Turning My Best Friend Gay…PART 3

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By now, Mike was consuming my mind sexually. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved to look at women, but when it came to thinking about sex and masturbating my mind was typically focused on him. Occasionally I would think about other friends if I had spent time with them, mainly my friend Dave. Interestingly enough, Dave and I talked about sex all the time as well, almost exactly like Mike and I had done to begin with. We watched a little porn together, but never beat off while we watched. One night when measuring each other’s boners I thought it was going to lead to somewhere, but it didn’t. Whenever it would start to go that way, we would not see each other for a few days. Of course, during those days I was spending my time with Mike, and our adventures continued to progress, which kept my mind on him most of the time. Our fun was still limited to our beat off sessions. During the day, you would never know what we did at night or that I craved my best friend’s cock.

I recall a trip to Kansas City one fall during college. There were 4 of us to a room for the week, and a big dance everyone was pumped up about, including myself. I was pumped up for the opportunity to stay in though, and hoped I could get Mike to do the same. I hinted that I didn’t feel that great, thinking he would want to stay in to keep me company. However, he went to the dance, but this also gave me the chance to release 4 days of the frustration of not being able to beat off or anything with the other guys in the room. I had been sleeping in the same bed as Mike, swimming in the hotel pool with him, and just in general seeing his sexy body everywhere we went for 4 days. I noticed a pair of his boxers on the floor. I instantly went hard! I picked them up, laid in our bed, and imagined him there with me. As I buried my face into the crotch of the boxers my mind went to fucking his smooth, round, perfect ass. My hands on his shoulders, pulling him into me, reaching around and pulling on his hard raging cock. I couldn’t hold back…I came harder than I ever had up to that point. It was and still is probably the best masturbation I have ever had. But in the process I had completely soaked his boxers as I imagined blowing my load deep inside of him. Now I was in panic mode. I placed them over the air conditioner of our room. After a couple of hours, I took them off of there only to find them completely crusted. I wadded them up a bit, now realizing there was nothing else that could really be done. I tossed them back to the floor where I found them. Would he realize I had cum all over his underwear? If he did, he never said…but maybe he did know and that is what drove him to do the unexpected a couple of weeks later after we got home.

It seemed like we continued our routine a few times a week of driving out in the hills for our nightly stroking session. By now, every time we went we were sucking each other’s cocks. I would still get to stroke him until he came every now and then when he would let me, and of course savor a bit of a taste of cum when he wasn’t looking. What I did notice however was that it seemed like we were pushing what we were doing a little further every time. We usually beat off a bit before someone spoke up with those sweet words “do you want to suck it a little”? But now as soon as we were hard it was being said. Instead of switching off as frequently, we were sucking each other much longer. There was a lot more body kissing, licking nipples, hands roaming across bodies, and pressing against each other. As we got more and more comfortable, we cared less and less about clothes. As soon as sucking was mentioned, jeans were on the floor and shirts were off. I loved how he would hang his neck chains on my mirror as well. The moonlight glistened off of his tan, smooth body. As he sucked me, I was in pure ecstasy as I gazed at his body and felt my way around his hard chest and smooth ass. I did not want to hold back any more, but knew I had to or I might scare him off. Then a drunken night threw that all out the window.

