Trail Ride

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This is a story I wrote a while back, and thought I had submitted. Obviously not, so here it is, enjoy!!


The sun shone through the leaves on the summer trees as the path unfolded before them. The only sounds besides the birds was the breathing of the horses as the moved along the trail. The riders made no comment, nor did they need to. There was an easy air between them, a comfort that allowed them to just enjoy the moment. Alex led the way on her appaloosa, Ginger, with pat following on his quaterhorse, Samson. The trail rose and dipped with the contour of the land. Pat had let Alec take the lead as she know the woods better then he did, plus she had an idea where they would break for their picnic lunch. He had an ulterior motive that he didn’t bother mentioning, however. The opportunity to watch Alex’s cute little butt as it swayed back and forth in the saddle. He was glad that he had decided on the looser jeans that morning instead of the skin tight Wranglers, or he would be having a severe problem right about now. As it was, he had to adjust himself several times already, and knew that he would have to do it again soon. He couldn’t help it though, the way that her blouse flared out then tucked into her jeans only accentuated her hips and butt. The cowboy boots and hat simply served to make him that much more excited.

Riding on before him, Alex knew where his eyes where at. It was the very reason she had worn her tight jeans that day. She almost hadn’t make the trip, Pat having make the near fatal mistake of calling her Alexandra. She snorted a little under her breath so he could not hear her. Only her mother called her Alexandra. If he hadn’t been so cute in those jeans and t-shirt, she would have said no. Now, riding through the woods on their way to a spot she had picked out, Alex was glad that she make the decision to come with Pat. Casting a glance back over her shoulder, she could see the shadows of the leaves passing over his handsome face and could tell exactly where his eyes were locked. Knowing that he was staring at her ass, she put a little extra wiggle into her hips as she rode. From behind her, she heard a groan and a suppressed oath, which only worked to bring a grin to her face. Focusing on the trail before her, she saw the creek just ahead and knew that not far from where they were lay the small clearing. Taking Pat by surprise, she spurred Ginger on into a light gallop, and he hurried Samson on to catch up. Soon, they burst out of the trees into the open sunshine of the clearing. The trees ringed the small open area like a fence, and on the edge of the clearing, the stream flowed into a deep, wide pool before a beaver dam. A slight breeze blew past them and stirred the trees.

Carefully dismounting, both Alex and Pat unpacked the picnic supplies from the saddlebags and let the horses wander the clearing on their own. Pat shook out the blanket he had brought, settling it on the ground. Alex spread out the food and drink, and they stretched out in the mid-day sun to enjoy their meal. After a little while, after one of their hungers had been satiated, Alex slipped off her boots and socks. Overhead, a hawk circled lazily, riding the wind currents. Alex looked over at Pat, then at the pool of water just a dozen feet away. Standing, she brazenly began to untuck her shirt, and Pat stared up at her, trying to figure out what she was up to.

“I don’t know about you, but that water looks mighty inviting to me,” she stated, undoing the buttons along the front of her blouse and slid it off of her shoulders, leaving her standing there rokettube in just a bra. Unsnapping her jeans, she continued, “so I’m going for a dip. Are you coming?” she asked daringly, sliding her jeans over her hips and letting them drop to the ground. Stepping out of them, she reached around her back to unsnap her bra, “or are you just going to sit here?” Dropping the bra, she quickly skimmed off her panties and, for a moment, reveled in the sheer pleasure of being naked outdoors. She spun on her heel and headed for the pool.

Pat sat there for a few stunned seconds, just watching the beautiful sway of her ass as she walked away, before pulling himself together. Within seconds, he had divested himself of all of his clothing and, hard on leading the way, ran down the to the pool. Alex had made it by the time he got there and was in the middle of the pool, the water coming up to just the tops of her breasts. Her long hair spread out on the water in a halo. He splashed into the water and waded out to where she waited. As he got closer, he could tell she was crouching in the water as it was only coming up to his waist. When he was only a couple of feet away and could see the wavering image if her breasts under the surface, the water suddenly exploded up at him as she splashed him with a barrage of water that caught him from top to bottom. Spitting out water, he lunged forward as she tried to back-peddle. His wet hands slid over her slick skin and, with a tantalizing touch of her breast, she escaped his grasp. And then the chase was on in earnest. Every time he got close and was able to get just a finger or two on her, she eluded his grip.

