Turning Point _(0)

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Turning Point, Chapter 10 continued

Robert is about to arrive at a major turning point. Mary, Alma and Don are about to take Robert to a higher level.

I lay down on the bed naked and with my cock standing straight up and throbbing. I was not sure what to expect and I was very nervous, excited and ready for most anything. Alma was on her knees on my right side, Mary and Don was on my left side. All three were looking down at me and smiling. Alma reached down and wrap her hand around my cock and started slowly stroking it. Mary said, nice isn’t it, I think I’ll have some of that. With that she leaned down and licked the head. Mary covered Alma’s hand and they both pulled their hands up to the head of my cock. First Mary spit on the head and they moved their hands down a little. Don was next with a big gob of spit and I was expecting Alma to follow. Instead she removed her hand and Mary proceeded to take my cock all the way into her throat. I closed my eyes and held on hard to keep from shooting my load down her throat.

When I open my eyes again Alma’s face was just above mine. She smiled then open her mouth, stuck out her tongue, holding it just above my mouth. I could see the big wade of spit about to roll off her tongue. I open my mouth and felt the first drops hit the back of my throat. I’m not sure why but what she was doing was making me so fucking hot. I reached up, grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her down to meet my mouth. I kissed her hard and sucked hard on her on her tongue. She groaned with pleasure and pushed her tongue deem into my mouth.

While I was getting really turned on by Alma’s spit swapping Mary was busy working her deep throat magic on my cock. Then I felt another mouth on sucking on my balls and knew it had to be Don. He raised my legs up a little and started licking his around my asshole. He would lick from my ass back up to my balls and I was not going to last long.

I broke my kiss with Alma long enough to tell them that I was about to cum. Mary stopped long enough to tell that was quite alright that was sure I would give her enough cum to shre with the others and I could go another round later.

While Mary was talking to me Alma had moved, placing her legs on either side of my head and was using her hands to pull her puss lips open. She told me, lick this hit hole you nasty boy you and you had better do good or I will fart in your face.

I took hold of Alma’s hips and pulled her pussy down on my mouth hard. I had her hard clit in my mouth and I bit down hard. She screamed out and I thought I had fucked up but the she pushed her pussy harder against my mouth and moaned so loud I was afraid Mom and Dad would here it all the way at out house. I slipped two fingers in her pussy and started working hard on her G-spot. I was latterly biting, sucking and chewing on her clit. I could feel my own cum about to fill Mary’s mouth and she could feel it building so she backed off a little.

I had Alma slamming her pussy into my mouth, Don with his tongue in my asshole and Mary all set for a mouth full of cum. As I shot the first shot of cum into Mary’s hot, waiting mouth Alma was telling me, suck me you cum sucker, Drink my fucking pussy juice you nasty little fucker. My cock was shooting load after load of cum in Mary’s mouth and with Don now licking on my balls I thought I would never stop cummiing.

Alma grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth even harder to her pussy. I was having trouble keeping up with all that going but I did have enough sense about me to shove my fingers further into Alma’s pussy and bit down on her clit. She screamed out and escort flooded my mouth and face with what seemed like a gallon of her sweet pussy juice. She fell forward then off to the side and lay there on the bed breathing heavy.

Mary and Don had moved up by shoulders and I could tell she was holding my mouth full of cum. She turned to Don and held her mouth over his He open his mouth wide and Mary let part of my cum dribble from her mouth into his. She then leaned across me and did the same with Alma. I glanced back at Don and I could tell he was still holding my cum in his mouth. As I looked back Mary now had her mouth just over mine. I opened my mouth and Mary let a big glob of cum slip from her tongue into my mouth. I started to swallow it but Mary shook her head NO.

Mary reached for the treat glass and handed it to Don. He swished my cum around in his mouth then spit it in the glass licking his lips and smiling when he was through. He passed the glass to Alma who passed it to Mary then she passed it to me and was all made out little deposit. I looked the glass and was a little surprised at how much was already in the glass.

