Trojan Whores

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Proofed by Maggie Finson

DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to stretch my creative muscles. All characters, Sirens, and rapists in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, swearing, and strange ideas. It contains only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don’t even start!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I’m not greedy… hey wait! Why should I be any different than anybody else?)


I awakened to find myself incarcerated, struggling to figure out just exactly what had happened. My memory was fuzzy when I first came to.

Wait! What the hell? I wasn’t doing anything that should get me incarcerated! Last night I was innocently minding my own business walking down the street in Petra on Lesvos Island, The Aegean Islands, Greece, when I was nabbed by what looked like a squad of troops.

Just a couple of weeks ago I had received a registered letter informing me that I had won an all expense paid vacation to Lesvos Island.

‘What a weird vacation destination,’ I thought to myself.

The letter went on to say that a new resort had been built with westerners in mind and that they were giving away these ‘vacations’ to a wide demographic of people in hopes that we would bring word of what a great resort was on Lesvos, in Greece.

‘Okay, well maybe that explains it…’ I pondered.

The advertisement stated that, “The government in Petra has taken steps to improve the quality of life in their village and make the area even more attractive for tourism. Tradition claims that, Petra served as an anchorage for Achilles during the Trojan War, a mere five nautical miles from the shores of Turkey. The name Petra has the meaning, ‘The rock’. The island got its name from the word “lespis” which means precious gem. Lesvos is famed for being the center of the ouzo drinking culture. The aniseed national drink of the Greeks is always accompanied by a wide variety of small appetizers, called “mezedes,” which in Lesvos are usually seafood prepared with divine traditional recipes (Greek Sushi.). In the past two centuries, several Lesvians have been worthy holdovers of their bright cultural past. Today, hosting the seat of the Aegean University, Lesvos is still a spawning ground for innovative ideas in the arts, science, and politics. All kinds of entertainment find their place in the tolerant society of Lesvos.”

‘Wow! Now this sounds like a place to hang out and have a great vacation! Tolerant society, entertainment, Ouzo, what more could a single guy ask for… except maybe babes…’ my thoughts were wild and explicit.

The brochure stated that I would be staying in, ‘The newly built one hundred bed, Clara Hotel. Built in an amphitheatric style on a hillside, the hotel has a unique tranquility and offers the visitor modern facilities while retaining an informal atmosphere.’

This is the first thing I have ever won! My luck usually runs in the other direction. Given a 50-50 chance I will loose seventy percent of the time. That in itself must be some kind of luck, to beat the odds backwards, isn’t it?

Right there in the envelope was a First Class airline ticket, notification of prepaid hotel suite, and a check for $1,000.00 US to spend on my vacation!

I knew that I didn’t have any vacation built up at the company I had just taken a job with, but what the hell? I should pass an opportunity like this up? Therefore, the day after I got the tickets, I submitted my resignation. Hell, I was looking for work when I found that job!

I should introduce myself. My name is Skyler Friedrich Blostein. My usual occupation is ‘Jack of All Trades’. My hobbies were, chasing women, catching women, and sex.

I figured that this would be a great way to meet exotic women and get my end off. I hope that the near sound-alikeness of the Island’s name didn’t mean that all of the girls there are Lesbos…

I made the flight with plenty of time to spare. I even had time for a cognac in the airport lounge before take off. The connecting flights were lined up so perfectly that I had only a couple hundred feet between terminals and fifteen or more minutes to spare, waiting in my airliner seat.

When I finally arrived on the island I’d had plenty of sleep and plenty to drink, so the journey to my hotel is kind of a blur. It went something like, lots of Greek men and women toasting something or other, and handing me a bottle of Ouzo to chug from, while I rode to the hotel in the ‘Limo’.

I woke up in my room, surprised that I didn’t have a massive hangover.

After vbet a quick shower and shave, I headed to the lobby to make sure everything was in order. I was relieved to discover that I’d checked in and my breakfast was waiting for me in the Taverna. I was stunned to find that Ouzo was served with breakfast though…

I had friendly people stopping by my table and chatting with me. They all spoke remarkably good English, although heavily accented. Some wanted to know where I was from, others whether I had family here, or back in the states. I felt almost like a rock star of something…

I replied in an equally friendly manner that I didn’t have anyone on the island and no family back stateside.

