Uncourtly Love Ch. 02

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The Lady Eloise knelt in the forest clearing, her hands folded on her knees. The young noblewoman’s demure posture was almost prayer-like, betrayed only by the streaks of creamy white semen that were splashed across her face. Next to her, slumped almost to the ground, was Ranulf, every inch the exhausted warrior. His face wore a curious expression of fulfilment and defeat. And so it was: for all his skill in combat, he had been proven completely unequal to Eloise’s skill in the ways of sex.

Despite her apparent calmness, Eloise’s mind was whirring. When she had first issued her challenge to Ranulf, it had seemed that nothing more would follow than some mutual masturbation. But as she had turned the tables, using only her fingers, her mouth and her words, a whole vista of possibilities had opened out to her. And it excited her, the thought of using the young knight to fulfil her desires, and maybe being used by him to fulfil his. So Ranulf’s forfeit would not be simple, or immediate; rather, it would be something delicious that both of them could savour.

Ranulf looked up at Eloise. He still seemed confused about what had just happened, as if in the shattering aftermath of his orgasm he realised what a complex web he had just weaved with her. He took a deep breath, and then bowed his head as if in homage. “And what, my lady,” he asked slowly, “is the forfeit you require of me?”

Eloise laughed gently. “Oh cheer up, you silly man.” She wiped away some cum that was dripping from her chin. “I just offered my face for your seed, didn’t I?”

Ranulf smiled. He had always been a curious combination of paladin, lover and child, which was why Eloise found their new entanglement so fulfilling. “You look,” he said happily, “like a whore. A whore of the highest blood, but a whore nonetheless.”

Eloise smiled back. “I feel like one, too. Anyway, your forfeit. You probably think that I expect you to pleasure me, as I pleasured you.”

“It would be an honour, my lady.”

“But, in all your excitement, you may not have realised that I took the opportunity of pleasuring myself. Now, being a woman, that is no bar to further satisfaction. But I can see you are a tired knight, and besides a pleasure that is delayed may also be a pleasure increased.” It was true that in the privacy of her own room, the Lady Eloise could happily frig herself for a couple of hours, teasing her soaking sex to the point of orgasm, her nipples stiff and red with expectancy, and then let the immediate need pass, until the passion became too much and she succumbed to a terrible tortured release. “So, knight, this is the errand that I want you to perform for me tomorrow.”


Ranulf rode slowly through the village. He knew exactly who we was looking for. He had seen the young peasant woman many times before, and something about her rather saucy demeanour had always suggested to him that she might be a ripe fruit for plucking. In the past there had always been a reason not to pluck, so as to speak, but now, in fulfilling Eloise’s errand, he had the perfect excuse.

Not, it had to be said, that Eloise had been bothered as to the willingness of the target. Her precise words had been for him to “persuade, bribe or force” a woman to come with him. Ranulf would make that particular decision when it came to the time; he was reluctant to violate some wretched serf, although there were one or two of the haughtier noblewomen in the Marches who could probably benefit from being forced on their backs and fucked hard, whether they liked it or not.

There was no sign of the young woman. Ranulf was debating whether to ride back through the village or to meet Eloise and admit defeat, when he noticed a woman walking through a nearby field. She was older than the young saucepot he had been seeking, probably a mother of her own children, but hard work in the fields ensured that she had a strong, lithe physique that Ranulf instantly found alluring. She also reminded him of his Aunt Matilda, who had often provided the mental image while he privately pleasured himself.

It seemed perverse, therefore, to ask where the younger woman was, when an equally good victim was here at hand. “You there!” Ranulf called out.

The woman turned, and seeing the young knight bowed her head slightly in respect. “Yes, sire?”

“I am looking for Fallow’s Barn. Do you know where it is?”

“Yes, sire. Through those fields, across the burn, and then through Taplow’s Coppice.” She was still not looking at him.

“Sounds complicated. Is it far?”

“About two miles, sire.”

“I see. Will you show me the way?”

The woman looked demurely down at her heavy load of laundry. “Sire, I have many things to do…”

“I’ll pay you for your time, güvenilir bahis of course.”

She looked up at him now, and Ranulf had the feeling that she was appraising him in just the same way he had assessed her. She had a fine face, and dark hazel eyes; it was insolent for her to look at Ranulf like this, but he could feel his cock stirring all the same. She would make a fine conquest.

