Touched Pt. 02

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Author’s note: Probably should have said this in the first part: Don’t hold your breath if you are expecting them to have sex. It’s all about the eroticism and the tease for me, so that’s essentially what the story consists of. They may never have explicit sex, so if that’s what you’re after, I’d suggest one of the many other fine stories on this site. Thank you.


Christine immediately went to work.

The first thing she did was to get a trash bag out of the kitchen and then returned swiftly to Catherine’s room, she pulled open her mother-in-law’s panty drawer and took out every single pair, which she disposed of promptly into the bag. She also grabbed all her other mediocre evening wear and stuffed it in with the rest.

She went through Catherine’s dirty clothes too and even checked the laundry room, making sure that nothing was missed. Christine liked to be thorough. She double knotted the top of the trash bag and took it outside and buried it at the bottom of the bin.

She washed her hands and returned to Catherine’s room, she dug around in her mother-in-law’s purse and located the shopping bag from Sigma, she took the twelve black lace panties out of the bag and folded them all carefully before stashing them neatly away in Catherine’s underwear drawer. She smiled smugly, almost unable to wait for the poor woman’s reaction.

She hovered over Catherine, debating whether or not to wake her up. She picked up her wet discarded clothes and snickered. They smelled so good, it would be a shame to wash them. She thought, so she folded them neatly instead and put them away with the rest of Catherine’s clean clothes.

“You’ll thank me later.” She whispered and left for the kitchen. She spent the next hour and a half throwing together a simple yet elegant dinner. Nothing too fancy, but still plenty nutritious. She got a text from Gregory just as everything was coming together. The boys were headed home. She smiled and put her phone away, time to wake up sleeping beauty!

She roused Catherine gently, her mother-in-law smiled and started to sit up in bed. “The men will be back in ten minutes or so, just enough time to get ourselves cleaned up and dressed for dinner.” Catherine’s eyes went wide and she started to panic, throwing the blankets off her chest and flinging one leg over the side of the bed. Then she froze.

“Eeek!” She squealed, covering her breasts and crotch with her hands. “W-Why am I naked?!” Christine just laughed and gently pulled her mother-in-law’s hands away from her body.

“You really don’t remember?” She chuckled, dragging the older woman reluctantly to her feet. “And stop acting all shy and modest, you were letting two club girls hump you in a gay bar just a few hours ago, then you had an orgasm in a taxi cab on the drive home. Those are just a few of the highlights.”

Catherine went pale. “It… It really wasn’t a dream?” Christine shook her head solemnly as she looked her mother-in-law up and down, this was the first time she’d seen the woman fully naked on her feet. She had to admit, Catherine wasn’t just in good shape, she was in amazing shape and might have easily passed for someone ten years younger.

Her body was toned, her curves flawless. Her breasts still perky and perfectly shaped, narrow waist, flat stomach, wide hips. Her pale blonde bush was particularly enticing, but Christine also found it mildly annoying because she really wanted to see if Catherine’s bare vulva was just as exquisite as the rest of her body. Just then she turned away, heading for her dresser. Christine got a good look at her mother-in-law’s ass and was unsurprised to see that it was also amazing.

“Where are my panties?!” Catherine nearly screamed.

Christine stepped over and stood next to her mother-in-law, staring curiously at the expression on her face as she gazed down into her radically altered underwear drawer. “They’re right in front of you.” The younger woman said. Catherine turned and glared, it was probably the angriest Christine had ever seen her.

She snorted and then started laughing. “That face is so precious.” She eked out while giggling. “Seriously though, you’re on the Black Lace Panty Diet Catherine. It’s for your own good.” She chided. “Now hurry up and pick, I still have to get changed too you know.” Catherine quickly grabbed one of the delicate black bundles at random, but when it unfurled they both noticed it was the crotchless pair that Christine had admired in the shop.

“Shit!” Catherine swore, throwing them back in the drawer and grabbing one of the more substantial looking pairs. They were Brazilian style with layered lace and a few frills, super feminine. Christine had picked them out.

“Perfect.” The younger woman murmured, then distractedly she crouched down and opened the bottom drawer of her mother-in-law’s dresser. “You have white jeans, right?” She asked rhetorically, as she’d already rus escort pulled them out of the drawer and stood back up. Catherine was busy pulling on the frilly black panties.