One happy couple decided to take me under their wing and show me around town. Nicholas, ‘Nick’, and his wife, Carmella, seemed to know all about this town and where all of the good restaurants and bars were, which meant more Ouzo of course.

When it was getting late, Carmella asked me if I knew the story of the Trojan Whores.

Well, I heard ‘Trojan horse’, so I told her I did, and about this big wooden horse…

“No, no, silly boy! That was a story made up to cover the real truth of the fall of Troy,” she explained somewhat drunkenly.

“Say what?” I asked blearily.

“Yes, young man, Troy fell to the Trojan Whores, not a Trojan horse!” she giggled.

“Well then, I am as in the dark as the rest of the world I guess, Mrs. Theophilus. I was told the story of the horse since I was young, so that is what I thought had happened. So what really did happen?”

“Well I shouldn’t tell you this, but since I am half plastered I am going to anyway!” she admitted with a twisted grin, “You see, what Odysseus of Ithaca really did was kidnap Sirens from a nearby Island. He sold them to a slave trader, not telling him what they were, or why they were, gagged. His next stop was Troy, which Odysseus knew. Odysseus had sold the women so cheaply that the trader was able to make a quick profit in Troy selling them and exited town quickly after. Some say that he recognized the Sirens for what they were, which accounts for why he left town so fast.”

“Well the records of Homer were a bit misleading about Sirens. Sure, their songs are irresistible to men, and yes, if the men succumb to their songs they are forever lost. But that is where the truth departs from reality…”

“Carmella!” Nick’s sharp calling out of her name made her stop abruptly, “You know that is not a tale for non-islanders!”

“Oops,” she drunkenly exclaimed. “Well I didn’t get to anything revealing yet anyways…”

“You know better than to tell those tales Carmella, you could put the young fellow in jeopardy. You know what happened last time…” Nick scolded, shaking his finger at her.

“Oh, yes! I remember her!” she giggled, “She turned out beautifully!”

“You are way too drunk to be in public right now Carmella. Give me your hand so that I might lead you home before you do something that Skyler will regret!” Nick reached his hand out and grasped Carmella’s dainty hand, hoisting her to her feet and leading her back to their home.

I glanced about the room and noticed that I was receiving an unusually high number of stares, which was making me feel more than just a little uncomfortable. I stood up and decided that maybe it would be prudent to beat a hasty retreat to my hotel room. Once I was in the street outside the lounge I noticed that I had not been keeping close track of where Nick and Carmella had bar hopped us to.

Realizing I was lost but not wanting to reenter the hostile bar, I picked a direction and took off, figuring that I would soon come across a familiar landmark or somewhere to ask for directions. I figured I was just being paranoid about the interested stares I received from the locals, as I made my way. It seemed to me that I was more than just an idle source of conversation. People were whispering and pointing in my general direction as I passed by.

I finally got a glimpse of the Mediterranean through an alleyway and knew that if I got there I could follow along the shore to where my hotel was.

Once I entered the alley I knew that I had made a mistake, the feeling of trepidation I felt as I made it about halfway through was like a caterpillar the size of a cat had crawled up my spine. When I turned around to see if the feeling was warranted I saw half a dozen troops quickly pursuing me.

Now I had done nothing wrong that I knew of, but having that many men chasing after me just said deep inside me somewhere, “RUN!”

I took off as if I had afterburners. I was easily pulling away from them when I neared the end of the alley… “WHAM!” out went my lights. Someone had been waiting for me to rabbit, and cold cocked me as I cleared the Alley.


I awakened to find myself incarcerated, struggling to figure out just exactly that had happened. My memory was fuzzy when I first came to and after the few seconds that it took my addled and sore brain to go over what had brought vbet giriş me to these circumstances, I became quite indignant.

“Hey! Somebody get me a lawyer! I want to speak to the American Ambassador to Greece!” I yelled, while beating on the door with my fists.

After about ten minutes of getting no response I realized that it would be better to simply sit down, rest up, and wait for someone to come through the door, and then kick the crap out of them.

About half an hour later, I heard voices in the hall outside the room, “But it’s my fault he’s in there!”

