Truth or Dare 01

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Pete and I have been good friends from the time we met at freshmen year at university. We became so close in the past few years, we are more like brothers now than friends.

We both played rugby throughout the university years and pushed each other at the gym every week.

As luck would have it, last year when I met my present girlfriend Sophie, Pete hooked up with her best friend Camila. They were both gym freaks like us and in no time the four us became inseparable and really enjoyed hanging out together all the time.

One would have thought Pete and I might have slowed down on all the sex talks as months went by but interestingly enough we talked even more about girls, specifically ours. We exchanged notes on how the girls were in bed and would discuss for hours about what else we could do to spice up our sex lives. One particular suggestion that really turned us both on tremendously was the idea of swapping partners. More we talked about it, the more it almost became an obsession.

On this particular night, just after the final year midterm examinations were over, all four of us decided we needed to have some fun. Plans were made to crash at my apartment for the night with plenty of booze and junk food.

Due to all the exam pressure and different schedules, Sophie and I did not get the opportunity to have sex for days and needless to say we were both pretty horny on this specific evening.

I kept on groping her all day while she was baking a few finger foods and she mercilessly teased me by walking around in her panties and a skimpy bra all day. By the time we finished cooking and laid down the table with the alcohol and mixers, I was ready to burst my balls and I could see Sophie’s face glowing which is always a telltale sign that she was very horny.

I’ll be honest, Sophie is not the most beautiful girlfriend I’ve ever had. She is more of the cute “girl next door” type who would happily sit with your best mates and have a few beers and exchange stories without being prudish.

She is around 5’5, quite petite, weighing around 110 pounds and has small perky tits. The numerous squats she does every week has given her really toned legs and a beautiful tight ass.

She loves to wear her blonde hair in a ponytail and is one of those natural beauties who gets away with wearing minimal makeup.

What I do love about Sophie the most is she is an absolute pocket of dynamite when it comes to sex and a total freak in bed. Nothing is too weird or gross for my sexy Sophie and as she always reminds me, she’ll happily try everything at least twice before deciding if she likes it or not.

As for me, I’ve been a very willing guinea pig for her when it comes to experimentation and I just go with the flow while she does most of the suggestions.

Once all the preparation was over, Sophie got ready and instructed me to go and change too.

I admired the taste of her clothing as she chose to wear a rather sexy top with a thin strap and a black skirt that nicely showed off her toned legs.

I had a quick shower and a shave and popped on a polo T-shirt and summer shorts. It was way too warm for briefs so a white cotton boxer was chosen for the occasion.

Just as the clock hit seven, Pete and Camila knocked on the door.

I opened the door for them and immediately set my eyes on Camila’s legs. She was wearing a denim miniskirt with no tights which nicely showed off her tanned waxed legs.

I secretly thanked God Almighty for giving us a hot summer as both girls were wearing lovely revealing tops with summer bras.

As Camila gave me a quick hug and walked past me, I admired her lovely behind that was sticking out further thanks to her high heels. Her dark brunette hair was done up in a ponytail, just like Sophie.

Pete saw me staring, grinned at me and let himself in.

“Hi sexy! How’s my girl doing tonight?” said Pete planting a kiss on Sophie’s cheek and running his hands behind her back.

“Stop it you pervert,” Sophie giggled, slapped Pete’s arm and gave Camila a quick hug.

While the girls were busy catching up, I took Pete aside and told him we should make a move tonight. I could see from his face he was both petrified and excited at what was to come.

We quickly decided we were not going to rush anything but to let the girls do all the talking and we’ll just gently push them in to the right topics.

“Girls, let’s get this party started,” announced Pete as he grabbed a couple of Sophie’s famous pigs in a blanket and popped them into his mouth.

I opened a bottle of Pims and made us all a quick summer cocktail. The drink was a bit too sweet for my palate, but I knew the girls loved drinking this in summer and today I wanted to make sure they got everything they wanted.

Over two rounds of Pims and lemonade we chitchatted and spoke about our plans for summer. Camila was flying back to Barcelona in a week to see her family so she was chugging the cocktails a lot quicker than the rest of us. akkent escort

“Slow down Camila. You are drinking as if you haven’t had a drink in years,” I teased her as she reached for another refill.

