Trish’s Night Out

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Trish’s Night Out


Trish waited for her call to him to be answered. It was a new experience, calling a man she had met at a local, very private and discreet, swinger’s club where she could exercise her fantasies about being with other men; behave with no repercussions such as the jealousy of a long-time partner or wife. She had not expected to become involved with Josh in the ways that she now felt had begun to possess her.

He had said he would be travelling down that morning and would call her. She’d been like a cat on a hot tin roof all through the day at work. Still she had not heard from him as the afternoon dragged on and she had begun to fret.

The need for certainty, for him to be with her again, broke down her restraint. Now she waited for him to answer.

‘Hi, it’s me…I thought you were going to call me?’ she blurted out when he answered.

‘Trish! I’ve been hoping that I would hear from you with an answer…that we could meet again.’ He saw her image on the screen, for only a few teasing moments, as Trish held out her iPhone so that he could take in her slender face, then fulsome figure shaped by a long-sleeved faux wrap in emerald-green. He soon saw that it was worn with a pair of black slacks, a pendant necklace nestling in her deep cleavage, as if he needed reminding of what this woman had brought to him the last time they had gotten together. He could just make out the freckled skin to be found there.

‘You know that I want to meet up again…said so often enough,’ she answered only too directly, in her ways of it, and throwing his words back at him. Trish’s voice had taken on the sound of a softer West Country burr, now that she was angry. That much he had learned of the woman whose image now drifted before his eyes. ‘I’ll be at the Ellacotts…as before…and bring all of your energy…no excuses this time!’

‘You are in a mood, lady,’ he said easily.

Trish saw that engaging smile, took in; how his designer stubble creased when he did that. She remembered how, to feel it on her thighs as he licked her out the last time, had brought a new and raging pleasure to her.

‘You know damn well why! I’ve tried to speak to you for days…’

‘And we don’t play that way, Trish, do we? No chains of that sort…there’s no possessive ways between us except when we’re at it,’ he teased. ‘Anything else and that’s by agreement between us.’

‘Okay…okay,’ she sighed. He had a point; but she didn’t like to hear it said, though.

‘At least I know that you’ll be with me…the guesswork’s over.’

‘It matters, does it?’

‘You’ll find out…like last time. It’s not like this with the few others I go with…’ She let that sink in. ‘Be there by nine…I’ll have put Dan straight that I want to be there with a guest…as I refer to you.’

Josh laughed as she spoke out. The Ellacott’s place would be reached by taxi, and he would leave them and Trish, as before; after times spent together. ‘I’m already a member…’

‘Then we’ll have no problems getting together again, will we, Josh?’

‘No, so be happy, Trish. I want to see that wonderful smile of yours…’ It brightened an otherwise rather plain face framed by long lanky black hair.

‘And the rest of me later,’ she retorted on a brittle laugh. ‘I shouldn’t say it, but it matters to me meeting up again with you, Josh…’

‘I’ll be there…

Trish was no beauty and the slim, slender-faced, long-legged and full-breasted woman, with her wide smile, amazed him for the contradictions; by her mood changes and what had been said.

Swingers simply didn’t get emotionally involved and he could only say that he lusted after the woman’s body, her voluptuousness that was so different from his wife Evie’s tended, sylph-like, figure. It, and the act, were all that those that were to be met at the Ellacott’s unassuming Hd Porno bungalow expected. The group was always small and discretion of paramount concern to all who were to be met there. A simple internet search, and then narrowing down the results had finally brought him to registering with them, then to their door on that first occasion.

As he drove to his next appointment, Josh wondered if their last meeting, the first of many he hoped, had set this particular hare running in Trish’s mind.

Business trips to the West Country were taking on a new meaning for him and that every detail should not be spoken of with Evie.


Trish felt a rush of uncommon longing for the guy she saw talking to Ben Ellacott. She had overheard him tell others in the group, gathering for the evening, that a ‘visitor’ would be joining them. He was well-dressed with an impeccable sense of casual style; that shock of wavy brown hair and lean, bearded, face, his wonderful smile and look of interest as he caught her looking his way captivating; the guy’s appraising glance enough to set her pulse racing and inflame her senses; tightened the ache of sudden longing for someone younger than she was, but not by so much that it would raise eyebrows. After all, that was what these clubs were for…to experience the new; what would be out of reach under different circumstances.

Ben seemed intent on introducing them.