Carmella? It must be! However, what is she doing here and why won’t they let her in to visit with me?

“We have been given specific instructions to deny access to everyone, and especially to you, Mrs. Theophilus. We have been threatened with her fate should we fail in that task, ma’am,” I heard a second, male voice reply.

“We’ll see about that! I’ll be back, and you will be getting new orders!”

Bless her heart. I seems that I have at least one ally here, wherever here is…

Nevertheless, I was somewhat concerned that the guard had a female prisoner here too somewhere, who was threatened with some kind of terrible fate that even seemed to frighten the guards.

I beat on the door again knowing that indeed someone was outside to hear me, “Let me the Fuck out of here!” That was the nicest thing I screamed, it devolved from there. However, still no answer from the guards.

A couple of hours later I saw a slot open in the bottom of the door and a plate of food, along with a cup of liquid were pushed through. No silverware, but luckily enough, it looked like souvlakia and was easily eaten with fingers. I figured that there was water in the cup, but was only slightly shocked, to discover Ouzo.

‘Well,’ I thought, ‘I might as well keep my energy up.’ I ate the souvlakia and drank the Ouzo and still no one came and told me why I was being detained.

I occasionally yelled, paced, slept, and pounded on the door and walls, but nothing, no response was forthcoming.

Another meal was shoved through the door, which I downed and noticed that the Ouzo was twice the quantity it had been the last time. Hmm… does that mean this is the evening meal, or they are going to let me get stinking drunk and pass out? What the hell, I’m not driving so why not?

I chowed down on the meal and downed the Ouzo, though not fast enough to get plastered. I only had a mild buzz going.

Time dragged on and it was mealtime once again, and once again there was even more Ouzo. Man, these guys really go through a lot of this stuff!

I scarfed the food then nursed the Ouzo right up until I was fed again, and was given the whole bottle with dinner.

Weird prison they have here, it sure wasn’t into rehabilitation of alcoholics… of course, all of the Ouzo was keeping me quiet, so maybe they thought it was a good way to handle unruly prisoners?

I finally fell asleep, only to wake up to a raging woody. I figured it was a piss hard-on so I waddled on over to the commode and nearly stood on my head to relieve the pressure on my bladder, but even having relieved myself, my hard-on never diminished.

I lay back down and tried to beat that sucker into submission, but even after orgasming, I was still hard.

I noticed that breakfast was already waiting for me on the sill of the door, along with my bottle of Ouzo. So even with my Ironwood, I ate and drank. I discovered that the more Ouzo I drank, the softer my cock became. When I had a good buzz going I was back to normal in the one-eyed snake department.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but I could see no harm in what was happening.

By the next morning I woke up to, the hardest wood I ever had in my life! I almost had to do a handstand on the toilet bowl to piss even just a little!

Breakfast was there but no Ouzo?

‘How the hell, did they expect me to relieve this wood? Well maybe I can whack off a few times after eating,’ I thought to myself as I downed breakfast.

However, the moment that I finished eating the door slowly swung open, and there stood Nick and Carmella.

‘Finally!’ I thought.

“Come with us Skyler. We arranged your release,” Nick stated, although he received a dirty look from Carmella.

Carmella was looking seriously unhappy and appeared to be here under protest.

“Thanks Nick, Carmella, I really appreciate it. These guys wouldn’t tell me what crime I am being charged with. They wouldn’t tell me how long I would be here. They wouldn’t even allow me to speak with council!” I groused as we walked along the corridor.

Of course, I was walking a bit oddly due to the iron bar in my trousers, but no one seemed to take notice.

We came to another heavily armored door and it was opened for us to go through, the accompanying guards stayed outside.

“What the hell is this?” I screeched as I noticed that this room was lavishly appointed with a simply huge bed, it had to be thirty feet in diameter with all kinds of other very nice furniture, vbettr a settee, lounge chair, bookcases, and even a love seat.

Unfortunately I hadn’t noticed that Nick and Carmella had stopped short while entering the room allowing me to take point, so they were blocking the door with a couple of rifle barrels pointed at me over their shoulders when I turned around.

