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i’ve been married to my wife karmen for eleven years, we dated for eight years, after two kid my wife turn be a better looking woman, we usually do things together, grecery shopping, laundry, go shopping u name it. when we go any where no matter how or what she is wearing, i notice that men always look at her i don’t know if she notice it but i do.

some time ago her friand a lady.that her brother was dating told my wife if she wanted to work for her, she told her brother about it and he said go for it and you can keep an eye on her also and tell me if you see something suspiciuos. my wife ask me what i think, she said the money is good but i have to travel one weekend a month and she ask what do you think? i said i had no problem with it.

i know my wife loves to travel, could be good for her since she spend most of the time with the kids could be a good break for her. i am eleven years older than her and i met her when she was twenty one years old, mine is the only cock she is ever had thats what though, i am not jelous tipe of person and i don’t own her, i mean i did not buy her to marry me.

all stated on the second time she traveled on this new job. i drop her up at the airport on thursday after noon and pick her up on sunday nite. i always tell her when she comes back from any where she goes for few days or come back from vacation, to wear skirt on the way back, so she brings her travel bag to the back of the car and while she is putting her stuff in the car i lift her skirt and pull her panties down to welcome her pussy back home i rub Maltepe Escort it a couple of times, from there i take to eat go home and finish her welcome back with a good fuck.

this time i notice two things that i was not familiar with, when she left she was wearing this pair of jeans that never knew she own, i have to admit they look great on her tight ass and pumps shoes that make her look very sexy, i even got a boner to see her like that when she walked away moving her ass.that was the first thing i notice.

the second thing i notice when she came back she was wearing a different pair of jeans, do you follow me, correct no skirt. where is the skirt i ask her? is long story she said you don’t want to know she finish saying and from there more surprises, we went to eat as usual this time she got few drinks which was weird on her, we went home, she walk to the master bedroom she put her travel bag on the bathroom floor and she said tonite i want you to fuck me in the ass she said, one thing that never was in the mood to do, few times that was fucking her doggie style which she loves it, i try to stick my thumb in her ass and she push my hand away. then she said right here right now, i went behind her she pull her jeans down just below ass cheecks she grab my hands place them on her tits and she said play with them pinch my niples warm me up don’t let them go she said, she held my hands with one hand to make sure they stay there, and with the other hand she did the zipper open my pants and grab my cock play with it a little bit and guide Maltepe Escort Bayan it to her ass hole, it was tight there, i started to push harder she but remove her hand that was holding mine on her tits and she said don’t let them go she spit on her hand wet her ass hole then spit again and wet my cock and put on the entrance again and said push that fucker, if you see my wife and talk to her you can say that she is sophiticated woman she dresses very well, executive style her makeup and hair well done and very clean looking woman but when it comes to sex she is wild type but does not talk dirty.

i push a bit and it felt like her but ring was about give up, i push little more and the head of my cock past in, she scream from the pain i guess, i said you want me to take it out she replied no keep going break that fucking cherry i don’t need it away she, i can’t save it for ever, sooner or latter is going to be broken anyway she said i work my way in and her ass hole welcome my cock a bit at a time, i push until i could not push no more because her jeans did not let her open her legs more but she did not want to remove them, i fuck the best i could until i was about to cum, let me know when you are about to cum she said, i don’t want you to cum insde she said, i want you to cum on my face and tits as soon she finish saying it i pull out and made her wish cum true, it looked that i builded a very good load of cum because it was enough for her face, mouth and tits and something i though she will ever do was to suck my cock clean cuming Escort Maltepe right out of her ass. she finish sucking my cock and said i am taking a shower and going to bed you got you dose of ass let sleep please she finish.

next day, i got up as usual took a shower, shave and i was looking moisturize cream which i could not find, i saw my wife travel bag half open i look in it to see if she had any cream i was searching in bottom i foun a pair of panties instead, i grab to smell her scent, i love the smell of pussy, they were semi wet i turn them inside out and guess what i found? you are danm right. a big spot of fresh cum i. look into the jeans she was wearing when she came back and they were full of cum on tbe croch too, thats why it took her a long time to come back from the ladies at the restaurant she remove them there and thats why she was not wearing the skirt coming back and thats why she did not pull her jeans when i was fucking her in the ass and now think i was right i did not see any panties under her jeans, i grab the panties and want to confront her but my cock was so hard just for the idea of knowing that my wife of eleven years just came back from fucking another dude and that dude probably want to fuck her so bad that gave her a big load of cum.

i change my mind, my heart was going thousans of beats a minute, i decide to think it over i have to find the way to confront her or wait for her next move. i act like i don’t know anything or suspect anything. i wait and wait not a word and thats been going on for seven month, you know how i know that, that is as many panties i have been conficating since i found that out, not a word but fucking her in the ass is been getting better thou. tell me what should i do. send your coments. to be continude.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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