“If you say so, sire.” She put down her basket. “Fallow’s Barn is this way.” She started to walk away.

“That will take all day. Climb up here.” The woman looked a little uncertain. “Take my hand, I’ll help you up.” With a shy smile the woman reached up and Ranulf could feel the calluses caused by a lifetime of hard work as he lifted her effortlessly in front of him. He urged his horse on to a slow walk.

“I don’t know your name.”

“I am Sarah, sire.”

“I am Ranulf, of Temperley.”

The woman nodded. As Ranulf had expected, and intended, her position directly in front of him on the horse was extremely intimate. With his arms either side of her holding the reins, he kept brushing her full breasts, while the motion of the horse kept pushing her bum back onto his groin in a very agreeable way, making his cock stiffen. It was another hot and humid day, and there was something almost mesmerising about their journey.

Sarah wriggled a little, her bum rubbing against his cock. “You are bony, sire,” she said a little breathlessly.

Ranulf chuckled. “And you, mistress Sarah, are soft and sweet, which may explain why I am so bony.”

Sarah wriggled again, this time quite deliberately pushing against Ranulf’s erection. “I do hope I’m not giving you discomfort, sire.”

Ranulf pushed himself forward, pressing his hardness to Sarah’s behind. “Quite the opposite, Sarah. And you, how is your comfort?”

Sarah cheekily took one of Ranulf’s hands, and rested it lightly between her legs. He could feel the heat of her excitement. “I do feel a little warm, sire.”

“Let me see,” said Ranulf, easing his hand past the layers of Sarah’s garments, ” if I can find what the matter is.” Delving further down, his fingers brushed through the bush of Sarah’s pubic hair, before encountering the soft wet lips of her sex. “Not just hot – wet,” he whispered into Sarah’s ear.

Sarah leaned back against Ranulf. “I wonder, sire,” she breathed, “if in some way putting your boniness and my wet heat together would resolve both our discomforts.”

“I think you’re right, Sarah,” said Ranulf, and kicked his horse into a gallop.


The Lady Eloise shifted restlessly in her hiding place in the barn. She wasn’t uncomfortable – in fact she had been rather lucky in finding a place that would both allow her full view of what was going on, while at the same time being sufficiently private for her to pleasure herself thoroughly as the spectacle unfolded. No it was rather impatience, and a slight nervousness that Ranulf might not show, that caused her agitation.

Just then she heard the rapid drumbeat as Ranulf’s horse galloped up the barn. Eloise parted her underclothes, ready from the beginning to enjoy everything that happened. Ranulf came running into the barn, towing Sarah behind him. Eloise had a moment to consider that she didn’t feel any jealousy to see Ranulf with another woman; it seemed that whatever connection Eloise had with him carried less power than her desire to play the dark games they had now embarked on.

As Ranulf and Sarah embraced, Eloise scrutinised Ranulf’s choice. Sarah was older than Eloise had expected, but she was a fine and attractive woman nonetheless. Eloise was particularly captivated by the fullness of Sarah’s breasts, and was looking forward to seeing them bared for her pleasure. Added to that was the fact that Sarah bore some resemblance to Ranulf’s Aunt Matilda, a beautiful but difficult woman. How delicious, thought Eloise, for it to seem as if Ranulf was fucking his own aunt.

Ranulf too seemed interested in Sarah’s breasts. His hands were squeezing and mauling them, much to Sarah’s pleasure. Eloise was surprised that Ranulf’s apparent roughness could be so exciting, and wondered what it would be like to be manhandled so. It would feel good, she decided.

Ranulf pulled Sarah’s garments roughly down to her waist. Her breasts, creamy white in contrast to the bronzed tan of her face and arms, were full and round; from the way Sarah stood it was clear she was proud of them, and excited to display them like this.

Without even realising what she was doing Eloise pressed her fingers inside her sex. She couldn’t take her eyes of Sarah’s breasts. Eloise had expected her attention to be focused on Ranulf, and was both shocked and thrilled to realise that she could find türkçe bahis another woman so exciting.

Ranulf reached down to kiss and bite Sarah’s breasts, and she offered them to him eagerly, holding his head against them. “You like my titties, don’t you?” she asked. Eloise nodded unconsciously , her fingers busy on her clit as she imagined how soft and sexy Sarah’s titties would feel in her mouth.

