Two’s Company, Nine’s Fine Too

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For years, while we made love, we had shared the joint fantasy of having a lot of guys with us while we fucked. I admit it had, at least initially, been mostly my idea. But, as time rolled on, it seems to me it was you who generally brought it up. I’d always joked and said that six was my absolute minimum; one for my mouth, one for each breast, one for my cunt, one for my ass and the extra for whatever particular whim I may desire. Then, of course, there was you to consider too! We’d need at least three or four more; one for your mouth, one or two for your tits, one for your ass and one to suck your lovely cock.

Little did you know, as time passed and my daylight pleasure was the steady image of that troupe, I began to carefully devise a plan to actually make it come true. After all, as you repeatedly commented, I had quite a “knack” for making new friends who seemed to be extra friendly and willing.

I can still immediately get wet when I think back to that night and flash upon the burning memory of you lying on our bed with your legs strapped down and spread wide. I am flicking and sticking my thick, long tongue in your asshole. I have shaved you completely smooth; my pulling, squeezing and twisting teases you. As I play, I ask the other guy to deep throat your hardening cock. He does so, then releases, then swallows again, slowly at first, then faster, sucking harder, gulping deeper. There are two other men who nibble and bite your nipples which start to redden as they’re sucked raw.

You look around the bed and see that I’ve conjured, and then created our ultimate fantasy. I’ve rounded up almost a dozen guys to come over and entertain us. You can’t actually believe that, after all this time, it’s a reality. You quiver with nervousness and pure desire. As your excitement increases, I know that you want to stroke your own cock, but I won’t let you. Instead, I tie your arms out wide and take the nice thick, semi-hard dick of each of the guys standing next to the bed and place one in the palm of each of your hands. I tell you to stroke them, until finally beating them to hardness so that they’re ready to shoot their load in your mouth upon my request. They groan at your touch and tell you how they like it; one fast, canlı bahis the other with a twist. Your look lets me know that you’d like to suck each of them off. I smile, then pout and shake my head. “Not yet, baby,” I whispered.

Your ass tastes sweet to my tongue, but as you quiver and moan, it’s obvious to me that you want more. I rise to my knees to oil my fingers. Just as I am about to enter you I feel the weight of another person on the bed behind me. This other guy pushes me forward to my hands and knees over you and shoves his cock deep inside my cunt. It’s too big, really, and I call out. You smile as you watch me getting fucked, telling me to take it all. Each guy’s cock in your hands is hard now and about to burst. You’re pounding them right next to my face and I watch as both men lean in over your face and shoot their load all over you, coating your lips and neck. I rub a hand through their hot spray and cover your chest and raw nipples with it as the other guys lick it from your tits.

My legs are spread wide and I’m taking it full hilt; another guy lies down between my legs, face up, and buries his mouth in my crotch, flicking his hot tongue across my clit. As he continues to pull and suck, I come hard in his mouth, my juices covering his face as his fingers work just inside me, stroking my spot. You chuckle as you hear me breathing harder and calling out; my first orgasm makes you want to unload in the guy’s mouth that’s swallowing your cock.

“Get on your hands and knees for me baby,” I gently ask you. As I inch down your body giving you the room, you flip over onto your stomach, and then slowly rise up. In this position, I now zero in on the moist, dark mark between your legs. I thrust three fingers inside my pussy and pull them out, glistening with my cream. I then push my creamy, wet fingers in your ass, spreading your hole wider. As I fuck you, I nod to the newcomer who saunters over. While he watches, I pull out of your ass, your swollen hole slack and hot to my touch, your knees starting to shake in anticipation. I ask you to bend further down and raise your ass higher. As I stretch you open, the guy behind me fills my pussy with his hot wad when he sees the size of the cock that will fill your tunnel. bahis siteleri I shudder as he rocks and fills me, glancing down at the man on his back with his face at my cunt; I smile as he slurps and licks me clean.

I would just love to see someone, anyone, try to suck this huge dick, but no one can take so much as even the head of it. It’s so big he needs both of his hands to beat off. I ask one of the guys who’s sucking your tits to get a mirror and bring it around to the side so that you can see the size of the pole that’s about to splay you wide open. All the men begin to stir and rise, watching in anticipation. The guy between my legs squirms free and takes a hard hold of his shaft. The guy at your tits grins and pulls on his dick while the guy who had his cock buried in your mouth steps back, sticks a finger in his asshole and slides his hand up and down his rod. They all watch you, trying to envision how you will take this giant piece of lumber up your ass. I want each of them to come in your mouth as he enters you.

You are literally shaking with desire and you gaze around the room, seeing the envy in their eyes. I tell the guy with the thick, fat dick to stand in front of you and dangle his cock near your lips. You gasp when you see the girth of it, and then quickly look to the right to see the length of it in the mirror. Your ass checks start to spasm as you smile. He’s watched me almost drive my whole fist in you; he hopes that you may be one of the few who can walk his plank.

You stare at me in the mirror as I strap on my own big cock and start stroking it; seeing this roomful of timber has made me want one too! I place my hand on your face and gently turn it toward the cock that is bouncing in front of you. I slowly guide you to the head of it. He is dripping with desire, come leaking out onto your tongue. You moan and stretch your mouth wider, but it can barely cover the head. You flick your tongue inside his cock hole, sucking and blowing, trying to drain his hot juice.

I pour more oil in my hand and almost sink my fist in your ass again; you’ve tightened up with desire and I need to ready you for what’s coming. One of the other guys gets on his knees in front of your cock and swallows you. The bahis şirketleri guy with the enormous rod begins to make his way around you, and stands squarely behind you. The other men who’ve been watching and waiting line up in front of you, pulling hard on their wood.

I massage your asshole and it opens to my touch. Once the head of the thick prick is at your opening, I move aside and go stand behind the guy who’s about to fuck you. I slowly spread his ass and ram my dick deep inside him. The force is so strong, it shoves his rock hard cock in you and you scream out as it enters you. Knowing he will almost tear you wide open, I mount him anyway and try to push my cock through him and into you. As I ride him, he pumps into your hot hole, pressing harder against you as he places each hand on your ass checks and pulls you down over his rod. You are groaning louder and a few of the guys start to hose you down, shooting their creamy come all over your face.

I pull out of his ass and move next to both of you and watch him skewer you with his cock. I am shaking with desire as I watch. The man who has been blowing you stands up and helps me rub my ass all over your come soaked face. My asshole is sopping wet as I get on my hands and knees and back myself onto your swollen, throbbing cock. I press my slick hole all the way down, taking you to the root. Just as I moan with the all of you, the man behind you bucks back and raises both of us up. He shoots his load straight up your ass and completely fills you. As he does so, you pound into my ass and do the same. It’s as though he’s shot right through you into me, I feel so full of both of you.

You can’t stop moaning with pleasure. Your asshole is ripped and wet; your tits are sucked raw. Your cock burns from the sucking, the fucking and your mouth is sticky and hot from the come you have swallowed. As you begin to fold over me and rest your head on my back, the giant cock slowly slides out of you. He too is groaning with pleasure as he rarely ever finds a port large enough for his storm. He smiles as he pulls out and gently turns us over, taking care not to loosen your still hard cock from my ass. He leans over, pinches my hard nipples, and softly whispers in my ear, “Rest up. I’ll bring my twin brother tomorrow night.”

*~* Thank you for reading my story. I truly hope you were pleased. Please take a moment to vote and maybe even leave a comment. I love getting any and all feedback. Thanks again! *~*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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