Turkish Delight

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The heat in the laconium was so intense my nipples were burning. I stretched out, luxuriating in the feeling of warmth that penetrated my entire body. I wasn’t sure how long I could take this temperature; I’d worked my way up gradually but this was really too much. I reached out my hand, curious to see how hot the tiled walls were and yelped as my locker key, strung on a blue rubber band, fell against my bare skin. It was so hot it left a red mark, and the walls proved too hot to touch for long. Under the white towel on which I was lying, even the stone slab was burning and too much for bare flesh to rest against.

All the same, I was going to stay here a little longer in the dry heat before I ventured into the humid hell of the steam room. There was a space between my shoulders and the slab, and I could feel the sweat trickling off my skin. I felt totally relaxed, limp, given up to the heat that assaulted me from the vents in the walls, from the walls themselves, from the stone on which I lay. I let my thighs fall apart, welcoming the power as it penetrated my cunt, seducing me with its relentlessness. My skin looked polished, filmed with a light sheen of sweat. My thoughts couldn’t help but take an erotic turn – something about the lassitude induced by the heat, my nakedness, the slab on which I lay like a sacrificial victim… A pity, really, that they didn’t allow mixed naked sessions – this would be such a perfect place for an orgy.

I loved being naked in public, even if it was just with other women as here. There was little natural illumination, the rooms were vaulted with grimy skylights which let in only a little grey daylight whatever the weather was like outside. The place was lit for the most part by dim light bulbs in glass bell shades which bounced yellow light off the Victorian glazed tiles and vaguely Moorish decoration. The mosaic floors were cracked and the whole place had a slightly shabby, old-fashioned feel about it. In here I felt cut off from the outside world; I could have been an inmate in a harem, with nothing better to occupy my days than to perfect and pamper my body so as to find favour with my Sultan some night…

The muted chatter of the other women reinforced this feeling. We all had our reasons for retreating from the world for a few precious hours during which we abandon! ed ourselves to the sensuality of extreme heat, sudden bone-chilling cold, water, steam and sweat. For me it was a time to dream and indulge my fantasies. Sometimes I relaxed to the point where I fell asleep. The only downside was that I invariably became aroused but had to refrain from doing anything about it – yet even that enforced restraint could be intensely erotic. I would become acutely aware of the throb from my clitoris, the slight swelling of my labia, the slickness that wasn’t just sweat between my thighs… But naked as I was, there was nothing I could do – if anyone saw me fingering myself I risked being thrown out and possibly banned from returning and frankly it wasn’t worth it. I needed this place… I shifted, parting my thighs still further, feeling my cunt open to the thrust of the heat that invaded every pore. I stretched like a cat, my loosened limbs lengthening. But the heat sat on my chest like a heavy weight, pressing me into the stone on which I lay. It was definitely time to go to the steam Porno 64


I sat up slowly, carefully – I knew if I got up too quickly I’d feel dizzy and disorientated. I swung my legs onto the floor and wrapped one of my towels loosely around me. I padded down to the relative cool of the tepidarium where I helped myself to a paper cone of water from the tap. I had to let the tap run for a while – the water came out hot at first. I slaked my thirst with a couple of conefuls, dropped the used cone into the bin and walked through to the steam room.

Leaving my towels outside the door on the hooks, I entered the humid atmosphere. The wet heat hit me like a damp smothering blanket. The air was misty with steam and I flopped onto one of the chairs just inside the entrance. It was covered with a sodden towel. There were a couple of other women in there, one naked like me, the other modestly clothed in a swimming costume. Some of the women preferred that – personally I liked to exhibit my body, imperfect as it was. I spent a lot of time at the gym and it could have been worse but my breasts were heavy and round, my stomach curved more than I’d have liked. I didn’t care though. I was proud of my long legs and couldn’t help but enjoy the way the other women sneaked glances at my shaven cunt when they thought I wasn’t looking. Plenty of other women used the baths naked but oddly I’d never seen anyone else with a shaven cunt – but like them, I too couldn’t help looking….

Condensation dripped from the ceiling and drained into a grille set into the sloping mosaic floor. I felt stifled in here – I just couldn’t take it, even though the eucalyptus with which the steam was scented was getting to work in my lungs and doing me good. My hair hung now in damp tendrils and sweat was running freely down my body. I got to my feet and left, having only spent a few minutes in there – it was all I could ever manage, although some women stayed in there fior ages. Then again, some of them never ventured into the plunge pool… For me this was one of the great draws of the place. All my life I’d dreamed of what it must be like to swim naked and so far, this was the only place in which I’d managed it. Nevertheless, although I relished it once I was in, getting in was easier said than done. Always I had to steel myself, tentatively dipping in first one toe, then both feet and then gradually walking down the steps into the freezing water, pausing indecisively near the bottom, knowing I had to submerge myself and that once I had it would feel wonderful, but having to nerve myself to do it for what felt like ages. It was true, though, that once I finally took the plunge, that swim up and back in ice-cold water, naked, was the thing I enjoyed most about the whole experience.

Today was no different and I hovered on the brink for an embarrassing length of time. But finally in I got – imagining you there ordering me in always did the trick in the end – and gasping with cold, feeling my heart hammering in protest, I swam towards the far end and back, up again and back, until the shock had worn off and I could enjoy it. My breasts floated in front of me, supported by the water, but although I acclimatised to the intense cold, so that my hearbeat slowed towards normal again, in one place I was cruelly aware of it and Konulu Porno that sense wouldn’t go away. My cunt, which earlier had been invaded by the heat, now felt as though someone had rammed into it an enormous dildo moulded entirely of ice. That deep cold penetrated right into me and I could swear I felt the hardness of that ice cock inside me – an unsettling feeling.