Finally, in a need born of desperation, he lunged again and caught her around the waist. She twisted in his arms to face him, and her breasts pressed against his chest while his erection throbbed against throbbed against her lower abdomen. Without any further preamble, Alex turned her face up to his. Pat dropped his head and crushed his mouth to hers while his hands cradled her ass and pulled her to him even more forcefully. She reached her hand down and slid it between their bodies to stroke the length of his rock hard shaft. His tongue pushed past her lips and jousted with hers. Together, they stood waist deep in the water, locked in a passionate embrace.

Pat’s hand slipped around to the front and slid between them to cup her sex. Her thighs parted just a little bit and his finger stroked her folds underwater, parting her lips and feeling heated center. She moaned into his mouth as he flicked her clit with the pad of one finger. Very soon, her head rolled back and her eyes closed as the pleasure swept over her. His head dipped so he could skim his tongue and lips along the base of her throat. He could feel the vibrations from her moans in her throat. All at once, her body tensed and her arms locked tight around his body. A small cry ripped itself loose from her and flew to the sky as the sudden rush of orgasm swept over her. Alex’s legs tried to give out on her, but Pat held her up with one arm while teasing her to another climax, following on the heels of the first. After a few moments, he heard her breathing slow sown to a normal pace and her arms relaxed around him as she calmed down. Her head dropped forward to lean on his chest. A shiver worked it’s way through her body and he realized that it was about time to get out of the pool. Leading her by the hand, they made their way out of the water and over to the blanket. Sprawling out, they let the sun soak into their skin and dry them out.

Alex rolled over and put asyalı porno her head on Pat’s chest and draped on arm across his waist. He put an arm around her and pulled her closer, her leg coming up to intertwine with his. She listened to his breathing while her fingers trailed lightly over his stomach. She inched her hand lower towards his pulsing shaft, staying just a hair’s breadth away. Each time it looked like she was going to reach all the way down, but backed away at the last second, a groan arose from his lips. After teasing him without mercy this way for what seemed like an eternity, she finally reached all the way down and grasped his hard pole. She ran her thumb across the head and he pushed his hips up slightly.

She turned her head and placed a kiss on his chest, then another, then another, working her way down toward his stomach and regions further south. All the while, she kept her grip on his shaft as she kissed and nibbled her way across his landscape. She drifted her breasts across his hard on, using her nipples to brush the head. Through all this, Pat’s hands lay fisted at his sides,as he resisted the urge to grab her and drive himself into her. Finally, her mouth reached it’s intended target, and a sigh of relief exploded from him. Working her way around his erection, she made her way to his balls and began to run her tongue in light licks all over his boys. Taking one in her mouth, she glanced up to see his eyes roll back in his head and she felt his rock hard erection jump in her hand. With a soft pop, she let his testicle go and dragged her tongue up the side of his shaft before dropping her mouth over the head of his prick. She swirled the tip of her torturous tongue around the tip, bringing a groan out from deep within him again. Leisurely, Alex sank down on him, then drew back up, keeping a light suction as she did. Again and again, she did this until Pat couldn’t take it anymore.

He reached down and grabbed Alex by the arms and both pulled her up and flipped over onto her back at the same time, ending up between her legs. His mouth came crushing down on hers, his tongue forcing it’s way past her lips and intertwining with hers. Her body arched up against his and a desperate need to feel him inside possessed her. She reached down and grabbed his iron hard shaft, guiding and pulling it towards her wet center. The head slipped past her wanting lips and he pushed all the way in on one stroke, her body accepting and pulsing around him. Once he was hilt deep inside of her, he stopped and just waited, feeling her velvet moistness grip him.