“Those look adorable.” Christine simpered. “Now put these on.” Catherine took the pants without question and was squeezing into them seconds later. She buttoned them in front and quickly started to turn but Christine’s hand whipped out and slapped her hard on the bottom. She yelped and whipped back around, glaring and rubbing her ass.

“What was that for!?” She demanded, still tenderly massaging her butt. Christine raised her eyebrows.

“I’m not going to do it for you this time.” Her daughter-in-law smiled sweetly and gestured with her finger, making a pinching gesture and then raising her hand slowly. Catherine narrowed her eyes. “You need to get into the habit yourself Katydid, because if you don’t, then I’m going to have to check to see that you’re wearing black lace panties every single day.” She sighed and lowered her eyes, as though it were a tremendous inconvenience.

The older woman grunted and huffed, but eventually she gingerly slipped her fingers underneath the top of her pants and tugged on the hem of her panties until a narrow ring of black lace was peeking up around her waist. The contrast against the snow-white pants and her pale skin really made it stand out, she looked down and shivered.

Catherine could tell how pleased Christine was with the job she’d done, and she hated how excited it was making her too. “Happy?” She asked sharply, stabbing down with her hands to emphasize the lewd lace accent that now ringed her narrow waist. Her daughter-in-law grinned and nodded. Catherine opened another drawer and reached for a bra, but Christine nudged it shut.

“Nope, there’s no bras on the diet Catherine.” She laughed softly as the older woman just sneered and brushed past her on the way to her closet.

“Should I even bother?” She groused from inside, her voice somewhat muffled. “Or would you like to pick something out for me right now?” There was a challenge in her voice, but Christine didn’t feel like letting herself be provoked so easily.

“No, I don’t care what kind of top you wear, as long as it’s tight. Those boobs of yours are just begging to be unleashed Catherine.” Her mother-in-law came striding out wearing a long-sleeved apricot cashmere cardigan, it fell just above her hips and featured small brass buttons that went all the way up to her neck.

It was skin tight though and went extremely well with her white jeans. “You sure have a lot of sweaters don’t you?” Christine commented glibly. Her mother-in-law sniffed and closed her closet door.

“Are we done here?” She asked archly. Her daughter-in-law nodded once and got up off the bed.

“I’m going to go get dressed, dinner is all ready Catherine, it just needs to be put on the table.” She tilted her head back as she walked calmly out of the room, taking note of her mother-in-law’s shocked expression. It quickly transitioned to surprised gratitude as she realized that dinner didn’t need to be prepared, Christine had somehow taken care of it all while she’d been napping.

Blushing and feeling slightly guilty despite being bossed around, made to wear sexy underwear and deprived of the simple dignity of a bra, Catherine couldn’t deny that she felt strangely content. The cashmere rubbed luxuriously against her tingling nipples as she walked towards the kitchen. She was wearing brand new panties, but they were already clinging hotly to her faintly pulsating crotch.

She tried to ignore the arousing sensations and focused on laying out everything artistically on the table. She was unabashedly in awe of Christine’s culinary abilities. It had only been an hour or two and yet the woman had fixed a small feast. It took Catherine almost five minutes to move everything to the table, right as she finished the front door opened and Gregory and Henry came inside.

They were talking loudly, clearly pleased with the day’s achievements. Catherine smiled in spite of herself, she briefly imagined how her husband and son would react if they had even an inkling about what she and Christine had done that afternoon. Her nipples started aching, she could feel and see them poking up from underneath her cardigan, subtle nubs that made her even more aprehensive.

She shook her head and tried to imagine the two men while they were out fishing or hunting or pissing off a mountain. Or whatever else men did when they weren’t causing trouble. It was just the kind of distraction she needed to calm herself down.

She laughed quietly as the two oafs lumbered into the dining room. They smiled and said hello, she nodded but didn’t really encourage further conversation, which was okay, because they were still busy talking about their adventures. Catherine felt her crotch twinge as she noticed Christine approaching from the hallway.

Her istanbul bayan eskort daughter-in-law was barefoot, wearing red leggings and a billowy sleeveless red blouse, as she turned to sit down Catherine could see right through the sides, a red sports bra completed the ensemble. With the addition of her fiery red hair, which was piled up into a messy bun perched on the top of her head, the look was simply stunning.

