Tricked with a Pill 2.5

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This story was inspired by characters and situations created by Jackie_Em. I thoroughly enjoyed the two “Tricked with a pill” stories, and just wanted to flush out what went into Andi’s decision to remain a woman.

This story begins the morning after Andi learns that Bill has procured the blue pill.



I woke up with a slight taste of Bill in my mouth. I was alone. It was Saturday morning and he had left to play golf with some of his friends. Now that I was awake, my brain was flooded with thoughts about last night and what I should do.

I had finally found acceptance in my situation that I was now a girl and would stay that way. In hopes to move forward, I found the courage to tell Bill the truth about me. And then he surprised me with the one thing I had lost all hope in ever seeing again. The blue pill that would change me back to a man.

I should have just grabbed the pill and swallowed it immediately, before there was any conversation. I would have had a couple of minutes to find the jeans and t-shirt I wore that first time he took me shopping. I could have headed back to Nick’s apartment. Even if he had rented my old room, he owed me, at least until I found someplace new. I had been able to save plenty of money since I had been tricked.

But the only thing that went down my throat last night was Bill’s sperm. That didn’t matter, I still had the same choice. The pill was only four feet away in his night stand. I could take it, leave, and never have to see him again. I just lay in bed, not moving. I couldn’t do it last night, and I couldn’t do it now.

Bill was a great person. He saved me when I had no place to go. He had treated me better than I have ever been treated before. Sure, I fucked his brains out almost every night, but it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it too. He deserved better than me just disappearing.

We were going out tonight with some of his friends. Tomorrow, he would leave for a ten day business trip to Hong Kong. That would give me plenty of time to figure this out. I can stay a girl for a while longer.

As I was just about to get out of bed I realized I was still naked. Usually, on Saturday mornings, Bill would stroke me all over till I was half awake and we would have tender semi-conscious sex. This time he had let me sleep. Still, my little girl bladder wasn’t going to be so kind.

I got up and headed to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, waited till it was hot and climbed in. In a way, peeing in the shower reminded me of being a guy. You stood up, let it fly, and didn’t have to daintily wipe afterwards. Since Bill also liked morning shower sex, I wonder if he knew how often he had been peed on. No half asleep sex, no shower sex, I was beginning to feel some stirrings down there. The male libido combined with a female body. That’s a recipe for the Energizer bunny.

I got out of the shower and grabbed a robe. The post shower battle with my hair pushed back all sensual thoughts. Toweling it as dry as possible, combing and brushing with a quick blast from the blow dryer. When it was finally reasonable, I decided to stand in front of the full length mirror and drop the robe.

Pretty. That was the first word that came to mind to describe my reflection. Not hot, and not cute. I had nice breasts. Probably one cup size from being sexy. I had a flat waist, but it was not toned. I am blonde, so my small bush was barely noticeable. I turned around. I had a really great butt. It was round without being too large. Bill must be a breast man because if I had me in bed I would never stop squeezing that ass. Bill has a pretty nice backside as well.

Looking back in the mirror, I decided to try an old technique from high school acting class. I closed my eyes and thought about a very happy memory, which was spending the day at the amusement park when I was 14. I opened my eyes to see my smiling face. Now the one word description was dazzling. A face like that, people wanted to like you, wanted to trust you, wanted to share with you. It is very likely that there had been too few smiles since I turned female.

I sat back on the bed. I wanted out of this apartment. I didn’t want to think. Then again, I wanted to think long and hard about what I should do. Most of all I wanted to relax. As a dude, I would likely go for a run, or find a challenging hiking trail. Without balls, I did not have the balls to do stuff like that alone. What’s a girl to do?

Girl, that’s it! When girls want to relax, they go to the spa! I put on some underwear, jeans and a T-shirt, and went down to the lobby. On weekends, Bill’s building had a concierge.

“Good morning Ms. Andi. Is there something I can do for you today?”

“Yes, thanks. Is there a spa around here?”

“The building has arrangement with several local spas. What kind of services are you interested in?”

“Mostly, I want to relax. I want to be able to take my time and zone out. It fulya escort has been a rough week.”