“Easy for you to say, my parents have suddenly come up with this great idea of being sober for the whole summer. So I’m going to drink as much as I can while I’m here,” she complained as she took another big gulp.

Not wanting her to get drunk too quickly, I added a bit more lemonade into the mixer bowl to dilute the alcohol.

The finger food that was cooked by Sophie and the cocktails were going at record speed as we enjoyed each other’s company and discussed the future after university.

Pete and I, both were looking at going straight into a Master’s degree program while Sophie had already found herself an apprenticeship.

“Stop with all the serious discussion. I am bored now,” complained Camila after her fourth glass of cocktail as she got sick of listening to us.

I quietly chuckled as that’s what I was expecting from her.

“Why don’t we play something silly. How about spin the bottle? That should be fun,” Pete mentioned slyly.

“Yeah right! You just want to kiss Sophie or see me kiss her. Not happening buster!” said Camila with a stern look.

I shot him a quick glare and tried to think of something less obvious to start the evening with.

“Hey I know! Why don’t we play truth or dare? I always wanted to play it but never got the chance,” I said with an innocent look on my face.

Sophie looked at me suspiciously but kept quiet.

“Ooh I was fourteen when I last played that silly game. It was full of silly questions and stupid dares,” Camila complained looking bored.

“I’ve never played it either. Why don’t we play and if it does gets boring we can always do something else?” Pete quickly responded.

“Fine, but you better make me more of these drinks if you want me to enjoy it,” after thinking it through Camila finally agreed.

I poured the rest of the Pims and lemonade equally between us four and we quickly downed them. Instead of making more, I opened the beers instead.

Although I wanted the girls to relax, I did not however want them to get drunk and pass out.

We sat on the floor with our drinks and Sophie set the rules.

“Ok guys before we start I want to make sure that whatever is said or done between these four walls does not leave this room.”

All of us agreed without hesitation.

Pete and I tried our best not to look too eager as both girls took turns looking at us intently.

“We go clockwise and the person gets to choose who they want to answer their question or do the dare,” said Pete.

“What if the person does not want to do what is being asked?” asked Camila.

“Well then they have to remove an article of their clothes,” Pete quickly suggested.

“Yeah right! Not happening mister,” Camila quickly shot him down.

There we go, the idiot quickly jumped in and ruined it for the night I thought to myself, as I glared at Pete who did his best to avoid my look.

“Tell you what, we are all friends here right? Let’s loose an article of clothes but we draw the line when we end up in our underwear. How does that sound?” said Sophie surprising me.

Pete and I both happily agreed. I caught her eye and gave her a big smile as she gave me a quick sly grin.

She’s up to something and it’s going to be spectacular, I told myself as we all looked at Camila with bated breath.

“Well it’s the same as you guys seeing me in my bikini. I guess I can live with that,” muttered Camila after thinking it through.

“Ok that’s settled then. Dan grab the stopwatch for the dare babe,” instructed Sophie as I quickly jumped up and ran to our bedroom to get the stopwatch.

I tried my best not to get too excited as I drank my beer and pretended not to care that I had a good chance of seeing both these gorgeous girls in their bras and panties very soon.

I had Camila on my right and Sophie on my left as we sat in a circle, while Pete was on Sophie’s left and Camila’s right. Both the guys were facing each other and as were the girls.

I was slightly disappointed as I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Camila’s panties as she sat across from me. Seeing Pete’s disappointed face, I assumed he was probably thinking the same about Sophie.

Camila as always wanted to be the first one and nobody wanted to argue with the Spanish hothead, especially when she’s drinking.

“Truth or dare Dan?” asked Camila.

“Truth,” I quickly replied.

“How old were you when you first kissed?”


“My turn. Truth or dare Camila? I asked her in return.


“Who was your first real crush?”

“My high school headmaster,” she said with a giggle.

The game was quite vanilla for the first two rounds as we all played it safe and asked each other akkent escort bayan harmless questions.

However that all changed on the third round.

“Truth or dare Dan,” asked Camila.


“How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

I didn’t hesitate one bit as both Sophie and Pete knew about my first time.

“18,” I replied to her.

