Trap Site that Trapped Me

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Female Ejaculation

After a long and tiring marriage I found myself alone a lot. My kids had grown and moved on leaving me and my wife with nothing to hold us together. We separated and never looked back. I found myself looking at increasingly deeper porn sites. Dark sites from that had crazy stories and videos. As I looked and searched I began to obsess over porn. I could not get enough of the trap sissy porn and enjoyed the hypno videos the most. In no time at all i began to experiment. I bought some panties, bras, makeup, and girly shoes and clothes. Being a 48 year old male did not help with the obsession. I changed my diet and started working out, still I could not get the look right. I was not looking for anything lasting. I just wanted to look in the mirror and see the woman I felt inside. Then I found a site that promised a flawless transformation from male looks to female looks.

I looked the site over several nights. I read reviews and looked at every thing the site had to offer. I signed up for the newsletter and asked for the free information kit. This required filling out a form explaining exactly what you desired from the site. The site promised 100% reversible conditions. It also promised crazy things like your breast will be natural or we can make it so you don’t ever have to shave body hair again. I’m not crazy, but how is that supposed to be reversible?

I put the information aside and thought nothing of it as it seemed to good to be true. Then one night after a particularly long stretch of not thinking about the idea of being a woman I found the information kit while cleaning. It was like pandoras box. I found myself in my closet trying on outfits and doing my hair. I did my best to look like woman but just couldn’t get it. I bit the bullet and ordered what the site called a “One Night Stand kit.”

When the Kit arrived it was in a very small box. I was instantly disappointed. I opened the box and inside was a very simple razor, shaving cream, aftershave lotion, face cream, body wash, and instructions. I read the instructions right away.

Dearest Jasmine,

Thank you for your purchase. Read these directions carefully and follow them to the t. We are dealing in very powerful things here and you must be aware of that. The product is handcrafted to give the exact results you requested in the online form. It’s simple use the shave cream and razor included to remove all unwanted body hair. afterward apply the lotion to all of your body. Lastly apply the face cream. In a few short minutes you will feel the changes you requested in the online form take place. Do not get dressed until the changes take place. This temporary kit must be washed clean from your body with the included body wash before 24 hours has passed. Enjoy!

What a crock of shit this was. I spent $200 on a flawless transformation and I got a fucking cleaning kit. I was willing to make the effort what did I have to lose? So i did as was instructed. Shaved, lotion, and face cream. I waited fifteen minutes naked in front of the mirror in the bathroom and…nothing! Haha, you desperate fucking old man. So I slipped back on my jeans and tank top and sat down to watch Tv.

As always vbet I dosed off shortly after sitting down on the couch.

I woke up feeling very hot. My chest hurt, my legs hurt, and it felt like I was heavy. My first thought was I’m going to die because of that fucking shit i just used. I stumbled to the bathroom and when I stepped in front of the mirror…I froze. Staring at the mirror I could not believe it. I reached up my hand to touch my face. No, its me in there. I was gorgeous flawless skin, perfect makeup, and my finger nails long and painted. It was not just my face. My chest hurt because beautiful breast were there filling my shirt to the max. My legs hurt because my jeans barley contained my curving hips and round firm ass. I quickly peeled off my clothes and closed the door to use the full length mirror. My toe nails were perfect and painted too. My cock and balls had shrunk to no bigger that golfball together. I was super firm all over and slim. I looked like the girl I had dreamed I would look like!

I ran down the hall in my house to the bedroom. I through open my closet and began to dress in the best outfits I had. I didn’t have to tuck my cock and balls to fit my panties. They hugged my new curvy ass and hips so well. I dint need to stuff my bras they held my new firm tits. The new legs curvy and long looked great in my stockings and garter belt. I put on a beautiful yellow polka dot dress and white heels.

I had strut my stuff. I had to show off my new body. I walked confidently out into my living room fully intent on standing in front of the picture window and showing myself to the world. I am woman hear me…


What the fuck was that?

“Hello? Anyone home? Oh hi there sweetheart. I’m the landlord Chuck didn’t mention he had a roommate or are you that daughter of his he always talks about?”

“Ha…” I couldn’t make myself talk.

“Oh well never mind me I’m here to fix bedroom closet door. I mentioned to Chuck when he moved in it needed a new knob it sometimes gets stuck and if you were in there it’d be no good. The names John.” he said holding out hand to shake.

“…Ah huh…” I clumsily answered taking his hand gently. “Ja..Ja..Jasmine.” my voice was so soft and womanly.

“Well beautiful miss Jasmine, if you don’t mind I’ll head to work in the bedroom.” John was laying on the charm.

“O..o..ok” I sputtered.

“Chuck is a lucky man miss Jasmine.” John gave one last look up and down my frame and walked in to the bedroom.

I should follow him I thought. I have all those clothes out. I actually done need to he thought I was actually thinks I’m a girl. I’ll have a peek at what he’s doing through the bedroom door crack. I walked slowly back down the hallway and stopped at the door jam. There is John plundering through my panty drawer. So, I step right out in the doorway and before I can say anything.

“Oh Christ you scared me! I wasn’t stealing miss I was just admiring I’m so sorry. All those years of marriage and my late wife never owned a piece of clothing that tiny! Haha your man Chuck is one luck guy. Ah..maybe I should come back when he’s here. vbet giriş I’ve said too much and I bet you’re scared a bit of me.” As he spoke he started to come out of the closet. I had closed the distance to the closet before he finished. Evil thoughts crossed my mind.

