Twenty Questions

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This latest story is based on teasing by some young ladies this summer. It evolves into sexual enticement and, of course, some unbridled risky sex.


“Is this seat taken?”

I screened my eyes against the sun, searching for the source of the young female voice.

Christine. The cutest of my daughter’s friends. She of the thick black wavy hair, the dark Italian eyes, the naturally red lips and perfectly even white teeth.

And, more recently, a lovely set of heavy round breasts, topped by bikini-poking nipples which were on full display in the white suit she had worn in the boat earlier. Breasts which had appeared seemingly overnight, or at least since the end of last summer.

“Oh, hi Chrissy. Of course not, saving it for you, honey.”

“Thanks, Ski!” she smiled. “Wouldn’t want you to be lonely out here all by yourself.”

She turned and bent over to spread her towel across the couch next to mine, her firm, smooth heart-shaped ass peeking out beneath her floral cover-up, but not even close to covered by the bikini bottom, tiny stripes of untanned white skin peeking from beneath the seams. The small pouch of fabric between her legs gave a hint of the bush beneath.

This was the summer that Christine had bloomed. I had first noticed it a week earlier, when 5 of the girls had asked me to take them water skiing. I had never been so happy to own a boat. They all piled in and, as the tshirts came off, revealed the thong bikinis that my daughter had defended as “everybody’s wearing them.” It amazed me that parents, yes myself included, allowed our daughters to wear such ridiculously revealing swimwear.

I was towing four of them on the tube, only Chrissie was in the boat with me. After throwing the line out, she sat in the observer seat next to mine. I saw her take a sideways glance at me, then she made a show of yawning and stretching her arms over her head, presenting her lovely new breasts to my gaze.

Christine pretended not to be doing it on purpose, but she was so obvious that I almost laughed at the display. But there was no laughing, only admiring. They were absolutely perfect.

Then, earlier today in the boat, the show was repeated. I tried to spot a flaw in this teen’s athletic body, but had no success.

I was careful enough to keep my mirrored glasses on, and watch the pretty girl’s show sideways, disguising my attention. That seemed to frustrate her a little. After a few minutes she jumped up and climbed to the back of the boat, leaning over the back seat and presenting her lovely ass in full back-arched display.

Now there was no doubt about the bush, thick black hairs strayed from beneath the thin white strap which hid her little starfish, but not much more. Her suit wasn’t pulled up tight against her, so the little pouch containing her thatch of fur hung down far enough to give a glimpse up the sides. I choked a little on my beer as she looked seductively back over her shoulder, turning enough to sway her hanging breasts.

I had a momentary vision of burying my face in that delicious ass, pulling the bikini aside for a taste of her honey. I was a little lost in the fantasy, until I saw Christine glance down a little and watched her expression go from a teasing smile to a look of surprise. She turned away quickly, obviously caught unprepared, as I turned back to the front, trying to hide the bulge in my own suit which she had obviously sighted.

Oh shit. The little teasing game had taken a disturbing turn. She’d seen her effect on me, my cock had responded to the slutty display; the high, firm ass; the mound of her bush, the heavy hanging breasts. Sunglasses can’t hide that.

For the rest of the boat ride, Christine was unable to face me. Even back at the dock, when we were talking to each other she was always looking away. I felt terrible but, hell, she had learned a lesson. The power of her perfect little body had effects to consider when she played with men.

The presence of the other girls was the only saving grace, she was able to join in the horseplay, and it seemed the little incident was forgotten. For a while.

So we were alone again now in the sunroom. I had come in from the outdoor shower wrapped in a towel, and was waiting for a few of the girls to finish changing in my master bedroom suite so that I could dress. Christine came into the sunroom, I guess she was waiting her turn for the shower.

The greeting was the extent of our conversation, then we sat in awkward silence, both feigning interest in the tv.

But then an ad came on for one of the beach reality shows, and a clip showed a smoking hot chick in a white thong bikini bending over, then the scene cut to a guy’s “wow” expression.

She snuck a look at me, and we both reddened, then she snickered, then began to laugh, bringing me to the same. That broke the discomfort, and soon we were both cracking up.

“I notice that they didn’t show below the waist on him!” she giggled, which kind of shocked me. I didn’t think she’d directly Haramidere escort address the effect she’d had on me in the boat.

I reddened even more, but looking at her sitting there in her little coverup, nipples so obviously erect, I responded, “well, some things have a mind of their own, I guess.” She followed my gaze to her breasts, and immediately crossed her arms over them.