Catherine swallowed and felt her knees trembling underneath the table. Her daughter-in-law came over to her side and sat down quietly beside her. Both men had been fixated on her too, as she entered the room, then suddenly they were both talking at once. Christine listened patiently until they stopped and then addressed each in turn.

“Without a doubt Henry, your wife and I had the most wonderful time today in town. She is such lovely and lively company, and I can’t think of anyone I would rather have done it with, or had by my side.” She glanced happily over at Catherine, her eyes filled with love. Under the table she rested her hand gently on her mother-in-law’s leg, stroking it softly while she continued talking.

“And Gregory darling, a woman doesn’t need a reason to dress up, although I wasn’t really trying to make a statement, these are just my basic workout clothes. You see I was hoping to spend some girl time with Catherine after dinner, I want her to help me with some advanced yoga poses I’m trying to learn.”

She looked back and forth, both men seemed strangely subdued. Catherine was both thankful and begrudgingly impressed. She would have to watch and listen to her daughter-in-law more carefully, she wanted to learn how to silence a couple of idiots just as effortlessly. “Now that we’re all caught up, can we please eat?” She chuckled as she picked up her fork.

Catherine followed her example and watched as the men also followed suit. All the while, not once during the entire exchange had Christine stopped gently gilding her hand up and down Catherine’s leg. The older woman’s face turned red as she glanced down and noticed her nipples were painfully erect. Her pussy was soaking wet too, but she wasn’t nearly as worried about that since it wasn’t visible.

The meal was pretty quiet until Henry brought out a couple of beers. A few more followed and a few more after that. By the end, it was just as raucous as the previous night. This time however, Christine and Catherine didn’t clean up, because they finished eating first. The younger woman wiped her mouth elegantly with a napkin and then took Catherine by the hand.

“C’mon, let’s leave these two brutes to it, eh?” She waved theatrically with her free hand as they left the room. “Buh bye!” She cooed, leaning over to whisper in Catherine’s ear. “It’s almost cute how clueless they are.” She chuckled and made eye contact. “Almost.” She emphasized, laughing musically.

Her mother-in-law chuckled along, although a tad uneasily. “I… Uh, didn’t know you did yoga, Gregory never mentioned it at least.” Christine glanced over and smiled as they glided down the hallway.

“Oh. I don’t. Or that is, I didn’t, until today.” Her smile widened. “I did a little research on my phone, after I saw how utterly amazing your body is Catherine. You see I know you do yoga, and it clearly works. I won’t be young forever, so I had this brilliant idea.”

They had ended up back in Catherine’s bedroom, which was fine because that was where she usually did her yoga. She grabbed her mat from under her bed and rolled it out in the wide area in front of her dresser. Her daughter-in-law shut the bedroom door behind them. “Sorry, I only have one mat.” Catherine frowned. “It won’t be as easy for you without one.”

Christine tittered. “No, that’s totally fine because we only need one mat.” Catherine blinked, trying to make sense of the younger woman’s logic. But Christine just stepped daintily over the turquoise rectangle of thin foam rubber and sat down on the end of the bed. “All the poses I want to try are for couples.” She murmured, her eyes flashing.

Catherine shivered, she knew a few couples poses, they were… Intimate, to say the least. Once the initial panic had subsided however she felt a flush of excitement replace it. She’d wanted to do couples yoga for a long time, she just hadn’t had anyone to try it with, until now. “I… I should change.” She said nervously.

“Yes, yes you should!” Christine nodded vigorously, her tall plume of red hair bobbing alluringly on the top of her head. Catherine slowly took off her jeans, then she pulled off her sweater, her nipples were even harder than before, they actually hurt. Then as an afterthought she took off her uncomfortably moist underwear too.

She folded and placed everything on top of her dresser, then reached in the bottom drawer and took out a pair of pink leggings and a matching pink halter top. She put them both on slowly, acutely aware that her ukraynalı escort daughter-in-law was carefully watching her every move. She whimpered fitfully as the leggings pushed up and a little into her dully throbbing crotch. She actually gasped when the halter top raked lightly over her stinging nipples.