“So, you’re not interested in a massage, or any specific treatments? You just want something like a hot tub, steam batch, sauna, those sorts of things?”

“Yes, but private.”

“There’s a spa a few miles from here that has private serenity suites. Hot mineral baths, steam showers, a sauna, with heated benches you can lay on with soft music playing. They have complimentary fruit waters and juices and you can purchase wine. They lease by the hour. I can make all the arrangements including getting a service to drive you there and back. Would you like me to get you two hours?”

“Bill’s not going to be back till this afternoon. Better make it three hours.”

“Please, go back upstairs. I will call you when it has all been arranged. I suggest that you arrive twenty minutes early as they may have some additional services that you might be interested in once you’re there.”

“Please put this on my account, not Bill’s.”

I flashed him a smile and told him how much I appreciated his efforts. I could tell that he would start the call before I even got back on the elevator.

When I got back to the apartment, I texted Bill that I was going to the spa and that he might get home before I did. After a few minutes he texted back a thumbs up then texted that we needed to be ready to leave by six. The apartment phone rang and the car would be ready to pick me up in thirty minutes and full payment had been made.

I had never been to a spa, even as a guy. What do you bring? I grabbed a gym bag and threw in an extra bra & panty set, a kindle, some sweats and a pair of flip flops. Hopefully, that would be all I need.

When I came back downstairs, the car was there and the driver opened the door for me. He was an older man, and I found another smile to flash at him. He scooted back to the driver seat and pulled the car out into traffic.

“Miss, I understand I’m taking you to the Spa on 5th, and will be picking you back up in three and a half hours. Is that correct?”

“That sounds fine.”

He turned around when we hit a red light. “Here’s my card. If you’re going to be early or later, let me know as soon as you can.”

“Thank you very much.”

“And may I say that you look fine right now, but as difficult it is to believe, you will be much, much better when I come back to get you.”

Omigod, he was trying to be charming. I let out a small giggle.

When we arrived, he ran back out and again held the door for me. He also held the door to get into the spa. I went to the front desk and told them my name. They brought me back to an office where a very elegant woman in her forties greeted me.

“Aren’t you lovely? Hi, I’m Barbara.”

“Thanks, I’m Andi.”

“So, they told us you wanted time in our serenity suite, but you did not want a massage. Is that correct?”

“Yes. I’m really looking for some quiet time. Some problems have come up that I need to deal with, so I wanted to go someplace alone where I can think.”

“Our suites are perfect for that. We won’t bother you unless you want to be bothered. Are you going out tonight?”

“Actually, my boyfriend and I are meeting some of his friends out for dinner.”

“Well, what about a facial, and mani/pedi? The mineral bath can also put your hair in a state. We can have someone style it for you when you get out. Not a cut, just some treatment and brushing. And if you’re interested, we can do your makeup. One less thing to worry about on the way home. We can put this into a package, along with the serenity suite. It would also include an herbal wrap, before you enjoy the suite”

“An herbal wrap? I’ve never had one of those. What does it entail?”

“We wrap you up in herb soaked linens and then tuck you into warm blankets. The herbs are designed to pull toxins from your body. It is very relaxing. We leave you that way for about twenty minutes, and then you can shower off in the steam shower. Tonight, you will marvel and how much energy you have. If you’re boyfriend takes you dancing, he won’t be able to keep up with you.”

She showed me a brochure that showed the package prices. For someone who got into this mess because I could not afford a night of drinking, the numbers were startling. But it would barely dent what I have been able to sock away.

“How long will all that take?”

“Let’s figure thirty minutes to wrap you and let the treatment set. Then you wanted three hours alone in the suite. After that, facial, mani/pedi, hair and makeup, another ninety minutes. That’s a total of five hours. If that’s too long, we can make it just two hours in the suite. You already have a very relaxing half hour with the wrap. And since you already paid for three hours, I can give you the rest of the package at half price.”

A thought struck me. I had a very basic choice. Be a girl or be a boy. The brochure I was looking at bebek escort was very girl. I knew that out of fairness to Bill, I would stay a girl for at least another ten days to two weeks. I might as well make an informative decision and go full girl until either that pill goes down my throat or down the garbage disposal.

