Two Girl’s Very Dirty Weekend

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I pick you up from the airport after convincing you to come visit me, you’ve been drinking on the flight and need to pee pretty bad, I tell you to keep holding it in, we will deal with it when we get home….tired after your long flight you fall asleep in the car on the way home.

You wake up to find yourself handcuffed to my bed, you are naked except for your panties. I see your awake and approach the bed, I smile at you and begin to rub your stomach, just where your bladder is, reminding you that you have to pee pretty bad. I’m naked except for my own panties, white lace G. I keep rubbing your tummy as I climb over you, facing your pussy I bend over you, you can see the G pressing against my asshole, disappearing into my pussy…

I press my pussy and ass into your face and order you lick me, lick my ass thru my G, lick at my pussy around it, I begin tracing my finger along your panties, teasing your pussy…I press into them, pushing against your ass and pussy, I apply more Betturkey pressure onto your bladder…grinding my ass against your face.

Finally you can take it no more, you begin to pee, I watch as the wet spot on your panties gets wider and finally pee stars gushing straight thru it. I put my face to it and begin licking your pussy thru your panties while you continue to pee…it goes in my mouth and I swallow as I force your panties inside you with my tongue…I keep licking at you as you pee in my mouth. I moan and grind my ass into your face as your tongue licks my asshole, pushing the g aside…mmmmm

I take your saturated panties off and put them in my mouth, sucking on your pee and juices, keeping them in my mouth, I turn to you and bring them to your mouth, we both suck on your wet panties and I leave them in your mouth, gagging you.

I lie down in front of your pussy, my face close to it, and lick at your now naked pussy, I lick around our clit, I lick Betturkey Giriş at your peehole, trying to catch every last drop…I lap lower, tasting your pee drenched asshole, my tongue pressing inside your ass to taste you more intimately. I begin to run circles on your clit with my tongue as my fingers find your asshole, sucking on my finger I slide it into your ass, sliding my tongue inside you at the same time, I can feel my finger and tongue inside you thru your ass and pussy.

I too have to pee, I move my body around into a 69 position still with my panties on, I take the panties from your mouth and as I begin pushing my second finger into your ass, I begin peeing right onto your face…my pussy and ass pressed against your mouth, my pee goes straight into your mouth, I lift my pussy a bit so my pee splashes over your face and tits, then grind down into you…I peel my wet panties off you and pee directly into your mouth, taking my fingers from your asshole I lick them clean then turn around and kiss you deeply, tasting my own pee and ass from you. I order you to lick my ass as I climb back on top of you, I grab my very wet panties and begin stuffing them inside your asshole…you feel your ass filling up with my panties as I push them inside you one finger entering your ass surrounded by my panties.

My asshole clenches at your tongue as I being licking your clit again, my panties are now inside your ass. I push my ass against your tongue and moan as I feel your tongue inside me. Finally I cant stand it, I pull my panties from your asshole and stuff them inside my mouth and begin sucking them on as I sit up and place my very pussy against your face.

You lick my pussy and flick your tongue over my clit making me scream and moan into my panties as I suck on them, I stuff my panties back into your open asshole and quickly pull them out again, I spread the material over your face and kiss you thou them grinding my pussy into yours until we both scream into my filthy panties…

I uncuff you and kiss you gently as you get some more sleep…

mmmm, I have gotten so wet writing this, I hope you enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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