Under A Mango Tree Ch. 03

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Rajni had decided not to think about the incident and she realized that she was disturbingly good at suppressing her thoughts. She went about the task of fixing her house, although she didn’t see the point in doing that. When was she going to come back, rather would she ever want to come back after what had happened? Nevertheless, she needed a distraction until her leave period at work was over and she would go back to the city. She knew she could go back any time she wanted, but for some reason, she decided to stay. She kind of knew what this reason was because every afternoon, she found herself staring longingly at the muddy pathway leading toward her house, in the hopes that she would hear that noise- the clinking of bangles, the sound of her name being called. But it never happened and she knew it was bad because she’d started smoking way too often that she used to.

But on the last day of that week, as she zipped up her suitcase, she felt a painful lump in the throat that just wouldn’t go away no matter how many times she gulped. She was about to pop a pill when she heard someone banging the padlock on her gate. She rushed out the door, her heart skipping a beat. There it was, the moment she’d been waiting for so badly- Kusum was at the gate, a clay jar in her hands.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

Rajni opened the gate. “Of course” She said. She showed Kusum in, pulling out a chair in the balcony for her.

“Are you headed somewhere?” Kusum asked.

“Yes. I was just about to leave for home.” Rajni replied.

“Oh.” Kusum began to fidget with her saree. Just like she did back there in the river, Rajni thought to herself. Drawing in a sharp breath, she brushed off that thought.

“I brought this for you. Maybe you can take it back home with you.” Kusum said, handing her a jar of her mango pickle.

“Thank you.” Rajni replied, careful bursa escort bayan not to brush her fingers against Kusum’s as she took it. Perhaps Kusum noticed it, because she shot up a look at Rajni. Then she just stood there, shuffling her feet. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Kusum spoke.

“Listen, I wanted to apologise for what I did back there, it was not nice.” She said.

Rajni was waiting for her to say more, but Kusum couldn’t bring herself to speak. Rajni looked away into the distance. “Okay.” She said, with a small smile. “I should go.” She bent down to pick up her bag.

“Wait!” Kusum exclaimed. “I- I didn’t know you were leaving today. Will I see you again?”

“Do you want to see me again?”

“Well, yes… I was just scared, Rajni. I was confused, overwhelmed. But I like you. I really, really like you.” She closed her eyes as she said this.

“I like you too.” Rajni nodded.

“I know it must have felt terrible when I left like that. I want to make it up to you.” Kusum said, taking a step closer. Rajni loosened her arm, letting her purse slip down through her wrist onto the chair as Kusum started planting a kiss on her lower lip, just like she’d done every other time and Rajni could only hope that nothing would go wrong this time.

When they were inside the house, Kusum cupped Rajni’s face in her hands, her tears dripping down from her chin as Rajni tugged at Kusum’s saree, pulling her even closer. The saree came off effortlessly and so did the blouse. Her fingers didn’t tremble anymore. She let Kusum unbutton her shirt and let her hands work their way with the zip of her trousers. When her bra was gone, she felt Kusum’s lips on her nipple, taking it in her mouth as her tongue worked its magic on it. She cupped Rajni’s breast with one hand as the other hand dug a finger in her belly button. Rajni bursa anal yapan escort sucked in her breath.

“You know that won’t make your belly look flat, right?” Kusum said.

Rajni laughed, letting it go.

“You’re beautiful. You are just perfect” Kusum added. She let go off her nipple and moved lower, leaving a trail of saliva down her breasts.

Rajni chuckled. “I think we should take it to the bedroom”.

Rajni crawled on the bed, lying on her stomach.

“You should put a cushion under your stomach.” Kusum said. Rajni looked at her with surprise. “It gives your partner better access to…you know…” she nodded, trying her best to hide her embarrassment.

“Someone’s been watching porn,” Rajni teased as she reached out for a pillow. Kusum only smiled sheepishly. She sat on the edge of the bed and for the first time ever, touched Rajni’s inner thigh. Rajni drew in a sharp breath. Kusum started planting kisses on her butt, pecks at first and then wet, lingering ones. When they fell in the valley between her thighs, Rajni bit her lip and started clawing at the bed sheet. Kusum was really good, especially with her fingers, which took Rajni by surprise.

“Have you like done this before?” she asked, straining her neck to look back.

“I kind of…tried to do it to myself.” Kusum mumbled.

“You’ve been touching yourself?” Rajni laughed loudly.

Kusum was silent.

“Were you thinking about me?” Rajni asked. The very thought of Kusum fondling herself made her nipples harden once again.

“I- Can you just shut up?” Kusum protested.

Rajni laughed. “Say it! It’s not that hard.”

Kusum didn’t say it. Her fingers were travelling up and down Rajni’s crotch, lingering for a longer time at her slit with every stroke. After a while, she switched bursa rus escort from straight strokes to rubbing around in circles.

“How does that feel?” she said softly.

Rajni was grinding her pelvis against the bed sheet, wanting Kusum to thrust in right away. But she was also waiting for something else. “It would feel much better if you just answered my question.” Rajni said. Kusum was silent.

“Oh please!” Rajni cried out, clutching at her own hair. Kusum had slipped her fingers inside her hole and Rajni felt like her touch was the only thing in the world that mattered, like the room and the house and the world outside didn’t exist, like they were in an isolated void away from time and space. Her insides vibrated and her buttocks felt hot. So did her face. She was blissfully aware of Kusum’s fingers getting sticky and soppy as they pressed down right on her g-spot.

“Is this good?” Kusum asked.

“Say it!” Rajni cried again.

“Are you getting there?” Kusum ignored her pleas, partially out of shyness, partially because she liked teasing Rajni.

“Were you thinking about me?” Rajni repeated, almost begging for an answer.

“Okay! Yes!” Kusum shouted over Rajni’s groans. Her orgasm was intense. She was groaning and gasping, uttering something unintelligible, like she was possessed. Unlike Kusum, she wasn’t very loud, she just shut her eyes tightly. She sucked in her breath, her hips tightly drawn together, her hole clenching around Kusum’s finger, her toes curling in and her teeth gritted. She stayed like that for a few seconds before Kusum finally withdrew her finger, watching as Rajni ‘s body went limp with exhaustion.

“Guess I did a good job.” Kusum whispered, lying down beside Rajni, looking into her eyes.

Rajni gripped her waist with both hands and pulled her close. “Yeah. That was crazy!” she said.

Kusum giggled. “No! That’s-“


“Well- yes.”

“You’re getting bolder by the minute. Maybe we should get you a dildo.”

“A what?”

“Now I know what to get you for your birthday.” Rajni said. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, probably dreaming of a mango tree and a tranquil river.

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