Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed Ch. 05

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“Whoa, where are you going?” Erica exclaimed, smearing nail polish on my hand when Mr. Nolan came around the corner into the kitchen.

“Erica!” I protested, grabbing a Q-Tip and dipping it into the nail polish remover, swabbing at the red stripe on my finger. “Watch what you’re doing.”

“That’s a godawful smell!” Mr. Nolan made a face, grabbing his coat off the back of my chair. His hand brushed my shoulder and I shivered, looking back at him.

“Wow,” I breathed, my eyes wide. He was dressed in black jeans and a light blue button-down shirt. I’d seen him in a suit, and in casual clothes, but never dressed quite like this. He’d even gotten a haircut, and the cologne he was wearing was making me dizzy. “You smell fantastic.”

He smiled, but didn’t meet my eyes. It had been like that since that day in his room—he avoided me and would barely even look at me, although I had tried a couple times to talk to him.

“Thanks,” he said, shrugging on his coat. “Erica, I’m going out.”

“Yeah, I gathered that,” she replied, still staring. “But where?”

He cleared his throat, shifting from foot to foot. “On a date.”

“Wow.” Erica raised her eyebrows. “About time.”

I couldn’t say anything. My heart was beating too hard in my throat.

“You girls be good,” he said, looking at me then. I swallowed hard and dropped my eyes to the floor.

“So who is this girl?” Erica asked, cocking her head at him.

“Woman,” he corrected, straightening the collar of his jacket and glancing at me. My stomach was clenched and aching. “Someone from work.”

“And how long have you known her?” Erica pressed on, and I began rubbing furiously at the red nail polish spot on my skin.

“Long enough,” he replied, giving her a smile. “No third degrees, alright?

“Well, she must be pretty special,” Erica said with a frown, dipping the drying nail polish brush back into the bottle. “I can count on one hand the number of dates you’ve gone on since mom died.”

“She’s… just a girl,” he replied, grabbing his keys off the rack on the wall. “Woman,” he corrected himself, clearing his throat again. “And we’re meeting for drinks. Very casual kind of date.”

“Well, you look great, Mr. Nolan,” I said, holding my hand out as Erica started painting my nails again. I knew my heart was in my eyes, and something moved over his face when he looked at me, something pained and it made me want to cry.

“Thanks, Leah,” he said. “I won’t be too late. You girls be good.” He said it again, with an emphasis on good. “I mean it.”

“We will,” Erica assured him. “We’ve got chick flicks, microwave popcorn and nail polish—we’re set for the night.”

He laughed, reaching over and brushing Erica’s hair out of her eyes. “You two are something else.”

I tilted my face up to look at him as he passed, wanting him to touch me, too, but knowing he wouldn’t.

“Well how about that,” Erica said as the front door closed behind him. “My dad, on a date.”

“He’s still a man,” I said, watching her hand tremble slightly as she moved the brush toward my nails. “I imagine he misses… women…”

Erica nodded, turning my hand a little for a better angle. “It’s been five years… I guess it’s about time.”

In spite of her words, she didn’t look any happier about the prospect of her dad going on a date than I did, and while we went through the motions, watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, eating popcorn and getting our newly-painted nails all buttery, both of our thoughts were elsewhere.

It wasn’t until I was tucked into the sleeping bag on the floor and Erica had turned out the light that one of us mentioned it again.

“I wish my mom was here,” Erica said with a sigh.

I nodded, feeling tears prick my eyes, but didn’t say anything. Mrs. Nolan had been like my second mom. I couldn’t remember much about that time, except that Erica missed a lot of school, and the few times I was allowed over that year, I remembered Mrs. Nolan wearing a scarf on her head, her face gaunt, but her smile and her voice were always the same.

“I guess this is how life goes on,” she whispered in the dark. I moved out of my sleeping bag and crept up into the bed, lying next to her. I couldn’t imagine losing my mother—I couldn’t for a minute know what it must feel like. I just knew I wanted to comfort her.

She sniffed and pulled my arm over her as she turned toward the wall. We fell asleep that way, her first—her breathing going from those soft little hitches to a deep, even cadence—and then me, drifting off to the rise and fall of her back against my chest.