“A bit of a late bloomer ain’t you,” giggled Camila and Sophie joined in.

“Hey I made up for it. You can check the damages on my bed,” I teased her back and we all burst out laughing as both Sophie and her blushed at my bold comment.

Ok my turn. Truth or dare Camila?” I asked her.

“Truth,” she replied.

“What’s your favourite sex position?” I asked her wanting to continue the sex themed question.

“Dan!!!!” Sophie pretended to be outraged but I ignored her and looked at Camila intently.

“Can’t I do a dare instead?” she asked me nervously.

“Nope you’ve already said truth so you better answer me truthfully young lady,” I said with a grin.

“Fine, I like the cowgirl position where I get to be in charge. Happy now?” She glared at me as she blurted out the truth.

Oh boy, hope I’m not in the shit books already I told myself as I kept quiet and sipped my Fosters.

“Truth or dare Pete?” Sophie directed her question to Pete.

“Truth,” he quickly responded.

“Did you really have sex with our librarian last year?” she asked with a smirk.

I literally spat a mouthful of beer as he quickly looked at me horrified.

“Dude I promise you I never said a word,” I promised him as we both looked at Sophie.

“So it it true after all, and don’t worry, Dan wasn’t the guy who ratted you out,” said Sophie with a pat on my thigh.

Pete still clearly shocked that his little secret was out quickly, chugged a quarter of his beer before pointing his question to Sophie.

“Truth or dare Sophie?” Said Pete

“Truth,” she muttered.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” he knew the answer already because I used to brag about it all the time.

Sophie game me a funny look and thought for a while. I knew what she was thinking because if she refused to answer she would be the first person to lose an item of clothing.

“Yes I have,” said Sophie.

“How often?” he asked slyly.

“It’s my turn now. Wait for your turn again wiseass.” interrupted Camila as Sophie shot her a grateful look.

“Truth or dare Pete?” asked Camila.

Oh-oh, looks like the girls are going to ambush Pete. This should be fun I told myself as Pete squirmed before going for truth again.

“How often do you masturbate without me knowing?”

He glared at Camila and pulled his T-shirt off.

“All right! Some skin finally,” hooted Sophie as she checked his muscles out.

“Ok, my turn. Truth or dare Camila?” I asked Camila and she chose truth.

“How often do you masturbate?”

“Dan!!!!!!!” exclaimed Sophie, but I was determined to move this game forward.

After a few minutes of thinking Camila gave me a dirty look and pulled her top off.

That’s better, as I admired her upper body. Thanks to her Spanish blood she had a natural tanned look and with all the running she does her abs were nice and toned. I assumed her perky breasts were similar size to Sophie’s. She had a tasteful white bra that was pushing her breasts out nicely.

“Truth or dare Dan?” asked Sophie forcing me to stop admiring Camila’s boobs. I quickly chose truth.

“Have you ever had a threesome?” she asked me slyly.

I looked at her with a questioning look as she knew it was my biggest fantasy that I have never experienced as yet.

She gave me a quick wink suggesting she wanted us to lose our clothes quickly. So pretending to be embarrassed I took my T-shirt off.

“Wow, someone’s been working out,” exclaimed Camila as she looked at my muscular shoulders.

I pretended to curl my arms which earned a slap from Sophie as we all burst out laughing.

“Truth or dare Sophie?” asked Pete.


“How often do you have anal sex?”

“You really won’t let it go will you,” Sophie pretended to be annoyed as she opened her blouse button and pulled it off.

Pete and I wolf whistled as finally we got to see both girls just in their skirts and bras.

This is going better than I expected I told myself as we stopped the game for a quick bathroom break. I took the time to make some brandy sours for all of us.

Once back in the room Camila took charge again.

“Ok, my turn. Truth or dare Pete?” asked Camila. Pete quickly chose truth.

“Describe what happened with the librarian,” she said with a grin as Pete groaned.

“Fine. I might as well say it as I know you guys are not going to let go of this topic. The guys at the rugby team had a dare of who was brave enough to snog a staff member and a few escort akkent of us accepted the challenge. I decided to try my luck with the librarian as I’ve always had a bit of a crush on her,” he started.