“Oops, I’m just a little cold is all.” she offered.

Joking to try to ease her embarrassment, I looked down at my crotch and said, “Uh, yeah. Me too.” I mentally kicked myself for being inappropriate.

She laughed, but gave me a dubious look. “Um, isn’t that, like, the opposite?”

“Yeah, guess you caught me.”

She turned her face, and reddened as she confessed in a quiet voice, “me too.”

The silence returned, and I didn’t know what to say now, didn’t want to be completely inappropriate.

Christine turned to me and said, “can I ask you a question, Mr. K?”

“Sure, you can ask me 20,” I replied, referencing the 20 questions game we’d played with the girls during the car ride to the lake.

She hesitated, then asked quietly, “Well, you don’t think I’m slutty, do you?”

As soon as she asked, she seemed to become totally embarrassed. I moved over to her couch and sat beside her. Her head hung down, hair screening her face. I lifted her chin and brushed her hair back behind her ear. “God no, Chrissie! You didn’t do anything wrong.”

I turned her face to me, her eyes were a little wet, she was so fucking beautiful I had an overwhelming urge to kiss her. I stopped myself at the last second, but touched her lightly on the cheek. “Look, you’re a turning into a gorgeous young lady, you need to know that and realize the effect you’ll have on men.”

That brought a smile, “gorgeous, huh?”

I laughed, “I’m not lying, kid. You need to be aware of your power over those of us of the weaker sex.”

She looked a little pensive. Then she brightened up. “19 more?”


“You said I have 20 questions.”

“Oh, right! 19 more then.”

“Ok, what do guys really look for in a girl?” Guess we weren’t playing “person place or thing” 20 questions.

She looked at me, seemingly so sweet and innocent. I couldn’t help think that these girls developed these bodies with no instruction manual, no help desk to guide them. “Now that’s not answerable, Chrissy. Every guy is different, some guys are ‘ass men…'” I paused, not wanting to get too graphic.

“And some are tit men?” she smiled. Then she surprised me, sliding her hands under her breasts and hefting them, showing their lushness.

“Um, yeah, of course. I would have said ‘breast’ though.”

She looked down at her breasts and bounced them a little, then looked back up at me. “I’m so happy that my breasts got big this year. I know that you’ve been trying to be polite, but you like looking at them, don’t you?”

I swallowed hard, then nodded.

“So you’re a tit.. I mean breast man?”

“Well, I never considered myself one, really.”

She didn’t let up. “So was it my butt that gave you a… um, made you… ” She looked down at my lap, “you know, made you get big down there?”

This was getting a little uncomfortable now. I got up and moved back to the other couch, making sure that my towel concealed the beginning of a problem. But I was not to escape. Christine got up and followed me, sitting beside me, and continuing. “C’mon Mr. K. Don’t be scared, I’m just asking questions! I know that you enjoyed looking at me in the boat, and you kinda showed me that. So was it my butt, or what?”

“Ok, big girl, you asked and I’ll answer. I don’t think you girls realize how visual men are. When you show that firm young butt, wearing nothing but a thong down your crack, it’s almost worse that you wearing nothing at all. And we can’t help being drawn to the naughty bits of a beautiful body.”

She sat quietly for a moment, then, very deliberately, placed her little hand on my thigh. I jerked in surprise, but she just sat there, studying me. “What else makes you appreciate us? What would you want me to do to let you know if I was, uh, interested?”

“Interested? In what?”

She slid her fingertips, her pink painted nails, up my thigh, under the edge of my towel, and I felt the blood begin to flow. Softly she murmured, “I ask the questions.”

Her fingers moved up another inch. She had reached the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh. Her attention was focused higher up, and there was no doubt about the reaction she was causing. A ridge appeared in my towel as my cock responded to her touch, her presence, her allure.

“Ooh, that’s interesting,” she mused. She scratched me with her nails and saw an instant reaction. “Wow.” She giggled and looked up at me, “this is kinda fun! Since I have your attention, wait, how many questions do I have left?”

“I lost count.”

“Let’s say 15.”

“I don’t know if I can handle 15.”

“You don’t İkitelli escort bayan have a choice,” she said in a low even voice. “Next question, do guys like shaved girls?”

I choked a little before I could answer.

“You mean armpits or beards?” I tried.

She was having none of that. “Like I said, I ask the questions. Pussies.”

