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The blazing sun burns down on the island out of a clear blue sky, and I am walking through the stand of palms, my bare feet avoiding the prickly fronds that have fallen from the trees and are littering the path. At the edge of the grove I pause. The warm trade wind is coming straight in off the sea and caressing my body, and I am wearing my briefest swimsuit, the bikini with the side ties that make me feel up for anything every single time I put it on. In front of me the beach of white powdery sand extends right and left, dazzling in the sun and shelving gently into the lagoon.

Half a mile out is the coral reef and beyond that the deep blue and white surf of the limitless Pacific. A small bank of sand clings to the reef with a solitary palm tree on it and I think that if I can only get out there swimming will be much more adventurous in the breakers than in the quiet clear waters of the lagoon. Along the beach a small boat is pulled up on the sand. I try to move it back into the water, but though I am toned from regular sessions in the gym it doesn’t want to stir. I try again. I strain, I gasp but not a movement. And then I suddenly become aware that I have company.

One of my instant girlie assessments, for which I am so famed back home, takes less than five seconds. Male — check. Around my height — check. Around my age — check. Dark hair, brown eyes, white teeth — check. All he has on is a scruffy pair of sun-bleached denim shorts, brief and frayed at the legs, carelessly exposing a smooth firm body tanned even deeper than my own. Yes, I think to myself, this looks very interesting. With a smile, raised eyebrows and a gesture of his hand he asks if I want to take the boat out on the lagoon. I nod and smile back and point to the sandy islet on the reef.

He motions for me to grip one side of the boat and between the two of us we slide it into the water. I wade in knee-deep, holding the bow into the wind while he swings on board and hauls up a small sail, and as the boat turns and begins to move forward I roll clumsily in over the side and end up in a heap on the bottom, in front of the mast.

I never did have any control over my pussy when I get roused, and right now I can feel it becoming wet and slippery with cum between my thighs and there is a little dark patch on my bikini bottoms. I quickly sex izle pull my legs in, knees up to my chin, and then think what the hell and stretch them out again, as far as the other side of the boat will allow. I look up and just catch him as he looks away. But the bulge in his shorts is betraying him, and I am in no doubt at all that he is well aware of the sexual tension that is already building up between us.

Hell, I say to myself again, why not, and I pull the bandeau top up over my head and drop it into the bottom of the boat. Stretching my arms out along the sides I let my head fall back, shutting my eyes against the brilliance of the sun and deliberately displaying myself. I can feel my nipples perking up and I am quite sure that he is looking at me, drinking it all in. Have a good look, I think — this can all be yours if you play your cards right.

The boat grounds on the islet and as I open my eyes and sit up he jumps out and pulls it up on to the small beach. I stand up, balancing precariously, and he turns to see if I need help. I purposely trip over the side of the boat to see what reaction I am going to get, and he is there as I had hoped, ready to steady me. I fall against him, brush my mouth against his cheek and then quickly back off and turn to walk towards the surf, taking one of his hands in mine and grinning at him to show that there is still plenty for him to play for.

At the water’s edge I let go of his hand, point to the waves and make breast-stroke motions, and he immediately shakes his head. Imitating a fish with one hand he makes a triangular gesture over it with his other forefinger and I get his meaning at once. I didn’t realise that sharks might come this close inshore.

Disappointed, I turn away from the sea and as I do so his hands take hold either side of my waist and he pulls me closer, and without hesitation my arms slide right around his neck and we are kissing furiously. My bare tits are squashed against his chest and I ease my feet apart, pushing my hips up against his and enjoying the return pressure as we move against each other. I am already feeling the liquid reaction of my cunt and I know that my pussy wants him inside me right now. His hands slide down to grip my bum, cupping the curves, pulling me into him and pushing my hips from side to side at the fransız porno same time.

And I know instinctively what his next move is going to be. Men are so predictable and he is no exception. The palms of his hands smooth back up over my hips and I can feel his fingertips resting motionless on the ties of my bikini bottoms. He is letting me know that he is planning to untie them and is looking for some small indication that I am ready and willing to let him strip me. I suppose I could give him a hard time if I really wanted, but my mouth is now completely involved with his and I am so fired up that he can do whatever he wants with my body and I wouldn’t mind at all. I need him inside me and soon, so I suck in my stomach and ease my hips back a little so as to leave a small gap between us.That is all the encouragement he needs, and a moment later the scrap of material has dropped to the sand and I am stark naked and back in his arms, plastered firmly against the full length of his body.

The erotic feeling of his rough shorts rubbing from side to side against the sensitive skin of my bare belly is spreading out in waves all through me and I am rapidly losing any control I might have had. I grip more tightly round his neck, lift my feet from the sand, wrap my legs round his waist and cross my ankles in the small of his back. He goes down easily on to his knees, lays me gently on my back on the sand and then kneels up between my legs, his hands going to the top of his shorts. I sit up and pull them away — that’s my job — and he grins, hands by his sides, while I fumble with the fastenings.

Now I have his shorts opened and pushed down over his arse, and he lifts his knees in turn to take them off. His cock rises rampant from a mass of curly hair and I lie back, pulling him down on top of me, grabbing his hands and holding them over my head so that he can’t use them to position his penis for entry into me. I want the gorgeous feeling of my belly squirming around under his and finding just the right place by only using our bodies, and then I find it and line his cock up against the wet lips of my labia.

I pull him up on me and gasp as he enters, his whole length sliding easily into my well-lubricated vagina, and he immediately begins to fuck me, moving forward and back in an teen porno easy rhythm. I try to slow my response down to match his timing, but the intensity of our foreplay and the magic of our surroundings has taken me too far over the top. I feel the familiar sensations flooding through me, I cry out and buck beneath him and then I am totally lost in an ecstatic orgasm.

He has stopped moving, his cock still deep inside me, wondering if that is all there is, but I know that he hasn’t come yet and I want to be the one to take him there, as soon as I have my body back and ready for further action. Looking for some way to keep him occupied for the little time it will take, I turn one foot sideways and push the two of us over, and as soon as he is on his back I climb astride him. Rising up on my knees I take his cock in both hands and guide it back into me, making a great production of wriggling down on him into a position that will give me maximum control and him maximum pleasure.

And then we fuck, sometimes with me sitting up, impaled on his penis, and at other times laying flat on top of him with my arms curled round his head, bringing my breasts up to his face so he can nibble and suck me. A few times he is close to coming and stops me moving on him, but then the muscles in my vagina spasm or his cock twitches, and we are off again. And then at last he rolls me over and lays me flat out on the sand, knees up either side of his hips and hands pinioned over my head as he plunges into me faster and faster till he reaches a noisy climax. And I am so delighted with being the cause of such evident pleasure that only a couple of seconds later I follow him into another orgasm of my own.

We break apart and lay on our backs, side by side, waiting for our heart rates to return to normal. After all this exercise I am feeling hot and sticky, with cum and sand in some of my most intimate places. I get up, wade into the lagoon till I am waist-deep and give myself a comprehensive wash down. Feeling a lot cleaner I return to the beach, find a shallow area and lay down on my back in the warm water, splaying my arms and legs wide and totally relaxing. With my eyes closed to shut out the glaring sun I hear him coming down to the water’s edge and dropping into a squat beside me. And then I hear his much-loved voice telling me just what he wants to do with me next, a suggestion that at this time and in this place could only come from a man.

“If you hurry up and make yourself decent, darling, we should just be able to get back to the hotel before they stop serving lunch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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