“They’ve never felt like this before. Too sensitive!” She groaned, touching them tentatively through the thin fabric and wincing. “Even when I was pregnant.” She growled, glaring fiercely at her daughter-in-law. The younger woman just shrugged and smiled. “You have a really nice bush Catherine, lush and thick.” She said flippantly. “But as much as I like it, for the sake of your… Um, rehabilitation, I think it has to go.”

Catherine snarled indignantly. “I’m not a teenage girl! I don’t want to shave just because it’s trendy! I’m fifty-five years old Christine!” The younger woman got up and sauntered over to where her mother-in-law was standing.

“I don’t care how old you are, this isn’t about age or status, your bush is a symbol, and it’s undermining your recovery. There’s still so much of you that I haven’t seen Catherine.” She reached down and roughly grabbed the waistband of her mother-in-law’s leggings, she tugged them forward and upward, forcing the woman to tiptoe a few steps in her direction.

“You’ve been hiding your whole life, afraid to even wear lace lingerie, but you’re going to be brave, and tomorrow morning you’re going to stop hiding and say goodbye to that beautiful overgrown jungle between your legs.” She paused, they were both breathing a little hard, she smiled reassuringly. “Just for a little while, it’ll grow back. Don’t look so sad.”

She tugged lightly on the older woman’s leggings, causing her to start swaying slowly back and forth. Catherine was still glaring, but her expression was softening. “Think of all the benefits.” Her daughter-in-law breathed, staring intently into the older woman’s eyes as she gently tugged and relaxed, tugged and relaxed her grip on the leggings.

“It’s like having a sponge between your legs, and you’ve been getting so wet lately, that must be annoying.” Catherine whimpered quietly. “When you’re shaved it’s so much more sensitive down there too, everything feels better and fits better. No unsightly tufts peeking out from underneath your underwear or swimsuits.”

Slowly she started walking backward, pulling her mother-in-law along with her. The older woman had no choice but to follow. Christine brought her up in front of her big bedroom mirror and then glided around behind her back. “Just look.” She breathed in her ear.

The younger woman used both hands to pull the waistband of her mother-in-law’s leggings up even higher. Catherine grunted and arched her back into Christine’s chest. “Do you see the problem?” The younger woman murmured soothingly. Catherine forced herself to look at her reflection, but she didn’t know, everything looked normal, except for how tightly her leggings were hugging her mound.

“I… I don’t see anything!” The older woman squeaked, the pressure felt good, maybe too good, she felt so hot and light-headed.

“Exactly.” Christine hissed. “Your vulva is practically invisible, but once you’re shaved you’ll be able to see and feel everything Catherine. Your labia, your cleft, maybe even your clit. Instead of hiding, you will be on display.” She gently shifted her hands down and squeezed her mother-in-law’s hips possessively. Catherine could feel herself finally starting to soak through the relatively thin material, she grunted and pulled herself loose.

Christine let her go, a petulant smile playing about her lips. “Fine… I’ll try it. Happy? Now are we going to do yoga or not?” The older woman snapped, her expression wavering, she sounded annoyed rather than angry and she was actually starting to smile herself. Her daughter-in-law took out her phone and brought up a short video of the first pose she wanted to try, they both watched in silence.

Two women in white bodysuits demonstrated the positions then they gracefully switched roles. Catherine blushed as she noticed how much intimate physical contact they were making. The video was very well produced, the room they were preforming in was well lit and the camera work showed each phase and interdependent movement clearly.

“I think I’ve got it.” Catherine said, strutting confidently over to her mat and doing a few quick stretches. Christine walked over in front of her and copied her movements. Once their bodies were relaxed enough, Catherine gestured for her daughter-in-law to take her place on the mat.

“I’ll be on the bottom first, show me what to do.” Catherine helped the younger woman by gently bending her arms and legs, tilting her forward until she found her balance, then tested her stability by leaning against her until she could stay in position all on her own.

“That’s it, you’re doing well so far.” She complimented. “Now I’m going to slowly make my pose on top of yours, you won’t feel my full weight all at once, you’ll feel it gradually. If it starts to hurt or you feel like you’re going to fall over, make a noise.” Christine tried to nod, but her head was pressed against the mat so it looked kind of silly.

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