I was hammered! We had been out drinking with friends in another town, and we were staying with family of mine while we were there. I knew we were going to be late and most likely drunk, so I conveniently arranged to stay out in their camping trailer in their driveway, where my real intent was for us to be alone. We had claimed separate beds earlier, but when we came into the trailer we both wound up on the master bed. Mike told me that he was so horny from being around Jennifer all night (who was a stunning, long legged blonde). As I was rubbing my cock through my pants, he slid his off and went right to beating off as he stared at me. I followed suit, but I stripped everything (like I said, I was hammered)! Mike didn’t even ask…he moved over to me, leaned gaziantep escort tanıtımları down, brushed my hand back and took me into his mouth. I might have been drunk, but my cock was alive and my heart pounding with this aggressive move! I whispered to him “let’s 69”, but he looked up and said “no, it’s ok” and went back to working me over. Unfortunate for me, I had thrown up earlier, and I think he didn’t want my mouth on his cock after that. I don’t blame him. But I had to pleasure this stud. As he sucked on me, I found his throbbing hard on and started to stroke him gently, trying to match the pace of his mouth on me. He would suck me, break away to kiss my nipples, then slide his hands all over inside of my legs as he moved back down to continue his work. Up until now, he had always cum first, but there was no stopping me tonight. I told him I was cumming, he broke away, his face inches from my cock as I reached down to finish myself, huge streams shooting onto my stomach. As I gathered myself, I looked down to see him stroking himself, I could see by his breathing he was worked up over the sight of watching me cum. As his breathing deepened and quickened, in a forced drunken slur (as a cover for my real want of it) I told him to “Just cum all the fuck all over me”. He slowed momentarily; “are you serious?” “Fuck yeah man, just shoot it on my chest”. He did not hesitate. Mike got to his knees, placing one over me, his ass brushing on my cock as he stroked. I could feel him tense up as I braced for a feeling I had been waiting to experience for months. I can still feel the warmth of his hot spray of cum pulsing onto my chest over, and over, and over again. He came so hard! I was hard again myself as I was in pure pleasure from the sight and feeling of my best friend, this hot stud’s cum splattering all over my chest. As he went to clean up, I simply rubbed it in. I was going to sleep in it and savor it for as long as possible. We slept naked in the same bed that night. Several times I spooned him, and I don’t know if he knew it or not. I wanted nothing more than to slide my cock into that tight, perfect asshole that was just inches from the tip. I can’t push my limits…I don’t want to ruin what we have! So I just let it go again for the time.

A few nights later we were back at home, getting back into our routine. I was worried that after we came to our senses things might be weird again. But there we were, parked back in the trees again, hearing those words…”do you want to suck it a little”? Tonight there seemed to be an extra bit of passion and drive in Mike. His hands were everywhere in a hurry once I started to suck on him. He wasn’t just sliding his hands around; he was grabbing, squeezing, moaning so much more, and the way he sucked cock that night…wow! We were in my 82 Ford pickup that night, and for another first, when he broke from sucking my cock, since I was pretty much laid out on the entire seat anyway, he slid up on top of me, grinding his dick to mine as he kissed my chest and played with my nipples. We stayed like that humping each other, enjoying each other’s skin for probably 15-20 minutes. I finally managed to roll him over, being sure I got my fill of his hot body while I was on top, then worked back to his cock as he laid out across the seat. I had not been into it long when he announced he was going to cum. I backed off to my knees as I now worked his throbbing cock with my hand. He was looking up at me in pure enjoyment as I watched his eyes roll back, feeling his hard on pulse as he shot his cum onto his belly and my hand. As I finished and backed to my knees, as he caught his breath he looked at me. “You can cum on me”. I did not hesitate. I climbed over him in the same position he had done to me. I think I was barely into it when I was shooting my cum onto him. Rope after rope of my cum was laying out across his chest…then I watched as a shot flew out and landed on his cheek, over his chin, and onto his neck. The sight of this made my knees buckle! I looked down at all of our cum there mixed together along with that strand on his face…perfect! How I wish it was on me, but at the same time this was the kind of ending I had imagined for so long. But this was only 1 of the many endings that I had fantasized and beat off about.

Now, of course I wanted more, I’ve already shared with you my fantasies about fucking my hot friend in his ass, swallowing his cum, and kissing him. At this point though, I was very satisfied with where we were together. I had went from nothing but fantasies to sucking his cock, cumming on each other, kissing our bodies, and even doing it all in the nude while grinding in to each other. There had to be a balance between getting the satisfaction I gaziantep escort telefonları wanted and keeping it from getting weird by moving too fast. I still really had no idea how far Mike was willing to go. I wasn’t thinking about pushing the limits further, that is something that just kind of happened on its own.