She giggled. “Boy, that got a reaction!” She was right, Just hearing the word “pussies” from her sweet lips had me hard as a rock.

Christine made a power move now, she ran her hand over the lump in my towel, squeezing my erection through the terrycloth. Then she worked her way through the folds until she was able to wrap her cool fingers around my hot cock. My head went back and my eyes closed. “Oh my god, Chrissy.”

“Ohmygod is right!”

“Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to ask this next question, and we’ll let your cock answer it for you.” Her hand slid up the shaft and bumped over the ridge to palm the swollen head. “Mmm, that feels so nice!”

“Ok, Mr. K’s cock, should I shave my pussy,” she paused as it jumped in her hand, “or keep it furry?” That brought a much stronger pulse from me. Christine giggled, “ooh, I guess hairy it is then!”

This inappropriate conversation, the nasty words from this girl I’d always considered sweet and innocent, it was all like a drug. I was buzzing on her control over me.

She slowly unfolded my towel, exposing my fully erect cock. “Ooh, daddy, look at your dick! It’s so hard” she cooed. “I guess you really like me as more than Molly’s friend.” Taking a second to look around, she lowered her face, all the while maintaining eye contact.

“Next question. Do you want me to?” she arched an eyebrow as she stuck out her tongue. It paused, millimeters from contact.

I looked around as well, I couldn’t risk my daughter or the other girls happening to show up at the wrong time. But who was I kidding? I was incapable of restraint. I nodded, praying that this wasn’t just some giant tease.

Christine’s pretty face broke out in a broad smile, she climbed off of the couch, moving slowly down between my legs. Pushing my thighs apart, she brought her tongue out, and slowly licked me from way down between my legs, up over the root of my cock, then all the way up the shaft. When she reached the head, she swirled her fat tongue around it several times, before giving me a kiss right on the tip. I shuddered with desire. Obviously Chrissie had spent some time with cocks since going off to college.

We heard a door open down by the bedrooms, and we both jumped. I hurriedly wrapped my towel back around me, as Christine stood and moved back towards her couch. She made an exaggerated motion of wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, then laughed at my reaction.

Giggling, she sat back down as footsteps sounded in the hallway, and, with a teasing smirk, she pulled her coverup to the side and slipped a breast from the opening. A perfect globe of untanned virgin flesh, with a dime-size areola surrounding her bright red pencil eraser sized nipple. She flicked the little nub with her finger, I almost groaned out loud, then she covered back up as Sheila entered the room.

Sheila was a cute little strawberry blonde. Just over 5 feet tall, she was well-rounded and just a little soft; baby fat I’d call it. Fresh-faced and freckled, her blue eyes were framed by wispy lashes. She was freshly showered, her hair hung wet and straight to her shoulders, and she was dressed in a short white denim skirt and a babydoll top.

“What are y’all doing?” she asked as she plopped down on the couch with Christine.

“Just waiting our turn in the shower,” was the answer from her friend.

Impishly she responded, “you mean your ‘turns’, don’t you? Or did you talk Chrissy into washing your back, Mr. K?”

We all laughed, but now there was a picture popping up in my imagination of Christine with soap suds sliding down her naked breasts.

“Well, actually, we were playing 20 questions,” I told her, hoping to steer the conversation to something benign enough to help me lose my erection.

Sheila clapped her hands, “Ok, I’m in! What was the last question?”

Christine and I looked at each other, and had different reactions. I felt my face go hot and red, and she just laughed delightedly.

Sheila looked back and forth between us. “What?”

“Nothing, Sheila, we were just starting a new round.” I answered.

She looked at Christine, who had her hands over her face, still laughing.

“Ok, enough, wtf girlfriend?”

Christine recovered enough to look at her, “Do you really want to know the answer to that question?” Then she looked over Sheila’s shoulder at me, shaking my head vigorously. Sheila followed her gaze, and her eyes narrowed.

“Give it up.”

“Well, one of the last questions was whether Mr. K prefers his pussy shaved or furry.”

Sheila gasped in shock, looking back at me as I blushed further. She might have just been Escort Çapa shocked that Christine would say “pussy” in front of their friend’s dad, but now my reaction made her realize that Christine wasn’t just kidding, and she had interrupted some kind of risque interaction between us.

Her expression was open-mouthed amazement, and she soon lowered her gaze to my towel, which I hoped I had wrapped well enough to hide the still semi-hard cock beneath.