Mary told me Don would like to be next and she ask how I would feel about sharing his cock, balls and ass with Alma. I looked over at Don and he was grinning from ear to ear. I then done something that surprised even me a little. I put my hand behind Dom’s head, pulled him to me and kissed him hard on the lips, letting my tongue slip into his mouth. I pulled back and told everyone that I would be honored and was excited to share all these goodies with Alma. Mary ask, and if he should cum in your mouth? I said I was looking forward to my first time of tasting another mans cum.

Alma was on his left side and I was on his left side. She told to take the other half. At first I didn’t know what she was talking about. Then she placed her hand behind my head and pulled me down by Don’s cock. She said, get your dick sucking mouth here on the bottom side of this cock and I’ll do the top side. Now I know what she had in mind and it was like we were kissing each other with Don’s cock between us. I could see Alma lick her tongue out around the side of his cock and I followed her lead.

When we would reach the top of his cock we would take turns licking around the head and a quick deep throat then we would share his cock going back down. Next time we reached the top of his cock Alma put her hand on the side of my face and pushed me toward his balls. I put my lips back on his cock and slid down and kept going on down to his balls. He was complete shaved and I soaked his balls with my saliva, licking and sucking first one ball then the other.

I raised up to move to a different angle so I could get a better shot at his ass with my tongue. I looked back to see Mary kneeling over Don’s face with a big smile on her face. I first thought he was eating her pussy then I noticed Mary had three fingers of her right hand pumping in and out of her pussy and two fingers of her left hand massaging her clit. She told me Don was tongue fucking her ass, are you going to do that to him. I told her I was sure going to try.

I pulled Don’s legs up and spread them wide apart exposing his balls and ass for me to use any way I wanted too. I bent down and spit on his ass then watched as it started running down the crack of his ass. I thought about what a turn on all of this was. I then started with my tongue on his balls and licked on down to his asshole. I licked around his rosebud a couple of times then pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue into the edge of his escort bayan asshole. Don was making muffed moans and I could here Mary telling him, OH BABY, FUCK MY ASS, GET THAT FUCKING TONGUE DEEPER.

As I pushed harder my tongue slipped deeper into Dom’s ass. He was humping his hips hard forcing his cock deeper into Alma’s mouth. I could hear Mary moaning and grunting and knew she was on the verge. Alma grabbed a hand full of my hair and said, get your nasty mouth up here on this hot dick, I want to watch the first time you get your ass sucking mouth filled with his cum. I allowed her to guide my mouth to Don’s cock and I took the head in my mouth and went about half down his shaft.

I felt his cock start to swell even bigger and I could taste his per-cum. Then I got my first shot of cum in my mouth. There was more of it than I had expected and I gagged a little. Alma screamed at me, stay right there you nasty cum eater, don’t you miss a drip. If you do I’m going to shit on your head. I healed the cum and got over the gagging as Dom continued to shoot several ropes of cum until I could feel his cock start to go soft.

When I raised up I saw Mary laying on the bed next to Don with her legs wide apart and I could see her juice all around her pussy and down both thighs. I moved up beside her and as my lips got close to hers she open her mouth and a let part of cum drool of my mouth into hers. Don raised up and licked out catching the flow of cum and sucked it into his mouth. Alma was just behind me and I heard her say, Oh Fuck, That Is Hot, come here and kiss me you nasty boy.

As I turned Alma put her arms around my neck and pushed her lips so had on mine that my teeth cut the inside of my bottom lip. I pushed my cum coated tongue into her mouth and she started sucking the cum out of my mouth. I felt a sudden pain and surprise as Alma bit down hard on my tongue. Before I realized what I was doing I pulled back and slapped Alma hard on her cheek. I thought, Oh Shit, I have fucked up now. Mary or Don didn’t move or say a word. Alma’s eyes were sparkling with excitement as she told me, do it again you chicken shit dick sucker. I just looked at her, then Don and Mary. Don nodded and I backhanded her on the other cheek.