It was time to get out and I climbed up the steps again, my skin covered in goosepimples. I grabbed my towels, wrapped them around me and made straight back for the calidarium to allow my chilled flesh to heat through. I found an empty slab and lay down, my towels still wrapped around my wet and freezing body. I pillowed one of the towels under my head and relaxed once more, allowing the welcome fingers of heat to stroke my skin. At first the new warmth only served to emphasise my inner chill – the cold of the plunge pool seemed to have entered into my internal organs and I felt as if I’d never be warm again. But gradually the heat worked its magic and soon I was able to unwrap my body and bare it once more to the blissful air.

Inevitably my mind turned afresh to erotic daydreams and as the ice seemed to melt in my cunt and be replaced by an invading warmth, once more I felt the teasing sensations of sexual arousal and the tantalising itch which I was forbidden to relieve. I must have dozed off eventually – it wasn’t the first time. But usually I’d wake, slightly dazed, overheated, after a few minutes, minutes perhaps lightened by some fantasy played out in the private cinema of my dreaming mind. Today I woke with a start because there were fingers placed over my eyes and mouth. Fingers – whose – I couldn’t imagine. Touching was strictly forbidden at the baths – customers were not even allowed to massage each other, only their own trained employees could do that and you had to go to special private rooms.

A voice whispered in my ear, ‘We won’t hurt you…’ The voice was undeniably male – that I could tell, even though it was barely audible. ‘This is for you, for your pleasure… OK?’ came the whisper again and still half tranced, I nodded my head. How could there be men in the baths during a women’s session? Had I slept so long I’d inadvertantly missed the end of the session, somehow been overlooked and awoken in a male session instead? The fingers removed themselves from my mouth and brushed over my nipples. My body responded – there was no choice here. I felt my nipples harden in spite of myself. Or at least not because of myself, but because of him. I couldn’t see him but I could sense his presence and smell his body – a delicious smell of clean sweat, sweet and sexy and aromatic. And I could feel the firm pressure of the one hand over my eyes, and the light, delicate movements of his other hand as it danced over the contours of my body, teasingly moving lower and lower towards my mons, circling and lightly tracing the lines of my thighs without actually approaching my cunt. But how I wished he would…

I moaned slightly with frustration as the fingers circled my mons once more, avoiding the upper part of my stiff clitoris, yet drawing near enough to it to increase the demands my body was making, to whip my desires up further, to make me crave release… I pushed my hips up towards his hand and heard him laugh, Porno İndir low, and felt his hand still travel its teasing route, avoiding my clit itself while gently pulling at my flesh and hinting at what might be mine if he allowed it. Then his mouth came down gently on mine and I felt the firm pressure of soft lips and opened my own to his tongue. Finally, as his tongue slid into my mouth, his fingers slipped along my clitoris and dipped briefly into my wet and open cunt before moving back up and circling my clit again. As we kissed – and he was an excellent kisser – I thrust myself shamelessly against his hand, opening my thighs and inviting his hand inside. But still he kept up the light, delicate exploration, his fingers gliding at the very surface of my skin, feather-light, tracing the folds of my labia whilst my cunt now yearned to be filled.

I was conscious that my entire body felt an urgent desire and an empty ache. My thoughts and feelings were all concentrated in my cunt – I was one gaping hole desperate to be filled. He broke away from my mouth and I imagined him looking at me, at his hand on my body and the way I was writhing at his touch, my thighs splayed apart on the stone slab, my hips pushing rhythmically against his fingers, abandoned to the moment, to my arousal and to him. The picture in my mind was humiliating – the way I was abject in the demands of my body in front of a total stranger – and yet even more arousing because of that. I was reduced to a cunt, a sexual imperative, an over-riding need. I moved ever more wildly, willing his fingers into me, demanding that he give me the release I craved. And, laughing again, pleased at his handiwork no doubt, he now slid his fingers into me, thrusting them in deep, repeatedly, his thumb pressuring my clit as the rest of his hand plunged in and out of my dripping hole.

I could feel now the rise of my orgasm, the sensation building, the inevitable floodtide as his hand pounded ever more quickly in and out, his thumb lightly circling my clit, my body bucking and helpless beneath his onslaught. All at once the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and my legs stiffened and straightened as I came, sobbing helplessly, my cunt seeking to envelop not just his hand but his entire arm. Impaled on his fingers, I jerked and twitched as if galvanised by a powerful current. His movements slowed and gentled as the waves broke through my body and then began to ebb. This was a cum I seemed to have been wanting forever and waiting for, a cum my body had needed so much. Peace and well-being spread through me as my own movements lessened, small shudders and aftershocks still momentarily shaking me. God, that was good, so good…

His mouth came down briefly on mine once more as slowly he withdrew his fingers from my cunt. I let him go with a sigh but I was! replete. ‘Don’t open your eyes’ he said, as he removed his other hand from my face. Obediently, I kept them shut as he draped a towel over me. I felt his physical presence moving further away and barely caught his last words – ‘Sweet dreams’ – as he left me. Sated, utterly relaxed, a warm glow spreading from my clitoris and my entire body at ease thanks to the exquisite sensations he had given me, I lay there semi-conscious, unsure whether I’d been awake or had dreamed the whole thing. The hum of the generators mingled with the pulse of the blood in my veins. The heat throbbed through my body and my mind relaxed its hold again as I merged into the physical rhythms around and within me. Soon I’d have to rouse myself and return to the outside world. Soon… but not quite yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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