Two Points of View

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You are deeply asleep as I cradle your body. The daylight is beginning to push through the early morning darkness. I study the shape before me. What would our co-workers say if they knew? They know of the friendship, our playful courtship. They do know my feelings toward you. They joke about us with no clue to the hidden truth. And, there are no thoughts of the secrecy we share about our time away from work. Me….. gray-haired, Irish and twice your age. You…..chocolate, silk-smooth, always smiling. My dick slides between the cheeks of your ass, getting harder. You haven’t begun to wake but your ass moves backward to increase the pressure. My hand drifts forward to feel your nipples stiffening. Still you breathe in deep slumber. Your legs are slightly apart as my hand moves along your side, over your butt, down the side of your thigh. As my fingers move upward again, slipping into the space between your thighs and ass, the skin of my fingertips detects the slightest hint of moisture. You are becoming wet. What are you dreaming? Do you realize, in the dream, that my fingers are lightly brushing the outside of your lips? Almost imperceptible motions open the chasm wider. My finger can easily slide the length of your pussy. There is no need to enter to reach wetness. The slickness of your cream is rising to coat my fingers. Your breathing is getting more rapid……………………………..

……………………….as my hands grasp the sheets. I moan slowly as my legs begin to quiver. My wetness has dripped and covered the sheets beneath me. You proceed to kiss the crease between my ass and thighs, slowly making your way to my sweet cream. You gaze at my chocolate skin like a tiger ready to devour his prey. Not yet you say to yourself as you gently taste my wetness as though not to wake me. Oh how sweet it is! Your dick hardens. My deep sleep begins to fade as your lips are drawn to Porno lower back, up my spine, to my neck. My head arises from the pillow as you kiss me and interlock your fingers with mine. Before I utter a few words you glide your hard dick deep into my wet pussy. My walls clench as you enter me slowly allowing my walls to adjust to the early morning company. You increase the speed and force of your thrusts. I raise my knees and arch my back to position myself into a true doggy style position. You watch intently as I drive my ass to the base of your dick. Watching me fuck you makes you release a bit of pre-cum. You take the lead. I am on the verge of orgasm as you fuck my pussy hard from behind. I gaze at you over my shoulder to see how focused you are as you drive into me. The visual makes me explode….

……………. into orgasm. Your moans shake the walls. Your pussy contracts in waves around my dick. I am being milked, trying to force my orgasm. Not yet. My finger reaches around to your clit. It is too sensitive to slide against…..but, I can feel the hardness. It is completely out of it hiding place. The squeezing continues. Each one pushes your clit against my finger. Your breathing is beginning to slow. It is more rhythmic and deep. My cock continues to pile-drive your pussy. But, there are other jewels to savor. There is an abundance of honey seeping from your opening. It needs to be devoured. I quickly pull from your body, flipping you over in the same motion. You groan as my dick leaves, but groan louder when my tongue surrounds your clit. It slides over your distended button, alternating with forceful entrances to gather the nectar. I can look up at your nipples. They are stiff and taught. As if a touch could make them burst. Your thighs try to lock my head in place but cannot. The wetness is spilling over my face, down to the sheets. All the better for plunging Altyazılı Porno my dick into you again……when it is time. You are rising and falling from one mini-orgasm to another, fighting the one that will take control of your body and mind. I hold you like a cup, hands under your ass, keeping the position steady, keeping your clit and pussy within easy reach of my tongue and lips. Your inner thighs have a low vibration, a quiet jackhammer of muscles firing. I take my fingers and dig them into the tightness of your ass while whispering for you to cum…….

….cum is an understatement to what I experienced next. My lips belted out your name repeatedly as I lost complete control of my body as my ass and pussy contract forcefully simultaneously. My heart is racing like a crazed animal, my muscles jerking, back arching with each fiery orgasm. Your tongue has complete control of my orgasms. Intense orgasms right after each other as you control the firmness of your tongue. There was a reason behind why you held me. You had a goal to reach, by bringing me to pure ecstacy and you did. You kiss and lay next to my weak, glistening hot body allowing me to regain my composure. Its time to return the favor and go straight for the goods. Your eyes widen slightly as your head disappears into my mouth. I taste you again. Your shaft pulsates as I hold it firmly while my tongue and lips make love to your head. You moan in pleasure as my firm grip turns into long strokes while keeping focus on its sensitive tip. Your body starts to tremble. But I have something else in mind, its time to grab the ropes and saddle up. Just short of you releasing your cum, I do just that. My pussy strokes and grinds your dick hard. I want to finish what I started. Your cock is hard as a rock now. You start to shake as I grab the tight sacs beneath my ass. You watch my breasts bounce as I thrust Brazzers onto you. You grab my ass forcefully pushing your dick deep into my pussy as you pull me down. You do this several times before you drench my walls with cum….

……….cum blasting from my cock, upward to fill your pussy. The contractions are so intense I am unable to move except for my hands and arms pumping your body onto mine. As the pulses diminish I allow you to lean back, exposing an unbelievable sight. My still hard dick disappearing into your slickness. Your clit is reaching, visibly throbbing, still agonizingly close to another orgasm. Lines of sweat are pushing down your chest, between the taught breasts, onto your stomach. Instinctively my finger moves to the swollen nub and gently slides across the cream slick surface. Your body jumps, still too sensitive, not needing more, not wanting more, but unable to resist completely. A tireless finger caresses the shaft, almost imperceptibly touching the orgasm-seared skin. It is like rubbing a miniature dick, mostly hidden away, only the head exposed. My gaze cannot leave your center. Your legs are tightening along my sides, two, three stokes more. A low moan escapes as your stomach contracts, your pussy trying to expel me from my hiding place. One last orgasm, short, agonizingly intense, and your entire body goes limp. I look at the mixed cream on my dick, seeping from your opening. Two fingers scoop, one for me, one for you, a final taste for each. Slumber calls our exhausted bodies. We drift into peaceful sleep knowing there will be more adventure when we wake.

The sun is reaching fully into our room. We turn to lie back upon the massive pillows. The Atlanta skyline is waking to the sunshine. How wonderful a view. Sixty-seven floors above the street. No one able to look through the windows as we contemplate our next adventure. How sexy will the poses and pictures be? Barely covered nakedness against floor to ceiling windows. The camera firing away, free from voyeuristic minds, unless someone has a telescope in their office below, images of high-heels and lingerie for our eyes only. What would our co-workers think?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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