I woke up twice that night. The first time, I heard voices. Erica was sleeping soundly, snoring a little, and I slipped my arm out from under hers and şişli escort eased off the bed. When I opened her door, I could hear the voices more clearly. It was Mr. Nolan and a woman.

I should have closed the door and gone back to sleep, but I didn’t. They were downstairs, so I crept onto the landing until I could see where they were sitting side-by-side and kissing on the couch. All of their clothes were on, but the woman had her leg up over his, and her skirt was riding high up her thigh. Mr. Nolan’s hand was there, pressing it up further.

“Oh, wait,” the blonde murmured, breaking their kiss. Mr. Nolan’s mouth traveled down her neck, his hand moving further up her thigh. “Rob, wait, wait…”

He stopped then, his breath coming so fast I could hear it from where I was sitting, peeking through the railing.

“I… think I should go home,” she said, extracting her leg from his and smoothing her skirt. “I like you, but maybe we should… go a little slower.”

He sighed and nodded as she picked up her purse. “Are you sure you’re ok to drive home?”

“I’m fine,” she replied, leaning over to kiss his cheek. “I had a good time.”

“Me, too,” he agreed, standing and helping her up. I slipped further up the stairs as they started toward the door. “I’ll call you.”

“You better,” she purred, and I couldn’t see them anymore, but I could tell they were kissing. I went quietly back to Erica’s room with a tight, burning ball in the pit of my stomach. I climbed back into the sleeping bag and hugged my pillow. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I drifted off before I even heard him come upstairs for the night.

The second time I woke up, I had to pee. I didn’t know what time it was, but I stumbled to the bathroom, still half-asleep. I pulled my panties down and sat, rubbing at my eyes, and I was about to flush when I noticed that flickering light under Mr. Nolan’s door again.

I knew I shouldn’t, but I eased the door open, seeing him stretched out on his bed, his cock in his hand while the television revealed a close-up view of some guy’s cock being sucked. That hot tingly feeling started between my legs as I watched, remembering Mr. Nolan’s hand in my hair as he shoved himself to the back of my throat like the guy on the screen.

I peeked through the growing gap in the door, letting it swing half open as Mr. Nolan’s hand shuttled up and down the length of his shaft. He stopped with a groan to squeeze the tip for a moment before resuming again. My palm cupped the hot, damp crotch of my panties and I took a tentative step into the room, the soft carpet a pleasant shock to my bare feet after the cold tile of the bathroom floor.

Edging past the closet, I heard his breathing now, fast and labored, his fist pumping hard. He couldn’t see me and he didn’t hear me, creeping up beside him, just like I hadn’t heard Erica that day. He was too focused on his pleasure, watching the scene on the television. My fingers moved my panties aside, searching the soft heat of my pussy to find my clit and rub it as I crept closer still.

The movie’s volume was soft, but audible, the moans and slaps of flesh clear as the guy knelt between the blonde’s legs, aiming himself towards her pink center. I watched for a moment as he pulled out, slick and hard, and slid back in again with a moan. Mr. Nolan moaned, too, his eyes closing tight as he squeezed his cockhead again with a hiss.

Sliding my panties down over my hips, I left them on the floor, moving to stand beside Mr. Nolan’s bed, my heart pounding, the heat and tingling between my legs too incredible to ignore. I didn’t say anything, but he sensed me there, I think, because he startled even before he opened his eyes and saw me.

“Leah!” His instinct was to cover himself, but he was laying on the made bed, and his fingers futilely grasped the top of the comforter caught underneath his weight.

“It’s okay,” I whispered, spreading my lips open, showing him in the dim, changing light from the television.

“No,” he said, shaking his head, but I saw that his erection hadn’t waned at all. In fact, it seemed to swell as I parted my pussy and looked down at him, his eyes staying glued between my legs.

I slid a finger inside, then another, seeing his face change, caught between pleasure and pain. Then his hand moved between his legs to squeeze his cock, and I smiled.

“I’m not a little girl anymore,” I insisted, reaching for the edge of my t-shirt with wet fingers and peeling it off, pulling it over my head and letting it drop to the floor.

“Oh Leah,” he breathed, his eyes inching their way up my narrow waist, over the soft swell of my breasts, to meet mine.

