Turmoil and Turning Over the Sheets

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An Affair Between Two Old Lovers – The Onset

Timothy and I had known each other since college. He was always in love with me.

I think he will always be in love with me to some degree. Here’s the story.

Timothy and I were both popular in college. We had the same friends, we were involved in sports and we were both high achievers. We knew what we wanted in life, careers and the future.

At the time I met Timothy, I had this mad crush on a guy named Charlie. When I quit dating Charlie, Timothy was waiting next in line. I think Timothy was in love with me from the onset.

On the other hand, I had never really noticed Timothy until he asked me out. I started dating him on the rebound so to speak. It took me a long time to come to terms about how I felt about him. My admiration for Timothy was fickle in the beginning.

However, as the months went on, I grew to love Timothy deeply.

In fact, we fell in love with each other. Later I found out that we both wanted to marry each other but we never spoke about it.

As time went on, we both wanted to play the field. We quit dating each other after about a year.

Timothy was always heartbroken. For the next ten years, both of us still single, he continued to pursue me.

I always knew Timothy would have liked to rekindle our relationship but I wasn’t interested. He was a friend.

That was all I wanted was a friendship with Timothy.

As the years went by, we kept in touch with each other, meeting for lunch or such.

Ultimately, years later, Timothy wound up marrying. He married a woman who had the closest resemblance to me that he possibly could have found in another woman in the entire world it seemed.

Sara and I were the same nationality (not typical for our area), had the same major in college, owned the same cars, birthdays were only a day apart, family histories similar, appearance and weight very similar.

It was uncanny when I discovered these traits in his wife. It was like he married my sister.

Timothy was happily married … so I thought.

I liked my independence. I had several serious relationships over the years but never got married. I never intended to marry and having children was ruled out in my early thirties.

I had traveled the world over the years. I loved being single and I enjoyed having my freedom.

Timothy was also childless, basically content as a CEO and living as a homebody in the area we grew up in Kansas.

We Meet Again

As life spirals around us, choices can become difficult. We don’t always make the best decisions especially in the romance department. Sometimes, we make choices that are necessary for our survival in spite of morals, conscience or practicality.

Justification and reasons such as these are why I got involved with Timothy again. It wasn’t a quick decision. It wasn’t a hasty or thoughtless choice. It was the result of love and need. We maintained a friendship bound by two forlorn lovers.

Affairs happen for different reasons – boredom, loneliness, unfaithfulness of a spouse, indiscretion, selfishness, circumstances but rarely begin because of love.

Now, over thirty years later, Timothy was in a loveless marriage. He was alone most of the time; he did most everything by himself; he seldom participated in activities with his spouse; and, for the most part (except for holidays or special occasions), carried on a separate life from his spouse who lived and worked outside the area.

Was their sex between the two of them? Seldom. What kept them together? It was more of a bonding built by years and kinship. Finances, insecurity and freight.

You tell me? You know what I mean, don’t you? You’ve been there haven’t you? You’ve thought about having an affair before, right?

We have all felt at times throughout relationships that we are in it and it is only part of a rut. Life can go by fast and sometimes life can go by slowly.

Timothy and I had always shared a deep sealed love, fondness and understanding for each other. Timothy and I were intelligent, caring, virtuous and withstanding adults. We were both in need of each other.Our affairwould begin out of a love that surpassed decades.

Struggling with the randomness of deceit overcome by a true and lasting love that began years ago, basically as teenagers, we began our new romance. Our affair started out of love and respect.

However, both of us had been stressed with the reasons of why or why we shouldn’t become involved with each other. We had built a friendship for over a year now and for months wavered back and forth discussing and considering an affair. But, it was time to have an affair. We both needed each other physically and emotionally.

We Finally Meet

Timothy and I communicated nearly every day on the computer via emails or Instant Messenger.Yes, strange this computer life we lead these days. Sometimes it’s more interesting than real life.

So much for romance in the year gerçek porno 2006 – for better or for worse. One can learn a lot about a person through the written language kind of like letters were years ago.

Also, men seem to be able to communicate better on the computer than in person. If the online conversation involves sex, the discussion of sex, the possibility of having sex, pictures of sex or having cybersex, a man can go on for hours. Get him to talk in person about personal issues – FORGET it. One would turn gray waiting.

