Under Her Spell

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I was briskly heading down my street towards my home around 12 at night when I heard a rustling of the leaves behind me. I turned quickly, expecting to see something or someone there but there was nothing other than the dark street and the glowing of jack-o-lanterns in the distance. I continued to walk and shook my head, deciding that I was only being paranoid because Halloween was only a week away.

As I reached my house I looked into the window where my bedroom is and saw a dim light and shadows dancing around the white walls. I carefully unlocked the door and crept quietly to my room.

The door was slightly ajar and I peeked in only to find that nothing was there. I shook my head again, beginning to question my own sanity and walked into the room cautiously. A rather intoxicating odor was in the air, it was not familiar at all but had a sense of security too it. I looked around once more and noticed that a blood-red candle was brightly burning by my nightstand. I hadn’t remembered buying any red candles let alone lighting one before I went out. I shrugged it off and wondered if perhaps Katie, my neighbor, had left it there, as she has a key to my house.

I set my keys down and threw my coat on my bed. It had been a long night and I was more than willing to turn in. I turned to the mirror as I undressed; this has been sort of a ritual to me for quite sometime. I enjoyed staring at my naked body for some reason and didn’t try to explain to myself why. As I slipped my shirt and jeans off I had the sudden feeling that someone was watching me but knew that no one was in the room.

I stared admiringly at my figure. I have a good body if I do say so myself and enjoy flaunting it. Here, I’ll give you a description. I have C cup breasts and chocolate colored nipples. I have an athletic look to me and still have a very nice dark tan from the summer. My hair, long and blonde, goes just past my shoulders, and my face has an absolute innocent look to it, especially when I smile and my amber colored eyes twinkle.

I yawned lazily and lied down in my small cozy bed, made for one, as I don’t live with anyone and have not dated seriously for quite some time. I leaned over and blew out the candle then snuggled into my blankets for a long night’s rest.

I think it was a dream, but to this day I’m still not sure. I was in a dark room, with black candles lit all around me, when I tried to move I realized that I was tied down to the cold black floor. I screamed out for someone to help but no one answered my calls. Then suddenly a pale woman dressed in all black appeared before me. I gasped at her beauty, as her eyes seemed to pierce through me.

I wasn’t scared for some reason, although my mind screamed I should be. But that gaze… it was almost hypnotic. I suddenly felt very dreamy and alluring. She smiled softly at me and I couldn’t seem to help but smile back.

Then finally she spoke, “Do not be afraid my child,” Her soothing voice lulled me, “I am not planning on harming you, exactly the opposite in fact.”

I wanted to reply, and ask the many questions swarming in my head, yet I couldn’t seem to force anything but a small whimper.

I stared at her up and down; she was as I said before, extremely beautiful. Her raven black hair draped over her pale face, and her clothes, though tattered, were extremely sexy. Her eyes blacker than the darkest night were exciting to say the least, and her lips red like blood. Her lips…that’s when I noticed something else strange about this woman. She appeared to have fangs, when she grinned at me they looked deadly, but once again very sexy.

I myself have never been know to have any interests in women at all, and was surprised at how extremely turned on I was by her.

Then, just as quickly as she had appeared she disappeared into the darkness that surrounded me. The glowing from the candles slowly began to appear very distant, as though I too, was fading away.

I awoke back in my bed at my small house. I had broken out in a sweat and my heart was beating a mile a minute. Not only that, but I seemed to have found my self rather excited the say the least.

I looked out my window; the sun was just poking up over the houses. I got out of bed and slipped Betturkey on my satin nightgown, then headed towards the kitchen, my head still swarming with questions.

As I sat sipping my coffee quietly still in awe as to what had happened the night before. She had fangs, does that mean she was a vampire? Was I just dreaming? Why did I get so turned on? Am I a lesbian?

After awhile I got tired of asking myself questions I knew I couldn’t answer and decided to head down to the autumn market.

While I was there I noticed a bookshop, very old and dilapidated. Although it did not look like a welcoming place, I was drawn towards it as though someone was giving me a light nudge.

I walked up to the broken down door and opened it with a creak, then steeped inside carefully. As I looked around I noticed right away that this was no ordinary bookshop. It had skulls and candles, voodoo dolls and old books titled “Witches and warlocks.”

I looked around curiously, being careful not to touch anything, I didn’t even notice the woman standing behind me until she asked, “Hello there. Can I help you?”

I jumped in surprise and whirled around to face the woman, “Uh no…” I stuttered, “Just looking around.”

She smiled kindly and at that moment I had an eerie feeling as shivers were sent up my spine. She suddenly looked very familiar, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Is there any reason you have come to my humble shop?” she asked, attempting to break the silence, as I stood there dumbfounded.