“No no John you ogreish brute.” As I spoke this to him I placed my hand on his chest. “A young girl likes to be admired. It flattering what you have said.” I guided him gently back up against the far closet wall. As I stepped inside the closet I pulled the door closed behind me. “I’m going to need to clean up this mess.”

“Ah..miss” he tried to spite out. I put my finger to his lip.

“Shhh…you wouldn’t be scared of little old me now. Would you?” I said with a grin.

“No…No..miss I just haven’t fixed the door” he said slightly panicked.

“Oh don’t worry about the door John.” The closet had a dresser built in to the wall. I then bent down and picked up a pair of panties that had fallen out of the dresser. As I did this i made sure to turn my ass toward John and keep my knees straight. I know my dress rose above the round off my new tight round ass. I then tossed them in a drawer at the bottom and pretended to struggle with getting closed. “Well you made the mess can you help me here?” I looked back over my shoulder and gave a helpless pout.

John hurriedly came over and tried to shove the drawer closed. I pretended he bumped me and tossed myself back on my rum and spread my legs a little. “Oh John.”

What the fuck was I doing? Was it this body? Was I really trying to get John worked up? Well I’m sure I was not going to “do” anything.

Looking down at me John blushed “oh god miss Jasmine I’m so sorry!” He reached out a hand to help me up. “Let me get up up and then this door open before Chuck get’s home.”

I took his large hard hand and as he pulled me to my knees. I said “oh forget Chuck he wont return until tomorrow. I acted as If my hand slipped and grabbed Johns crotch on my way to my knees. What are you doing? You crazy bitch! Ran through my mind. Wow I could feel the ragging hard-on John had through his pants. I couldn’t help but sit back on my knees and with both hand rub it a few strokes. I grinned up at John while i did this. New thought he’s going to be mad if I tease him and don’t tell him I’m Chuck. Another new thought how big is his cock?

“Ah…miss. Please…”

“Please what John” I hissed out low and slow. I bite my lip. I pouted. I teased him.

“Please don’t tease me.” he worked the belt, button, and zipper of his jeans in a micro second. The weight of his tool belt flung his pants to the floor. I was now looking at a ragging hard-on barely held back by his briefs. “Suck my cock you whore. I know you want it.” He then flopped his cock out of his briefs and it slapped my face. “All you young girls are all the same. Cock hungry sluts. Well fucking suck my cock bitch!” He then grabbed my hair, pulled my head back, and rammed his cock into my open mouth.

I didn’t resist. I don’t know why. well not true, I did know why. This was what I wanted to be man handled to be attractive enough to draw vbettr the desire of a man. As his cock slammed into my throat and I began to slurp and gag, I was home. I took to sucking his cock like every porn star ever. Two hands one on the balls one on the shaft. Deep throat balls slapping my chin. I pulled it out and let it slap on my forehead. I smacked it on my face. I looked him in the eyes and smiled while i stroked his cock and fondled his balls. “Fuck my face John!” What the fuck did I just say? No tell him your Chuck! “Come on John fuck my face like the whore I am!” Stop saying that shit.

“Come up here you whore! ” With his big hairy hand John yanked me to my feet and planted a big deep kiss on my mouth. Then he ripped my dress off over my head. My new firm tits bounced as he exposed my body. He shoved me back on my rump and he dropped on top of me. Fondling my tits and kissing me.

Tell him! It’s gone to far! Fight back you fucking whore! H’s going to be super fucking mad when he find out! I’m not sure this smaller weaker body could stop this man of men. Tell him now. At this moment John slipped a hand down my panties. If he was surprised or turned off it did not slow him down. “You whore you love this shit.” He spoke in a low deliberate voice. “Now we are going to find out how much you want it.”

He then flipped me over tore off my panties and smacked my ass hard. It stung and I tried to fend him off. He caught my swinging arms in one of his giant hairy hands and pinned them to my back. I felt something wet on my ass crack. Did he just spite on me? “No John please, No! I was just playing!”

“Playing? You bitch!” He was rubbing his spite around my ass hole with his fingers now. “Do you want me to stop? Are you done with your game? Tell me what you want you slut!”

“No don’t stop Fuck me!” what the fuck am I saying? this was never supposed to be anything besides my secret. How has it gone this far. Tell him the truth! Then he slammed his big cock home in my ass! my mind went blank. His spite drenched cock slid right to the balls in my spite lathered asshole. I cried out in the pain of pleasure “oh god what the fuck have I done?” He plowed and plowed my hole. with my face down on the floor and my arms pinned to my back. My new round firm ass up in the air he drove balls deep over and over. His balls slapping at my tiny clit like balls and dick. He slammed over and over until I felt his cock swell. He ripped his dripping cock from my asshole and spun me around. I instinctively took it in my mouth and stroked his cum from his balls. He drained them hard and the cum shot down my throat. He shot wave of thick cum down my throat. He shoved balls deep slapping them of my chin and shot a last huge wave of thick salty cum down my throat.

“Well get up you fucking sissy! We have to get this fucking door open before Chuck finds us here in the closet. I has to say he’s a lucky lucky man!”

“Yeah, I guess he is. Oh and the door, he fixed that already.” With that I picked up my dress, grabbed a pair of new panties, and pushed past the big hairy old brute of a man.

John smiled at me and said “You trapped me you little sissy. You planned this?”

“Not exactly but it felt good and right at the time. So…?”

“Wait how did you find Chuck?” He asked as he pulled up his pants.

“Let’s just say I’ve known him my whole life. He’s just never really let me come around.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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