Pat’s head dipped down and took one of her hard nipples in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue and scraping his teeth over the sensitive aerola. He pulled out and slid back in, and Alex’s hands reached around to run over his back as she sighed. He moved in and out, setting a steady pace for her, and soon she was writhing under him. Raising his body a little bit, he licked his thumb and, reaching between their sweat slicked bodies, placed the pad directly on her clit. He watched her face intently as he worked over, both inside and out. Waves of sensation crashed over her, driving her higher and higher towards her climax. He teased her with light flicks of his thumb while he kept his beat going, then he changed the tempo, making it quicker. Just as she neared her peak though, he slowed and removed all but the slightest pressure of his thumb.

Alex’s ragged breathing began to settle down and she bit back a moan of frustration. She was so close, and yet so far away. Meanwhile, azeri porno Pat continued at a slow, steady pace, pumping in and out of her. She wriggled her hips, trying to push her clit into his thumb even a little bit harder, but he danced his thumb away, and kept that light touch on her, which made her almost insane from the need. Pat picked up his pace again and applied a bit more pressure on her nub. Soon, her hips began to buck in rhythm with his as he pistoned into her and the breathing that she had just steadied grew shallow and ragged again.

However, this time, Pat did not let off and increased his speed even more until he was pounding her relentlessly. Alex came up off the ground and grabbed him around the shoulders. He head buried itself into the crook of his neck and, as the throes of her climax flooded her again, she sank her teeth into his skin at the base of his throat. He growled away the sting and kept driving himself on. After a moment, her head fell back and a scream of pleasure tore itself from her lungs, sending itself heavenward. Shudder after shudder racked her body, then gradually tapered off. She sank back onto the blanket and a sigh of contentment came from her lips.

Pat slowly disengaged himself from her and lay down beside her, his pole sticking straight into the air and glistening from her juices. After a while, and after her heartbeat stopped pounding in her ears, she rolled over and looked down at his throbbing shaft. With a wicked grim and a sudden burst of renewed energy, she threw one leg over him and straddled his hips. She reached down and, with her fingertips only, held his shaft lengthwise between her lips, then rocked her hips back and forth. He could feel the silky smoothness of her labia and the tantalizing nearness of her wet heat. She ground her button down on the head of his prick, biting her lower lip as she did so. Pat reached up and took one breast in each hand, flicking her nipples with his thumbs.

Alex moved her hips up, repositioned his shaft under her, and sank down onto him, feeling him fill her up inside. Groans escaped both of them, and she leaned forward slightly. She spread her hands on his chest and lowered herself to place a quick kiss on his lips before sitting up and beginning the process of raising and lowering her hips, contracting her inner muscles. He felt her milking his rod and shot his hips upward, slamming himself hilt deep for a moment before dropping them back down to the blanket again. She gasped in surprise and started to bounce on him harder and harder. Looking down, she could tell from the expression on his face that he was about to come.

Pat slipped his hands down her sides to grip the flare of Alex’s hips, and used them for leverage to drive himself into her with greater force. Her hands left his chest as she leaned away. Her back arched and her breasts pointed to the sky. He felt the orgasm rumbling and building deep within him and flew towards it with abandon, Alex joining him in a race to the finish. Suddenly, his climax exploded from him, his eyes blinded by the stars that appeared in his vision. His breath caught in his chest and he slammed his hips up on one last thrust, emptying himself into her.

When she felt his climax shoot in her, that was the last straw before her own orgasm. 4th of July fireworks were going off in her head s her body convulsed with the sensations on top of him. The two of them rocked together in the sunshine as their mutual orgasms filled them and emptied them at the same time, their cries echoing in through the forest glen. Both of them galloped like the horses that they had ridden there. Spent at last, she collapsed on top of him, and she felt both her own heartbeat, and his as well. Sliding off his body, she curled up against him, his arm around her, as they drifted off in the afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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