“No,” I replied sheepishly. “This store simply caught my eye for some reason.”

She stared at me knowingly, as though she could tell something important was on my mind, then simply nodded and walked back to behind the dusty counter.

After looking around for only a few more moments I scooted out of the store and headed home.

“These past few days have been way too weird for me to handle,” I thought to myself as I lay back onto my couch and drifted off to sleep.

I had the same dream again that night, and had it every night till Halloween day. I tried every time to ask her questions as to what was going on, but could never manage more than a peep. She had consumed my every thought, made me paranoid and made me start thinking things I never in my right mind would think.

When Halloween approached everything was peaceful, nothing out of the ordinary happened that day and I had hoped my strange dreams were over. I handed out candy to the children in their Barbie and Batman costumes until around 10 O’clock at night, then ran out of candy and decided to retire to my couch.

I poured myself a small glass of white wine and sat down in front of the fire. It seemed like I had only sat down minutes ago but suddenly my clock rang 12. I yawned and stretched then lazily walked towards my room and did my usual undressing in front of the mirror. Once again I had the feeling someone was watching me, and prayed quietly to myself that these dreams had come to and end, then lay down and crashed as soon as I hit the pillow.

The dream… it came again.

But this time it was different. I was not tied up, and was not in a pitch-black room surrounded by the warm glow of the candles I had become so familiar with. Instead, I was in a brick wall room, with canopy silk bed, and pillows all around. There was a small table with a mirror attached to it. As I looked around I noticed there were no lights, simply black and red candles flickering, causing shadows to dance along the beige walls.

I walked around the room and noticed there were no doors, in or out of here, then proceeded to the fireplace, of which looked warm and welcoming. I sat there for a few moments, simply staring into the flicker and movement of the flame.

Suddenly the fire seemed cold and evil, no longer inviting. I got up and moved toward the mirror and stared quietly at myself, asking if it was a dream, and if it was, why did it seem so real? Every detail of my face… body could be seen.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and froze. I looked into the mirror and found that I could see no one behind me. But when I tilted my head, and moved my eyes down toward my shoulder, there was a pale hand Betturkey Giriş resting on it. The hand was obviously a woman’s- Tender and soft, long black nails, and a ruby attached to a gold ring on her finger shimmered from the candlelight.

I gasped and turned around quickly, only to come face to face with this mysterious lady I had come to know so well, yet knew nothing about.

She smiled at me as her black eyes once again pierced into me. Her hands gently went around my waist and rested there. I wanted to move away, I wanted out of this place and away from her… but I couldn’t move, I could only stand there in awe and confusion and she grinned, flashing her fangs at me.

After what seemed like minutes I finally choked out, “Who… who are you? What do you want? Why have you brought me to this place?”

At first she said nothing and only stared, then her voice, soothing and calm replied, “My dear you are here because I want you… I want your body and you will give it to me, of course not willingly at first I am sure… but you will come around.”

“You… you what? What makes you think I will be so willing to give in to your demands?” I asked, regaining my sense of being.

She chuckled slightly then said, “Child, you have cancer, if you didn’t already know… I am willing to give you immortality at a price. The price is you. You will be mine for all eternity, a creature of the darkness that feeds on life itself… blood.”

Although I should have been surprised, I wasn’t. I knew she was a vampire and knew about them fairly well, as I had once been interested in them and had even done a report on them. I simply stared at her a moment longer and thought about what she had put in front of me.

I wasn’t entirely sure I could trust her. I had never had any indication of cancer and besides… I was dealing with a vampire, who knows if they can be trusted? Finally I said no. I didn’t want to live an eternity anyway, and certainly not as some slave for a lesbian vampire.

I began to turn away when she grabbed me, a little less gently this time and gazed into my eyes. “You will be mine… whether you like it or not is not the question,” she said sternly.

I couldn’t help but stare back, I felt as though I was in a hypnotic state that couldn’t be broken. I stood there for a few minutes unable to move, trying to fight the urge to give in, when finally her will over powered mine.

She grinned knowing she had won and took my hand in hers then led me towards the bed. She leaned me down on it gently as she caressed my arm.

I knew it wasn’t right, that I was being forced; yet somehow I couldn’t ignore the feeling of excitement and passion.

Then she did something unexpected, she grabbed two silk sheets and tied my arms to the bedposts and looked up at me, “Just a precaution dear, I don’t want you running away on me,” she chuckled.

I merely looked at her in utter fear, yet still I couldn’t ignore that feeling of lust that crept over me.