Sarah dropped to her knees, and after a few seconds’ fumbling released Ranulf’s erection. She stroked it gently, then began rubbing it around her breasts, paying particular attention to her large brown nipples. “Does that feel good, sire, my soft white titties against your cock?” Ranulf just nodded. Once again the determined warrior who had almost dragged Sarah into the barn had been transformed into a nodding serf by a few soft strokes and words. Sarah cupped her breasts around Ranulf’s cock, and Eloise could see from the look of even deeper ecstasy on Ranulf’s face that the sensation was incredible. “Mm, that feels good, fucking my big titties, sire, doesn’t it?” The sight of Ranulf’s hard penis sliding between Sarah’s breasts looked good too. Eloise was torn between the fear of Ranulf cumming too early, and the beautiful prospect of Sarah’s titties covered in Ranulf’s semen.

Sarah bent her face down, and releasing Ranulf from her breasts took his cock into her mouth. For the first time Eloise saw that Sarah was busy frigging herself inside her clothing, and the look on Sarah’s face showed how much pleasure she was getting from servicing the young knight. Eloise watched as Sarah took almost the whole length of Ranulf’s erection into her mouth, then slowly released it almost to the end. The Lady Eloise enjoyed sucking cock, but she had never imagined how erotic it could be to watch another woman using her mouth to pleasure Ranulf.

Once again Eloise thought that Ranulf might break his word, and cum in Sarah’s mouth, but as his excitement seemed to be rising too far Sarah let his cock drop from her lips. Sarah dropped back onto the straw, lifting her garments and spreading her legs wide, wantonly displaying her hairy bush and cunt. “Now, sire, I think I have just the thing for your boniness.” She reached down and pulled her lips apart. Eloise licked her lips as she saw the shiny pink flesh of another woman’s sex for the very first time; she felt a sudden, violent hunger to lick and taste Sarah, to press her tongue against another woman’s slit and drink her honey.

Ranulf knelt between Sarah’s legs. Eloise could see that all he wanted was to shoot his spunk inside Sarah’s inviting sex. “I will fuck you, Sarah, yes,” he said, his voice unsteady with desire, “but I cannot finish there. You understand?” Eloise stifled a sigh. It would have been exciting to watch Ranulf and Sarah fucking, but she was thrilled and relieved he was still keeping to his agreement to her.

Sarah smiled at Ranulf, a look of pure devilish lust. She lifted her knees a little to her chest, opening her arse cheeks and exposing the little brown crater of her arsehole. Eloise swallowed. This was even more incredible than she had imagined. There was something almost disturbing at how excited Eloise felt at the sight of another woman’s puckered hole.

“Pleasure my cunt first, sire,” said Sarah, ” and it would be my pleasure to go on my knees for you to finish in my arse.” In the frantic atmosphere of the barn it seemed quite normal for a peasant woman to make demands of a knight.

Ranulf nodded, and dropped down, sliding his cock easily into Sarah’s soaking sex. Sarah gasped at the penetration, and with every rough thrust she panted as her climax approached. Eloise expected Sarah to frig herself, but then she saw that that the rough bush of Ranulf’s pubic hair on Sarah’s clitoris was providing all the extra stimulation needed. Eloise was transfixed by the look on Sarah’s face, watching as her expression passed from juddering concentration, through anxiety as her climax approached, and then flushed sweaty triumph as she bounced and shook her way through a powerful orgasm. It was quite the most beautiful thing Eloise had ever seen.

Ranulf pulled out, his cock still stiff and unsatisfied, as Sarah fought to capture her breath. After a few seconds she turned to him and smiled. “You are an honourable gentleman, sire, and it is my turn to offer you satisfaction.” Still exhausted from her orgasm, she rolled lazily onto her front and then her knees, her arse pointing obscenely in the air.

The Lady Eloise’ mind was a dizzying mess. In all her imaginings of this she had never anticipated that a peasant woman on all fours, her cunt sticky and gaping, her arsehole brown and vulnerable, could be such a delicious sight.

Ranulf knelt behind Sarah’s güvenilir bahis siteleri arse, his cock slick and lubricated from fucking Sarah, and pressed his cockhead against her back hole. Eloise’s eyes flickered from Sarah’s bum to her face, wanting to take in every detail of her violation. Eloise saw Sarah flinch as Ranulf pushed into her, and then a look of intense, almost agonising discomfort came over her face.