The summer’s day was uncommonly warm and her scoop-necked sleeveless dress, with its floral print, flattered her figure; gladiator sandals lending a flourish to her slender legs. Beaded bracelets, and a pendant necklace hanging to her breastbone, were enough to have drawn his attention upon her and of the other men in attendance. But it had been Josh who had captivated her and who now took the hand that she held out in greeting.

‘Josh…meet Trish,’ Ben had laughed and that was the introductions dispensed with. He stepped away and they followed his progress before Josh turned to her.

‘I wondered what to pack for a business trip, but…but I see I’ve judged it right for an evening out…’ He drew closer. ‘Are there more like you in this group…your summer dress looks stunning on you?’

She laughed at Josh’s direct ways. The compliment was taken as it sounded; genuine.

‘No…and I can tell you there are none like you.’ She was seen to turn and look at the others for an instant. ‘So, you’ll be here for a day or so then gone again? That’s too bad…’

‘I travel this way every few months, so it fits the pattern of the club’s ways…’

‘You’re in others?’ she asked, sipping on her drink and meeting again his appraising look upon her. ‘Direct aren’t you, in doing that?’

‘I like what I see,’ he grinned, ‘and yes, I’m in another group back home. My wife and I play…we have an arrangement the other knows about…say what we’ve found…she and I are sometimes together when it happens for the other.’

‘Like you do,’ she ventured, but having no one to have shared that experience with.

‘And you?’

‘Single…have been for ten years or so now. I get company in this way. It saves getting in too deep with people…’

‘Who’s being honest or direct now?’

They were interrupted by Ben. He was seen to be carrying a small tray.

‘The others are going in. Want some stuff…make the evening zing?’ Ben asked.

‘Jeez…hell no!’ Josh rasped in sudden anger. ‘If it’s that sort of group I’m out!’

He felt a restraining hand to his arm; turned on feeling the strength of Trish’s hold on him. ‘I’m not into that either, Josh…’

‘So, that leaves you to play in your own ways of it,’ Ben concluded on a raucous laugh. ‘Room two is yours!’ he called out over his shoulder as he left them.

Trish gripped his hand and arm; pressed against Josh and looked at him wonderingly; Türkçe Altyazılı Porno saw the soft smile of recognition that there would be few preambles to their tryst; his hands offering caresses to her hip and belly as she led him to their room. The air was heavily scented and two large candles flickered in their fluted glass holders on a dresser; the poor light casting their shapeless shadows on one wall.

‘Wait…I want to see you, Trish..’ he murmured on reaching for a cable switch that lit a small lamp placed on a tall stand in one corner of the room. She saw him unbuttoning his sleeves and to begin on his shirt front but stopped him; made Josh look at her.

‘I’m breaking my own rules,’ she whispered, on meeting a first kiss as Josh drew her to him. She groped for him and felt the hard swell, Josh’s evident strength and longing for her. ‘This is crazy…what’s happening so quickly!’

She shuddered and sagged against him; felt Josh’s fingers tug loose the fastening of her dress and then the slow slip of the zip over her enervated skin. She hunched her shoulders and felt him ease the dress down; shivered at his touch on her back as nimble fingers unfastened her bra. His actions soon revealed the soft tumble of her large, firm breasts; how her nipples stood proud.

‘That you should bring this to me.. a stranger,’ she heard him say as Josh buried his face to them and she guided his sucking kisses; all the while tugging on his shirt until it slipped over his shoulders. He took a step away, but she held his wrists as, together, they tugged on his belt and unfastened his chinos.

Josh felt her hair brush his skin as she looked down; clamped the swell in his briefs before her nimble fingers tugged at the waist band and his straining prick sprung free; her soft gasp accompanied by his growl of admission for all that being with her had aroused in him and so quickly.

‘See what you’ve done to me?’ he quipped on a teasing smile. ‘It’s all I have…’

‘And all that I can take,’ she said on looking into his eyes.

From a mat of hair, that spiralled up over his belly, sprang his erection; its glistening tip prompting her to kneel down.

‘Do you want this from me?’ Trish asked. She had felt his coaxing touches; she knelt before him; shivered at the prospect of what would follow and after the briefest of introductions. His touch was hot on her bare skin; his caresses to her shoulders; fingers in her hair guiding her as she licked his shaft; circled the tip with her tongue before she again looked up at him and in response to his gentle tug on her hair. ‘Not now?’