Alma looked at me and said, Damn Robert you are good. Now I understand why Mary loves you so much. That caught me off guard. I had never give a thought to a woman as old as Mary being in love with me. Mary spoke up and told me, just so you know Alma and Don are in love with you too. I didn’t realize I was setting there with my mouth hanging open until I felt the cum running down my chin and dripping on my chest. Alma leaned over and licked the cum form my chin and chest giving my nipples a soft licking while she was there.

Mary passed the treat glass around and everyone made there deposit. Then we all lay out on the bed and took a little break. Mary reached over and started stroking my cock. Don set up and spit on the head and Mary used her hand to spread it up and down my shaft. I told her it was her or Alma’s turn and one of them should lay down and we could get started on the next round. Mary told me she may wait until the next day for her turn.

Alma said she would like to have her way with each of us for a short time for her turn. We all agreed to that and she moved over to Mary first. She told her I’m going to give you a spit soaked licking. Mary remained where she was and Don and I watched as Alma licked here saliva soaked tongue over Mary’s big tits. Alma licked and sucked hard on Mary’s nipples then moved to her mouth.

Mary escort bayan gaziantep opened her mouth, Alma didn’t kiss her but stuck her soaked tongue out and stuck it in Mary’s mouth. She moved it in and out as though she was tongue fucking her mouth. Alma moved down between Mary’s legs. She told me to move to the other side and for Don and I to raise Mary’s legs so she could get to her pussy and ass. We did as we were told and Alma jammed her face into Mary’s pussy so head Mary cried out a little but pushed her hips up to meat Alma’s thrust. Alma was licking and sucking like a woman possessed.

I couldn’t see her mouth but I heard her spit twice then she reached around and wrapped her saliva covered hand around our cocks. She was pumping mine so hard and fast it was a little painful but that only turn me me on more. Mary reached down and started massaging her cilt hard and fast. She was thrusting her hips hard and I knew she was about to cum.

Alma went wild and was sucking hard on Mary’s pussy and I knew she was getting a mouth full of pussy juice. When she raised up she smiling and her face was so wet that the juice was dripping off her chin. I lean over and licked the juice off her chin and she pulled my mouth to hers and spit the juice into my mouth.

Don laughed and handed me the treat glass and I spit the juice into it. As I set the glass back on the table Alma pushed me over on the bed and started licking my asshole then down to my balls and back. She pulled my cheeks apart, spit on my ass then started pushing her ass into my asshole. It felt like a small cock in my ass but with more action.

She pulled back and told me to turn over. She told Don to come set across my legs so our cocks would be touching. Don and Mary knew what she was planning but I had no idea. Don done as he was told and Alma moved to our side. She spit on our cocks several time until we were literally soaked in her spit. Mary moved around for a better look and told me, you’re going to like this. Alma placed her hands around both our cocks then bent down and put the head of both our cocks in her mouth. This was amazing to me, my cock rubbing against Don’s and in Alma’s mouth at the same time. She went about half way down our cocks then pulled back to the heads. She licked around the heads a couple of time. She spit on our cocks again then took them back in her mouth. She started going down until I could feel the back of her throat. Then it happened. She open her mouth as wide as she could get it and pushed down hard taking both cocks down her throat.

I was so excited and turned on by this I started cumming again and again. I was like a fountain flowing in her mouth. She wasn’t swallowing the cum but letting it run back out. I was not aware of it but Don was cumming also. Alma pulled back a little, took a deep breath then jammed the two cock down her throat again.

When Alma removed her mouth there was cum all over. It was running down each side of her mouth, both our cock and balls and even some on our stomachs. Mary moved over to Alma and licked the cum off the side of her mouth as Don move back and bent down licking the cum off my stomach, cock and balls. As soon as he had me all cleaned up I returned the favor. We all made out little deposit in the treat glass then starched out on the bed all cuddling together relaxing.

Mary laughed a little and what is on the agenda for tomorrow. Everyone laughed and Alma said, Oh I still have a couple of ideas. I was already looking forward to the next day and wondered what this woman could possibly come up with that would top today.

End of chapter. ten
So far Robert has only had sex with people twice his age, as old or older that his own mother. He has experienced a lot and had a lot of fun. Is this going to be his fate in live or will he be able to meet younger people.

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