One afternoon, Timothy was ‘going to be in the area’ and asked me to meet him. He was shy and I knew this request was difficult for him. I hadn’t seen him in person for about eight months.

Instead of meeting Timothy at his meeting, he suggested picking me up and going out to dinner. Hmmm, I thought. He’s finally making his move.

I didn’t want Timothy to come to my house as it was in need of some major housecleaning. I suggested meeting him out front but when he called, he talked me into letting him inside. Luckily, I had cleaned up enough.

I had just hopped out of the shower. It was an early date. I was going to let him come in with my robe on but then I decided to get dressed so it wouldn’t be awkward or suggestive moment seeing me getting ready.

I put on a sheer lined aqua and lime summer flowered dress with spaghetti straps. It had worked for me before in the art of seduction. I was hoping it might work tonight. I wore a pair of sexy underwear and just a shelf bra for support. I put on a pair of sexy aqua sandals and no hose.

When Timothy arrived, I could tell by his eyes that he was aroused.

We sat down and conversed as my hair dried.

Every time, I switched positions, I knew Tim was trying a get a glimpse up my crotch and see my smooth, full legs. I knew he was getting a hard-on just looking at me.

Timothy innocently kept looking away when I caught him glancing at me.

It was cute to see a grown man so shy and a bit awkward. Men, I thought, they never grow up and I was glad of that fact.

I decided that I was going to let Timothy control the evening and not push him in one direction or another. I thought that it might be a grave mistake to advance towards an affair too quickly if he wasn’t ready. I really didn’t know what he had in mind for the night or what he was ready for.

We wound up talking for at least four hours straight before going out. The time flew by as if we had known each other forever and we did.

Finally, I put on some makeup and finished getting dressed for dinner.

We went to an Italian restaurant. The food was nice, the company was romantic and the conversation continued non-stop.

I knew it had been a long time since Timothy had been out alone with another woman. I knew he was faithful to his wife for twenty years and that he was feeling guilty. He was a complete gentleman but kept giving me signals that we weren’t just out as ‘friends.’

I suggested we go back to my place to watch a movie.

He agreed with me.

When we came back to my place, I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk first.

He did, and I went into the restroom and put on some comfortable shoes. When I came out, he was standing up.

“Timothy, what do you want to do?” I asked. “Movie or a walk?”

“I’m going to get running,” he said.

‘Running,’ I thought. That was exactly what Tim was doing.

“Okay,” I said disappointedly.

To my surprise, Timothy grabbed both my arms and embraced me. Pulling my body towards him, he pressed my breasts into him. He gave me the most seductive kiss I had received in a long time. It was the seductive kiss of a married man and of a loving man with years of experience.

Being the vixen I am, I was ready for more action but I let him leave as he wished -fool that he was, I thought.

The Next Time

I tried to put Timothy at ease after his seductive kiss – the kiss that told me he wanted more – much, much more from me. I complimented him and subtly inferred sexual overtones as the weeks went on.

The truth of the matter was that I was still filled with anxiety. I had all the reasons to justify an affair with Timothy. I knew he needed sex badly and I knew I needed Timothy. I didn’t feel guilty but I did feel very unsettled and anxious. These feelings weren’t helping my situation.

He was feeling the same way. These feelings weren’t helping his situation.

For weeks after our romantic dinner, the two of us were still fretting about having an affair with each other. We agreed to be friends and to be happy with the comfort of knowing this. We both thought it was the wisest decision.

I agreed wholeheartedly. I felt relieved. ‘Friends,’ was good … as we had always been for over three decades.

However, I knew the ‘friendship’ would be short-lived. I just knew it. The sexual undertones continued.

One night, I was all ready to go gay porno to bed. It was about 10 p.m. I had had a few glasses of wine. I was in a good mood. I was tired but relaxed. Ready for bed, I signed onto my computer to check my emails for the last time that day. While I was on the computer, I received an Instant Message from Timothy.

We conversed on IM for awhile.

I was planning on going right to sleep after we chatted but then the conversation got more provocative.