“Am I pretty?” I asked, biting my lip and running my fingertips over my belly, circling my hardening nipples.

He groaned, his response hoarse. “Yes.”

“Do you want me?” My fingers trailed between my legs and I opened myself for him again.

“Yes.” His eyes closed against it, but I was still there when he opened them a moment later, my fingers working my clit in little circles.

“It feels good,” I whispered, rubbing it faster. “Touching it right here.”

“Yes.” He nodded, licking his lips and watching. His hand was moving on his cock again.

I moaned, reaching my other hand up to tug at my nipple, closing my eyes for a moment as I touched myself. It felt so good, too good to stop, and the minute I got lost in the darkness, I heard everything more clearly—the movie in the background, the soft sounds of lust, Mr. Nolan’s hand moving up and down his shaft and the wet sound of my fingers between my lips.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Mr. Nolan reaching for me, his fingers outstretched towards my pussy, but not touching. My heart skipped and my pussy clenched and I pressed forward so his fingers brushed my pubic hair.

“Feels good when someone rubs it for me,” I said, sliding my fingers out from between my lips and nudging my mound toward his hand. He shook his head, swallowing, but he found me, making me gasp when his fingers sank into my flesh, exploring the soft, smooth walls inside.

“Yessss,” I moaned when his big thumb moved over my clit, back and forth, his fingers stretching me open.

The hand moving on his cock had slowed as he concentrated between my legs, making me rock and whimper against his hand. When I leaned over to touch him, grasping the shaft and rubbing the tip with my thumb, he gasped, his fingers pressing up into me hard. I wanted to make him feel good, too, and I pulled my long, dark hair out of the way as I leaned over to kiss the tip of his cock.

“Oh Leah,” he groaned as I twisted my body, trying to take him into my mouth from this angle. I could only get the tip in, sucking hard, making him jump. Frustrated, I put a knee on the bed, looking for a better position.

“Come here,” he said, his hand slipping out of my wetness, making me cry out, wanting his fingers back.

He was pulling me, his hands on my hips, making me straddle his chest. I could reach his cock easily like this, and my mouth slipped over the head, exploring it with my tongue. He made a low noise, grabbing my ass in his hands and pulling me back.

“Oh god!” I cried when his mouth moved between my legs, his tongue searching, hungry, between my lips. I tried to hold myself up, away from him a little, worried that he couldn’t breathe, but he wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled me in tight.

Groaning against my pussy, he started to lick and suck at me like he couldn’t get enough, no rhyme or reason to it, just pure lust on the tip of his tongue. I gasped and rocked, my fingers squeezing his cock, my mouth just over the head, liking the smooth, spongy feeling of it between my lips.

His fingers found me again, spreading me open, plunging inside. I twisted and bucked on top of him, feeling him suck my clit into his mouth, the sensation beyond heaven. I moaned, licking and sucking around that ridge of flesh at the tip of him—the better his tongue made me feel, the faster I pumped his cock into my mouth.

“Mr. Nolan,” I whispered, my hand stopping on him, tightening, feeling my pussy beginning to contract. “Oh that’s it!”

He groaned, sucking and licking at my pussy as I came, spreading me wide as I flooded him with my juices. The sensation made me gasp and arch and squirm against his face, not caring anymore if he could breathe, just riding the wave of my climax.

When it was over, I rested my cheek against his thigh, panting and breathless, awkward now in this position. I struggled to climb off him and he helped me so that I was lying next to him on the bed, his face near mine. I realized that I had never even kissed him, but that didn’t last long, because he was pulling my mouth to his, his tongue searching for mine.

I couldn’t breathe, he was kissing me so hard, pulling me so I was stretched out on top of him now, his hands everywhere at once. It went on for a long time like that, kissing and touching, our mouths exploring, but all the while I was extremely aware of his hard cock trapped between our slick bellies.

When he dipped his head down to capture one of my nipples, I moaned, arching, my fingers gripping his hair. His tongue made circles, his hands cupping my breasts, and then we were rolling, him on top of me, his arms holding his weight off as he sucked and tongued my nipples. It was making me crazy with longing, and I could feel his cock lower, now, resting between my legs.