Typical brash teen that she was, she couldn’t shrink from the conversation. “What was his answer?”

“Whaddya think?” And Christine lifted the hem of her garment enough to reveal her white bikini bottom, lacey edges and smooth panel bulging over her bush. Then she slipped them just an inch over to reveal a bit of the thick black patch of fur.

“Jesus, Chrissy!”

“Well, I guess this here’s what Molly’s daddy prefers!” giggled the brunette.

“Oh yeah?” Not one to shrink from a dare, Sheila swung her knees towards me, and slowly inched her skirt up, showing her own panties, plain pink cotton, very innocent.

“Well, let’s just see about that!”

Innocent until… the redhead ran her fingers up and down the edge of her pink undies, then slipped her baby blue nails under the edge. Very slowly, she performed a peekaboo as her friend had. Except Sheila slid her panties completely to the side of her soft round pubic mound, revealing smooth hairless white flesh, split by a clean pink cleft. My god, a shaved redheaded 21-year-old showing me her pussy on not even really a dare!

Sheila laughed, “Well? Whaddya say now, Mr. K? Did I do all of that landscaping for nothing?” I hid my face in my hands, this was out of control.

Then I felt first one, then the other plop down on the couch on either side of me. I looked up to see them grinning.

“How do you know he likes you furry?” asked Sheila.

Christine reached over brazenly and grasped my cock through the towel. “A hard dick can’t lie!” she laughed. Sheila followed suit, squeezing me hard. “How do you know it’s not stiff for little old me?”

“Hmm, how are we going to figure out the truth here?”

“You know what, girls? It’s a tie, I love both of your, um, presentations. Now quit screwing around with me before you give me a heart attack!”

I went to stand, but Christine threw a leg over me and sat on my lap facing me. I could feel her soft thighs against my own, and she was inches from pressing down on the base of my cock.

“But we haven’t finished our game yet,” she said sternly. “Next question, are you uncomfortable with me sitting here?”

I nodded, worried at how little control I had here.

Christine stared searchingly into my eyes as she scooted slowly forward, now trapping my cock between her body and mine.

“How ’bout now?”

I just groaned.

Sheila joined the torment, “I think I see the problem, it’s this damn towel, that has to be really uncomfortable.” She pushed Chrissy back an inch, and unwrapped the front of my towel. C Now there was nothing but an inch of air between my waving erection and her panties.

“Mmm, nice cock, Ski!” Sheila said.

Christine moved her legs in sequence to allow Sheila to pull the ends of the towel from between us, and lay them on the couch. Now I was naked, sitting on a towel on my couch in front of two beautiful, and manipulative, young ladies.

Both of them focused my exposed cock. Sheila gave a little coo, and dabbed her finger on the drop of lubricant seeping from me. She smeared it around in little circles, then her other hand squeezed my shaft, producing a tiny ooze. Both girls giggled at that, “mini-cum!” Christine exclaimed.

“Ok, Sheila, next question,” she said.

“Hmm, can I ask anything?”

“Look at him,” Christine nodded, “you think he could deny you anything right now?”

“Sheila looked at me, then surprised both of us when she stood and climbed onto the couch, stepping over my body to stand between Chrissy and me. She pulled up her skirt, and those panties were inches from my face. That got a response from the Italian behind her. “Jesus, Sheila, put your ass in my face, why don’t ya?”

I would have been jealous of her viewpoint, but, looking at Sheila’s little panties right there in front of me, I had no reason to complain.

“Ok, Mr. K, question: Do I smell good, or am I kind of… fishy?”

I would have asked her why she would think that, but I wasn’t supposed to ask questions. “Well, Sheila, hard to say, it smells pretty sweet, but I’m just smelling your panties really.”

Suddenly they disappeared. From behind, Christine slid them down the redhead’s hips to span across between her knees. Sheila gave a shriek of surprise, then covered her mouth. Her beautiful smooth pussy was uncovered. Her legs were spread enough to give me plenty of room to access her sweet spot, and I grasped her by the buttocks and eased her to my face.

Redheads just smell different. Every redhead I’ve ever been with has. A little sweeter, fresher. I took a long sample, then ran the flat of my thumb up her crease, opening her up just a tiny bit, to where I could see the wet flesh peek out. Sheila went to protest, she hadn’t given me permission to touch but, as my thumb bumped over her sizable clit, she let out a little squeak and her legs trembled.

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