One night we ended up parked in that same spot where we had become stuck the first time we ever went parking, where we had only went as far as beating each other off months ago. Tonight was much different, as just as soon as we were parked the cocks were out, the words “do you want to suck it a little” were said within minutes, and we were completely stripped and going down in turn on each other’s hard cocks. It has been a long time since we had been in a 69, in fact the last time was probably the first time we sucked each other, but tonight I found myself on my back, moving Mike over me into a 69 position. Fuck, I loved staring up at that raging, twitching hard on as it hovered just inches from my face, the warmth of his mouth swallowing me up as I watched him lower that cock to my face. Mmmm, the smell…that musky smell of sweat and pre cum, and that warm, somewhat salty taste as I took him into my mouth. Tonight’s 69 was so much different than that first one. We were now very comfortable with being against each other in the nude, and running our hands all over. It was much more vocal this time with moans and sighs as well where the first time had been so quiet. We were sucking each other much more wildly, both of us craving it now.

As I mouth fucked my best friend, I moved my hands from his hips down over his ass. I could feel him kind of wiggle into my hands in approval. So I didn’t stop there…I moved my hands further back, now cupping his ass in my hands, my fingertips now edging into his hot, sweaty ass crack. I gave his ass a squeeze, pulling his cock into my mouth, down into my throat as I did so. Mike moaned in approval, again wiggling his ass, and I could feel his breathing deepen. Obviously he liked it, so I kept squeezing, my hands groping and exploring his ass cheeks, my fingers grazing his crack from the top down to his balls. He kind of propped up a leg, spreading himself slightly more. Did he want more? It sure looked like a suggestion…so I eased my fingers deeper along his ass crack, squeezing and pulling him into me. It was like I hit another gear or something! The moans deepened. He pushed his ass into my hands, then I froze. A fingertip on my right hand had brushed his asshole. I held my hand there, my finger so close to that unintended target, but still sucking him of course. As I did so, he wiggled and pushed his ass into me again, forcing my finger back to it. As soon as it touched he let out another deep moan as if in approval, and pushed against it again. I closed my eyes, his raging hard on still filling my mount, and began to rub my finger over his hot hole. I expected at least a brief hesitation, but just the opposite. Mike laid down against me even more, pushing his ass into the air and back into the finger that was massaging him.

We kept to that position for what seemed like forever. I was fighting the urge to cum, trying to focus instead on this new area of his body that I now had access to. He moaned the entire time that I rubbed his sweet asshole, squirming and pushing into it as he fucked my face. I felt Mike break from that fantastic suction that he had on my cock. He leaned up a bit, looked back at me and asked the words that I never thought I would hear but had fantasized about over, and over again, “Do you want to fuck me”?

Honestly I was speechless, but also my heart was racing with excitement. At the same time I was nervous…I had never fucked anyone in the ass. Was it painful? Would it be messy? But I wanted it oh so badly! I let his cock slide from my mouth, “Um, OK”. Did I really just say that? That had to sound stupid. As I worried that my answer wasn’t all that convincing, I watched Mike lift and pull away from me. I sat up, Mike kneeled on the seat and then leaned forward. I had longed to see him in this position, and it was better than I had ever dreamed it would be. As I moved in I went slowly to take it all in…looking at the outline of his amazing ass, his long, athletic legs, his balls hanging down, the tip of his still throbbing, twitching cock barley in sight…and of course that perfect, pink asshole. As I moved up I placed my hands on his back, working up to his shoulders. I rubbed his shoulders, squeezing them, working my hands back down his back to his hips. I can still see his muscular shoulders in the soft light of the truck radio, and that gentle sway in his back as he arched his ass up towards me. As I moved up, cock gaziantep escort videoları in hand to enter him I saw him move a hand forward and heard him softly spit. “Let me help”. With that, he reached back, took my cock in his hand, and rubbed me softly as he lubed me with his spit. When he was satisfied with his job, he took the base of my cock and guided me up to his ass that was inching back to meet me. I shuddered as the tip of my cock made contact with that hot hole that I was just rubbing. As I began to apply pressure, I heard him whisper. “Easy, easy”. I went still to give him time. As I did, I felt him gently push back towards me. My head began to ease its way in, slowly at first, then slipping quickly with a slight pop. I could tell the head was in, and he paused as he let his ass open for more.