He shook his head; she felt his touch on her shoulders, then the slide of questing, gently squeezing fingers over her arms and breasts as he leant forward and kissed her upturned face, then parted lips. She felt the rush and wetness between her legs and responded with fiery kisses.

‘No, we try this…’

He drew her against him; had her raise one leg around his hip before he lifted her; clamped her buttocks fiercely and to have her feel the press of his prick against her belly; her instinctive response to claim it; to feel the slow slip against her moist lips as his fingers worked her opening; had her rise, and fall, to meet these deepening touches.

‘Crazy…crazy!’ she gasped and pushing down to meet his claims. ‘I…I can’t go on!’

‘Try!’ His lips tugged on her nipples and his fingers worked to open her. Then…

Then Josh lowered her onto him, and she felt the breath catch in her throat as he seemed to climb higher and higher within her body; to caress and stretch her until she clung to him; tore her mouth from his sought-after kisses that would silence he cries of wanton abandon. She gasped in time with his taking of her; Josh prick moving like a piston in its sleeve as he Brazzers claimed her in these beguiling tempestuous ways.

‘You…you wonder…you young wonder!’

Josh carried her to the bed and knelt on the edge; kept his hold upon her as she was lowered onto the cool sheet, and he slowly began a sinuous tamp of her body; felt her push up to claim and tug on him; to feel his hands grip her breasts and squeeze hard; felt his lips claim and tug on her nipples as if they would be torn from her body.

‘Do it fast!’ she gasped and pushing up from the bed; her feet scrabbling to make it happen.

‘I want to fuck…really fuck!’ he cried out as she tugged fiercely on his plunging length; heard the slap of their skins against each other and the crash of his hips upon her.

‘Josh! Yes…so do I…so do I! she cried out, the tears springing to her eyes as she felt her approaching climax…then another…and another; her shudders met by his kisses and easing off the pace he had set. She stopped. ”Oh God…a condom…use a condom!’

‘Hell…now of all times!’

Josh remained so deep within her but was still; he reached for the box, so conveniently placed on the bedside cabinet and pulled one free. She felt empty as he withdrew from her; watched in fascination as he tore away the wrapping and felt his hands brush her thighs as, together, they drew it over his penis. Then, he was poised over her for only a moment before plunging in; drew her to him as he slammed into her, and she pushed back; thrust her feet into the mattress and raised her hips to meet his pounding rhythm; clawed at his skin and met his hot kisses; shared in snorted breaths of effort as they fucked in a tortuous frenzy.

‘Go on…go on…finish it!’ She gasped, her head shaking from side to side and her eyes sightless as she came; felt the rush of his orgasm and flooding of her in jetting, tingling rushes that the condom could not deny to her. ‘Again…do it for me, again!’

She felt Josh slump down upon her and she basked in their shared heat; reached between their bodies to caress her wet, soft folds and the base of his prick where she clamped on it.

He kept her to him as they rolled over, and Josh lay on his back. He reached out to brush away her hair; saw the soft glow on her skin and obliged her, as she pressed her breasts to his lips.

‘You’ve done it all for me…and so quickly’ he told her, his hands stroking her body, wonderingly.

‘And the night’s only just begun,’ she kissed, quite unwilling to let this young guy go after one session, that had taken her breath away for its spontaneity. They were all but strangers outside their bed. ‘Can you keep it up…I wonder?’ she soon asked on nuzzling kisses to his lips.

‘What do you think?’ he grinned, ‘and there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?’


She had followed him to the bathroom and helped to clean Josh and then herself. Then, in the time that remained to them, and before Ben came knocking on their door, they had pursued prolonged moments of fevered rutting that had left her aching and weak; had her feel that no part of her body had not been touched, kissed, or discovered in pursuit of shared and uninhibited pleasure.

Somehow, she had driven him back to his hotel and a parting that had left her unsure whether they would share such wonderfully lustful and energetic moments again. The only name sh had for him was Josh. She was simply Trish, ‘the wild and insatiable one’ he had said on a parting kiss.

Only through Ben would she know if their tempestuous times would be repeated; her feelings about that refreshingly new, yet at odds with how it should be, given the circumstances of their liaison. Swingers weren’t to get emotionally involved with their partners, were they? Josh had even said as much.

Her desk-phone rang. and she snatched up the handset. ‘Support Services…Trish Swanson speaking. How can I help you?’

She needed help with the realisation that she had become smitten on the young man who had claimed her; a handsome married guy who played away and had done so with her.

There had to be a next time.

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