Timothy told me he was busy for the weekend while his wife was out-of-town. He said he could come over to measure my place for shelves that he was going to build for me.

I knew he wasn’t talking about measuring just shelves. So, being the feisty and swift gal I am, I suggested he come over.

“Now?” he asked. “It’s 10:30. Okay, I’ll be over in twenty minutes. I need a shower,” Timothy offered.

I was very nervous. I had just taken a shower and washed my hair. Probably, more from anxiety than anything else, I took another shower and washed my hair again. I put on a sheer baby doll set of lingerie and g-string panties.

When I heard the knock at the door, I unlocked the security door and let Timothy in. I stood behind the door as he closed it slowly glimpsing at me standing there in my sexy lingerie.

Itfinally happened

“I thought we were going to take a shower together,” he said regretfully.

I told him that I thought I’d make it easy on him. I knew he was nervous, shy and a bit timid. Although he was a successful CEO, Timothy was candidly shy around women on an intimate level.

Timothy immediately began kissing me passionately and deeply. He felt strong and muscular. He began fondling my full, sumptuous breasts

I remembered that tongue from college. I remembered those hands. Years may go by but memories do not fade –not the good ones.

After all, I had taught Timothy how to kiss in college. I was told kissingwasone of my specialties. I could give a man a hard cock with the flick of my tongue. I could blow him till he was about ready to explode. I knew this clandestinely.

Tim began sucking my erect nipples. Pulling out one breast and then the other, sucking each erect nipple some more, I became hastily aroused. He had spoken of my tits often. He loved my full tits, my voluptuousness and my body. He loved everything about me … he always had.

“Come over here,” I said as I sat Tim on the edge of my king size bed.

We sat down and I asked Tim, “Do you want me to undress you?”

“Yes,” he agreed. Before I finished unbuttoning the first button on his shirt, he started undressing himself rapidly.

As he sat nakedly, Tim started fondling my breasts some more.

I threw my lingerie top on the floor.

Tim started kissing my tits passionately and robustly. He continued kissing my neck and shoulders. He caressed my shoulders, kissing and licking his way across my shoulders and down my chest and between my breasts.

My nipples are incredibly sensitive and I could tell he was enjoying seeing me getting so aroused.

He circled my nipple moons with his lips and then his fingers, lightly squeezing and pinching them and sucking them more to my delight.

The quivering of my nipples were going straight down to my perky pussy.

Tim’s tongue was all over me assertively and vigorously. As he started performing oral sex, I tried to relax and enjoy his tongue insatiably.

I was tense. I could feel it. I think I was overwhelmed and fatigued from the months of anticipation.

Tim began kissing my pussy, stroking it, rubbing his fingers all over the supple creases of my scorching tissues. He was patient and thorough, the way I liked it. He leisurely and scrupulously ate my pussy making it wetter and wetter.

Tim took his time before he started licking my clit. I knew he was titillating my clit for the greatest finale. He was stimulating me beyond my wildest dreams. The journey was erotic as he slowed down licking the outside of my pussy lips. He licked around the inside of my pussy and used his rigid tongue teasing me, sticking it in and out of my juicy pussy hole.

I was getting closer to a climax. The moaning and groaning was getting embarrassing.

Tim put his fingers over my mouth as I gasped louder and louder fighting to enjoy the pleasuring. I wanted to release an orgasm but I was fighting it.

As Timothy drew away, I sat up.

I reached for Tim’s cock. “Oh, gosh,” I breathed in utmost and paramount glory. As I looked at it, I spontaneously said, “You are huge! Your balls are so big. I know you haven’t had sex in a while and I’m going to devour you.”

He had spoken many times about how ‘endowed’ he was and how I ‘was missing out.’ He was right. Indeed, his primed cock was huge.

I was going to be a happy woman tonight.

I didn’t remember Tim’s cock from college. I think back then, I was too frigid to even touch it except for evli porno one ‘momentous’ occasion he reminded me of. I was the ‘good’ religious girl …but look at me now.

The Home’ Cumming’

I took Tim’s huge cock in my mouth and started sucking the head of it insistently. I wasn’t sure if he liked it or could even sense my sucking. “Can you feel me, Tim? I inquired.