Within seconds Mike was pushing back on me again…slowly at first, but once half of my rock hard cock was in he pushed himself the rest of the way down onto my cock. I was buried to the base in my best friend’s amazing, hot ass. He held in that position for a few seconds. Mike lowered his head and let out a moan. As he did so, I began to slowly pump myself in and out of his perfect ass. My hands on his hips, staring at that hot muscular body in the soft light I began to fuck my friend faster and faster. We didn’t keep it slow for long. Everything about it was perfect. I loved watching my cock slide between those hot ass cheeks, disappearing into that hot hole. I loved the feel of my wet ball sack slapping against his ass. In the side window I could see his reflection. He was loving it! He was in pure ecstasy. Both of our moans filled the cab of the truck, in the reflection I could see his eyes rolling back, his mouth open as he panted for air. I could see his hard, muscular chest, those perfect nipples, and even his cock swaying as I fucked him deeply. I wasn’t going to last long. My pace was quickening, my heart racing as I pumped that hot ass over and over, his eager ass taking all of my cock with no trouble at all. The feeling of being buried in his ass was better than I could have ever imagined. As I fucked this hot stud, I reached around to stroke his cock. Mike let out a deep moan of approval. As I continued to fuck him and stroke him I lowered my chest onto his back and kissed those perfect shoulders. I could feel it building. I leaned back up and stared at that ass as I fucked it, knowing I was on the edge. “I think I’m gonna cum, I’m close”. Without hesitation Mike replied, “Yeah? Just come on me. Just cum on my ass”. Those words sent a jolt through me. As I felt my cock begin to twitch, I pulled out and pumped a hot load onto him. The first thick string shot entirely up his back, most of it ending up near his shoulders. My knees were trembling as I pumped load after load onto Mike’s perfect ass. He moaned in approval as I emptied my cock onto his bare backside. Exhausted, I fell back, staring at the masterpiece that I had created on his ass and back. As he turned to face me, stroking his cock, I laid out on my back, “you want to cum on me?” Nothing was said, Mike simply moved over me and with a few quick pumps of his fist began to spray string after hot string of cum onto my chest and stomach. Like so many nights before, nothing was said. We simply cleaned ourselves up, got dressed, and went back to talking about normal everyday things as I drove us back to town.

Of course, my body was still reeling from the most intense sexual experience I had ever had. I dropped him off at his house, and as I drove to mine my mind raced back through the entire experience. I could feel his now crusted cum on my chest (of course I had only acted like I wiped it up). My cock jumped back to life at the thought of the night and feel of the cum. I ran inside to my room, quickly stripped, and jumped on my bed. As I stroked myself I found myself licking my fingers and rubbing them over his cum on me, trying to get it on my fingers, then sucking it all off…every bit I could. It was working, I could taste his yummy, salty cum. My heart was again racing as I tasted my secret lover on my fingers and stroked my once again raging hard on. I’m glad I was home alone! Deep breathing and sighs turned into soft moans, soft moans to loud moans, and moans to calling out Mike’s name as I imagined myself fucking that hot ass again. “Oh Mike, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over in that hot ass Mike! Oh fuck, fuck yeah Mike! Ohhhhh Mike!!!” With that, my throbbing cock was shooting another hot load of cum all over my stomach and chest. I thrashed in the sheets moaning and screaming Mike’s name as I imagined pumping that hot load deep into his ass. I rubbed my load into my chest and stomach, again imagining Mike’s hot cum splattered all over my body again.

As I lay there I found myself dreaming about the next time. Would there be a next time? My fantasies keep coming true somehow…would I dare to push the limits more? Or would tomorrow be weird when we saw each other? I mean, after all, I was just buried in my best friend’s ass!
I guess you will have to find out next time. And yes, there was a next time.

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