“But she’s in her mid-forties!” Camila exclaimed.

“As I said, it was just a silly dare.’ he quickly added.

“Go on, let’s hear the whole story,” encouraged Sophie.

“Well I waited until most exams were over so the library was deserted. I asked Mrs Cotter if she could help me find a book on advance statistics, knowing well it was right at the back section of the library on the second floor.” he continued slightly embarrassed.

“She being a friendly and helpful type readily agreed and took me to the last row of the second floor. I’ve already taken a few books and purposefully left it on the top row of the shelves. She muttered how messy students are these days before grabbing a stool to stand on.”

“Pretending to keep her from falling down I held on to her hips innocently as she stood on the stool. As she reached up to grab the books, her blouse rode up and I could see a bit of skin around her hips. I gave it a quick kiss. She was so shocked she yelped and lost her balance and nearly fell off the stool. I quickly held her by my arms as she looked at me in fear. I brought her close to me and kissed her without hesitation.”

“Damn this is so hot,” Camila whispered as she looked at Pete without batting an eyelid.

Pete now more horny than embarrassed, continued his story.

“First she tried to push me away but I continued kissing her until she relented finally and opened her mouth and let me slip my tongue in. We French kissed as she let me rub my hands all over her curvy figure. I pushed her on to the hard wall and smashed her boobs as she bit my shoulder to keep herself from crying out loud. She always does a good job hiding her ample bosom by wearing loose fit blouses, but I made sure I had my hands inside her blouse as I felt them up properly. I was only going to kiss her and leave but the look on her face made me push my zip down and pull my cock out. She looked at my cock with genuine passion and grabbed hold of it and started jerking it off as we kissed”.

Although I’ve heard this a hundred times, listening to this with both the girls was making me super horny. I realised Sophie had her hand pressed real hard on my thighs as Pete continued his story.

“I turned her around and lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties down. Again she feebly tried resisting but I could see it in her eyes she wanted this more than me. I bent down and gave her pussy a quick lick from behind but she pulled me up. I held on to her hips and pushed my cock in all the way in to her pussy. She was so wet I had no trouble sliding it right in. The idea of getting caught or being seen by some stranger was turning me on so much, I started moving real fast inside her. She was almost like a possessed banshee as she matched my movement by pushing herself back on to me. I nearly passed out when I came hard inside her. She gave me a disappointed look, quickly pulled her panties up and pushed past me without saying a word. Since then I’ve been avoiding the library like a plague,” finished Pete as we all looked at him in awe.

“You fucked a college staff and I get to know it only now?” exclaimed Camila as she punched him on his arm.

“I wish I was there to see that,” said Sophie quietly as she bit her lips nervously.

I know that look. She is super horny, I told myself as I subtly took my left hand and rested it on her lower back just above her ass.

She in turn gave me a quick smile and squeezed my thigh again.

After Pete’s story I can see the taboo line has all but disappeared and the girls were shifting their legs almost as if they couldn’t wait to up the pace of the game.

“Ok my turn, truth or dare Camila,” I pointed my question towards the Spanish hottie.


“Describe the hottest sex session you’ve ever had.”

“It better be something with me,” teased Pete as all of us looked at Camila eagerly.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but the hottest one was when I was backpacking around France a few years back,” started Camila.

“My friend and I were in this club in Paris with two Slovenian lads who we met at our hostel. We couldn’t afford too many drinks at the club so it was turning out to be a boring night. One of the lads mentioned he had a bottle of Absynth back at the hostel so we quickly decided to head back.”

“Once at the hostel we took turns swigging the bottle until it was all gone. Having never tasted Absynth before it was making me really bold. I quite fancied one of the lads so I took the initiative and snogged him in front of the others. My girlfriend just as horny, did the same with his friend. As the hostel was quite basic and just had bunk beds, we had sex under a duvet to cover our modesty.”

“I had no idea what came over me, but I was on the cowgirl position and I looked at my friend riding her guy as well and we both simultaneously hopped off our bed and swapped our partners. Both the lads were so shocked they started fucking us real fast until we all orgasmed simultaneously,” she finished with a shy smile.

Pete and I both looked like a train had hit us as we realised Camila was a lot wilder than we expected.

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