“Ok, let’s do the package.”

“Since you said you came here to relax, I did not mention a Brazilian, but we can throw that in if you like.”

“Uh…a Brazilian?

“Hot wax hair removal…down there. A little painful when it’s done, but you get over it pretty quick. We could do it before the wrap.”

Holy crap. Just when I decide to go full on girl, they want to rip off my bush.

“You were right, that’s not really something I’m in the mood for. Rain check?”

“Oh sure. You can schedule it anytime. Only takes a few minutes. We’ll charge the package to the same account we put the original charge on. Follow me to your suite.”

We walked down the hall. We reached a revolving door but instead of it being glass like at an office building, they were opaque.

“This is so the room doesn’t get any light pollution. Please follow after me.”

I walked into a room with very subdued lighting. It was warm and slightly humid. It smelled very floral.

“Over here is the changing area. You will need to remove all your clothes including underwear. You can put all your things in this cubicle. Here’s a robe you can put on if you like. There’s our massage table, where we will do the wrap. All the materials are already here, so we will just send the girl in to wrap you. She will then come back in to unwrap you. Otherwise, you will have complete solitude. After the wrap you should shower off. The shower has a steam setting which I recommend. The mineral bath is over there. You can set the jets and they will stay on for 15 minutes at a time. The sauna also stays on for 15 minutes at a time in case you fall asleep in there. Over here is the control panel. You can raise or lower the room temperature. You can have music playing and can control the volume as well as the type of music, although all your choices are mellow. No rock, no hip hop. There’s a pitcher of ice lemon water. You can use the control panel to order juice, tea, with wine being at an additional charge. Before I send Melony in to wrap you, is there anything else I can get you?”

“Actually…can you call the driver and tell him to pick me up an hour later?”

“No problem. Richard is very used to ladies staying longer than originally expected.”

She left and I began to get undressed. I grabbed the robe and put all my things away. The door began to spin and in walked a girl. She was wearing white yoga pants and a black Lycra camisole top. She was exactly the type of girl that I would strike out with. She deserved the one word description of cute. She looked like a farm girl, full figured but not fat. I realized that in a couple of minutes I would be naked in front of her. She would then be the only person besides Bill that would see me naked as a girl. I took a deep breath.

“I’m Melony. I’m going to get the wrap ready on the message table. You will then need to remove your robe and I’ll help you lie back on the linens. I’ll wrap you up and then cover you with a warm blanket. I’m also going to give you a mud mask and some cucumbers to put on your closed eyes. I will then leave and come back in twenty minutes to remove the blanket and wrap. I’ll just be a few minutes.”

I watched her for a few seconds but I stopped as I did not know how I would react if I kept staring. I was afraid I would get turned on, and that did not seem even close to appropriate. Instead, since I knew I would feel awkward, I just removed the robe and stood waiting naked. She looked over.

“You’re quite beautiful Andi. I hope your boyfriend tells you often.”

“He doesn’t say it as much as show it.”

She giggled and slightly blushed.

“Well. A compliment is a compliment, no matter what form it takes.”

“I guess I compliment him back in the same way.”

I flashed her my new smile. She winked back.

“Come on over, it’s ready. There’s a step on the side. Try to lie down as close as you can to the center.”

Beautiful girl, at the mercy of an adorable young lady. Turned out to be NOT sexy. The wrap felt strange and wet in a bad way. Smelled weird as well. Getting tucked into the blanket was nice but more cuddly than sensual. Then she smeared mud all over my face. A couple of cucumbers and she was gone.

I couldn’t think. Not yet. I was warm and comfortable. I focused on breathing, in and out, in and out. Next thing I knew I heard the door turn and the cucumbers were being removed. The blanket came off and she unwrapped me from the linens.

“Go shower off. The spray will be hot, but you can make it hotter if you like. Thoroughly wash off before using the steam. I’m going to clean up and then give you your privacy. We’ll florya escort call over the intercom in an hour to make sure you don’t need anything.”

I got up and went into the shower. As I was washing off I had a feeling that I was being watched, but by the time I cleared my eyes I was alone. I turned on the steam and I once again found myself just breathing. Since I was already wet, I turned off the shower, turned on the jets of the hot tub and climbed in.