“Please,” I moaned, reaching down to touch him. He was throbbing in my hand, like steel heat. I rubbed him over my pussy, and the sensation made me shiver and rub faster. He groaned, kissing me, his tongue plunging deep into my mouth.

“Whoa,” he whispered, breaking our kiss, as I spread my legs wide and pressed the head of his cock against my pussy, right there, the place where I knew he could slide inside.

“Please,” I said again, rocking my hips, squeezing my pussy around just the head of his cock.

“Are you sure?” His eyes met mine in the dimness.

I nodded, my hands running down over his back and my legs wrapping around his waist, trying to pull him into me.

“Okay,” he murmured, taking my hands and putting them above my head. He grasped my wrists in one hand, pinning them there. Puzzled, I looked up at him, feeling the shift of his cockhead between my lips.

“This is your first time.” It wasn’t a question—he said it like he knew, and I nodded.

“This… may hurt a little,” he explained, shifting forward as he said it, and I gasped, his cock enormous as it pressed its way into my flesh. “Only at first…”

“Ohhhh!” I cried, feeling something stretch and burn between my legs, and I struggled under him, but he kept his hold on my wrists, murmuring something into my ear to calm me.

“It’s okay,” he whispered, kissing my cheek, but he didn’t stop, pressing forward more and more, filling me with such an intense pressure I could barely stand it.

“Wait, oh god,” I cried, squirming under him, looking for a way out, until he was buried all the way inside of me, resting there, both of us panting with the effort. “Mr. Nolan, please!”

“It’s okay,” he whispered again, letting my hands go, and I grasped his upper arms, the fullness between my legs so incredible I thought I would die. “Touch yourself, Leah. Show me, like you did before.”

Whimpering, I reached my hand down between us, unable to believe that I could feel good there again with him stretching me open so wide, but my pussy was wet, and I found my clit, rubbing it a little.

“That’s it,” he encouraged, beginning to move between my legs. He was making circles with his hips as I rubbed myself. “Rub it faster, baby.”

I did, that tingle beginning again, spreading through my pelvis and my belly, like a slow heat. He was moving slowly in and out, now, short, easy strokes, his eyes on my face.

“It feels good,” I murmured, looking up at him, and he smiled, sinking deeper next time, pulling out further. I let my fingers explore, touching the place where he was going into me with wonder and awe. He was inside of me!

“God, Leah!” He was moving, faster, deeper. “You’re so tight…”

“Does it feel good?” I asked, watching his face change, seeing the pleasure there.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, pumping harder.

Over his shoulder, I could see the movie still going, the two people on the screen a reflection of what we were doing on the bed, but I didn’t need to watch. Mr. Nolan was fucking me, his cock slipping in and out of my pussy, making the bedsprings squeak and the headboard bounce against the wall, but we were both oblivious to it, lost.

“More,” I whispered into his ear, arching up to meet him. My fingers on my clit and the feeling of being filled all at once was taking me to places I couldn’t have imagined.

He pounded me against the bed, grunting with the effort of every thrust. His breath was hot over my face and I kissed him, sucking his tongue like he had mine, making him moan and press into me deep.

“Leah,” he groaned, breaking our kiss, and I felt something in my body respond to his intensity, finally letting go.

I trembled beneath him, my eyes closing, rubbing fast and hard and taking myself right over the edge. My pussy began to flutter around the hard length of him, and I’d never felt anything so good as cumming with a hard cock buried inside of me.

“Oh god,” he moaned as my muscles contracted around him, drawing him in deeper, and I gasped and whimpered when he pulled out of me, kneeling up between my legs and grabbing my hand.

“Take it,” he insisted, and I did, grasping the slick shaft and tugging on him.

He moaned, jerking in my hand, and began to cum, too. I watched, breathless, as he shot a hot stream of cum over my belly, then another, not as far, the white fluid falling onto the dark triangle between my legs. He gripped my thighs, his face twisted in pleasure as wave after wave of his cum erupted through my fist and onto my pussy.

Collapsing onto me, he kissed me again, cradling me in his arms and rolling so that we were pressed together, side by side, our bellies sticky and slick with sweat and cum.

“Are you okay?” he asked, touching my cheek, stroking my hair.

I nodded, snuggling closer to him, not knowing how to tell him that I’d never felt so okay in my whole life.

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