers gently squeezed the shaft and pressed more juice up into her mouth. She moaned again, as she always did when his cock fed her its honey.

Rex rested his arm on her back and kept his head up as she sucked him. It was very difficult to divide his attention between keeping an eye on the cabin and the onslaught of sensations from his cock. Her head bobbed slowly up and down. Again and again, her tongue twirled around his cock as her lips and fingers slid slowly up and down behind the head. Because of the angle of attack, Tabitha couldn’t stuff his swelling cock into the entrance to her throat. So, Rex was denied the full benefits of her expertise. Lucky for him, even half benefits were a treat, indeed.

As her head rose again, her lips popped wetly off his now-aching, swollen cock head. A strand of honey still joined her lips to the head as she turned her head slightly and smiled up at him. His hands captured her head and held it in place as he bent to kiss her hair. Then, her head dropped, her kiss slid down over his purple prick and his head rose to keep watch again.

His delicious agony continued. With every slow bob of her head, Tabitha wiped her tongue around the ridge of his cock head, finishing with a stroke over his sweet spot, below the slit. Rex’s stomach muscles were tensed and his breathing was harsh. In his groin, he could feel liquids pouring into vessels, levels rising, until that special moment arrived when the vessels were full and liquids slid forward into launch position. The pressure arap porno grew as the wet heat slithered up and down his cock head and shaft. Tabitha moaned again and Rex knew she was sipping more juice from the slit. His hips strained up as his hand covered the soft hair of the back of her head and pressed down, trying to feed her more of his cock. Her lips sank further down, thrilling a new inch of cock. Rex was struggling now – he had lost his composure and was focused on filling her mouth with hot semen.

But, she lifted her head and, once again, his cock head popped free of her lips. Abandoned, his cock throbbed with its need for her hot, wet mouth, her flickering tongue, but felt only the cool air of the cabin. Covered in pre-cum and saliva, purple with pressure, it glistened and pulsed, ready to launch spouts of sperm, but to no avail. Tabitha grinned as she examined her victim. Panting, Rex groaned and looked up.

And saw the cabin attendant coming down the aisle with a big smile and a tray with plastic glasses and a bottle of water. Frantically, he lifted Tabitha’s head and pulled the blanket up over his cock pole. Its rough texture scraped at the turgid, sensitive skin of the head. Sensing his alarm, Tabitha straightened up, her hands composing her own blanket. A couple of waves of her hands and her hair was back in place and the saliva wiped off her chin.

The attendant, a pretty young woman, bent to proffer the water. Rex saw her eyes first take in Tabitha’s discomposure and then the blanket towering in his lap. Tabitha took a glass from the tray and held it while the attendant filled it from the bottle. As Tabitha drank, the attendant smiled, then her tongue popped out and licked around her lips. As Rex took the glass and drank, Tabitha and the attendant shared a knowing look. Smiles and thank-you’s all around and then the attendant was on her way.

Rex and Tabitha started to giggle hysterically as the tension dissolved. She reached under his blanket and gave his sticky, slippery cock a gentle squeeze, thrilling him again. More syrup drooled out onto her hand. She retracted her hand and licked the syrup.

“Let’s wait to finish this. Your load will be huge!” she whispered.

Rex groaned, but accepted her wisdom. He reached under the blanket and began to awkwardly stuff his drooling cock back in his pants. He would wait…

(to be continued)

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