“Is it good, mistress?” asked Ranulf, ever the gentleman.

Sarah nodded, her hand reaching down to stroke her sex. The look on her face had changed to one of intense concentration, and she was breathing carefully. As Ranulf began to penetrate Sarah’s arsehole more deeply, her expression gradually transformed to strange, intense fulfilment. Eloise had wanted to see what being arsefucked was like, and seeing the serene torture on Sarah’s face made her urgently desire Ranulf’s cock in her own arse. There would be time for that, she reminded herself.

Ranulf, too, wore an expression quite unlike one Eloise had seen before. The hot flesh of Sarah’s impossible little hole wrapped tightly around his cock was transporting him. And, to Eloise’s amazement, Sarah was now pushing her bum back onto Ranulf’s cock, urging him to bugger her more and more violently.

The scene was building to its inevitable climax. Sarah’s fingers, despite her recent climax, were busy on her cunt; Ranulf was fucking her arse with a desperate urgency that showed his own moment was close; and the Lady Eloise’s fingers were busy, one hand furiously working on her sopping cunt, while the other poked a cheeky finger inside her own bum in imitation of Sarah’s ordeal.

Ranulf groaned an animal raw grunt, the tight pressure of Sarah’s anal canal too much as he spurted wave after wave of hot spunk deep into her bowels. Sarah’s second orgasm came simultaneously, utterly different to the first, a shrieking howling bestial release of lust. And Eloise, forced into silence, almost passed out as wave after wave of her orgasm rocked through her.

Then, for some time, silence, until Sarah unsteadily rose to her feet, carefully restoring her clothes to modesty. “Sire, I must get back,” she said.

Ranulf reached for his purse, but Sarah quickly stopped him. “You mean well, sire, I know. But I lay with you because I wanted to, no other reason. Besides,” and she gave him a cheeky smile, “when the score is counted I think I took more from the bargain than you. Let us say nothing more, other than that, if I ever need the help of someone brave, kind and powerful, I know exactly where to come.”

Sarah turned to leave, and then looking directly at the place where Eloise was hiding, gave an almost imperceptible curtsey, a wicked naughty grin splayed across her face. Then she was off and out into the bright sunlight.

Eloise slipped from her secret place, her minding buzzing with the thought that Sarah had knowingly put on such a sluttish display for someone hiding. Ranulf lay on the straw, his cock curling down, his eyes closed, almost asleep. Eloise knelt beside him, and looked again at his face. She was sure he was sleeping. Something base and carnal crept from a dark place into her mind. She rested a couple of fingers gently on her clit. Then she bent down, right down, until her face was only inches away from Ranulf’s cock.

The Lady Eloise breathed in. If not an entirely pleasant smell, it was an exciting one, not so different from when she sometimes sniffed her fingers after they had been in her own bum, but also mingled with the dry saltiness of Ranulf’s cum. Eloise’s fingers danced a swifter tune on her clit as she leant closer, drawing her nose along the limp shaft of Ranulf’s cock.

Eloise began to frig herself in earnest. What had started as little more than nasty curiosity had developed into something desperately exciting. The image of Sarah on all fours had left a powerful imprint, the sight of Sarah’s gaping cunt and brown arsehole appealing to something primal in Eloise’s imagination. She breathed in again, deeply. Her mind was full of Sarah’s bum, spread and exposed, while Ranulf’s cock pounded into it. Unexpectedly Eloise could feel a second orgasm, so soon after the first, welling inside her. A sensation close to panic gripped the young noblewoman. She was smelling the inside of the peasant woman Sarah’s arse, and yet for her it was headier and more intoxicating than the most bewitching incense from Asia. Eloise rocked and shook as her orgasm exploded through her, a torturously sordid moment of self-pleasure.

As Eloise slowly recovered, she saw Ranulf’s eyes were open, and upon her. His face wore a sly grin. “It seems my lady has some dark leanings,” he said. “I like that, but I think it’s only fair that tomorrow you must undertake an errand for me.”

{Once again please send me feedback if you have any ideas what Eloise should do. I have my own ideas but would love to incorporate other suggestions for either Eloise or Ranulf in future chapters.}

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