She flashed a grin somehow knowing that though my face said otherwise, I was enjoying this, and then glanced over my body and smiled with approval.

“Hmm…” she said curiously. “You body looks delicious from what I can see… but I want to see more.” With that she ripped off my shirt and undid my black lace bra and threw it aside.

“Very nice indeed,” she said with a hint of lust and hunger in her eyes as her hands moved downward over my breasts and stomach toward my panties.

I hadn’t even realized until now that I was simply wearing my nightclothes.

She hooked her thumbs underneath my panties and slipped them down my legs, gently grazing my skin as she did so, sending shivers throughout my body.

The woman looked down at my shaved pussy and smiled, then leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on my mound.

I merely whimpered in response, unable to look away. She looked up at me when I made this noise and smiled softly at me, “See? You like that don’t you? Aren’t you glad you gave in?” I nodded quietly as she moved back up to my face.

She kissed me lightly on the lips, and frowned when I didn’t kiss back.

“Come now child just give in to your desires… you know you want this, you know you want me… just as I want you,” she whispered huskily in my ear, her hot breath making it even harder to deny the chance I had put before me.

She then leaned in for another kiss; I resisted at first then finally gave in and kissed her back hungrily. She pulled away momentarily and asked, “There! Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” then returned to kissing me, she playfully bit my lower lip with her fangs, and sucked away the pain.

After only moments of our hot, passionate kiss she slipped her tongue into my mouth and began probing it with mine, while her soft hands began to explore my body. I moaned into her mouth as her hand roamed up and down my inner thigh.

The hand that was tenderly stroking my hair moved down towards my now stiff and erect nipples, she teased them and rolled them with expert fingers, it was obvious she had done this before. I shuddered at the amazement of how good it felt, when a guy had done this it always seemed clumsy and rushed.

Her hand that was stroking my inner thigh moved upwards toward my already sopping and aching pussy, her finger played over it gently. “My you’re already wet!” she chuckled, “Now I know you’re enjoying this.”

I nodded in reply; unable to think I was so overpowered with lust. I tried to move my hand down toward my throbbing clit, and then suddenly remembered my hands were tied. The woman looked up at me as I whimpered in frustration, she giggled as though she didn’t know why I was making these funny noises, and reached up untying one of my hands.

My hand quickly went down and tended to my engorged clit as her expert hand returned to teasing and taunting my nipples, while her other slowly started to finger fuck me. I could feel her fingers sliding in and out of my opening, and could smell the excitement from my pussy.

Her tongue ran down my neck to my chest, leaving a wet trail behind her. It then played over my nipples and flicked them before her lips locked around my right one and sucked on it tenderly.

I looked down at her and kissed the top of her head lovingly, as my hand continued to drum over my throbbing clit. I had almost cummed I could feel it; all I needed was that little extra push. She could sense this somehow and bit down on my nipple hard. I moaned out in ecstasy as my back arched and fluids began flowing out of me.

She slid down between my legs and hungrily lapped up my juices, not at all being careful to not touch my tender clit, she ran her tongue inside of me and up over my clit, sending me into another fit as I came again.

The woman showed no mercy as she continued her venture sucking my clit tauntingly and diving her fingers deep inside me as she pumped as fast as she could. My free hand went to her back shoulder and I dug my nails into her deep, unable to control myself. She hissed out in pain but did not let up on her goal to send me into complete bliss.

I came again and saw stars as I screamed out in pure pleasure. Her mouth ran up to my neck as she bit down hard, I gasped as her fangs sunk into my flesh. I lay there as I could feel the blood being drawn from me, too tired to scream out in pain.

She then stopped and let go of her deadly grip on my neck and grinned at me, flashing her blood covered fangs. She kissed me deeply and I savored the taste of my own blood and cum.

“There,” she said in a rather wicked voice, “Now your transformation is almost complete. All that’s left is for you to taste my blood, then we shall be together for all eternity.”

I nodded in understanding and watched as she took a small dagger from off of the nightstand and slit her wrist. The blood came oozing out slowly; it was dark and thick, certainly not human blood. She brought her wrist up to me and I grabbed it with my free hand, and then pulled it up to my lips.

I brought my mouth up to her bleeding flesh and began sucking on her wound, cautiously at first and unsure. But as soon as my tongue got a taste I became hungry and wild, my instincts took over as fangs painfully replaced my eyeteeth and bit into her.

It has been over one thousand years now, and we still look as youthful as ever. I have become my mistress’s willing lover and companion. We hunt for prey together, make the most amazing love together, and find new victims to seduce together.

I have never felt so wild, so powerful and so free in my life, and when you think about it… that’s a long life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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