Carmella had rivers of tears flowing down her face while she said, “I am so sorry for this Skye, we really wanted to make your last days of vacation so very pleasant, and I screwed that all up! I’m sorry about what we must do now too, but at least I wanted you to enjoy yourself and not have to stay in that stinking cell!” She shot an evil look at Nick, “Don’t worry though, you aren’t going to die or anything, and I promise to help you as much as you want tomorrow, that is if you will accept my help.”

“Try to enjoy yourself Skyler… it will be different for you after today,” Nick told me, though even he seemed to be tearing up. “I will explain everything tomorrow.”

I was looking daggers at the both of them. I knew that they had set me up on purpose and had been doing it from even before I left the States. The whole ‘free vacation’ thing was a scam.

I was busy admonishing myself for being a sucker when I heard another door behind me open up. After everything that had been said to me, I was terrified that they were sending tigers into the room with me, or man-eating cockroaches.

I turned very slowly and gazed upon the single most beautiful woman I had ever seen, in person, on television, or even the Internet. She was dressed in sort of a lovely white toga, with golden lace embroidered all over it. She was a dark haired beauty with big green eyes, almost no nose, lips that begged to be gently kissed and a bosom that nearly wouldn’t quit. She had to be in the busty stripper superstar class.

I stood there transfixed by this vision, unable to move or speak.

She perambulated over to where I stood and in a singsong voice like angels must have, said, “My you are a cute one. You seem to have a problem with this thing down here…” she reached her hand down to caress my aching cock, “Would you like little me to help you with it? I promise to be gentle.”

I knew that if I said one word, it would sound stupid or hollow in comparison to the golden tones emanating from my angel, so I followed her gentle tugging on my enraged tool. She dragged me over to that enormous bed, and gently pushed me back onto it, urging me toward the center of the bed. She began to undo the fastenings keeping her from my manhood, but took only a moment to place my hand onto her breasts, obviously encouraging me to pleasure her.

She had my pants down around my ankles before you could say howdy do. Once she had me in hand, and just before swallowing my cock, she sang out, “He is, ready girls.”

Through the door that she had swept into the room from, half a dozen more women, each as stunningly beautiful as the others, slunk into the bedroom and slithered onto the bed forming a ring around me.

“Ooh he looks delicious!”

“I hope this one lasts longer than the last ones.”

“I wish I had drawn the long straw this time.”

“What are you waiting for Deianira?”

“I think Skyler here is a breast man… he is doing wonderful things to my titties. Giselle, I bet Skyler would love to nurse on your huge rack. Why don’t you offer up a nipple?” Deianira, prompted when she came up for air.

“My pleasure Deianira,” Giselle answered, while flopping a giant pleasure pillow onto my eager face.

“Diona, see what you can do with his nipples, and Rena I want you on his toes,” Deianira coordinated their efforts, which I was hoping would continue forever.

The others seem to know what their jobs were without any coaching and in mere moments, I was spewing my load into Deianira’s eager mouth.

“Mmmm, that hits the spot,” Deianira moaned, “Giselle I believe you are next.”

I couldn’t believe it, just like had happened yesterday, I ejaculated and still I remained rigid.

Giselle had me down her throat in an instant. I could feel her lips on my scrotum, so deep in her I was.

“Basilia, you take his left ear and Clytie on his right ear,” Deianira was melodiously coordinating me into insane bliss. I could feel the girls licking my ears, tonguing them and I couldn’t hold out any longer, I blew a huge load down Giselle’s neck.

She came up grinning and licking her lips, “Oh my, I hope there are more like him cuming.”

“I love modern medical science, don’t you girls?” Basilia exclaimed in a voice that tinkled like wind chimes, as she dove on top of my still rigid member.

I tried to speak to these angels, but all that came out was a strangled sounding gurgle.

“Oh, please don’t try to speak, you sweet thing, save all your energy to enjoy the fantastic sex we are sharing. Don’t even try to respond to me, just lie there and receive our gifts, as we receive yours,” crooned Diona, in the ear that had just been vacated by Basilia. One of the ladies brought out a carafe of scented oil of some kind and the ones who were not engaged in directly pleasuring me with their hands began to rub it all over me. I also found that my hands were getting filled with oil so that I may rub it into the gigantic breasts filling each hand.

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