I just lay there till the jets turned off. I got out of the tub and found the room warm enough so I was comfortable not toweling off. I sat back on the lounger which turned out to be heated as well. The next thing I knew was the sound of the intercom.

“It’s Melony, do you need anything Andi?”

“I’m perfect.’

And I was. I felt amazing. I spent the next hour going back and forth from the sauna to the steam shower to the hot tub to the lounger. The hour went by so fast and I only had one notable thought. That this was a terrific experience.

“Andi, this is Barbara. You can get dressed now. Get your things together and come back out to the hall. We will have someone take you to where you can get the rest of the package completed. How are you feeling?”

“Energized, just like you said. This was exactly what I needed.”

“Great. We’ll see you in a couple of minutes.”

I threw on my clothes and grabbed my bag. Another girl was waiting on the other side of the door.

“I’m Jenny. I’ll do your facial and mani/pedi. By the time we’re done, Denise should be ready for hair and makeup.”

There is nothing in my male experience that even came close to the pampering I received over the next hour plus. My face was scrubbed and coated numerous times. My hair was washed, conditioned, combed, dried, brushed and sprayed. All my nails were perfect. I didn’t lift a finger, although I got a feeling that I needed more direction than the usual customer they worked with.

Denise stumped me with “Have you ever tried smoky eye?” She then proceeded in giving me a makeup class with my face as the assignment. She backed up the lesson plan with a step by step brochure along with a sample bag of items.

I had never spent so much time staring at my own face. Even when I would get a haircut, it was usually over in ten minutes. But I looked good. I would have thought my hair would be stiff from all the hairspray, but it held, even though it felt soft. Even after shopping, eating salads, drinking wine, blowjobs and doggie style, this was the first time I really felt female.

Barbara came to get me and escort me out. She told me I could download their app and send gratuities to anyone I wanted to. I could also use it for future appointments. As I walked out I was greeted by my driver Richard, holding the door open.

“I told you, I told you. You look absolutely fabulous.” I blushed and before I knew it I was back at Bill’s apartment building. I gave Richard a ten spot. The concierge gave me a smile, a nod, and a thumbs up. I looked at my watch and saw it was almost 5.

When I got into the apartment I heard the shower running. I yelled into the bathroom to let Bill know I was home.

“I just got started. On the bed, I laid out some things that I got you earlier in the week.”

I looked over and saw a black and blue patterned dress. I called over ” A dress? Really?” In all this time I had never worn a dress. Skirts? Yes, of course, I worked in an office. I could get away with slacks once or twice a week, tops. Having to put on both a top and a bottom was at least familiar.

“Not just a dress. A cocktail dress. That’s the dress code of where we’re going tonight. I’m doing suit and tie. I knew your measurements from the shopping trips we’ve done together. I’m told you need a certain type of bra for that dress so I just got you a complete set.”

The dress had spaghetti straps, so it needed a strapless bra, which of course I never wore before. It had a matching set of boy shorts. So glad it wasn’t a thong. He must have bought this before our talk last night. That was sweet of him to notice what underwear I preferred. There was also new pantyhose and a pair of strappy shoes. He must have seen that I couldn’t really handle more than a three inch heel.

For the third time today I got naked. I pulled on the boy shorts. After a couple of adjustments, I was able to figure out the strapless bra. I remembered the first time I had to put on pantyhose, I ended up Googling how to do it. Now, I was an expert. I then stepped into the dress and pulled it up. I could not zip up the dress, so back to Google I went. I ended up using the paperclip, shoelace method.

As soon as I had finished, Bill came out of the bathroom in just his boxer briefs. As soon as he saw me, his eyes got wide for a split second and he quickly struggled to get a more neutral expression.

“You look very nice” he said and he immediately escaped to his closet.

Back to the full length mirror I went. The one word description was now “alluring”. With perfectly styled hair and makeup along with a clingy dress with more than adequate cleavage, I could not believe how desirable I looked. Staring at my own reflection I even felt a little tingle under the boy shorts. Then Bill came out of his closet.

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