He nodded, speechless and in awe.

I continued to suck him tenaciously and unremittingly slobbering all over his cock and cleaning up my saliva. I was passionate about my ‘work’ and Tim he knew it. I wasn’t the kind of gal that just laid there.

I hardly heard a peep from him but he kept staring at me, wantonly and seductively.

He was quiet and I could tell that he was used to curtailing his expression or eroticism.

I wanted to suck his cock so desperately pleasing into ecstasy.

“I’m going to make you feel amazing,” I said as I looked up at him innocently. “I’m going to suck your cock like the bad girl I am. I’ve been looking forward to this. You taste you so good. Gosh, I love your cock. I’m going to suck it like you’ve never been sucked before. I am going to make you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. Would you like that, sweetie? Would you like me to suck your cock hard and long? Because that’s what I’d love to do. I guess that would be all right then.”

Well, I didn’t actually say all those things to Tim but I was thinking them.

Tim was feeling my enthusiasm with fervor. I gave him an approving moan now and then as I sucked his cock with dynamism. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and inserted the tip of my tongue in his cock hole.

He was very sensitive and responded well to my tender affection and concentration.

I licked all the wrinkles of his head and flicked my tongue along the tip of his penis.

I sucked on his cock moving my head up and down. I gently rubbed his shaft as I sucked the head of his cock again rolling my tongue around and around. I licked his balls; huge filled balls ready to cum for me.

I bent over and put his stiff cock in my mouth again overwhelming him with delight.

Tim was amazed.

I think it had been a while since he had a good blowjob or at least the kind of fellatio I was giving him.

I pulled myself up tormented with the thoughts Tim had expressed to me about his wife in earlier conversations. I knew he was deprived and I was happy to be enjoying myself so much.

At that point, he laid me on my back, began succulently and deeply kissing me. He knew I loved that the most.

“Turn over again,” he requested.

I did so happily.

As I rolled over, I knew I was in store for a massage. Although, I had argued with Tim one tipsy night about how suggesting a massage meant a suggestion for passionate sex, I was grateful and excited. He had agreed his suggestions for a massage were about sex and drew back at that point.

He licked around the bottom of my pussy lips barreling his head between my legs. Then he inserted his tongue in my butt hole as he licked the area to my enchantment.

He was very comfortable rimming me. He was sending me to heaven doing this. As he spread my butt cheeks wider, I laughed silently. ‘Little devil,’ I thought.

I was beginning to squirm as he kissed the soft insides of my thighs, my calves and down to my toes. I LOVED my toes sucked. It didn’t happen that often in my life but it is one of the most seductive orgasm producing moves a man can make on a woman.

I was aching for more. As I laid in bliss, Tim massaged me all over my body. First, he kneaded my shoulders and neck working down the center of my back. He massaged my hips and thighs. He squeezed my calves, ankles and then my feet again.

I was in ecstasy. ‘Finally,’ I thought. I wasn’t nervous but I was still wound up. It was difficult for me to relax.

As he came up for air, I gave him a mischievous look. “Were you licking my butt hole,” I asked.

He denied grinning proudly and continued to rub my pussy again and eating my pussy until I was breathing heavily again.

When he was done eating my pussy, he started licking my tummy. Loudly putting on a show with my moans and groans with the windows fully opened, I rolled around and looked at him with delirious and blurred eyes.

I was exhausted and the lovemaking hadn’t even begun.

He was unyielding. Now, his tongue was all over me, licking every part of the skin I owned.

He climbed on top of me and I felt like I was going to explode immediately. He gently inserted his huge, thick cock inside my wet pussy.

Gosh, he felt good. He frenzied me. The wideness of his cock made a gentle plunge into my pussy as I directed him where to enter. As he entered me deeper, I gasped for air. I don’t think I had ever had such a big dick enter me before.

I moved with Tim’s rhythm bucking my hips up and down rocking back and forth to his guidance. I wrapped my legs around his back as he plunged deeper into my pussy.

He kept pushing and entering me in what seemed to be bottomless and gripping hole.

I cried and moaned in happiness. I hadn’t had an orgasm yet but I didn’t need one. This dick inside me was an occasion to treasure.

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