Trying Something New

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It was Saturday morning, Kyle, a friend from work, and I was finishing a round of golf. Pulling my ball out of the 17th hole, the conversation turned to sex. He started telling me about all the things he and his wife have done. He ended by saying they often have anal sex and his wife enjoys it.

Knowing his wife, Kathy, I found it hard to believe. Kathy is 4’10” and petit. It was hard to visualize her having anal sex without screaming or clawing the ceiling.

All through lunch and on the drive home I couldn’t stop thinking about them having anal sex.

After nine years of marriage, my sex life is still pretty active. It’s mostly the missionary position with a little oral mixed in once in a while. There may not be a lot of extra pizzazz, but I’m satisfied. I think she is too.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some odd jobs around the house, While my wife, Lisa did her weekly cleaning. We had barbecued burgers for dinner. After cleaning up, we sat down to watch television. With nothing on, but reality shows, we both decided to read. Between articles of my magazine, my mind wandered back to what Kyle said earlier.

I laid my magazine down and looked across the room.

I asked Lisa,

“Have you ever had anal sex?”

With a puzzled look, she said,

“No. Why do you ask?”

In a sarcastic tone, she asked,

“What are you reading?”

At the risk of having Lisa think canlı bahis different about Kyle and Kathy, I told her about our conversation on the golf course. At the end of my monologue of Kyle’s revelation, Lisa asked,

“Have you ever had anal sex?”

“No. I have often wondered would it would be like, but I don’t know.”

Forgetting my train of thought I kind of left my answer incomplete.

Putting her book on the end table, Lisa picked up her iced tea. In a tone of curiosity, I asked her,

“Have you ever thought about it?”

Setting her glass down after taking a sip, she answered,

“I had a girlfriend in college who said anal sex was great. She also said her and her boyfriend had anal sex when she was on her period and they were horny. As for me I always figured it was painful. No one has ever come out and ask me to try it and I didn’t volunteer.”

CSI Miami came on. We both got into the show and the conversation died. The show was interesting and entertaining. all during the show I kept thinking about our conversation and wondering what Lisa was thinking.

Sliding between the sheets, I started admiring my Lisa’s beautiful body. Wearing just a pair of hip hugger panties, my eyes started roaming down her body. At thirty eight, her large round breasts have started to sag. working a full time job, she hasn’t really had time to work out. She has gained a few extra pounds around her stomach, bahis siteleri hips and butt.

I think the extra pounds adds to her beauty. She thinks she’s unatractive and will not wear a bathing suit. we leaned close for a hug. After a long kiss, she said,

“After the earlier convesation, I’ll bet you have been thinking about experimenting.”

In a tone of excitement, I said,

“Yeah I guess I’ve thought about it.”

After several more kisses and fondling her brests, Lisa said,

“I’ll let you try it under one condition. You have got to give me a chance to give it to you in the ass with my vibrator, first.

Lisa got up. Getting a small vibrator out of her dresser and another larger one from her nightstand, she left the room. coming back with some baby oil, she said,

“How bad do you want to try this?”

Throwing the covers off me, I said,

“I’ll try anything once, twice if it don’t hurt.”

Lisa crawled into bed next to me. Turning on the small vibrator, she started to grin. It was a look of control, total control. The vibrator started to hum. The noise was loud enough to make it interesting. The smaller one was five inches long and an inch around. With the little one still on, she leaned over and started kissing me. She let go of the vibrator. It rolled down my hip, landing near my cock. It started vibrating my cock and balls.

She broke off the kiss and rolled me bahis şirketleri on my side. Turning on the bigger vibrator, she laid it down. Pouring baby oil over both of them, sh picked up the smaller one. As she touched it to my ass, I started to cringe. Realizing my aprehenson, she reached for my cock to help me relax. Sliding it in my ass, the vibrations were tingling my sphincter.

she slid it in faster, while playing with my cock ad balls with her other hand. With a plop, she pulled it out. Grabbing the bigger one, I cringed again. It was seven or eight inches long and two inches around.

she slid it in my ass. It had a harder vibration. At first it hurt. The more she moved it, the more I got used to it. She reached for my cock and I almost burst. Sensing I was close to cumming, she pulled it out. grabbing the baby oil, she said,

“Here’s your chance.”

Lisa poured the baby oil in my hands then rubbed some on my cock. rolling on to her side, she said,

“Start with a finger.”

I slid one finger in slowly, stopping a couple of times. I could tell she was getting used to it. I went with two fingers. I started moving faster. I reached a hand around and started to caress her breasts. Pulling my fingers out, I moved closer. With the tip of my cock at the opening, I slowly entered. I stopped with just the head inside. I started again. As we got going, Lisa started meeting my every thrust. Since I was so close earlier, it didn’t take long before I erupted. I pulled out and shot my cum all over her back, butt and hip. We both laid down in a sweaty, oily cum filled mess. We talked a little about what happened and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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